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[Congressional Record: May 13, 1994]
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                   TRIBUTE TO JAKE J. McCULLOUGH JR.


                            HON. BART STUPAK

                              of michigan

                    in the house of representatives

                         Thursday, May 12, 1994

  Mr. STUPAK. Mr. Speaker, I rise today to pay tribute to a fellow 
police officer, Mr. Jake J. McCullough, Jr., of Hannahville, MI. As a 
former police officer for the city of Escanaba and a Michigan State 
Trooper, I fully understand the dedication and daily commitment of law 
enforcement officials. Many times, the work these Americans do is taken 
for granted. Many times, we forget that these people are human beings 
with no better chance of immortality than the rest of us--even though 
their jobs keep them constantly in the way of danger. When communities, 
wives, and children lose a valued professional and a loved one, we are 
reminded of the frailty of life and the inherent threat in the law 
enforcement profession.
  Jake was doing what he did best when he was killed on December 5, 
1981, serving the people of Hannahville and Menominee County. After 
assisting a child who had been hit by a car, Jake decided to follow the 
ambulance to the hospital. It was enroute to the hospital that his 
squad car was hit by another vehicle and Jake was killed. We will never 
forget that Jake died on duty while helping a member of his community.
  Jake was born in Whitney, a small town in Michigan's Upper Peninsula. 
After serving in the Army and graduating from the U.S. Indian Police 
Academy, he returned to begin a career serving his hometown. His 
distinguished career in law enforcement ended that fateful night in 
December of 1981. Jake is survived by his wife, Mary Lou; his son, 
Lloyd; and his daughters, Isabelle, Betty, and Lisa.
  On Sunday, May 15, 1994, Jake's family will be in Washington to help 
bestow upon Officer McCullough a long-deserved honor--a permanent place 
on the Police Officers Memorial in Washington, DC. On this memorial, 
his engraved name will serve as a timeless reminder to all Americans of 
the dedication and selflessness of American law enforcement.
  Jake's family, and all of us, should be very proud. Those that knew 
Jake know how worthy he is of such an honor. From this Sunday forth, 
all visitors to this hallowed memorial will know of Officer Jake J. 
McCullough, Jr.