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116th Congress, 2d Session - - - - - - - - - House Document 116-131
                  THE PRESIDENT'S VETO OF H.J. RES. 76






                  THE PRESIDENT'S VETO OF H.J. RES. 76

                  June 1, 2020.--Ordered to be printed 


99-011                     WASHINGTON : 2020 
To the House of Representatives:
    I am returning herewith without my approval H.J. Res. 76, a 
joint resolution that would undermine the efforts of my 
Administration to protect students and taxpayers by nullifying 
the Borrower Defense Institutional Accountability Regulation, 
which the Department of Education published in the Federal 
Register on September 23, 2019, following extensive public 
hearings and public comment.
    The Borrower Defense Institutional Accountability rule sets 
forth clear standards for borrower defense to repayment, 
providing needed transparency to both students and schools. 
Under this rule, a fair process will deliver deserved relief to 
students harmed by their educational institutions. Whereas the 
last administration promoted a regulatory environment that 
produced precipitous school closures and stranded students, 
this new rule puts the needs of students first, extends the 
window during which they can qualify for loan discharge, and 
encourages schools to provide students with opportunities to 
complete their educations and continue their pursuit of 
economic success. H.J. Res. 76 would return the country to a 
regulatory regime in which the Federal Government and State 
attorneys general, rather than students, determine the kinds of 
education students need and which schools they should be 
allowed to attend.
    American higher education must transform to better meet the 
needs of today's students. My Administration stands ready to 
work with the Congress to foster the development of a more 
affordable, more flexible, and more innovative system of higher 
education that is better able to meet the educational needs of 
our students, and in which schools take on more responsibility 
for the success of the students who enroll in their programs.
    H.J. Res. 76 is a misguided resolution that would increase 
costs for American students and undermine their ability to make 
choices about their education in order to best meet their 
needs. For these reasons, it is my duty to return H.J. Res. 76 
to the House of Representatives without my approval.

                                                   Donald J. Trump.
    The White House, May 29, 2020.