[Congressional Record Volume 141, Number 99 (Friday, June 16, 1995)]
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[Pages E1270-E1271]
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                             OF RIGHTS TEAM


                          HON. MAJOR R. OWENS

                              of new york

                    in the house of representatives

                         Thursday, June 15, 1995

  Mr. OWENS. Mr. Speaker, I rise to salute the 36 students and their 
teachers from Clara Barton High School whose efforts represent a Point-
of-Light for all Americans. Brooklyn and the 11th Congressional 
District are particularly proud of the team from Clara Barton High 
School who won the New York State Championship and finished fourth 
among the 50 States in the ``We the People . . . the Citizens and the 
Constitution'' competition.
  The team of students and their teachers at Clara Barton High School 
competed against some of the best, brightest, and wealthiest students 
from New York State to secure the State championship. They further 
persevered in the national ``We the People'' competition--a debate-
style mock congressional hearing which judges students' knowledge and 
critical understanding of the Bill of Rights. In preparation for the 
competition, students undertook an intensive study of the Bill of 
Rights. At the competition, students were required to take a position 
on current constitutional issues and to defend their position 
  Located in the heart of the Crown Heights neighborhood, it is evident 
that the students from Clara Barton are quite capable of overcoming 
many feats amid an environment too often characterized by doubt, 
negative peer pressure, and modest economic means. They fought against 
a problem-ridden education system and achieved excellence for 
themselves and their community.
  The names of the victorious students are: Carl Abbot, Afaf Abdur 
Rahman, Maatra Akbar, Jasmine Ali, LaToya Andrews, Lourdes Baez, Alesha 
Bovell, Faithlyn Brown, Eva Gordon, Kevin Grant, Quincy Grigsby, 
Chevonne Hall, Kevin Johnson, Zulema Jones, Charmaine King, Marsha 
Lewis, Rosevelie Marquez, Dwayne Mason, Antoinette McKenzie, Dameon 
Ming, Cynthia Morales, David Morisset, Sheila Morisset, Cecil Orji, 
Felix Pacheco, Gary Pagan, Sherita Perry, Carline Petit, Travis 
Sampson, Karen Sanchez, Crystal Sheard, Kestia St. Juste, Stacy Taitt, 
Kaydean West, Arnise Williams, and Vaughn Wilson.
  The tireless efforts of many adults also contributed to the victory 
of the Clara Barton students. Their coaches were Mr. Leo Casey and Ms. 
Randi Weingarten. Also, for the past 5 years Mrs. Florence Smith served 
as a special liaison to the Clara Barton team from the office of 
Congressman Major Owens. The MLK Commission chaired by Mrs. Lorrelle 
Henry provided moral, spiritual, and financial support for the team. 
Many additional friends including Judge Thomas R. Jones adopted the 
team and became cosponsors.
  With the war on our children's future being waged by the Republicans 
in Washington and 

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in Albany, NY; and with the advanced technical skills that will be 
needed in the workplace in the year 2000, it is becoming clear that 
minority and working class children face a very troubling future. To 
fight these destructive forces we must make new efforts to teach our 
children how important a good education is to their future. We must do 
more to reward our children when they exhibit academic excellence. The 
exceptional performance of the Clara Barton champions in a nationwide 
competition once again proves that the Bell Curve theory of racial 
inferiority is a big lie.
  The team at Clara Barton High School represents a magnificent Point-
of-Light and serves as an inspiring success story for all young people 
and all of America.