[Congressional Record Volume 140, Number 101 (Thursday, July 28, 1994)]
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[Congressional Record: July 28, 1994]
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                         ADDITIONAL STATEMENTS



 Mr. KEMPTHORNE. Mr. President, this weekend, the mayor of 
Gernika, Spain, will lead the first official Basque delegation to visit 
Idaho's capital city since the establishment of a sister city 
relationship between Gernika and Boise. Last October, Boise Mayor Brent 
Coles sent a delegation, headed by Secretary of State Pete Cenarrusa, 
to the Basque country with an offer to host a delegation visit to Idaho 
in honor of this sister city relationship.
  On December 19, 1992, just prior to joining the United States Senate, 
I had the honor as mayor of Boise to join with the Honorable Eduardo 
Vallejo de Olejua, mayor of Gernika, in proclaiming our sister city 
relationship and sanctifying the natural bond which exists between our 
two cities.
  Boise boasts a rich Basque heritage, including the largest population 
of Basques outside of Spain; 90 percent of the Basque families living 
in Boise, which is home to the largest population of Basques outside of 
Spain, came from the area surrounding the city of Gernika.
  The city of Gernika is the sacred city of Basque democracy and has, 
for centuries, stood as a beacon to all freedom loving peoples of the 
world. Likewise, Boise has always stood for individualism, democracy, 
and freedom.
  Over the years, there have been numerous exchanges and frequent trips 
between Gernika and Boise based upon our shared populations and close 
family ties. In Boise, we enjoy the richness of the Basque culture and 
the joy of their spirit as evidenced by the Oinkari Dancers, the Basque 
Museum and Cultural Center, Jaialdi, Onati Restaurant and the Bar 
Gernika. Boise is known as the 8th Province of the Basque Country.
  Gernika, the city of the Tree of Gernika, and Boise, the City of 
Trees, share a common culture and a common love of democracy and 
  Mr. President, as this historic meeting occurs in Boise this weekend, 
I'm sure my colleagues in the U.S. Senate would wish to join me in 
recognizing this significant visit by the mayor of Gernika and his 
accompanying delegation. At the same time, I'd also like to acknowledge 
the longstanding tradition of good will between these two communities 
that we are seeing strengthened by this sister city