[Congressional Record Volume 141, Number 7 (Thursday, January 12, 1995)]
[Pages S819-S820]
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                      ACCOLADES TO GUEST CHAPLAIN

  Mr. HATFIELD. Mr. President, I thank the acting majority leader.
  Mr. President, I would like to take this occasion, again, to thank 
the Reverend Mark Edward Dever who has very faithfully presided over 
the opening of this session as the chaplain from Monday through Friday 
of this week.
  Mr. President, I would ask unanimous consent at this time to place in 
the Record a resume of the very distinguished career of this young 
pastor of the Capitol Hill Baptist Church, who has his baccalaureate 
degree from Duke University; his master of divinity from Gordon-Conwell 
in Massachusetts; his master of theology from Southern Baptist 
Theological Seminary in Louisville; and his doctor of philosophy from 
Cambridge University in England; and other materials relating to his 
distinguished and very young career, including publications, honors, 
and recognitions. I thank the acting majority leader.
  There being no objection, the material was ordered to be printed in 
the Record, as follows:

                           Mark Edward Dever


       Doctor of Philosophy [Ph.D.], Cambridge University, 
       Major Area of Study: Ecclesiastical History.
       Thesis: ``Richard Sibbes and the `Trully Evangelicall 
     Church of England.'''
       Supervisory Professor: Dr. Eamon Duffy.
       Date of Completion: July, 1992.
       Master of Theology [Th.M.], The Southern Baptist 
     Theological Seminary, Louisville, KY.
       Major Area of Study: Historical Theology.
       Thesis: ``Representative Aspects of the Theologies of John 
     L. Dagg and James P. Boyce: Reformed Theology and Southern 
       [[Page S820]] Supervisory Professor: Dr. Timothy George.
       Date of Completion: December, 1987.
       Master of Divinity [M.Div.], Gordon-Conwell Theological 
     Seminary, South Hamilton, MA.
       Graduation Honors: Summa Cum Lauda.
       Date of Completion: May, 1986.
       Bachelor of Arts [B.A.], Duke University, Durham, NC
       Graduation Honors: Magna Cum-Laude.
       Major Area of Study: History (concentration in medieval 
     Europe). Religion (concentration in New Testament studies).
       Date of Completion: May, 1982.

                           ministry positions

       Pastor, Capitol Hill Baptist Church, 1994-present.
       Associate Pastor, Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge, England, 
       Pastor, New Meadows Baptist Church, Topsfield, MA, 1985-86.
       Pastoral Assistant, Topsfield Congregational Church, 
     Topsfield, MA, 1982-85.
       Ordained to the Ministry, First Baptist Church, 
     Madisonville, KY, July 28, 1985.

                            other activities

       Teacher, Reformation Studies, Cambridge University, 1992-
       Editor, Cambridge Papers, 1992-94.
       Frequent Speaker at Conferences and Student Fellowship 
       Supply Preacher, Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge, 1988-92.
       Contributing Editor, Paradigms, 1988-89.
       President, Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship, Duke 
     University, 1981.

       ``Providence,'' Cambridge Papers 2/2 (June, 1993).
       ``The Power of the Resurrection in the Christian's Life,'' 
     Christian Arena 46/1 (March, 1993).
       Review of Richard Muller, God, Creation and Providence in 
     the Thought of Jacob Arminius: Sources and Directions of 
     Scholastic Protestantism in the Era of Early Orthodoxy, in 
     Themelios/18 (1993).
       ``Moderation and Deprivation: A Re-Appraisal of Richard 
     Sibbes,'' in Journal of Ecclesiastical History, 43/3 (July, 
     1992), pp. 396-413.
       ``John Leadley Dagg,'' in Baptist Theologians, ed. David S. 
     Dockery and Timothy F. George, Broadman Press, 1990, pp. 165-
       ``History of the Doctrine of the Church,'' in Disciple's 
     Study Bible, Holman Bible Publishers, 1988, pp. 1722-1723.
       ``History of the Doctrine of Evangelism,'' in Disciple's 
     Study Bible, Holman Bible Publishers, 1988, pp. 1730-1731.
       Forthcoming: ``William Tyndale, Justification By Faith,'' 
     Building on a Sure Foundation, (1995).

                        professional memberships

       Tyndale Fellowship, 1989-present.
       American Society of Church History, 1986-present.
       Southern Baptist Historical Society, 1985-present.
       American Academy of Religion, 1984-present.

                        honors and recognitions

       J.B. Lightfoot Scholarship in Ecclesiastical History, 
     Cambridge University, 1989-91.
       Overseas Research Scholarship, Cambridge University, 1988-
       Garrett Teaching Fellowship, Southern Seminary, 1986-87.
       Student Commencement Speaker, Gordon-Conwell Seminary, 
       President's Award, Gordon-Conwell Seminary, 1986.
       Departmental Award in Theology, Gordon-Conwell Seminary, 
       Phi Alpha Chi, Honor Society, Gordon-Conwell Seminary, 
       Byington Fellowship in Theology, Gordon-Conwell Seminary, 
       Dean's Honor List, Duke University, 1978-82.

                        biographical information

       Date of Birth: August 28, 1960.
       Family Status: Married on June 5, 1982 to Constance Jane 
     Willcutts. Patricia Anne, born April 25, 1985. William 
     Nathan, born January 20, 1990.
       Address: 508 East Capitol Street NE., Washington, DC 20003.
       Home Telephone: (202) 544-5105.

  Mr. LOTT addressed the Chair.
  The PRESIDENT pro tempore. The distinguished acting majority leader.