[Congressional Record Volume 142, Number 50 (Thursday, April 18, 1996)]
[Page S3680]
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                             STEVE JESSMORE

 Mr. LEVIN. Mr. President, I rise to honor Steve Jessmore of 
Saginaw, MI, who has been awarded the Robert F. Kennedy Journalism 
Award for outstanding coverage of the problems of the disadvantaged. 
Mr. Jessmore won the award in the photojournalism category for his 
photo essay, ``Blind Faith.''
  ``Blind Faith'' follows the life of Carl, a yellow labrador retriever 
puppy raised by a Carrolton Township elementary school class. Carl was 
trained as a leader dog for the blind and eventually placed with a 
visually impaired man in Kansas City, MO.
  Judges for the Kennedy award included journalists from the Washington 
Post, Knight Ridder, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, and NBC. ``Blind 
Faith'' has also won the national Lincoln University of Missouri 43d 
Annual Unity Awards in Media, as well as several other awards in State, 
regional, and national contests.
  ``Blind Faith'' marks the first time that someone has followed the 
story of a leader dog since 1939, when the Rochester-based nonprofit 
organization that trained Carl was founded. The photos from ``Blind 
Faith'' will now be permanently on display in the Robert F. Kennedy 
collection of the John F. Kennedy Library in Boston.
  On hearing that he had won the award, Jessmore said, ``I'm real happy 
that so many other people get to see it now, because it's such a 
tremendous, positive story--kids learning early how to help other 
  I know my Senate colleagues join me in honoring Steve Jessmore for 
his outstanding work in the field of photojournalism.