[Congressional Record Volume 140, Number 81 (Thursday, June 23, 1994)]
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[Congressional Record: June 23, 1994]
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  Mr. PRESSLER. Mr. President, as I speak today, ethnic conflicts rage 
around the globe. Peace and unity among people of different races, 
religions, and ethnic heritage seem impossible in some regions of the 
world. Yet, despite ethnic turmoil and disputes, courageous people 
continue to dedicate their lives to achieving the goals of peace and 
  I take this opportunity today to recognize and to congratulate 
several persons who have dedicated their work and efforts to creating 
unity among ethnically diverse people of the world. The National Ethnic 
Coalition of Organizations [NECO], through its Ellis Island medal of 
honor, recognizes the achievements and efforts of individuals who are 
committed to the appreciation of ethnic diversity. This prestigious 
award acknowledges the labors of those willing to dedicate themselves 
to unity and peace.
  I offer special recognition for the work of William Fugazy, chairman 
of the board of the NECO, and Rosemarie Taglion, events manager for the 
Ellis Island award gala. The vision and leadership of these two 
individuals deserve the highest praise. Rosemarie and Bill have worked 
extremely hard to ensure that the beauty and tradition of the Ellis 
Island honor award continues.
  The Ellis Island ceremony, which I attended in May 1994, was one of 
the most moving and beautiful I have ever experienced. As a U.S. 
Senator, I see a number of events here in Washington and abroad, but 
this event was especially wonderful. I was honored to receive the medal 
of honor, and I consider it one of the highest honors of my lifetime. 
Having three grandparents who were immigrants, I hold this honor 
  Mr. President, in recognition of the esteemed recipients of the 1994 
Ellis Island Medal of Honor and those involved with the National Ethnic 
Coalition of Organizations, I ask unanimous consent to place a list of 
the recipients' names in the Record at the conclusion of my remarks.
  There being no objection, the material was ordered to be printed in 
the Record, as follows:

   Congratulations to the 1994 Ellis Island Medal of Honor Recipients

       Peter R. Abeson, Norwegian/German, Business/Community 
       Elena Diaz-Verson Amos, Cuban, Community Leader.
       Carlos R. Barba, Cuban, Business Leader.
       George E. Barbar, Lebanese, Business Leader.
       M. Ann Belkov, Polish/Russian, Superintendent, Statue of 
     Liberty & Ellis Island.
       William C. Beutel, German/English, Television Broadcaster.
       Dr. Jagdish Bhagwati, Asian Indian, Educator.
       Owen Bieber, German, Labor Leader.
       Hon. William J. Bratton, Irish, Police Commissioner.
       Eric Breindel, French/Polish, Journalist.
       Donald P. Brennan, Irish, Business Leader.
       Hon. Stephen G. Breyer, Romanian/E. Prussian/German, 
     Federal Judge.
       Norman R. Brokaw, Russian, Theatrical Talent Agent.
       Daniel D. Broughton, M.D., Irish, Physician/Child Advocate.
       Stephen L. Bruce, Polish/German, Restaurateur.
       Paul W. Bucha, Ukranian/Croatian/Slovak, Business/Community 
       Victor Cardoso, Portuguese, Business/Community Leader.
       Hon. Robert P. Casey, Irish, Governor of Pennsylvania.
       Narses J. Colmenares, Venezuelan, Electrical Engineer.
       E. Gerald Corrigan, Irish, Business Leader.
       Hon. Ramon C. Cortines, Mexican, Educator.
       Joseph F. D'Angelo, Italian, Business Leader.
       Raymond V. Damadian, M.D., Armenian/French, Scientist/
       Hon. Walter G. Danielson, Swedish, Consul General Emeritus.
       Frank J. Defino, Sr., Italian, Business Leader.
       Hon. William A. DiBella, Italian, Connecticut State 
       Jeannette B. DiLorenzo, Romanian, Educator/Labor Leader.
       Hon. Angier Biddle Duke, English/Irish/Spanish (Former) US 
       Philip B. Dusenberry, English, Business Leader.
       Siri M. Eliason, Swedish, Community Leader.
       James C. Esposito, Swiss/Irish/Italian, Federal Law 
     Enforcement Leader.
       Steven T. Florio, Italian, Business Leader.
       Hon. Raymond L. Flynn, Irish, U.S. Ambassador to the 
       Steve E. Fochios, M.D., Hellenic Physician.
       Eugene M. Freedman, Russian, Business Leader.
       Nicholas Gage, Hellenic, Author.
       Manuel Orlando Garcia, M.D., Argentinian, Educator/Radio 
       Hon. Phil Gramm, German, United States Senator.
       Richard A. Grasso, Italian, Business Leader.
       Joseph M. Haggar, Jr., Lebanese, Community Leader.
       Michel T. Halbouty, Lebanese, Scientist/Educator/Author.
       John R. Hall, English/Welsh, Business Leader.
       Mel Harris, Russian, Business Leader.
       Lawrence Herbert, Russian, Business Leader.
       Edgar M. Housepian, M.D., Armenian, Educator/Neurosurgeon.
       Dolores Huerta, Mexican, Labor Leader.
       Hon. Romolo J. Imundi, Italian, U.S. Marshal.
       Niels W. Johnsen, Norwegian/English/French, Business 
       Daniel R. Kaplan, Lithuanian, Attorney/Community Leader.
       Harold E. Kelley, Scottish/Irish, Attorney/CPA.
       Jae Taik Kim, Ph.D., Korean, Community Leader.
       Joseph C. Krajsa, Slovak, Editor/Publisher.
       Kenneth F. Kunzman, German/Irish, Attorney.
       Hon. Frank R. Lautenberg, Polish/Russian, United States 
       Haskell L. Lazere, Romanian, Community Leader.
       Richard C. Leone, Italian, Business/Community Leader.
       James R. Leva, Italian, Business Leader.
       Edward Lewis, African-American, Business Leader.
       James P. Linn, English/Irish, Attorney.
       Thomas P. Maguire, Irish, Labor Leader.
       Donald B. Marron, English, Business Leader.
       Peter W. May, German/Hungarian, Business/Community Leader.
       Daniel R. McCarthy, Irish/English, Attorney.
       William P. McComas, Scottish, Business Leader.
       James A. McManus, Scottish/Irish/English, Business Leader.
       Lenore Miller, Polish, Labor Leader.
       Arthur J. Mirante, II, Italian, Business Leader.
       Magnus Moliteus, Swedish, Business Leader.
       William J. Morin, French/German, Business Leader.
       James T. Morris, Welsh, Business/Community Leader.
       Bruce Morrow, Russian/Austrian/Polish, Radio Personality.
       Josie C. Natori, Filipino, Business Leader.
       Peter H. Nozensky, Polish/Russian, Business Leader.
       Brian O'Dwyer, Irish, Attorney.
       Richard E. Oldenburg, Swedish, Museum Director.
       Harry Orbelian, Armenian, Business/Community Leader.
       Edward Panarello, Italian, Labor Leader.
       Nelson Peltz, Austrian/Russian, Business/Community Leader.
       Peter G. Peterson, Hellenic, Business Leader.
       Hon. Nicholas C. Petris, Hellenic, California State 
       Joseph J. Plumeri, II, Italian, Business Leader.
       Hon. Larry Pressler, French/German, United States Senator.
       Burton P. Resnick, Russian/Polish, Business Leader.
       Jens M. Rommerdahl, Danish, Business Leader.
       Peter M. Ryan, Irish, Business Leader.
       H.E. Metropolitan Philip Saliba, Lebanese, Religious 
       James J. Schiro, Italian, Business Leader.
       James S. Scofield, Hellenic, Community Leader/Journalist.
       Marvin Scott, Austrian/Polish, Television Broadcaster.
       Rosanna Scotto, Italian, Television Broadcaster.
       Henry T. Segerstrom, Swedish, Community Leader.
       Kay Lande Selmer, Norwegian, Entertainer.
       Myung Hwan Seo, Korean, Community Leader.
       Ted Shapiro, Russian/Polish, Business Leader.
       Jerry J. Siano, Italian, Business Leader.
       Muriel F. Siebert, Hungarian, Business Leader.
       Jeffrey S. Silverman, Russian, Business Leader.
       Aileen Riotto Sirey, Ph.D., Italian, Psychotherapist/
     Community Leader.
       Alfred E. Smith, IV, Irish, Business Leader.
       Irwin Solomon, Polish, Labor Leader.
       Henry S. Tang, Chinese, Business/Community Leader.
       Peter J. Tanous, Lebanese, Business Leader.
       Chris Tomaras, Hellenic, Business Leader.
       J. Rock Tonkel, English/German/French, Business Leader.
       Rep. Robert G. Torricelli, Italian, Member of Congress.
       Peter Tufo, Italian, Business Leader.
       Alfons Ukkonen, Finnish, Community Leader.
       Joseph A. Unanue, Hispanic, Business Leader.
       Aleksandras Vakselis, Lithuanian, Community Leader.
       Jack Valenti, Italian, Business Leader.
       Stephen B. Van Campen, Dutch, Business/Community Leader.
       Hon. Guy J. Velella, Italian, New York State Senator.
       Harvey J. Weinstein, Austrian/Hungarian, Business Leader.
       General Enoch H. Williams, African-American, Military 
       Frank D. Wing, Jr., Chinese/Hispanic, government Leader.
       Henry C.K. Yung, Chinese, Business Leader.