[Congressional Record Volume 140, Number 6 (Tuesday, February 1, 1994)]
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[Congressional Record: February 1, 1994]
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  Mr. HELMS. Mr. President, last week, the Senate unanimously approved 
my amendment to this bill withholding some $119 million in U.S. 
contributions to the United Nations until the President certifies that 
no U.N. agency grants any official status, accreditation, or 
recognition to any organization which promotes, condones, or seeks the 
legalization of pedophilia, that is, the sexual abuse of children.
  As I explained at that time, the amendment was a response to the ill-
advised decision by the Clinton administration to support, along with 
21 other countries, the granting of consultative status to the 
International Lesbian and Gay Association [ILGA], a worldwide 
federation of homosexual organizations. Among ILGA's U.S. affiliates is 
the notorious North American Man/Boy Love Association [NAMBLA], an 
avowed pedophile group.
  Since that amendment was passed, there has emerged what I must assume 
is a deliberate campaign to misconstrue the very clear language of the 
amendment--as well as the intent behind it. As described in articles in 
the Washington Times and in the Washington Blade, spokesmen for the 
State Department and for homosexual organizations have tried to suggest 
falsely that expelling NAMBLA from ILGA would take care of the problem.
  Nothing could be further from the truth. It has been more than amply 
documented that ILGA itself is an organization that promotes, condones, 
or seeks the legalization of pedophilia in the language of the 
Amendment. ILGA falls under the purview of the amendment--whether or 
not NAMBLA is expelled from ILGA--as any honest examination of the 
record will reveal.
  For example, in 1985 ILGA officially resolved that young people have 
the right to sexual and social self-determination and that age of 
consent laws often operate to oppress and not protect. Then in 1990, 
under the heading of ``Man/Boy, Woman/Girl Love,'' ILGA called on all 
members to treat all sexual minorities with respect and to engage in 
constructive dialogue with them. Furthermore, ILGA expressed their 
support for the right of every individual, regardless of age, to 
explore and develop his or her sexuality. These resolutions are 
precisely what NAMBLA advocates and prove without a doubt ILGA's own 
approval of pedophilia. Indeed, ILGA never displayed any concern about 
NAMBLA until it became a public issue. ILGA is now like the little boy 
who got caught stealing and said he was sorry--not sorry he was 
stealing, just that he got caught.

  It is my hope and expectation that in consideration of the unanimous 
rolecall vote in support of this amendment in the Senate, a House/
Senate conference committee will get this legislation to President 
Clinton's desk and that he will sign it into law. I cannot imagine that 
the conferees or the President would consider any other course with 
respect to ILGA's and NAMBLA's despicable agenda. Once approved, I hope 
the administration will not be taken in by false claims by homosexual 
spokesmen that ILGA, in the event of NAMBLA's expulsion, would no 
longer constitute a pro-pedophile organization: Both ILGA's record and 
the plain language of the amendment are crystal clear.
  Unless ILGA has been stripped of its consultative status by the time 
this amendment becomes law, the President will have no choice but to 
withhold the funds specified. I urge all Americans opposed to the 
sexual abuse of children to monitor this issue carefully and make sure 
the House and the administration follow through on the Senate's lead.