[Congressional Record Volume 141, Number 107 (Wednesday, June 28, 1995)]
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[Page E1352]
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                           HON. LOUIS STOKES

                                of ohio

                    in the house of representatives

                        Wednesday, June 28, 1995
  Mr. STOKES. Mr. Speaker, I am saddened to announce the passing of a 
former member of the Ohio State House of Representatives. On June 25, 
1995, the Cleveland community mourned the death of Isaiah ``Ike'' 
Thompson. For 20 years, Ike Thompson represented Cleveland's east side 
in the Ohio Legislature. His district included portions of Glenville, 
Euclid, Bratenahl, and East Cleveland.
  The passing of Ike Thompson brings to a close a distinguished career 
of public service. I join members of the Cleveland community, Ike's 
family and colleagues in mourning the loss of a talented legislator and 
a good friend. I rise today to reflect upon the life of Ike Thompson 
and to share with my colleagues some information regarding his 
political career.
  Mr. Speaker, Ike Thompson was born in Birmingham, AL, and moved to 
Cleveland during his early childhood. He attended Central High School 
and Cleveland State University. In 1942, Ike became a factory worker 
for the Weatherhead Co. He began his political career when he became a 
precinct committeeman in 1963. Ike also later served as a Democratic 
ward leader. In 1970, Ike Thompson was elected to the State House of 
Representatives. He would spent the next 20 years serving his 
constituents in that legislative body. It was a job which he took very 
  During his first year in the legislature, Ike introduced a bill 
making it illegal for poll watchers to wear police uniforms and carry 
guns. He based his initiative on the fact that off-duty policemen 
entering voting places were intimidating and discouraging potential 
voters. Over the years, Ike would note that this was the most important 
legislation that he ever sponsored because it gave people the right to 
vote without fear. During his first term, Ike Thompson was named by his 
colleagues as the Number One Rookie Legislator, an honor in which he 
took great pride.
  Throughout his political career, Ike Thompson earned a reputation for 
his strong legislative efforts on behalf of consumers. He was best 
known for getting the Ohio Legislature to approve the ``lemon law,'' 
which protects new car buyers from manufacturing defects. It is praised 
as one of the strongest such laws in the country. During his tenure in 
office, Ike was also chosen to serve as executive vice president of the 
Black Elected Democrats of Ohio.
  Mr. Speaker, Ike Thompson retired from the State legislature in 1990, 
following 20 years of service to the Greater Cleveland area. We mourn 
the recent passing of our friend, Ike Thompson. He will always be 
remembered for his dedication and commitment to public service. As we 
remember Ike Thompson, we pay tribute to a distinguished legislator who 
has earned a special place in our State's political history. I offer my 
condolences to Ike's family, including his wife of 60 years, Lodeamer, 
and his daughter, Arwilda Storey. I ask that my colleagues join me in 
paying tribute to a gifted public servant, Ike Thompson.