[Congressional Record Volume 141, Number 156 (Tuesday, October 10, 1995)]
[Page S14942]
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                         ADDITIONAL STATEMENTS



   Mr. PRESSLER. Mr. President, as the former honorary chairman 
of Ethnic American Day, I have the distinct privilege of entering into 
the Record the names of the individuals who have been awarded the 
National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations [NECO] 1995 Ellis Island 
Medal of Honor.
  NECO's distinguished board chairman is Mr. William Denis Fugazy. 
NECO, founded in 1984, is the only organization in the United States of 
America that celebrates the ethnic diversity of the American 
population. NECO also serves as a watchdog for ethnic, racial, and 
religious injustice, and has been a constant voice and vigorous 
advocate for ethnic unity and pride in America. One of its programs is 
the Ellis Island Medals of Honor.
  Each year since 1986, NECO has recognized America's ethnic diversity 
by honoring the achievements and contributions of ethnic Americans in 
all professions, including government, entertainment, business and 
industry, sports, health care, and communications. NECO's Ellis Island 
Medals of Honor embody the true spirit of what makes the United States 
unique among the world's nations.
  Many of our country's ethnic groups have no direct connection to 
Ellis Island. However, NECO rightly views Ellis Island as a landmark 
and symbol of the shared experiences of all immigrant groups that have 
landed on our soil. Most have come to our shores because they were the 
targets of ethnic, racial, and religious hatred, discrimination, 
stereotyping, and prejudice. Many continued to experience this 
intolerance in America itself.
  NECO strives to eliminate this hatred. Through the Ellis Island 
Medals of Honor, NECO celebrates ethnic diversity and the great 
contributions of immigrants to the American experience. Whether they 
have entered past Lady Liberty in New York Harbor, John F. Kennedy 
International Airport, or through San Francisco Bay; whether they are 
Native Americans, African-Americans, Asian-Americans, or others who 
have not entered this country through Ellis Island; NECO's Ellis Island 
Medals of Honor embrace all ethnic Americans who call this great 
country home.
  Mr. President, I am pleased to ask to have printed in the Record the 
National Ethnic Coalition of Organizations 1995 Ellis Island Medals of 
Honor recipients. I extend my congratulations to this very 
distinguished group of Americans.
  The list follows:


       Dr. Mihran S. Agbabian; Mr. Raul Alarcon, Jr.; Hon. 
     Madeleine Korbel Albright; Mr. George E. Altomare; Mr. 
     Richard T. Anderson; Mr. Marion H. Antonini; Mr. Carlos J. 
     Arboleya; Mr. Robert T. Aspromonte; Mr. Ronald G. Assaf; Mr. 
     Frank Assumma; Mr. William L. Ayers, Jr.; Mr. Alan L. Bain; 
     Dr. Gwendolyn Calvert Baker; Mr. Stephen Bartolin, Jr.; Ms. 
     Barbara W. Bell; and Mr. Geza T. Bodnar.
       Ms. Helen F. Boehm; Mr. Edgar Bronfman, Jr.; Hon. Joseph L. 
     Bruno; Ms. Donna Grucci Butler; Stanley Q. Casey; Hon. 
     Bernadette Castro; Mr. Leon H. Charney; Mr. Muzaffar A. 
     Chishti; Mr. Philip Christopher; Mr. Richard J. Ciecka; Mr. 
     Anthony J. Colavita, Esq.; Hon. Clay Constantinou; Rev. John 
     J. Cremins, Ph.D.; Sr. Camille D'Arienzo; Mr. Vic Damone; Ms. 
     Donna de Varona; Mr. Papken S. Der Torossian; and Brig. Gen. 
     Robert C.G. Disney.
       Ms. Kathleen A. Donovan; Mr. Robert B. Engel; Dr. Anthony 
     S. Fauci, MD; Mr. Arthur V. Ferrara; Dr. George S. Ferzli, 
     M.D., F.A.C.S.; Mr. Arnold L. Fisher; Mr. George P. Gabriel; 
     Hon. Charles A. Gargano; Mr. Arie Genger; Ms. Kathie Lee 
     Gifford; Mr. David Giladi; Ms. Bozenna Urbanowicz Gilbride; 
     Mr. James F. Gill; Mr. Sandy Ginsberg; and Mr. Michael 
       Mr. Per Hellman; Hon. Alan G. Hevesi; Mr. Lou Holtz; Mr. 
     Charles Hughes; Mr. Eric A. Hultgren; Ms. Carol Iovanna; Ms. 
     Ann Iverson; Ms. Anne Jackson; Mr. Nasser J. Kazeminy; Mr. 
     Denis P. Kelleher; Rev. Nam Soo Kim; Dr. Sang Jin Kim, Ph.D.; 
     Dr. George J. Korkos, M.D.; Mr. Tommy Lasorda; Hon. Patrick 
     J. Leahy; Mr. Moon Sung Lee; Mr. Antoine Lutfy; Mr. Edward J. 
     Malloy; Chief Wilma Mankiller; and Hon. John M. Manos.
       Ms. Annie B. Martin; Mr. Peter Max; Mr. Armando Mei; Mr. 
     Joseph J. Melone; Mr. Sreedhar Menon; Hon. John L. Mica; Mr. 
     Roderick B. Mitchell; Hon. Susan Molinari; Mr. Robert E. 
     Mulcahy, III; Mr. Edward R. Muller; Rev. Msgr. James J. 
     Murray; Mr. Nazar L. Nazarian; Mr. Wayne K. Nelson; Mr. John 
     J. O'Connor; Mr. Charles J. Ogletree, Jr.; Mr. Andrew Ho-Taik 
     Ohm; Ms. Athena Georgakakos Onorato; Hon. Leon E. Panetta; 
     and Mr. Charles D. Peebler, Jr.
       Mr. Harry Mark Petrakis; Ms. Carroll Petrie; Hon. Nicholas 
     H. Politan; Mr. Oscar M. Porcelli; Ms. Sally Jessy Raphael; 
     Dr. Antanas Razma; Hon. Ann Richards; Mr. Peter Evans Ricker; 
     Mr. Leonard Riggio; Lady Blanka A. Rosenstiel; Mr. Wilbur L. 
     Ross, Jr.; Mr. Arthur F. Ryan; Hon. Paul S. Sarbanes; Mr. 
     Albert Shanker; and Ms. Louise Manoogian Simon.
       Mr. Martin Singerman; Mr. Robert H. Siskin; Dr. David B. 
     Skinner, M.D.; Mr. Michael P. Smith; Mr. Frank D. Stella; Mr. 
     Sigmund Strochlitz; Mr. John J. Sweeney; Mr. John W. Teets; 
     Sr. M. Martina Tybor, SS.C.M.; Mr. Bobby Vinton; Mr. Richard 
     A. Voell; Mr. Emil Wagner; Mr. Eli Wallach; Mr. Dan K. 
     Wassong; Mr. Gerald L. Wen; Ms. Mary Alice Williams; Mr. 
     James Witham; Mr. Woodrow W. Woody; Hon. C.W. Bill