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                                   Jon S. Corzine

                      U.S. SENATOR FROM NEW JERSEY


                           IN THE CONGRESS OF

                           THE UNITED STATES


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Jon S. Corzine


                                Delivered in Congress

                                   Jon S. Corzine

                                United States Senator


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             Farewell to the Senate................................
             Proceedings in the Senate:
                Tributes by Senators:
                    Akaka, Daniel K., of Hawaii....................
                    Bayh, Evan, of Indiana.........................
                    Bingaman, Jeff, of New Mexico..................
                    Brownback, Sam, of Kansas......................
                    Byrd, Robert C., of West Virginia..............
                    Clinton, Hillary Rodham, of New York...........
                    Conrad, Kent, of North Dakota..................
                    Dayton, Mark, of Minnesota.....................
                    Domenici, Pete V., of New Mexico...............
                    Durbin, Richard J., of Illinois................
                    Feingold, Russell D., of Wisconsin.............
                    Feinstein, Dianne, of California...............
                    Johnson, Tim, of South Dakota..................
                    Kennedy, Edward M., of Massachusetts...........
                    Kerry, John F., of Massachusetts...............
                    Lautenberg, Frank, of New Jersey...............
                    Leahy, Patrick J., of Vermont..................
                    Levin, Carl, of Michigan.......................
                    Lieberman, Joseph I., of Connecticut...........
                    Lincoln, Blanche L., of Arkansas...............
                    Mikulski, Barbara A., of Maryland..............
                    Nelson, Bill, of Florida.......................
                    Pryor, Mark, of Arkansas.......................
                    Reed, Jack, of Rhode Island....................
                    Reid, Harry, of Nevada.........................
                    Salazar, Ken, of Colorado......................
                    Sarbanes, Paul S., of Maryland.................
                    Sessions, Jeff, of Alabama.....................
                    Stabenow, Debbie, of Michigan..................
                    Wyden, Ron, of Oregon..........................

               Senator Corzine was born on January 1, 1947, and grew up 
             on a small family farm in the central Illinois community 
             of Willey's Station. His father farmed and sold insurance; 
             his mother was a public school teacher. His interest in 
             politics was forged in this farming community. It was 
             there that he learned the meaning of hard work and the 
             opportunities afforded by a strong education system.
               The Senator graduated Phi Beta Kappa from the University 
             of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in 1969 and enlisted in 
             the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves. He remained in the 
             Reserves until 1975, rising to the rank of sergeant in his 
             infantry unit.
               After his active duty in the Marine Corps, he began his 
             career in finance, working as a portfolio analyst at the 
             Continental Illinois National Bank in Chicago. He enrolled 
             in the graduate business school of the University of 
             Chicago in 1970, first attending classes at night. He 
             received his MBA in 1973, and went to work at Bank Ohio, a 
             regional bank in Columbus, OH.
               In 1975 Senator Corzine was recruited by Goldman Sachs, 
             the New York investment firm, and he and his family moved 
             to New Jersey. He was named a partner at Goldman Sachs in 
             1980, and became chairman and CEO in 1994. He left Goldman 
             Sachs in May 1999 after successfully converting the 
             investment firm from a private partnership to a public 
               During Senator Corzine's leadership at Goldman Sachs, 
             the business magazine Fortune named Goldman Sachs 1 of the 
             10 best companies to work for in America. The Senator was 
             named by Time magazine as one of the top 50 technology 
             executives in the country in 1997.
               As the CEO at Goldman Sachs, Senator Corzine expanded 
             the company's community outreach and philanthropic 
             programs, establishing a company-wide service program in 
             which employees volunteer on a regular basis in their 
             communities. Also in 1997, Senator Corzine was the 
             chairman of a Presidential commission to study capital 
             budgeting as a means of increasing Federal investment in 
             schools, technology, and infrastructure.
               Senator Corzine is a member of the board of trustees of 
             the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark, the 
             Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, DC, 
             the University of Chicago, and New York University's Child 
             Study Center. Throughout his career in both the private 
             and public sectors, Senator Corzine has developed a 
             reputation as an energetic and thoughtful leader who works 
             cooperatively with people from all backgrounds and 
             ideologies. He has won effusive praise from partisans from 
             both parties who have recognized Senator Corzine as an 
             independent thinker who puts the public interest first.
               Jon Corzine was elected to the U.S. Senate in November 
             2000. During his time in the Senate, he focused on serving 
             the State of New Jersey, applying his financial expertise 
             to major economic and regulatory issues, and pushing a 
             forward-looking, progressive agenda.
               Senator Corzine sought new Federal investments in New 
             Jersey's transportation network, pursued new safeguards to 
             protect chemical facilities against terrorist attacks, 
             introduced legislation to improve access to education and 
             health care, fought for stronger environmental policies, 
             and led the effort in Congress to crack down on corporate 
               In a major victory, the Senate adopted Senator Corzine's 
             resolution declaring the need for new safeguards at the 
             Nation's vulnerable chemical plants. He also secured 
             Federal funding toward the construction of a second 
             railroad tunnel underneath the Hudson River, long sought 
             by New Jersey's congressional delegation, and won Federal 
             support for a wide variety of community and economic 
             development projects throughout the State. In addition, to 
             protect the environment and the economy along New Jersey's 
             shore, Senator Corzine fought to prevent any oil or gas 
             drilling off the coastline.
               Senator Corzine was a member of the Banking, Housing, 
             and Urban Affairs Committee; the Intelligence Committee; 
             the Energy and Natural Resources Committee; and the Budget 
             Committee. He also served on the Foreign Relations 
             Committee and the Committee on the Environment and Public 
                               Farewell to the Senate
                              Friday, December 16, 2005

               Mr. CORZINE. Mr. President, I would like to give what I 
             think will more than likely be the last speech I give on 
             this great floor, this historic floor, in front of this 
             deliberative body. I am grateful for your courtesies. It 
             is with bittersweet feeling that I make these remarks.
               I have been honored beyond words to be a U.S. Senator. I 
             think all of us know that feeling in our hearts and souls. 
             I will be forever grateful to the 9 million New Jerseyans 
             who put their trust in me and asked Senator Lautenberg and 
             myself, and others before us, to represent their hopes and 
             dreams at this time and in this place.
               In the 229 years of our Republic, fewer than 2,000 men 
             and women have come to this floor and represented the 
             voices of the people who elected them or selected them in 
             previous times. And like each of my predecessors and those 
             to follow, including Congressman Robert Menendez, who will 
             be sworn in to fill out my term, we have all been sworn to 
             uphold and protect the Constitution.
               I now look at the great Senator, Robert Byrd, who has so 
             eloquently and so frequently represented the challenge 
             that all of us take on as we are sworn in to be Senators 
             to represent and carry forward those traditions of our 
             Constitution and to serve the interests of our people. So 
             there are really two purposes. I can only hope that the 
             people of New Jersey will believe that has been my sole 
             purpose here on this floor.
               Now as I take my leave, I guess there will be some folks 
             who will say some nice things about me, and they have. 
             That is a little bit different than in the last days of 
             the campaign. It reminds me of a Jack Benny story. He was 
             giving a presentation and listening to the presenter 
             praise him at length. He said, ``I don't deserve this 
             award, but I don't deserve diabetes either.'' I will take 
             the compliments and the kind remarks. I very much 
             appreciate it.
               I want you to know that I cherish the friendships I have 
             established with the men and women here. I admire the 
             debates--I don't always agree with all of my colleagues--
             but I always respect and admire the commitments of the men 
             and women who sit on this floor. And I add that it is on 
             both sides of the aisle, not just my friends in the 
             Democratic Party. Believe me, some of the remarks I have 
             heard in the last few days are a little different than 
             they were 6 years ago when I ran for my good friend 
             Senator Lautenberg's open seat at that time. Ross Baker is 
             a commentator on the national political scene, and he 
             teaches at Rutgers. He told one reporter that the people 
             in New Jersey don't know Jon Corzine from a cord of wood. 
             Hopefully, we have gotten a little farther down the pike 
             than a cord of wood.
               This has been one of the most remarkable experiences 
             anyone could ever dream of having. I came here for a clear 
             purpose. I believe in American citizenship and the rights 
             we have. We certainly have incredible opportunities in 
             this Nation--I have experienced many of them--but it comes 
             with responsibilities. To those of us whom much is given, 
             much is required. I know that I had no chance to succeed 
             in life without the kind of great support I have had from 
             my community, my Nation, and my friends. That is why one 
             comes here--to give back, to fight for fairness and the 
             opportunity for all.
               Senator Durbin knows of the little town in which I grew 
             up. Like so many of you, I have lived the American 
             promise. It is a little town in central Illinois called 
             Willey's Station, with a population of less than 50. In 
             fact, there are more cows than people there. My father was 
             a corn and soybean farmer. He sold insurance. My mom was a 
             schoolteacher. To have a chance to walk on the floor of 
             the Senate and represent the interests of a great State 
             that is really entirely different from the background from 
             where I came represents the American promise. I believe in 
             it, and I believe we have a responsibility to give back.
               Both of my parents were good Republicans, Senator 
             Durbin. My mom still is, by the way. I am not sure if she 
             voted for my friend. She had big dreams, and so did my 
             father, about how life would serve us.
               I grew up at a time when Adlai Stevenson was Governor 
             and then ran for President. Paul Douglas and Paul Simon 
             worked the circuits in central Illinois. We had great 
             Democratic Senators who passionately stood for economic 
             and social justice for all Americans. We had another great 
             Illinois Senator who worked the same circuits, Everett 
             Dirksen. Like my parents, he was a Republican, but he also 
             stood up for the promise of justice and equality for 
             everyone in America. He believed deeply enough in those 
             promises to use his position as leader to help pass the 
             Civil Rights Act of 1964.

               Mr. BYRD. Will the Senator yield?

               Mr. CORZINE. Yes.

               Mr. BYRD. Lord Byron said, ``Thank God I have done my 
             duty.'' May I say to the Senator from New Jersey, he has 
             done his duty. He is a good Senator. We will miss you. I 
             will. Thank you for standing up for what you believe. 
             Thank you very much. Bless your heart.

               Mr. CORZINE. Mr. President, there is not much that means 
             more than that coming from a great Senator who has served 
             this Nation so well. Thank you.
               I was talking about Senator Dirksen. He actually sat at 
             this desk and worked at this desk. So did George Mitchell 
             and a whole host of great Americans. It is remarkable what 
             the history of this institution represents and the 
             opportunities it affords. It has been a remarkable time. I 
             think all of you know that.
               In the last 5 years it seems as if we have jammed more 
             historic moments in than you could ever imagine, with an 
             unprecedented Presidential election in 2000, where we all 
             sat in this Chamber and confirmed the results of that 
             election. We had a 50-50 Senate, and everybody was trying 
             to figure out how it worked. And then, with a shift of one 
             vote in the caucus, that changed the control of the 
               That dark day on September 11 changed the lives of 
             Americans forever. I live in Hoboken, NJ. It looks out 
             almost directly across the river where the Twin Towers 
             once stood. New Jersey's heart has not fully healed from 
             those losses. It never will. We lost 700 of our citizens. 
             We have much to do, and it has stimulated even the debate 
             we have on this floor today. There were kids who lost 
             their lives on that day whom I coached in soccer when they 
             were growing up in my previous hometown of Summit. We 
             still have a lot to do.
               Today we are challenged with the war against terrorism 
             and debate about our constitutional freedoms, which we are 
             talking about today--the challenge of tradeoffs in 
             security and freedom, and protecting what it is that the 
             American Constitution stands for. This is a great 
             institution for making sure the rights of our people are 
               I came to the Senate to try to use my knowledge and 
             experience to help work on some of those problems that are 
             most important to our Nation--health care, economic and 
             racial justice, education--there is a whole series of 
             those things. I am proud of that progressive agenda. I see 
             so many peers and colleagues who fight so hard on those 
             issues every day.
               Mr. President, 9/11 brought us together regardless of 
             our political backgrounds in ways we could never have 
             imagined. I am proud of how our Nation responded and also 
             how the leadership of this great body came together and 
             acted, regardless of background or place, in ways I don't 
             think any of us could have imagined. I am grateful to all 
             of my colleagues for that leadership.
               We also have great people in New Jersey. The Jersey 
             girls, as a lot of my colleagues know, have been fighters 
             for making sure we had the 9/11 Commission, the 
             compensation fund, responses to human needs, as well as 
             the strategic intelligence and homeland security needs 
             that the American people deserve. I am proud of them. I am 
             proud of the work we have all done because it encourages 
               We provided more than $350 million to address New 
             Jersey's unique security needs after the 9/11 terrorist 
               There was an element of unity that I hope we can restore 
             that was born in those moments because the challenges are 
             just as great. The immediacy is a little different, but 
             there is no reason we can't stand together.
               I am proud of the opportunity to be a partner with my 
             chairman, Senator Sarbanes, Chris Dodd, and others with 
             regard to helping restore investor confidence that was 
             also broken around that time where people lost their life 
             savings, where people in the world I had come from had 
             taken advantage of other human beings' savings, retirement 
             securities, and their jobs. It is not a proud moment for 
             those of us who believe in the capitalistic system.
               With the kind of response that came through the 
             Sarbanes-Oxley bill, I think we have actually made a major 
             contribution to making sure that balance sheets and income 
             statements are what they are, that people can have more 
             confidence in our fundamental system. I was honored to be 
             a part of the detail and the work that brought that back. 
             We should protect it as we go forward.
               There is more to do with our pension system. There are 
             many things that are part of our financial structure, 
             which is such a fundamental defining element of what 
             America is about. We need to make sure they have the 
             integrity that was built into the theme of the Sarbanes-
             Oxley reforms.
               I am proud to have represented the Democratic caucus for 
             2 years in the push back against the privatization of 
             Social Security. We had a debate on the floor where 
             Senator Santorum, Senator Sununu, Senator Durbin, and 
             myself, for a remarkable hour and a half, had a dialog 
             among Senators. All of those elements of debate are still 
             in play. We need to make sure we protect the security of 
             our seniors. I know folks on this side of the aisle feel 
             so strongly in winning that battle, and we should 
               There are many others issues: affordable drug benefits, 
             college tuition. Senator Kennedy and others have fought so 
             hard to make sure everybody has access to the American 
             promise. I am proud that I had a role--an amendment role, 
             a voting role, a sponsorship role--to be a part of those 
             agendas. We can do, and have done, a lot to protect our 
             environment to make our quality of life better.
               Together with my colleagues from New Jersey, we 
             protected people in our State from Federal changes that 
             would have weakened New Jersey's model prescription drug 
             program for seniors and people with disabilities.
               We lifted Federal home loan mortgage limits to help more 
             New Jersey veterans buy their own homes.
               We fought the administration's effort to reduce the 
             availability of student loans. We held them off for a 
             year--long enough to enable many students to stay in 
             school instead of having to drop out.
               We preserved the unspoiled beauty and critical water 
             supply in the New Jersey Highlands.
               And we stopped a plan by the administration that would 
             have paved the way for oil and gas drilling off the New 
             Jersey shore, because America needs a balanced energy plan 
             that invests in conservation and alternative energy 
             sources--not oil derricks lining our beaches.
               In the highway bill that passed this year, we increased 
             New Jersey's rate of return on the Federal highway tax 
             dollar from 90.5 cents to 92 cents. And we paved the way 
             for the New Jersey Trans-Hudson Midtown Corridor.
               There is a lot more to do. I have some challenges that I 
             leave for all of my colleagues. Maybe the most important 
             one, and the one I feel most passionately about, is the 
             ongoing challenge of man's inhumanity to man in Darfur, 
             Sudan. We have lost 300,000 lives, give or take. People 
             don't really know the degree to which life has been lost. 
             But we need to make sure that we don't revisit Rwanda and 
             other places where we have turned our backs on the killing 
             of one man and one woman, one at a time.
               There is much to do. I am proud of the efforts that 
             Senator Brownback and I have done to make sure this body 
             recognized for the first time that genocide was taking 
             place, that we had some financing to sponsor the African 
             Union to do that which would bring an end to the rape, the 
             killing, and the pillaging that is going on. There is much 
             more to do. Please, please, make sure, whether it is in 
             Darfur or other places, that this body speaks out for 
             humanity, something I know all of my colleagues carry in 
             their hearts. It is one of the great hopes and dreams.
               I know a number of my colleagues--Senator Obama, Senator 
             Durbin, Congressman Payne on the other side of this great 
             Capitol, communities of faith, concerned citizens--are 
             really committed to these issues, particularly as it 
             relates to Darfur. But we should stand up, and we should 
             move forward.
               I have a big hope that my colleagues will take the 
             opportunity to move on chemical plant security, which is 
             something I have hooted and hollered about and bored 
             people to death with over the last 4 years. We are so 
             close but yet so far and at such risk. Whether it is rail 
             security--and all of us have a number of other issues--it 
             is painful for us to get such low marks in how we have 
             addressed our homeland security.
               Now I go to be a Governor of a State where the primary 
             day-to-day practice and responsibility is to protect the 
             lives of the people who live in these communities. I hope 
             we will move forward in an expeditious manner to address 
             some of those items that we all know are at great risk.
               There is a lot of progress to be made in a lot of areas. 
             I could go on. I am proud of the initiative on kids' 
             accounts, which I hope a lot of you will get behind. We 
             can change the financial underpinnings and knowledge of so 
             many folks. I am proud of this idea. I know there are a 
             number of my colleagues who are interested in the idea of 
             giving every child who gets a Social Security number a 
             start in life. It is implemented in Great Britain. We 
             ought to do it here. There is a real hope it can bring 
             about a different opportunity and potential for every 
               And I'm proud of what we've done for financial literacy. 
             It's mind-boggling to me that we live in a capitalist 
             society, yet our schools provide students with few, if 
             any, tools about how to navigate the system. We push our 
             kids out into the world and say, ``You're on your own. 
             Good luck.'' As more financial risk is shifted onto 
             individuals, the consequences of bad financial decisions 
             grow more dire. That's why I pushed to include basic 
             financial literacy in the No Child Left Behind Act to 
             teach young people the basic principles of capitalism and 
             responsible money management.
               I will look to this body to come up with answers on 
             health care, Medicare, making sure our children are 
             educated appropriately. The agenda is large. There are 
             great disappointments, by the way. I close with a few of 
             those. It is hard for me to imagine when I came here that 
             we were running a couple hundred billion dollars in 
             surpluses, and now we have created debt that is greater in 
             the past 5 years than was ever created in the history of 
             the country. I think we are really in danger of going over 
             the precipice on the twin deficits with regard to fiscal 
             management of this country. It seems grossly unfair that 
             we are placing that burden on future generations the way 
             we are.
               I can tell my colleagues, as it ripples down to our 
             State levels, they are going to hear a former Senator 
             hooting and hollering pretty loud about how we are 
             crowding out and crowding in responsibilities that will be 
             very difficult.
               The fact we haven't raised the minimum wage in the years 
             I have been in the Senate is hard to imagine. There is a 
             study out this week that if you earn the minimum wage, 
             there is not a county in this country where someone can 
             afford a one-bedroom apartment. It is time to move on some 
             of these issues.
               I know I am preaching to the choir, but it is time to 
             move. We ought to ban racial profiling. There are a whole 
             host of issues.
               Since I came to the Senate in 2001, the number of 
             uninsured Americans has swelled to more than 45 million 
             people. We have made some important strides in improving 
             access to health care for certain populations, but these 
             piecemeal attempts to address our health care crisis have 
             fallen far short of providing all Americans with quality, 
             affordable health care. I would like to see us come 
             together as a Nation to guarantee health care to each and 
             every American.
               Senator Lautenberg and I would like to see Bruce 
             Springsteen honored, too. We think we ought to step up and 
             acknowledge both the poetry and the majesty of his fights 
             for the working men and women of this world.
               I wish to thank my colleagues and the people of New 
             Jersey for this great opportunity. I leave the Senate with 
             incredible excitement and optimism about the future. I am 
             looking forward to my new job in a way I cannot even get 
             my mind around half the time because it seems so 
             profoundly interesting and applies to the day-to-day lives 
             of folks.
               I have no serious regrets. I have sadness about not 
             being able to walk onto this great floor, but I love this 
             place and look forward to coming back and working together 
             on those issues that matter.
               I close by especially thanking my colleague, Senator 
             Frank Lautenberg, who has just been a gem to work with, 
             and my leaders, Tom Daschle and Harry Reid, who have been 
               Mr. President, I say to all of my colleagues, you have 
             been great.
               I mentioned Robert Byrd, a giant on this floor.
               I cannot help but remember the man maybe I admired the 
             most here, because he had the greatest courage. It was 
             Paul Wellstone and his incredible fire and commitment to 
             equality and justice in every possible way.
               It has been some run. I want to say thanks to my 
             children, who supported me, Jennifer, Josh, and Jeffrey; 
             an incredible staff who have worked hard. I have a list of 
             the names of the staff who have served the people of New 
             Jersey with me. I do not think I will read them all, but I 
             ask unanimous consent that they be printed in the Record.
               There being no objection, the material was ordered to be 
             printed in the Record, as follows:
                               Current DC and NJ Staff
               Cynthia Alicea, Renee Ashe, Lucas Ballet, Vicky Beyerle, 
             Elizabeth Brinkerhoff, Alison Brosnan, Sandra Caron 
             George, Jason Cassese, Anthony Coley, Gwendolyn Cook, 
             Deborah Curto, Christopher Donnelly, Karin Elkis, June 
             Fischer, Jennifer Friedberg, Elizabeth Gilligan, Michael 
             Goldblatt, Evan Gottesman, Heather H. Howard, Julie 
             Kashen, Vanessa Lawson, Scott Kisch, Mada Liebman.
               Jose Lozano, Jonathan Luick, Anne Milgram, Jamaal 
             Mobley, Emma Palmer, Dave Parano, Elizabeth Ritter, Keith 
             Roachford, John Santana, Karen Slachetka, James Souder, 
             Ellen Stein, Brooke Stolting, Jason Tuber, Margaret J. Van 
             Tassell, Steven Van Zandt, David Wald, Barbara A. Wallace, 
             Marilyn Washington, Sarah Wetherald, Benjamin Wilensky.
                               Former DC and NJ Staff
               Steven Adamske, Arlene Batista, Simon Brandler, Allyn 
             Brooks-LaSure, Christine Buteas, Brian Chernoff, James 
             Connell, Amanda Consovoy, Anthony Cruz, Arpan Dasgupta, 
             Marilyn Davis, Lizette DelGado, Kevin Drennan, Erica 
             Farrand, Enrique Fernandez-Roberts, Lauren Garsten, 
             Jessica Goldstein, Hamlet Darius Goore.
               Derrick L. Green, Robert Helland, Roger Hollingsworth, 
             Anne Hubert, Phillip Jackman, Christopher Jones, Grace 
             Kim, Bruce King, Jarrod R. Koenig, Allison Kopicki, Mark 
             Layl, Robert Levy, Jonathan Liou, Duncan Loughridge, 
             Jonathan Lovett, Elizabeth Mattson, Shauna McGowan, 
             Patricia E. McGuire, Lena McMahon.
               Hemen Mehta, Francis Meo, Maggie Moran, Michael Pagan, 
             Sara Persky Foulkes, Carlos Polanco, Miguel Rodriguez, 
             Julia Roginsky, Andrew Schwab, Thomas Shea, Amanda Steck, 
             Lauren Sypek, Todd Tomich, Dan Utech, Wilson Bradley 
             Woodhouse, David York, Muneera Zaineldeen.

               Mr. CORZINE. I would not be worth a darn without what 
             they have been able to do. I want to say that the staff 
             who works the floor has been remarkable. Without Lula 
             Davis' help and people such as Marty and other folks who 
             guide us through how we get things done, none of us would 
             be in the same place, as well as the Parliamentarians, the 
             clerks, and others. I am extraordinarily grateful for 
             their support.
               I would be remiss if I did not mention Jeri Thomson who 
             has been so great.
               To all of you and to all of those who go unmentioned but 
             not unthought of, let me say thank you. It has been a 
             privilege of a lifetime and I look forward to serving the 
             people of the State of New Jersey and our great country in 
             the years ahead.
               I yield the floor. (Applause.)



                                   JON S. CORZINE
                              Proceedings in the Senate
                                            Thursday, December 15, 2005
                              ORDER TO SUBMIT TRIBUTES
               Mr. McCONNELL. Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent 
             that Senators be permitted to submit tributes to Senator 
             (Governor-elect) Corzine for the Record until December 29, 
             2005, and that they be printed as a Senate document.

               The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without objection, it is so 
                                              Friday, December 16, 2005
               Mr. LAUTENBERG. Mr. President, I wasn't here when Jon 
             Corzine arrived in the Senate 5 years ago. In fact, he 
             actually took my place at the time. We met to share ideas 
             on an agenda for New Jersey and America and I followed his 
             progress closely. I was impressed by what I saw in Jon's 
             service in the Senate, where he has earned respect and 
             affection. Jon came from great success in the world of 
             finance and industry, but he is able to communicate with 
             ordinary people as well.
               Some people arrive here and immediately head for the 
             headlines. But that isn't Jon Corzine's style. Jon is a 
             committed workhorse, who works long hours with high 
             intensity. He doesn't have a lot of flash, but he is very 
               He came to Washington for one reason: to serve the 
             people of New Jersey. Now, with some sorrow on my part, he 
             is leaving us here for the same reason: to help New Jersey 
             even more directly.
               Even before the terrorist attacks on 9/11, work had been 
             done to strengthen security at our chemical plants. Jon 
             recognized the importance of that issue long before most 
             people, so when he arrived here in the Senate, he took the 
             ball and ran with it. Jon introduced a plan to overhaul 
             security at chemical plants, and many people were 
             surprised when he got it unanimously approved in 
             committee. But those who know Jon Corzine weren't 
             surprised. Even when that bill was blocked by lobbyists, 
             Jon didn't give up. He has continued to fight to make our 
             chemical plants safer. He has raised awareness of the 
             problem, which I will take up once again, because we are 
             at risk across this Nation from the most horrible 
             devastation to our people and communities.
               Jon Corzine carried an agenda here that was so 
             appropriate for New Jersey that he established a place for 
             himself in the history of the State even before he becomes 
               I wasn't a Member of the Senate on that fateful day of 
             September 11, 2001, when my State lost almost 700 people. 
             But I knew we would have a strong advocate in Jon Corzine. 
             And we did. Jon listened to the families who had lost 
             loved ones, and he knew they deserved answers. So he 
             fought to establish the 9/11 Commission. I honestly don't 
             think it ever would have come to pass without his efforts. 
             He has been a great ally in my fight to make New Jersey 
             and our Nation safer by directing homeland security 
             resources to where they are most needed.
               By the time I returned to the Senate almost 3 years ago, 
             Jon had earned a reputation as a hard worker who cares 
             more about getting results than getting credit. People had 
             learned that when you talk to Jon Corzine, he really 
             listens. They had learned that he isn't in love with the 
             sound of his own voice. And they had learned that when Jon 
             Corzine does speak, he has something to say.
               Three years ago our Nation was rocked by the Enron 
             scandal, and by other incidents that undermined public 
             confidence in the integrity of major corporations. With 
             his background as chairman and CEO of one of the largest 
             financial services firms in the country, Jon realized the 
             importance of restoring public trust and confidence. Even 
             though he worked mostly behind the scenes on the Sarbanes-
             Oxley bill--the most far-reaching corporate reform law 
             since the Great Depression--he was recognized by the New 
             York Times as the bill's ``primary architect.''
               Sarbanes-Oxley improved business accounting standards, 
             helped restore investor confidence, and protected the 
             savings of millions of Americans. Jon's name isn't on that 
             bill, but his influence is.
               Jon has been a great teammate for me, working for New 
             Jersey day in and day out. He has also worked with many of 
             you, on both sides of the aisle.
               I know how hard he has worked with Senator Brownback, 
             for instance, to stop genocide in the Darfur region of 
             Sudan. As a member of the Foreign Relations Committee, Jon 
             offered the first Senate resolution to classify this 
             horrific situation as ``genocide.'' The passage of this 
             bipartisan resolution, coupled with other efforts to 
             increase awareness of atrocities in Darfur, prompted then-
             Secretary of State Colin Powell to declare that genocide 
             was in fact occurring. After traveling to Sudan 
             personally, Senator Corzine championed a successful 
             bipartisan effort to provide $75 million for African Union 
             peacekeeping troops. He also introduced a bill 
             establishing sanctions against Sudan, which the Senate 
               Jon served in the Marine Corps Reserves, and he 
             understands the burdens on our men and women in uniform, 
             especially the National Guard and Reserves, who have 
             provided so many of the troops in Iraq.
               After I served in World War II, I went to college under 
             the GI bill. Jon Corzine has worked to update the GI bill 
             for the 21st century, to meet rising education costs. He 
             has fought for better health care for veterans and 
             military families. And he sponsored a bill that will help 
             90,000 vets buy their own homes. For these reasons and 
             many more, the Veterans of Foreign Wars gave Jon their 
             Congressional Award in 2004.
               Over the past 3 years I have been proud to call Jon 
             Corzine my friend and my colleague. Today I am equally 
             proud to call him the next Governor of my home State of 
             New Jersey. I will miss him here in the Senate. But I will 
             take comfort in knowing that he will be leading New Jersey 
             in the right direction. I hope all of my colleagues will 
             join me today in wishing Senator Corzine a fond farewell 
             and great success in the future.
               I yield the floor.

               The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Massachusetts.

               Mr. KENNEDY. Mr. President, I think the Senator from 
             California had a unanimous consent request?

               Mrs. FEINSTEIN. If I may, and I thank the Senator from 
             Massachusetts, I ask unanimous consent that I be 
             recognized when the tributes to Senator Corzine have 

               The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without objection, it is so 
               The Senator from Massachusetts.

               Mr. KENNEDY. Mr. President, it is a privilege to join my 
             Senate colleagues in paying tribute to Jon Corzine, 
             congratulating him on his election as Governor of New 
             Jersey, and commending him for his skillful service to the 
             people of New Jersey and to the Nation as a Senator.
               For the past 5 years in the Senate, Senator Corzine has 
             stood up for working families, for affordable health care, 
             for pension security, and on many other challenges. Again 
             and again, he has demonstrated his commitment to the 
             fundamental principle of fairness--that government should 
             represent the interests of all Americans, regardless of 
             race, income, or disability. It has been an honor to work 
             with him.
               Jon is committed to helping others achieve the American 
             dream. He believes very deeply that through hard work and 
             determination, people can make better lives for themselves 
             and their families. He believes this so deeply, because he 
             has lived it himself.
               Growing up on a small farm in Illinois, Jon dedicated 
             himself to his studies and graduated from the University 
             of Illinois. He then joined the Marine Corps Reserve and 
             began his impressive career in business and banking.
               His talents helped him rise in the business world too--
             from a bond trader at Goldman Sachs to chairman and CEO of 
             the firm.
               Once his hard work and talent helped him reach the 
             pinnacle of his profession, Jon decided to give something 
             back by helping all Americans achieve their full 
               When he came to the Senate in 2001, he made an immediate 
             impact, bringing the same talents and commitment in the 
             business world to his work for New Jersey and the country.
               We could all see that Jon was a committed and 
             progressive public servant, motivated by a strong sense of 
             what's right and what's fair.
               Not long after he was elected, the Nation faced a sudden 
             challenge of massive corporate fraud involving Enron, 
             WorldCom, and others. Families' pensions were lost. 
             Workers' savings went up in smoke because of cooked books 
             and insider deals.
               The administration dragged its feet, but Jon stood up 
             for those workers and sent a clear message to those 
             executives that if they defraud the American people, they 
             must pay.
               Jon's compassion and invaluable business experience 
             helped persuade Congress to pass the most sweeping 
             corporate reforms since the Great Depression.
               He brought that same knowledge of the financial markets 
             and securities industry and that same sense of fairness to 
             the battle to protect Social Security. When others tried 
             to frighten the American people into undermining the most 
             important social safety net program the Nation has ever 
             had, Jon stood firm, and the so-called reforms were not 
               I was especially impressed by the way Senator Corzine 
             rose to the challenge of 9/11 and rallied the people of 
             New Jersey after the terrorist attacks. He was only 9 
             months into his term, but he stepped up and provided real 
             leadership at a time of enormous crisis and uncertainty.
               He did his best to ease the grief of the survivor's 
             families, and he did everything he could to see that the 
             Federal Government lived up to its responsibility to 
             provide relief to those families.
               Month after month, year after year, Jon also insisted 
             that the 9/11 Commission get answers to their tough 
             questions, no matter how entrenched the opposition.
               For 5 years he has been a driving force to improve 
             homeland security, by making sure that our Nation's ports 
             receive the resources they need, and by pressing the 
             administration to protect chemical plants in New Jersey 
             and across the Nation.
               We will miss Jon's leadership and eloquence here in the 
             Senate. The people of New Jersey are fortunate to have him 
             as their new Governor, and I know he will continue the 
             outstanding leadership we have all come to know and 
             admire. New Jersey is in good hands, and I wish him 
             continuing success in the years ahead.

               The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Maryland.

               Mr. SARBANES. Mr. President, I ask unanimous consent 
             that following my comments, Senator Stabenow be 
             recognized, then Senator Salazar and Senator Reed be 
             recognized. All of us seek to speak about our colleague, 
             Senator Corzine.

               The PRESIDING OFFICER. Without objection, it is so 

               Mr. SARBANES. I thank the Chair.
               Mr. President, in a few weeks our good friend, Jon 
             Corzine, will leave the Senate, where he so effectively 
             represented New Jersey and its people over the past 5 
             years, to become Governor of his State. I have been 
             privileged to serve with Senator Corzine on the Committee 
             on Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs, to whose work he 
             has brought an extraordinary combination of principle, 
             vision, intelligence, and solid common sense. I wish to 
             say a few words today about his spectacular work on that 
             committee. For a while I was privileged to serve as 
             chairman of the committee, and I can tell you that no 
             chairman could have a better fate than to have Jon Corzine 
             as one of his members.
               Prior to entering the U.S. Senate, Jon Corzine spent 
             nearly a quarter of a century with Goldman Sachs, the New 
             York investment bank, including 5 years as its chairman 
             and CEO. His long- and wide-ranging experience in the 
             financial markets made him especially well-qualified to 
             deal with the issues that came within the Banking 
             Committee's jurisdiction. In very short order, it was 
             apparent that whenever Jon Corzine's turn in a committee 
             meeting came to put questions to witnesses, even the most 
             confident and sophisticated among them listened more 
             intently and responded more carefully.
               Senator Corzine's contribution to the accounting reform 
             and investor protection legislation known as Sarbanes-
             Oxley was invaluable. Along with Senator Dodd, who also 
             serves on the committee, Jon Corzine was among the first 
             Members of the Senate to call for hearings on investor 
             protection in the wake of the collapse of Enron 
             Corporation. Those hearings took place in February and 
             March 2002, and Senator Corzine, along with Senator Dodd 
             and others on the committee, played a critical role in 
             shaping the reform legislation enacted 4 months later. I 
             have done it before and I wish to acknowledge again the 
             very substantial and significant contributions Jon Corzine 
             made in helping to shape and develop that legislation. His 
             work was invaluable.
               Consistently in the work of the committee, Jon Corzine 
             played a critical role in efforts to strengthen 
             protections for investors in our capital markets. 
             BusinessWeek, in fact, noted that his work in this area 
             gave him ``an unusually high profile for a junior 
               His contributions to the work of the committee were by 
             no means focused only on these issues. Indeed, he touched 
             virtually every issue in the committee's jurisdiction. He 
             has worked vigorously to expand housing opportunities and 
             the effectiveness of Federal housing programs. He has been 
             a forceful spokesman for full funding for critical 
             programs of the Department of Housing and Urban 
             Development--Section 8 vouchers, housing for the elderly, 
             improved public housing, and other efforts to assist low-
             income homeowners and renters. It is indicative of his 
             commitment, and in his statement here in the Chamber only 
             a few minutes ago he again was making reference to how 
             people who work at minimum wage can't afford an apartment 
             in county after county across the country.
               He led efforts to expand coverage of FHA insurance for 
             multifamily housing, something especially relevant in 
             States such as New Jersey where inflated housing costs 
             affected previous program ceilings. He pressed for energy 
             efficiency requirements in public and assisted housing, 
             and he has remained committed to Federal action to assure 
             secondary mortgage market liquidity and affordable 
               Jon Corzine was an original co-sponsor of the 
             legislation to stop predatory lending practices and spoke 
             forcefully in the committee's deliberation about the harsh 
             and cynical techniques predatory lenders used to exploit 
             vulnerable borrowers seeking mortgages and other credit. 
             He has been one of the leaders in the Senate in the fight 
             against Federal preemption of State consumer protection 
             laws which are designed to protect our citizens against 
             these practices.
               He has been among the Senate's most outspoken advocates 
             for public and private financial literacy programs to 
             ensure that all Americans of all ages and all backgrounds 
             have the skills to grasp the financial implications of the 
             often complex credit card loans and other financial 
             arrangements they are offered.
               He has obtained Federal funding for financial education 
             programs in elementary and secondary schools and was the 
             leader in the ultimately successful efforts in 2003 to 
             pass the Financial Literacy and Education Improvement Act, 
             which incorporates many of his ideas. For his work on this 
             issue, the JumpStart Coalition for Personal Financial 
             Literacy named him ``Federal Financial Literacy and 
             Education Legislator of the Year.''
               Throughout his tenure, Senator Corzine has been among 
             our most articulate advocates for public transportation, 
             whose importance in the day-to-day lives of his 
             constituents he knows first-hand since he represents the 
             most densely populated State in the Nation. He fought to 
             preserve and enhance the Federal transit program as the 
             new surface transportation authorization legislation was 
             developed. As a result of his efforts, New Jersey will 
             receive nearly $2.5 billion in transit formula funds from 
             2004 through 2009, a 50-percent increase over the amount 
             the State received in the preceding legislation.
               He also succeeded in assuring priority treatment in 
             terms of planning, funding, and execution under this new 
             legislation for a new commuter rail tunnel under the 
             Hudson River. This project, the Trans-Hudson Midtown 
             Corridor, has been identified as a crucial investment for 
             the region's mobility and security. As a result of his 
             efforts, the National Transit Institute, which provides 
             training, education, and clearinghouse services to support 
             public transportation, will be maintained at Rutgers, the 
             State University of New Jersey.
               Senator Corzine was a leader in the effort to develop a 
             Federal backstop for terrorism insurance after the attacks 
             of September 11, 2001. Those attacks left such insurance 
             widely unavailable and put businesses and commercial 
             property owners at risk of future losses from terrorism 
             without having insurance coverage. He recognized 
             immediately this situation would create a drag on economic 
             activity and again brought his expertise to bear in 
             helping to develop the legislation under which the Federal 
             Government would share the risk of future terrorism losses 
             with the industry.
               Senator Corzine was one of the first to recognize the 
             threat that identity theft poses both to consumers and to 
             the integrity of the Nation's payment system. He has been 
             a leader in the fight for safeguards on personal 
             information, on protecting the privacy of our citizens.
               Many of these things I have spoken about reflect a 
             common theme, and that is Jon Corzine's concern for those 
             left out and left behind. It has been a hallmark of his 
             service in the Senate that he has sought to bring into the 
             mainstream of American life those who have been left out 
             of it. This concern for those, in a sense, who have been 
             forgotten, was reflected in his work in the international 
             arena, particularly the emphasis he placed on the 
             situation in Darfur. Again and again, Jon Corzine took to 
             the floor of the Senate to bring to our attention the 
             terrible things that were happening there and to push for 
             measures to help alleviate that situation.
               Finally, let me say what has distinguished Senator 
             Corzine's service in the Senate over and above his many 
             specific accomplishments is the dedication and vision and 
             principles that underlie all his work. Before coming to 
             the Senate, he spent much of his professional life as an 
             investment banker. But he brought to his responsibilities 
             certain fundamental convictions about the nature of 
             American society, a hopeful and optimistic vision of 
             American life that first took place as he was growing up 
             in a small farming community in central Illinois. It was 
             there he has said he learned ``the meaning of hard work 
             and the opportunities afforded by a strong education 
               Jon Corzine went on to earn his B.A. and Phi Beta Kappa 
             at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and 
             enlisted in the Marine Corps Reserve where he served for 6 
             years. He attended the University of Chicago Business 
             School at night, and not too much later he joined Goldman 
               His many years in the financial markets have not dimmed 
             Jon Corzine's vision of America as a Nation grounded in 
             opportunity--opportunity for a good education, for a 
             decent job, a place to raise one's family and someday to 
             retire with dignity, security, and self-respect. He has 
             dedicated his efforts to advance programs that can make 
             this vision a reality for all his fellow Americans.
               When he announced his candidacy for Governor of New 
             Jersey last December, Senator Corzine pledged he would 
             ``fight like crazy to make sure that there is a view that 
             government can be a partner in lifting up the lives of the 
             rest of America.'' This is surely what he has done in the 
               In just 5 short years, notwithstanding his junior status 
             in a body that sets a high premium on seniority--when I 
             first came here I was very critical of the seniority 
             system, but I have to admit that as time has gone by I 
             have come to see the virtues of the system. Jon Corzine 
             has had an impressive record of accomplishment. He has 
             demonstrated the astute and principled leadership in the 
             Senate that will most assuredly make him a distinguished 
             Governor of the State of New Jersey in the service of all 
             its people.
               If I may be so bold as to address a word to the people 
             of New Jersey, I simply say they have an extraordinary 
             leader about to take over as the Governor of their State. 
             I urge them to give Jon Corzine their backing and support 
             so he can bring his vision to bear in the State of New 
               When Woodrow Wilson became Governor of the State of New 
             Jersey, he introduced a progressive agenda which became 
             the model for the Nation. New Jersey went to the very 
             forefront of the 50 States in addressing fairness and 
             opportunity for its citizens and enhancing their quality 
             of life. I say today, as we bid our dear colleague a fond 
             farewell, Jon Corzine can provide that kind of leadership 
             for New Jersey. He can move that State to the very 
             forefront of the 50 States and make it a shining example 
             of what can be accomplished when all of us pull together 
             in order to enhance opportunity for each and every one. I 
             wish him the very best as he leaves this body and in the 
             years ahead.
               I yield the floor.

               The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Michigan.

               Ms. STABENOW. Mr. President, I rise today to join my 
             colleagues in honoring a man I have come to know as a 
             colleague, a dedicated public servant, and a friend.
               Jon Corzine is a shining example of the American dream--
             of what one can accomplish with hard work and the 
             opportunity to obtain a good education.
               Growing up in rural Illinois as the son of a corn and 
             soybean farmer and a public school teacher, Jon Corzine 
             learned early in life the importance of family, 
             responsibility and service to his community.
               These are the values that led him to serve his country 
             as a member of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves--and over 
             the years, his strong values have guided his career both 
             in private industry and public service.
               Jon Corzine started his career on the ground floor of 
             American business. And even as he worked hard and achieved 
             extraordinary success, he never lost sight of his values.
               When he served as chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, he 
             led that company from a private partnership to a public 
             offering. At the same time, he expanded the company's 
             philanthropic outreach efforts to better serve people in 
               He continued that important work here in the U.S. 
             Senate, where he used his political power to fight for 
             people without political influence. For the last 5 years, 
             he has been a tireless advocate for veterans, seniors, 
             students, women, children and families in New Jersey and 
             across our Nation.
               Senator Corzine and I were sworn into the Senate on the 
             same day--and I served with him on both the Budget 
             Committee and the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs 
             Committee. There we worked together to preserve funding 
             for programs that help our Nation's most vulnerable 
             citizens--programs such as Medicare and Medicaid, veterans 
             health care, and education.
               We also worked together to lead the fight to keep the 
             security in Social Security.
               His business expertise made him a strong advocate for 
             fiscal responsibility. He fought to get the national debt 
             under control so we could preserve and create 
             opportunities for our Nation's young people--rather than 
             saddle them with the burden of our Government's debts.
               He has lived the American dream and continues to work 
             hard to ensure that others have a chance to live it too.
               Jon Corzine is a thoughtful, hard-working man who worked 
             with his colleagues from both sides of the political 
             spectrum to do the right thing for the people of New 
             Jersey and this Nation.
               I am honored to have him as a friend and a colleague--
             and I wish him well in his new role as Governor of New 
               I add my comments, along with my friends and colleagues 
             in the Senate, for someone who has become a personal 
             friend, as well as someone I admire greatly and that we 
             are going to greatly miss. New Jersey is very lucky to 
             have Jon Corzine coming in as Governor of that great 
               Senator Corzine and I have worked together both on the 
             Committee on the Budget and on the Committee on Banking. I 
             can say what Senator Sarbanes said is true, that even 
             though he sat at the end of the table at the Committee on 
             Banking and we were squeezed in with our staff trying to 
             make sure we did not fall off the end of the platform, I 
             always knew when the person at the end was about to speak 
             and ask his questions, there was going to be silence in 
             the room and tremendous respect for what he was going to 
             say and concern about whether they would be able to answer 
             his questions effectively, as the witnesses were answering 
             various questions concerning finances.
               To watch Senator Corzine work has been to watch an 
             example of what we want in public service. To see someone 
             who grew up in a small town--like I did in Michigan--
             growing up in a small town, serve his country in the 
             Marines, as so many of my colleagues have. I am 
             particularly proud of the people on the Democrat side of 
             the aisle who have served in public service as it relates 
             to our Armed Services and continue to bring that 
             perspective and support today.
               But certainly Senator Corzine is one of them. And to go 
             on to be so incredibly successful in business, and then to 
             bring that expertise here on behalf of the people of New 
             Jersey to work with all of us I think is an example of a 
             tremendously great American success story. I am proud to 
             have worked with Senator Corzine and look forward to 
             working with him as the Governor of New Jersey.
               I will simply echo my colleagues in saying when we talk 
             about corporate responsibility and accountability, Senator 
             Corzine and his expertise have been there. Housing, public 
             transit, homeland security, his passion for Social 
             Security, addressing so many different issues that are 
             important to people, important to communities, important 
             to our democracy, have had the voice of Jon Corzine.
               So I congratulate you on your service. I congratulate 
             the people of New Jersey on the public service that is to 
             come. And mostly I thank Jon Corzine for his generosity of 
             heart and for his willingness to invest in so many ways to 
             better the community with his own resources. This is 
             someone who has been incredibly generous and caring and 
             smart and compassionate and dedicated to the right values 
             that we all care about deeply.
               I know he is going to do an outstanding job as Governor 
             and that we will all be better off for his public service. 
             With that, I yield the floor.

               The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Colorado.

               Mr. SALAZAR. Mr. President, I stand here today not only 
             to say thank you but to congratulate the Senator from New 
             Jersey, the Governor-elect of New Jersey, Jon Corzine.
               For me, my whole life has been touched by many people 
             who have helped me live the American dream. But it is an 
             American dream, too, that has come with challenges in 
             dealing with the issues of poverty and in dealing with the 
             issues of racism.
               There was a time in my life when I thought anything was 
             possible for anyone in America. There was also a time in 
             my life when I thought there were limitations placed on 
             myself personally that I could never overcome because of 
             the history of racism and the effects of poverty within my 
             own life.
               Notwithstanding the fact that I was a proud son of that 
             great generation of soldiers who fought in World War II, 
             and steeped in the history of New Mexico and southern 
             Colorado, there were many people who, when I decided to 
             seek this position in the Senate, thought that it could 
             not be done. There were many people who brought up reason 
             after reason why this was not a place where I could serve.
               One of the people who disagreed with those conclusions 
             was Jon Corzine. Jon Corzine told me that, yes, it was 
             possible to still believe in the American dream, that no 
             matter what your background is and no matter what your 
             economic circumstance might be, everything is still 
             possible here in America. His inspiration and his vision 
             and his leadership contributed to my serving today in the 
               When I characterize my friendship with Jon Corzine and 
             look at him as a person and as a leader, the words that 
             come to my mind are ``an authentic leader.'' He is who he 
             is. He is a very successful businessperson, but he is the 
             kind of person whom we ought to have in the Senate all of 
             the time; that is, people who care about our Nation and 
             the people whom we represent here every day. He has put 
             them and our Nation ahead of his own self-interest. That 
             is the legacy that we now pass on to New Jersey, the 
             legacy that New Jersey has grabbed for itself, as they 
             take him as the next Governor of New Jersey.
               I know he will continue to do great things in New Jersey 
             as the Governor of that State, in the same way he has done 
             great things in the Senate--those things my colleagues 
             have spoken about on the floor of the Senate today.
               I wish him well, and I know his continued leadership is 
             something we will continue to see in the days and years 
               Mr. President, I yield the floor.

               The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Rhode Island.

               Mr. REED. Mr. President, it is a privilege to be here 
             today to say a few words about my colleague and friend, 
             Jon Corzine. He has honored this Senate and he has honored 
             the people of New Jersey with his service.
               I did not know Jon before he came here. I heard about 
             his campaign. I heard about his success on Wall Street. I 
             frankly must confess I did not know quite what to expect. 
             Having seen the movie ``Wall Street,'' I almost thought 
             that Michael Douglas would walk in the door in a $3,000 
             suit and with expensive accoutrements.
               Jon surprised us all because he is not like that. He 
             might have found his success on Wall Street, but his 
             values were formed in the heartland of America and in the 
             U.S. Marine Corps. He believes very deeply in values that 
             are important and central to our party and to the people 
             of this country: the notion of opportunity for all and the 
             notion that this is a community, not just a collection of 
               His service in this body has exemplified those values 
             and made us all extraordinarily proud. I served with Jon 
             on the Senate Banking Committee. As the chairman and 
             ranking member at various times of the Housing and 
             Transportation Subcommittee, I was familiar with all of 
             Jon's efforts in making real progress on issues of 
             importance to the people of New Jersey and the people of 
             this country.
               My friend and colleague, Senator Sarbanes, has pointed 
             out some of these, and I would like to, for the Record, 
             amplify again what Jon has done.
               The Federal Housing Administration Multifamily Housing 
             Program provides insurance to those seeking to build 
             multifamily rental housing. The program has played a 
             critical role in the development of affordable multifamily 
             rental housing. However, as the cost of building new 
             housing has dramatically increased in recent years, 
             Federal multifamily mortgage insurance loan limits have 
             failed to keep pace with inflation.
               In 2002 Senator Corzine led the way to secure passage of 
             a provision to raise FHA multifamily loan limits by 
             indexing them to the annual construction cost index to 
             ensure that the program keeps pace with inflation.
               In 2003 Senator Corzine further improved the FHA 
             multifamily loan program by securing passage of 
             legislation to boost those limits in high-cost communities 
             around the country.
               Specifically, his legislation raised the loan limits in 
             high-cost areas to 140 percent of the statutory base limit 
             and by 170 percent on a project-by-project basis.
               These increases have been vitally important in the 
             construction and rehabilitation of affordable rental 
             housing in high-cost States such as New Jersey and my own 
             State of Rhode Island where the shortage of affordable 
             housing has become a crisis.
               Jon recognizes that at the heart of every family's 
             efforts to educate their children, to find work, to hold 
             work, is the need for safe and affordable housing. Senator 
             Corzine has been on the vanguard of that effort. I salute 
             him for that.
               He has also been particularly concerned about housing 
             for veterans. The Veterans' Administration Home Loan 
             Program provides access to home financing for veterans who 
             often, because of their time spent serving our Nation, 
             have not had the opportunity to build up the credit they 
             need to qualify for a conventional mortgage. Senator 
             Corzine's legislation to increase veterans' home 
             purchasing power, which became law as part of the Veterans 
             Benefits Improvement Act of 2004, raised the loan limits 
             available under the VA Home Loan Program to allow veterans 
             to obtain mortgages of up to $333,700, the same level 
             available in the traditional mortgage market.
               Finally, the Senator from New Jersey has been a fierce 
             advocate for mass transit funding, not only in his home 
             State of New Jersey but across this country. He has been 
             particularly effective, though, in helping his home State.
               Senator Corzine was instrumental in providing 
             legislation to help build a commuter rail tunnel under the 
             Hudson River as part of the recently passed Safe, 
             Accountable, Flexible, Efficient Transportation Equity 
             Act: A Legacy for Users. The language that Senator Corzine 
             included will expedite the proposed rail tunnel under the 
             Hudson River and require the Federal Transit 
             Administration to sign a full-funding grant agreement with 
             New Jersey Transit that will provide the Federal funding 
             needed to complete the tunnel, and in so doing not only 
             will he assist the people of New Jersey, but he will 
             assist the economy of this Nation, since so much is 
             dependent upon transit access through New Jersey to the 
             Eastern Seaboard, Boston, New York and down to Washington, 
               We all are going to miss Senator Corzine immensely in 
             the Senate, but he is going forth now to a mission that is 
             equally important; that is, to serve the people of New 
             Jersey as their Governor. I know he will be successful. 
             And I know those values of opportunity and community and 
             fairness and tolerance and decency that exemplified his 
             service in the Senate will mark him as a remarkable 
             Governor for the State of New Jersey.
               I yield the floor.

               The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Massachusetts.

               Mr. KERRY. Mr. President, knowing Jon Corzine as I think 
             I do, if he had known he was going to have to sit through 
             all these speeches after he spoke, he would have come down 
             here a lot later at night, I suspect, or certainly waited 
             until we got out of town, because that is the nature of 
             this Senator, Governor to be.
               I have listened to my colleagues and I listened to his 
             speech. He left us with some important warnings, some 
             important pleas, which I hope my colleagues will take 
             seriously. I would incorporate into my comments about Jon 
             all of the things Senator Sarbanes said. They were a 
             wonderful summary of what he did and how he did it, his 
               He helped veterans, and he has been a passionate 
             advocate for public transportation. He was instrumental in 
             housing. These are the sorts of signal accomplishments you 
             can measure, which he can point to and my colleagues have, 
             that define the few years he has been here.
               I will say a word or two about the things that helped 
             push him in the direction of accomplishing those goals. 
             What has always struck me about Jon Corzine and the thing 
             that has been singled out in a number of comments made by 
             my colleagues is the quality of the person, almost an 
             improbable quality when you measure it against the 
             profession he chose for so many years.
               Maybe I'll offer a comment about Wall Street, certainly 
             a comment that I know Jon Corzine would articulate any 
             number of different times in different ways, that we don't 
             think of people traditionally, with the obvious 
             exceptions, a Bob Rubin, some others. Jon Corzine always 
             kept, first, a great sense of idealism; second, a very 
             strong moral compass that led him to always distinguish 
             between right and wrong; and third, an integrity about the 
             approach to public life that willingly disclosed great 
             wealth, willingly submitted himself to unbelievable 
             attacks in order to pursue a greater good. Most people 
             would shy away from that today. When you talk to people in 
             the private sector today about running for office, they 
             are quick to say: Do that? Why would I want to do that? 
             Why would I want to subject myself to that? Why would I 
             want to put myself through that scrutiny?
               Jon Corzine has always been driven by his sense that 
             there is too much missing in governance today, that there 
             is a bigger purpose than all of us individually, a noble 
             purpose in what we are trying to achieve. He believes 
             unabashedly that government can be part of the solution, 
             that government actually helps people. And unlike so much 
             of the rhetoric of the last years that has attacked 
             everything government does until you have a Katrina, when 
             you understand why you need it, or until you see the 
             potholes in the streets and the bridges falling apart and 
             you begrudgingly acknowledge you need it, Jon always 
             believes you need it proactively. He understands the good 
             it can do.
               Every one of us who has had the privilege of being here 
             for awhile was impressed by that passion and moral compass 
             he brought to some of the issues. When business people in 
             America were abusing their trust, Jon brought this 
             extraordinary credibility to that debate. There are huge 
             provisions, as Senator Sarbanes will tell us, and a great 
             deal of guidance through that process that came from this 
             freshman Senator.
               Likewise, with respect to Darfur, an issue where the 
             country ought to be providing a sense of moral outrage, 
             Jon doggedly and tenaciously pursued that issue without 
             grandstanding, without trying to do it in a way that was 
             sort of hit and run. He stayed at it and got the Senate 
             ultimately to take some measures, though never what we 
             ought to be doing, and this country has yet to do what he 
             knows and understands we ought to be doing.
               He always had a sense of right and wrong, and he always 
             fought for the minimum wage. He understood that there is a 
             different set of priorities, a sense of outrage that we 
             would be cutting children off Medicaid, and so on down the 
               I am thrilled, and I know when I was privileged to be in 
             New Jersey, I could feel it in the people of New Jersey 
             who obviously were inundated with an onslaught of 
             confusing and reprehensible kinds of claims in the context 
             of a campaign, which we have seen too often. He plowed 
             through that, because of that idealism and his sense of 
             purpose for the State. Those folks are anticipating the 
             same kind of excitement that he said in his comments he 
             will bring to this new challenge.
               The people of New Jersey have chosen wisely. They are 
             going to have a leader who will do exactly what Senator 
             Sarbanes talked about. He has the opportunity to make that 
             State one of the great laboratories in the country, to do 
             what we are unsuccessful and unwilling to do too often at 
             this moment in our history here in Washington. I almost 
             envy him that opportunity to grab the executive reins and 
             go out and do it. He is going to be an exceptional 
             Governor. He is going to continue to have an impact on 
             what Congress chooses to do because of those priorities 
             that he sets in the State.
               There is no question in my mind that our caucus, which 
             has looked to him regularly as sort of the resident expert 
             on issues of fiscal, trade, and Wall Street matters, is 
             going to miss that expertise enormously.
               I thank this Senator for his service to us, to the 
             country, and we look forward to the service he will 
             provide as Governor of New Jersey.

               The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from North Dakota.

               Mr. CONRAD. Mr. President, I rise to wish Senator Jon 
             Corzine the very best as he goes from service in this body 
             to become the next Governor of the State of New Jersey. I 
             have had the privilege of serving with Senator Corzine on 
             the Budget Committee. He has been a valued member of that 
             committee. He has made an extraordinary contribution 
             there, always thoughtful and well-informed. Senator 
             Corzine is deeply respected by colleagues on both sides. 
             It is fair to say that no one on the Senate Budget 
             Committee and no one in this Chamber has a better 
             understanding of financial markets or economic issues than 
             Senator Jon Corzine.
               On the Budget Committee, Senator Corzine has warned 
             repeatedly of the risks of exploding deficits and debt. As 
             someone who has been extraordinarily successful in the 
             private sector, and as someone who has displayed in the 
             real world a profound understanding of what moves markets, 
             Senator Corzine's words have weight, especially when he 
             says to the members on the committee and here on the 
             Senate floor that we are running unacceptable risks as we 
             run up the deficit and debt of the United States. Senator 
             Corzine has time after time alerted us to the risks to the 
             economy of higher interest rates as a result of burgeoning 
             deficits and debt.
               Senator Corzine has told this body and told the country 
             that it is unsustainable to double the foreign holdings of 
             our debt in 5 years. It is remarkable and terribly 
             unfortunate that in 5 years we have taken the external 
             debt of the United States, which was $1 trillion 5 years 
             ago, to $2 trillion today.
               Mr. President, it took, as Senator Corzine has pointed 
             out, 224 years to run up a trillion dollars of external 
             debt, and that amount has been exceeded in the last 5 
             years. Senator Corzine has said consistently and firmly 
             that these are risks that have the potential to lead to a 
             dramatic increase in interest rates, which would have 
             negative consequences--extremely negative consequences for 
             the American economy. It would threaten economic growth 
             and has the potential to put us into recession.
               Mr. President, we have been fortunate to have someone of 
             Jon Corzine's character and wisdom serving with us in the 
             Senate. I am going to miss Senator Corzine very much. He 
             has been such a strong member of the Budget Committee--
             someone to whom we could look for expertise that is highly 
             regarded by all Members of this Chamber.
               I know Jon Corzine will do a remarkable job as Governor 
             of the State of New Jersey. As he leaves here, we wish him 
             well. I thank the Chair.

               Mr. DAYTON. Mr. President, I also want to join with my 
             colleagues in paying tribute to our departing Senator from 
             New Jersey, Senator Jon Corzine. I met him for the first 
             time when we were both sworn in on January 3, 2001.
               Even before that time I knew of his success but also his 
             high caliber by virtue of the fact that he was chairman 
             and CEO of a great firm, Goldman Sachs, whose previous 
             contributions to the U.S. Government included John 
             Whitehead, Deputy Secretary of State under President 
             Reagan, and Robert Rubin, the Secretary of the Treasury 
             under President Clinton. Senator Corzine followed in that 
             tradition of very successful men who could do anything 
             they wanted for the rest of their lives, but had chosen to 
             commit themselves to public service.
               It has been an honor, a privilege, and a pleasure to 
             serve with Senator Corzine these last 5 years, to learn 
             from his own wisdom and experience as it relates to so 
             many matters affecting the betterment of our country, and 
             then to watch him forgo what would have been a safe track 
             and a relatively easy re-election next year as a Senator 
             because he felt he could be of better service to his 
             fellow citizens from New Jersey by acting as their 
             Governor, going through the rigors and ordeals of another 
             campaign, a challenging endeavor but where he sacrificed 
             himself and his own resources in order to give greater 
             service to the people of New Jersey.
               Our loss in the Senate with his departure will be a gain 
             for his fellow citizens from that State as he devotes his 
             full time to New Jersey to their better interests. I wish 
             him well. We will miss him. He will carry out even further 
             the great talents he has and his ability to improve his 
             State and our country.
               I yield the floor.

               Mr. REID. Mr. President, when the Senate returns in 
             January, we unfortunately will be without one of the 
             finest Senators in this body. Senator Jon Corzine will be 
             moving to New Jersey to serve as its Governor. I want to 
             publicly congratulate Senator Corzine on an impressive 
             victory and congratulate the people of New Jersey for 
             making an outstanding choice. Their gain is the Senate's 
               Jon Corzine has been an exceptional Senator largely 
             because he is an exceptional person. It didn't take 
             Senator Corzine long to demonstrate to his colleagues his 
             intelligence and his impressive knowledge of a broad range 
             of political and economic issues. But perhaps even more 
             important, he quickly convinced Members on both sides of 
             the aisle that he possessed a genuine decency and 
               Jon Corzine surely has one of the most impressive 
             resumes of any American anywhere. He has a remarkable 
             record of accomplishment, both in business and public 
             service. But success never went to his head. And if you 
             are fortunate enough to meet him--no matter who you are or 
             what your place in society--you can be sure that Senator 
             Corzine will treat you with respect. He is sincere. He 
             listens. And he's humble. Its almost impossible not to 
             like Jon Corzine.
               When Senator Corzine came to Washington just 5 years 
             ago, it didn't take him long to earn both the admiration 
             and the affection of his colleagues. But he wasn't just a 
             nice, smart guy. He also worked on behalf of the citizens 
             of New Jersey and the Nation like there was no tomorrow. 
             And it didn't take long for him to make his mark.
               Soon after coming to the Senate, Senator Corzine played 
             a critical role in efforts to respond to widespread abuses 
             at corporations like Enron. At the time, Congress needed 
             someone who understood corporate America and who could 
             help find balanced solutions that made sense. Jon Corzine 
             stepped up to the plate and helped develop one of the most 
             important corporate reforms in American history. That 
             legislation, known as Sarbanes-Oxley, may not bear his 
             name, but it surely bears his mark, and all Americans owe 
             him a great debt of gratitude for his contribution.
               Senator Corzine's economic expertise also helped him 
             become a real leader on budget and fiscal issues. Since 
             coming to office, he has been an outspoken advocate for 
             fiscal responsibility and a leading defender of Social 
             Security. In the last Congress, he headed the Senate 
             Democratic Task Force on Social Security, where he 
             developed the case against privatization long before the 
             issue was in the headlines. Democrats stopped the 
             administration's misguided attempt to privatize Social 
             Security dead in its tracks this year. Senator Corzine's 
             efforts last year laid the groundwork for much of what we 
             were able to accomplish.
               Senator Corzine also has taken up another important 
             cause that still fails to attract sufficient attention: 
             the genocide in Darfur. After prior mass murders abroad, 
             such as the situation in Rwanda, many Americans looked 
             back with regret at our Nation's failure to act. Yet 
             today, in the midst of another terrible genocide, the U.S. 
             response is again woefully and tragically inadequate. Jon 
             Corzine has personally gone to Darfur and has worked hard 
             to focus the Nation's attention on this crisis. It has 
             been a thankless task with no apparent political benefits. 
             For his willingness to pursue this moral cause, he 
             deserves real credit from every American. It will be 
             incumbent on all of us to remain focused on this terrible 
             tragedy after he leaves.
               Another cause of great importance on which Senator 
             Corzine took the lead was the effort to prevent terrorism 
             at chemical plants. As Senator Corzine has told us 
             repeatedly, there are more than 100 chemical facilities 
             around our Nation where a terrorist attack could endanger 
             more than a million people. Unfortunately, security at too 
             many of our plants is grossly inadequate. Senator Corzine 
             recognized the importance of addressing these security 
             risks now before a catastrophe occurs. Each of us has a 
             responsibility to push forward on this issue that he has 
             pushed so tirelessly.
               I could go on about the many other issues on which 
             Senator Corzine has taken a lead--from protecting 
             prescription drug benefits of New Jersey seniors, to 
             promoting financial literacy, to preserving our 
             environment, blocking cuts in student aid and protecting 
             workers against unsafe conditions. In his relatively short 
             time in the Senate, Senator Corzine has been one of our 
             most active Senators, and he has had an impact on a 
             surprisingly broad range of issues.
               I also want to take a moment on behalf of the Senate 
             Democratic Caucus to publicly thank Senator Corzine for 
             his work in the last Congress as head of the Democratic 
             Senatorial Campaign Committee. Senator Corzine had a tough 
             job and was dealt a tough hand. But he worked extremely 
             hard, as he always does, and he did an excellent job.
               Let me also express my appreciation to Senator Corzine 
             as Governor for selecting an outstanding Member of 
             Congress to replace him. While we will miss Senator 
             Corzine greatly, Bob Menendez is going to be an excellent 
             Senator for New Jersey. It is a credit to Senator Corzine 
             to have chosen such a talented and committed public 
             servant, who I am confident will not only represent New 
             Jersey well, but will also help this body better represent 
             the great diversity of our Nation.
               Now Senator Corzine moves from Washington to Trenton, 
             where he will take on some very difficult challenges. But 
             nobody should ever underestimate Jon Corzine. The people 
             of New Jersey have selected a man who not only has 
             extraordinary talent but someone who always gives it 
             everything he has. I know he will serve them well and I 
             know at the end of the day, he will remain what he is 
             today: a kind, humble, and principled person who 
             represents the very best of our Nation.

               Mr. DURBIN. Mr. President, I just left a small farewell 
             party for my colleague, Jon Corzine of New Jersey. He is, 
             of course, leaving the Senate in a few days to become 
             Governor of the State of New Jersey. Congressman Bob 
             Menendez will be appointed to fill his vacancy and stand 
             for election in about a year.
               I am going to miss Jon Corzine for a lot of reasons. 
             First, we have a lot in common. Jon was born and raised in 
             the small town of Willey's Station, which is just a few 
             miles away from the bustling metropolis of Taylorville in 
             Christian County, IL, just a few miles from where I live. 
             I know a little about the Corzine family today, and I 
             sense what his upbringing was all about. He grew up on a 
             farm, with a dad who raised corn and soybeans. It was not 
             a comfortable and wealthy existence, but it was a great 
             upbringing. He was raised in the Midwestern tradition of 
             working hard. He started at age 13 with his first job. He 
             worked his way through college, going to the University of 
             Illinois where he was a walk-on on the basketball team. He 
             has assured me time and again he was no superstar. But the 
             fact that he did that and served in the Marine Corps and 
             went on to the University of Chicago for a master's degree 
             in business tells me he is a person who had a good work 
             ethic--not only that but a great deal of talent.
               Jon's career took him to the highest levels in the 
             business world. He was a partner at Goldman Sachs at the 
             age of 33. He was chairman and CEO of that investment 
             banking giant at the age of 50. He started there fetching 
             coffee for his superiors. He came up not only quickly but 
             the right way. When he was first running, I remember 
             reading accounts in the New York Times about what kind of 
             a CEO he was. He knew the elevator operator's name, and he 
             would go to the mailroom and talk to the workers there and 
             try to provide financial assistance so that workers could 
             go on to earn a college degree.
               That is the same Jon Corzine I came to know in the 
             Senate, a very caring and compassionate individual in so 
             many different ways. He would fight tooth and nail for 
             things he believed in, and he would also pick causes that 
             were not quite that popular and put all of his energy and 
             skill at work on them as well.
               I can recall the terrible genocide in Darfur and how he 
             made that his issue. Time and again, he came to the floor 
             of the Senate to remind all of us about that tiny country 
             on the other side of the world and the people being 
             oppressed there. That is Jon Corzine. Time and again, he 
             showed us that you could be both financially successful in 
             life and not lose your bearings when it came to good moral 
             conduct and good values.
               When I think about his heroes in life, I share many of 
             them. He used to talk about Paul Douglas, the first man I 
             worked for in the Senate as a college intern. Paul Douglas 
             was from the University of Chicago faculty, and he was a 
             person who inspired many of us, not only because he worked 
             hard and did his best to speak for the common man, but 
             because he was all over the State appreciating the variety 
             of life you can find in Illinois. Then, of course, was his 
             successor and protege, Paul Simon, whom I was honored to 
             succeed in the Senate, also a friend of Jon Corzine's. So 
             we had the Paul Douglas and Paul Simon connection. And, of 
             course, the admiration Jon Corzine had for them said it 
               When I look back at these heroes of Jon Corzine, I 
             realize that we have that much in common--our Illinois 
             roots and a lot more. We come from the same place. We 
             share many of the same values. We fought on the same side 
             of many of the same battles. We share many of the same 
             heroes. Like Jon Corzine, I admired Senators Douglas and 
             Simon. I had the privilege to know and work with them. 
             Paul Douglas helped design Social Security. Jon Corzine 
             helped to save it. Like Paul Douglas, Jon Corzine is a 
             brave champion of civil rights, economic justice, and the 
             environment. Like Paul Douglas, Jon Corzine is unafraid to 
             speak his mind for the good of the country.
               All in all, I am certain that Paul Douglas and Paul 
             Simon would approve of the short, though important, Senate 
             career of Jon Corzine. They would thank him, as we all do, 
             for fighting hard and well for people and values of this 
             great Nation. I will miss Jon Corzine. The people of New 
             Jersey have made a wise choice. He will be a good, 
             thoughtful, compassionate leader of their great State. I 
             look forward to working with him for many years to come 
             for the values that we share.
               I yield the floor.

               The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from Alabama is 

               Mr. SESSIONS. Mr. President, I want to share my thoughts 
             about Jon Corzine. He had a great record at Goldman Sachs. 
             I didn't really know he was a farm boy. That is something 
             Senator Durbin added to the mix. I think I had heard that 
             but had forgotten it. He was successful in the financial 
             world in an extraordinary way. He was a marine. Of course, 
             every marine I have known has been shaped by that, and I 
             believe Senator Zell Miller wrote a book saying that 
             everything he ever needed to know he learned in the Marine 
             Corps, or something to that effect.
               Jon Corzine has been an active Member of the Senate. I 
             remember the time we spent together in Montgomery, AL, on 
             a civil rights trip. We were at the church that Martin 
             Luther King preached in on Dexter Avenue, the Dexter 
             Avenue Church. We had a discussion at that time about Rosa 
             Parks, whom we have just honored and who recently passed 
             away. At that very site, Martin Luther King led the 
             efforts of the bus boycott that ended the concept that 
             people must go to the back of the bus because of the color 
             of their skin. Jon Corzine didn't have to go to 
             Montgomery, but he was interested in those issues and he 
             believed strongly in equality and civil rights.
               Senator Corzine has been a strong advocate for the 
             Democratic Party and its principles, heading its campaign 
             committee. We didn't agree on those issues, but he was 
             always courteous and professional. I cannot remember a 
             single harsh word that we have had. In fact, I cannot 
             remember him having a harsh word with any other Senators.
               I have enjoyed the opportunity to know Jon Corzine and 
             have gained respect for him. I wish him every success as 
             Governor of the important State of New Jersey. That will 
             be a challenge, but he has the gift and ability necessary 
             to be successful in that job.

               Mr. LEAHY. Mr. President, I rise today to congratulate 
             and bid farewell to my friend and colleague, Jon Corzine.
               Our world has changed quite drastically since Jon first 
             joined the Senate. It has been an honor to work with him 
             on the many issues we were forced to confront following 
             the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. We will miss 
             Jon's leadership and determination on behalf of his 
             constituents in New Jersey and the American people.
               While Jon has served in the Senate for a relatively 
             short period of time, he leaves an important legacy of 
             leadership on issues ranging from protecting our homeland 
             to crafting legislation that stabilized our financial 
               Rarely in this body does one Senator see the enactment 
             of one of their first bills introduced as a freshman 
             Member. But Jon did just that when he called for mandatory 
             Federal standards to protect our Nation's chemical plants 
             and saw that become law.
               When the entire corporate and financial community was 
             rocked by pervasive accounting scandals, Jon was 
             instrumental in crafting extraordinary changes to 
             accounting oversight that stabilized confidence in our 
             markets when they were teetering. He recognized that 
             Americans were at risk, and he worked tirelessly on their 
             behalf, a legacy that will last well past his last day 
             here in the Capitol.
               Jon also brought to the Senate an appreciation of open 
             and accountable government. He saw security and 
             accountability as going hand in hand, a way for citizens 
             to know what their chosen representatives are doing to 
             ensure the health and safety of their own neighborhoods 
             and communities. He recognized that the ever-changing need 
             for security had to be balanced with the everlasting 
             principles of openness that make our democracy the 
             strongest in the world. I was pleased to work with him to 
             protect the Freedom of Information Act which the current 
             administration has sought to weaken at every turn of the 
               As further testament to Jon's leadership and 
             determination, he will certainly be remembered for his 
             work to secure an end to the terrible genocide that the 
             world has witnessed in western Sudan. As the ranking 
             member of the Foreign Operations Subcommittee, I can 
             personally attest that Jon repeatedly brought the reality 
             of this terrible tragedy to the attention of all of us. He 
             knew that the solution would not be Democratic or 
             Republican. Instead, he reached across the aisle, demanded 
             a call for action, and spoke eloquently for those without 
             a voice.
               I will miss my friend Jon Corzine here in the Senate. I 
             have enjoyed the time we shared working together in this 
             body. Marcelle and I wish him all the best as he moves on 
             to the new and exciting challenges that await him in 
             Trenton. His service to the American people in the U.S. 
             Senate has been selfless. His departure is a loss for the 
             U.S. Senate, but a great gain for the citizens of New 

               Mr. JOHNSON. Mr. President, I rise today to pay tribute 
             to my colleague, Senator Jon Corzine, who is leaving the 
             Senate and will be sworn in as the Governor of New Jersey 
             on January 17, 2006.
               I have greatly appreciated working with Senator Corzine 
             during his time in the Senate. We have served together on 
             the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee, the 
             Energy and Natural Resources Committee, and the Budget 
             Committee. His depth of knowledge and experience will be 
             missed on these committees, and in the Senate as a whole.
               While Senator Corzine will be continuing in public 
             service, he has already had a long and distinguished 
             career. After serving in the Marine Corps, he received an 
             MBA from the University of Chicago and began working in 
             the private sector, rising to be the chairman and CEO at 
             Goldman Sachs. He decided to enter public service and was 
             elected to the Senate in 2000, where he has worked 
             tirelessly on behalf of the people of New Jersey. In 
             November, Senator Corzine was elected to be Governor of 
             New Jersey and I am confident he will continue his 
             outstanding public service work in this new position.
               I am very pleased that while he served in the Senate, 
             Senator Corzine had the opportunity to visit my home State 
             of South Dakota in 2002 during my re-election campaign. 
             The trip gave him the opportunity to experience the beauty 
             and friendliness of South Dakota, and I know that those 
             who met Senator Corzine were very impressed with him and 
             pleased that he had visited the State.
               Once again, I would like to thank Senator Corzine for 
             his extraordinary service in the Senate and wish him the 
             very best on his new challenges and opportunities as 
             Governor of New Jersey.

               Mr. WYDEN. Mr. President, I rise to say a word or two 
             about our good friend Senator Corzine, who will be leaving 
             the Senate to assume the governorship of New Jersey.
               What I would like to do--because I have heard a lot 
             about Senator Corzine and his background in Illinois 
             today--is to talk about when I saw him in action for the 
             first time. It was when the Senate was working on the 
             post-9/11 airline relief legislation. A lot of us were 
             very troubled about how that ought to be done. We were 
             sympathetic to the needs of the airlines after 9/11 but 
             concerned about the very large sums of money that were 
             going to be directed to one sector of our economy when 
             many of our important economic sectors were hurt after 9/
             11. In that period our country suffered tragically in New 
             York but there were economic ramifications across the 
               That legislation would not have passed if Senator 
             Corzine, along with help from our former colleague, 
             Senator Fitzgerald, had not stepped in and figured out how 
             to deal with the financing in a responsible way that 
             protected taxpayers while providing some help to the 
             airlines. Senator Corzine took out a sharp pencil, using 
             the expertise he had acquired in his years at Goldman 
             Sachs and throughout his training in finance, and figured 
             out how to make sure there was not a bailout in effect for 
             just one sector that would have taxpayers holding the bag 
             and was sensitive to the needs of all concerned.
               I was struck, as I watched him deal with that airline 
             legislation, by his combination of compassion, fairness, 
             and intelligence and how he worked in a very quiet and 
             dignified way to bring together different parties, 
             different Senators who had widely diverse views, and 
             tackled an issue of great importance.
               I think that is exactly what he is going to do when he 
             assumes the governorship of New Jersey. He is going to 
             bring exactly that combination of fairness, compassion, 
             and brains, always done in a kind of low-key, understated 
             way. I believe the people of New Jersey will benefit as 
             they have in his service here in the U.S. Senate.
               We hope Governor Corzine will come to Oregon because he 
             has expressed an interest in looking at some of our 
             innovative approaches, particularly in the area of health 
             care and the environment. We wish him well and know he is 
             going to have a very distinguished career as the new 
             Governor of New Jersey.
               I yield the floor.

               Mr. PRYOR. Mr. President, I rise today to pay tribute to 
             the career of my colleague Senator Jon Corzine of New 
             Jersey. This institution has benefited greatly from his 
             presence, and the people of New Jersey can be proud that 
             such an energetic and compassionate man will continue to 
             serve them as their new Governor.
               Senator Corzine is a man who knows how to be successful, 
             whether as a leader in the field of investment banking or 
             as a champion on behalf of the interests of working 
             families as a U.S. Senator. His commitment to public 
             service is commendable, and he has set a positive example 
             for his fellow lawmakers when it comes to establishing the 
             right priorities for government. His philosophy is one of 
             inclusion, which seeks to ensure that no American is left 
             out of the enterprise of this great Nation.
               I am particularly grateful for Senator Corzine's work on 
             the Banking, Housing, and Urban Affairs Committee. His was 
             an early voice for revamping the laws governing corporate 
             accounting practices, long before the events of WorldCom 
             and other accounting scandals destroyed the savings of 
             thousands of loyal employees and shareholders, tarnishing 
             the reputation of corporate America. Before, during, and 
             after the debates that produced the landmark Sarbanes-
             Oxley corporate accountability legislation, Senator 
             Corzine was there with the knowledge and energy to provide 
             much-needed solutions to a serious problem. He has also 
             championed many other inventive policies to tackle our 
             Nation's problems, including his ``kid's account'' 
             lifetime savings plan, his work to protect individuals 
             from identity theft, and his initiatives to promote 
             financial literacy for all Americans.
               In addition to finding creative solutions to the 
             financial problems that our country faces, Senator Corzine 
             has also been a reliable defender of public education, 
             affordable health care and prescription drugs, and support 
             for our men and women in uniform. As a member of the 
             Senate Budget Committee, he has championed the priorities 
             of everyday, working Americans time and again. He 
             consistently opposed the fiscal policies that have led our 
             Nation to such a dangerous budget deficit, choosing 
             instead to vote for sound economic and social policies 
             that would keep America strong and healthy.
               I wish my colleague from New Jersey the best of luck as 
             he enters into this new chapter in his public life. His 
             presence will be missed, but his work on behalf of working 
             Americans will not be forgotten.

               Ms. MIKULSKI. Mr. President, I rise today to pay tribute 
             to a great Senator and the Governor-elect of New Jersey, 
             Jon Corzine. While Senator Corzine has only been in the 
             Senate for 5 short years, he has made an indelible mark on 
             our Nation and on his Senate colleagues, myself included. 
             I have had the opportunity and pleasure of serving with 
             Senator Corzine on the Senate Intelligence Committee, 
             seeing firsthand his patriotism, his dedication to our 
             Nation, and his work ethic.
               Senator Corzine has been an invaluable resource here in 
             the Senate, especially as we confronted the corporate 
             scandals of recent years. With his expertise as the former 
             chairman and CEO of Goldman Sachs, we looked to Senator 
             Corzine during the reform process. He stepped up to the 
             challenge, helping push through sweeping changes in our 
             Nation's corporate governance. I know that he is proud of 
             this accomplishment, and our Nation is better for his 
               While Senators come to Washington to represent their 
             States, their actions have consequences for every American 
             citizen. America has been well-served by having Jon 
             Corzine in the Senate and I know that the citizens of New 
             Jersey could not have chosen a better man to serve as 
             their Governor. He will bring not only his work ethic and 
             intellect, but a unique blend of government and corporate 
             experience to bear on the challenges facing New Jersey.
               I have been proud to call Senator Corzine my colleague, 
             and I congratulate him on his election. I also want to 
             wish him luck on the new responsibilities he takes on and 
             the new challenges he will face. Senator Corzine, you will 
             be missed.

               Mr. AKAKA. Mr. President, I rise to join my colleagues 
             in thanking the gentleman from New Jersey, Senator Jon 
             Corzine, for his service to the people of the Garden State 
             and the rest of our country. My colleague and friend 
             brought his extensive experience from corporate America to 
             bear on the business that we conduct here, and our country 
             greatly benefited from his expertise.
               I enjoyed working with Senator Corzine during the time 
             when I served on the Banking Committee. Under the 
             leadership of Ranking Member Sarbanes, we shored up 
             corporate governance through the enactment of Sarbanes-
             Oxley--the influence of which has been felt in corporate 
             boardrooms, and even nonprofit boardrooms, across America.
               The Senate and the Congress will especially miss the 
             dedication of our colleague in the effort to promote 
             economic and financial literacy. Senator Corzine has been 
             a stalwart in working with me, and Senators Sarbanes, 
             Stabenow, Enzi, Allen, and others, to bring to light the 
             need to reverse economic and financial illiteracy in our 
               Senator Corzine has been an important ally in supporting 
             several of my initiatives in this area, including annual 
             efforts to secure and increase funding for the Excellence 
             in Economic Education Act for grades K through 12; efforts 
             to work on college campuses through the College Literacy 
             in Finance and Economics or LIFE Act, S. 468; and annual 
             resolutions designating April as the month for 
             highlighting the need for financial literacy.
               I have been a proud co-sponsor of his initiatives in 
             this area, S. 923, S. 924, and S. 925. The TANF Financial 
             Education Promotion Act, S. 923, requires a State to 
             specify how it intends to establish goals and take action 
             to promote financial education among parents and 
             caretakers receiving Temporary Assistance for Needy 
             Families assistance. The Education for Retirement Security 
             Act, S. 924, authorizes grants for financial education 
             programs targeted toward mid-life and older Americans, 
             including striving to increase financial and retirement 
             knowledge and reducing individuals' vulnerability to 
             financial abuse and fraud. Finally, the Youth Financial 
             Education Act, S. 925, authorizes grants to State 
             educational agencies for the development and integration 
             of youth financial education programs for students in 
             elementary and secondary schools, as well as a grant to 
             establish and operate a national clearinghouse for 
             instructional materials and information regarding model 
             financial education programs and best practices.
               It is clear that my colleague from New Jersey cares 
             about giving people access to additional tools that can 
             help them make decisions about credit and debt management, 
             spending and saving, and essential choices in a world of 
             limited resources, in addition to helping increase their 
             financial acumen so as to avoid being taken in by 
             predatory credit offers and unscrupulous marketing. I 
             commend him for taking this broad view, and wish him and 
             his family well as he goes on to lead the Garden State as 
             its Governor.

               Mrs. LINCOLN. Mr. President, today I rise to pay tribute 
             to my friend and colleague Senator and now Governor-elect 
             Jon Corzine. With his election to the Senate in 2000, Jon 
             Corzine has been a source of wisdom and a great friend to 
             me and to many of my colleagues.
               Jon Corzine was elected to the Senate after serving as 
             chairman and CEO of the investment company Goldman Sachs. 
             During his time in the Senate, he has focused on serving 
             the State of New Jersey, applying his financial expertise 
             to major economic and regulatory issues and pushing a 
             forward-looking, progressive agenda.
               Senator Corzine has pursued new safeguards to protect 
             chemical facilities against terrorist attacks, introduced 
             legislation to improve access to education and health 
             care, fought for stronger environmental policies, and led 
             the effort in Congress to crack down on corporate abuse.
               The Senate recently adopted Senator Corzine's resolution 
             declaring the need for new safeguards at the Nation's 
             vulnerable chemical plants. He also secured Federal 
             funding toward the construction of a second railroad 
             tunnel underneath the Hudson River, long sought by New 
             Jersey's congressional delegation, and won Federal support 
             for a wide variety of community and economic development 
             projects throughout the State of New Jersey.
               On a more personal note, it has been a great pleasure 
             for me to work with such a gifted and dedicated public 
             servant. He has never hesitated to put the people of New 
             Jersey and the people of this Nation first. The people of 
             New Jersey have made a wise choice in selecting Senator 
             Corzine to be the chief executive of their great State. He 
             will take the same enthusiasm and professionalism to the 
             Governor's mansion that he has exhibited here in the 
               I wish him well in his new responsibilities. I know that 
             he will be a benefit to the people of his home State of 
             New Jersey. We will miss his passion and insight here in 
             the Senate. But our loss will be the people of New 
             Jersey's gain. Farewell and Godspeed.

               Mr. LEVIN. Mr. President, although we will miss him 
             greatly in the Senate, I join my colleagues in 
             congratulating Senator Jon Corzine on his election as 
             Governor of New Jersey. It has been a pleasure to serve 
             with Jon on the Intelligence Committee and to work with 
             him on issues of corporate accountability. He has been a 
             strong and determined leader here, and I know he will 
             continue to make the people of New Jersey proud in his new 
               Jon Corzine has led a distinctly American life. He grew 
             up on a family farm. He served his country in the Marine 
             Corps Reserves. He had extraordinary success in business 
             as a self-made man. And he has continued to serve his 
             country in public life, first as a Senator and soon as a 
             Governor. Jon loves America and fights for what he 
             believes is best for our people.
               In the Senate, Jon has used the financial expertise he 
             gained at Goldman Sachs to become a singularly credible 
             voice for corporate reform. He was a driving force on the 
             landmark Sarbanes-Oxley legislation, which cracked down on 
             corporate abuses such as those that led to the Enron and 
             WorldCom scandals. He has been a leader on strengthening 
             oversight of the mutual fund industry and on protecting 
             the financial privacy of Americans. Jon has also been at 
             the forefront of promoting financial literacy, so that 
             Americans can manage their personal finances wisely.
               Working with Jon on the Intelligence Committee, I have 
             seen his piercing mental acumen and commitment to 
             protecting our country. Following the September 11 
             attacks, which took a heavy toll on his State, Jon 
             recognized the weakness of our system of chemical plant 
             security. He seized that issue and did not let go. In 
             October, Congress finally passed mandatory security 
             requirements at chemical plants based on Jon's work. That 
             this necessary improvement in our security will be 
             substantially improved is due to his tenacity.
               On every issue, Jon has been outspoken in support of 
             policies that benefit working Americans. He has fought for 
             universal health care, for expanded student aid, and for 
             full funding for education programs. Jon has also been a 
             passionate voice for human rights around the world. Just 
             last month, the Senate approved the Darfur Peace and 
             Accountability Act, which Jon sponsored with Senator 
             Brownback, to help stop the genocide in the Sudan.
               During his short time in the Senate, Jon Corzine has 
             made a big impact. His is a unique voice that will be 
             personally missed. I join my colleagues in saluting Jon on 
             his election as Governor and in wishing him well in his 
             new position.

               Mr. FEINGOLD. Mr. President, I am proud today to join in 
             honoring Jon Corzine and congratulating him on his 
             outstanding service here in the Senate. I have had the 
             pleasure of working with him for 5 years and have found 
             him to be a tremendous ally on a number of issues, as well 
             as a great friend and colleague.
               This Senate has benefited enormously from his hard work 
             and commitment since he came to this body in 2001. I have 
             served with him on both the Foreign Relations and the 
             Budget Committees, and I have seen him work diligently and 
             effectively with Members from both sides of the aisle, and 
             always in the best interests of the American people.
               Senator Corzine has led the effort to stop the ongoing 
             violence in Darfur with the bipartisan Darfur Peace and 
             Accountability Act of 2005, of which I am a co-sponsor. I 
             applaud his efforts in this area, as well as his work to 
             reaffirm support for the Convention on the Prevention and 
             Punishment of the Crime of Genocide. This is a critically 
             important legacy as the world faces the tragedy in Sudan. 
             There has never been a more important time for the United 
             States to recommit itself to ending the crime of genocide, 
             and Senator Corzine has taken a lead role in that effort.
               We have also worked together on issues of great concern 
             to us both--racial profiling and the death penalty. On 
             both these issues, Senator Corzine has been a courageous 
             voice for justice and fairness. He has been steadfast in 
             his efforts to ban racial profiling, a practice that runs 
             contrary to the fundamental American value of equal 
             treatment under the law. And he has been just as dedicated 
             in focusing attention on the glaring flaws in the 
             administration of capital punishment, and in calling for a 
             thorough, nationwide review of the death penalty.
               Finally, I want to say that I am deeply grateful for 
             Senator Corzine's support for the amendments I offered 
             during the Senate's consideration of the PATRIOT Act in 
             October 2001. I was proud to have his support that night, 
             and I have been proud to work with him as a co-sponsor of 
             the SAFE Act. I can't think of a better time to thank him 
             for his work to protect Americans' freedoms than today, in 
             the midst of a fight to make reasonable changes to the 
             PATRIOT Act.
               Jon Corzine has earned the utmost admiration and respect 
             during his time in the Senate. I will miss him as a 
             colleague and friend, but I am so glad that he will 
             continue to serve the people of New Jersey with such 
             dedication and integrity. I have no doubt that he will be 
             an outstanding Governor, and that he will continue to be a 
             national leader on the issues to which he was so committed 
             in the Senate.
               So today I join my colleagues in thanking Senator 
             Corzine for his work in this body. He is a great public 
             servant and a good friend. I wish him all the best.

               Mr. LIEBERMAN. Mr. President, it is my honor today to 
             pay tribute and bid a fond farewell to my colleague and 
             friend Senator Jon S. Corzine of New Jersey. Senator 
             Corzine, as we know, will be leaving the Senate next month 
             to serve as New Jersey's Governor, and before he leaves us 
             to begin what I can only be certain will be a wildly 
             successful and innovative tenure as New Jersey's chief 
             executive, I thought it appropriate to take the time to 
             celebrate not only Mr. Corzine's fine service in the 
             Senate, but his inspiring life story as well.
               In many ways, Jon Corzine's life is an example of the 
             American dream fulfilled. Mr. Corzine was born on New 
             Year's Day, 1947, and grew up on his family's farm in 
             Willey's Station, IL. His father ran the farm and sold 
             insurance; his mother was a public school teacher. Through 
             his own hard work and that of his family, Mr. Corzine 
             attended the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, 
             where he graduated Phi Beta Kappa in 1969. After 
             graduating college, Mr. Corzine served his country by 
             enlisting in the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves, and he 
             continued in the Reserves until 1975, rising to the rank 
             of sergeant in his infantry unit.
               After Senator Corzine's active duty was finished, he 
             began what would become a long and successful career in 
             the finance sector. His first job was with the Continental 
             Illinois National Bank in Chicago, where he worked as a 
             portfolio analyst. At the same time, Mr. Corzine began 
             taking night classes at the University of Chicago's 
             Graduate School of Business, where he received his MBA in 
               In 1975, after working briefly at a regional bank in 
             Ohio, Mr. Corzine was recruited to go to work for the New 
             York investment firm Goldman Sachs as a bond trader, 
             beginning what would be a meteoric rise through the 
             company's ranks. After only 5 years, Mr. Corzine was named 
             a partner in the firm. In 1994, Mr. Corzine became both 
             the firm's chairman and CEO. Through hard work, Senator 
             Corzine rose from his family's farm in rural Illinois to 
             being the chairman and CEO of a New York investment firm.
               But the story doesn't end there for Mr. Corzine had a 
             very successful tenure at the helm of Goldman Sachs. When 
             he took over in 1994, the proud and respected firm was in 
             a period of some decline. But Mr. Corzine and his team 
             turned the company's fortunes upward. During his 5 years 
             as chief executive, Mr. Corzine also oversaw the firm's 
             successful transition from a private partnership to a 
             public company.
               While serving as chief executive, Mr. Corzine also 
             demonstrated a passion for public service. Under his 
             leadership, Goldman Sachs was a strong corporate citizen, 
             expanding its community outreach and philanthropic 
             programs. Mr. Corzine also chaired a Presidential 
             commission that studied how capital budgeting could be 
             used to increase Federal investment in education.
               It is this commitment to public service that I saw Jon 
             Corzine bring to his work in the Senate every day. Elected 
             in 2000 by the people of New Jersey, Senator Corzine has 
             been a tireless advocate for corporate accountability, 
             helping co-author the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and has worked 
             to protect our environment, where he has been a steadfast 
             ally in the fights to prevent drilling in the Arctic 
             National Wildlife Refuge and to tackle climate change. On 
             the international front, Senator Corzine has sponsored the 
             Darfur Accountability Act, an act I am proud to co-
             sponsor, which seeks to address the terrible genocide 
             currently occurring in the Darfur region of Sudan.
               What I will remember most about Senator Corzine's tenure 
             is his commitment to strengthening our Nation's homeland 
             security. Having worked with Senator Corzine on several 
             homeland security issues, I know firsthand that he was 
             determined to do everything in his power to protect the 
             American people from another terrorist attack. Senator 
             Corzine and I worked together in passing legislation that 
             created the 9/11 Commission, and we are all well aware of 
             its service to the American people. In addition, Senator 
             Corzine has been a leader in legislative efforts to 
             increase security at our Nation's chemical plants, which 
             remain vulnerable to attack. Senator Corzine crafted 
             strong legislation aimed at protecting these facilities, 
             and I remain hopeful that Congress will act on this area 
             of great vulnerability. I will continue to be inspired by 
             the dedication Senator Corzine applied to this critical 
               Let me end my statement, Mr. President, by taking the 
             time to thank Jon Corzine for his service in the Senate. I 
             wish him, his daughter Jennifer, and his two sons, Josh 
             and Jeffrey, nothing but the best for the future, and I 
             look forward to seeing the fine things I know he will 
             continue to do for the people of New Jersey, now as their 
             Governor. Once again, thank you, Jon Corzine.

               The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from New Mexico.

               Mr. BINGAMAN. Mr. President, I rise to speak briefly 
             about our colleague Senator Jon Corzine, to congratulate 
             him on his recent election as Governor of New Jersey, and 
             also to thank him for his great contribution to the Senate 
             and to the entire country during the time he served here.
               Jon came to the Senate from a very successful career on 
             Wall Street. We are all aware of that. He came here for 
             the best of reasons: his desire to make a difference, to 
             improve the situation of average Americans in this 
             country, to see that this country pursued an economic 
             course that created opportunity and jobs for the people he 
             represented in New Jersey and throughout this country.
               On economic issues, I think all of us in the Senate came 
             to believe--I certainly did--that no one was better able 
             to read the tea leaves about what was happening 
             economically in this country, what was happening in the 
             various economic statistics which come out each week, than 
             Jon Corzine. He could understand the economic circumstance 
             we continue to struggle with in this country and the 
             impact it is having on the lives of average Americans.
               While he has been here, he has demonstrated a passion 
             for fairness to all in our society. He has not been a 
             representative of Wall Street. He has been a 
             representative of the great mass of the American people. 
             He has looked to raise the standard of living of all 
             Americans and lift all boats. We all owe him a debt of 
             gratitude for that passion he has brought to this job.
               I serve as the ranking Democrat on the Senate Energy and 
             Natural Resources Committee. We have been very fortunate 
             that Jon has served on that committee as well. He has been 
             an active participant in the writing of energy legislation 
             which we passed earlier this year. He made a great 
             contribution in that legislation. In short, Jon has had a 
             very distinguished career in the Senate. I am confident he 
             will have a very distinguished career as Governor of New 
             Jersey and will have a very long and successful career in 
             public life.
               Again I congratulate him on his victory. I thank him for 
             his service and his friendship, and I look forward to 
             opportunities to work with him again in his new capacity 
             as Governor of New Jersey.
               I yield the floor.

               Mrs. CLINTON. Mr. President, I wish to take this 
             opportunity to say farewell to the distinguished Senator 
             from New Jersey, Mr. Jon S. Corzine. In January, he will 
             resign his seat, bound for greener pastures. While he will 
             be missed tremendously in this Chamber, I know that, as 
             Governor, he will serve the people of New Jersey well.
               Senator Corzine and I were elected to the Senate in the 
             same year, and I have since been glad to have his 
             friendship and advice. I would also like to say how 
             fortunate New Jersey has been to be represented by Senator 
             Corzine. I am proud of the work that we did together in 
             the time we shared in the Senate and am sad to see him go.
               Along with his dedication to building a practical, 
             progressive government, Senator Corzine always brought a 
             fresh and original perspective to this body. His previous 
             career as chairman and CEO at Goldman Sachs allowed him 
             the benefit of invaluable experience in helping to solve 
             the problems that face our economy and our financial 
             sector. His combination of principle and practice, are, 
             more than anything, what the Senate will sorely miss.
               Consider Senator Corzine's role in crafting the 
             Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002. His work on this bipartisan 
             legislation helped produce reforms that, in the wake of 
             corporate abuse scandals, restored confidence in the 
             markets, protected shareholders, and ensured that 
             additional and more impartial oversight would act to 
             prevent the damage to our economy that might flow from 
             unchecked corporate malfeasance. Senator Corzine stood by 
             his principles, worked with Democrats and Republicans, and 
             used his expertise to help craft legislation to promote 
             ethics, accountability, and economic growth.
               We can also look to Senator Corzine's efforts to end the 
             crisis ravaging Darfur, Sudan. I was proud to co-sponsor 
             the legislation by Senator Corzine and Senator Sam 
             Brownback to expand aid to the African Union and provide a 
             framework for tackling the ongoing violence. We can all be 
             proud that Senator Corzine was able to help usher the 
             Darfur Peace and Accountability Act through the Senate. 
             His dedication to the issue and commitment to stopping the 
             genocide is admirable to say the least. Senator Corzine 
             has stood by his values, and worked hard to see those 
             values reflected in the work of the Senate, the Congress, 
             and the Nation.
               Recently I joined Senator Corzine in introducing 
             legislation to help the victims of sexual assault receive 
             the medical treatment they need and deserve. Senator 
             Corzine believes as I do that we have a duty to these 
             women; a woman who has already suffered so much should not 
             have to worry about whether she will be offered emergency 
             contraception to prevent an unwanted pregnancy. Senator 
             Corzine's passion for protecting and improving access to 
             health care and medical treatment, and to protecting the 
             rights of patients, is truly exemplary.
               Finally, Senator Corzine served New Jersey and his 
             constituents with compassion and dedication in the days, 
             weeks, months, and years following the attacks on 
             September 11, 2001. New Jersey and New York shared in so 
             much grief and loss that day, and Senator Corzine was 
             tireless in his commitment to the citizens of New Jersey 
             who bore the burden of that loss.
               In the years since, he has remained steadfast in 
             fighting for the families of 9/11 and fighting to 
             strengthen our Nation to prevent future acts of terrorism. 
             His hard work to secure our Nation's vulnerable chemical 
             facilities serves as a noteworthy example. I was proud to 
             co-sponsor his legislation to safeguard our Nation's 
             chemical plants, the Chemical Security Act, and share in 
             his commitment to doing all we can to strengthen America's 
             homeland security.
               I would also acknowledge Senator Corzine's tenure at the 
             Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee. In his 
             leadership at the DSCC and throughout his time in office, 
             Senator Corzine served with honesty, integrity, and a 
             passion for improving the lives of all Americans.
               Jon Corzine's absence will long be felt in the Senate, 
             as will his good work. He brought his expertise and values 
             to bear on the challenges facing our economy, our 
             security, and our country.
               To the great benefit of the citizens of New Jersey, Jon 
             Corzine--while retiring from the Senate, will bring his 
             values, his expertise, his passion, and his dedication 
             with him to the governorship of the Garden State. The 
             citizens of New Jersey will no doubt continue to be 
             fortunate to have Jon Corzine in their corner.

               Mr. BROWNBACK. Mr. President, as Senator Corzine spends 
             his final days representing the people of New Jersey in 
             the Senate, I wish to spend a few moments speaking about 
             his commitment to human rights and the pressing crisis of 
             genocide in Darfur, Sudan.
               I have worked on the issue of war and humanitarian 
             disaster in Sudan for several years. But nearly 2 years 
             ago, as the Comprehensive Peace Agreement for Sudan was in 
             its final negotiations, we became aware of the unfolding 
             crisis in Sudan's western region of Darfur. It was Senator 
             Corzine who came to me to work together and champion this 
             issue. We joined each other on the Senate floor in 
             countless speeches showing photos of the anguish in 
             Darfur. We joined each other in seeing the Darfur Peace 
             and Accountability Act through the Senate. We joined each 
             other to secure funding for the security and humanitarian 
             needs of the people.
               I have had the opportunity to work with many Members 
             across party lines on human rights and humanitarian 
             issues. I remember partnering with Paul Wellstone on the 
             Trafficking Victims' Protection Act. Some called us 
             strange bedfellows since we were at opposite ends of the 
             political spectrum. But I have learned an important 
             lesson: these issues are sufficiently urgent that 
             ideological and partisan differences should not be allowed 
             to impede cooperation, especially where lives and basic 
             freedoms are at stake. And such has been true in the case 
             of Darfur. I have no doubt that Senator Corzine's 
             commitment and perseverance to raise this issue to the 
             highest levels has made a difference to the people of 
             Darfur. I also saw firsthand his sincere compassion and 
             commitment to the suffering of the world when we traveled 
             to tsunami-ravaged South Asia together earlier this year.
               I will always consider Senator Corzine an ally and a 
             friend on one of the greatest moral issues in foreign 
             policy today. In his absence, I will look to my other 
             colleagues to ensure that this crisis is not easily 
               As we close out 2005, I urge my colleagues to secure 
             additional funding for the African Union in the defense 
             appropriations conference and I urge my colleagues in the 
             House to pass the Darfur Peace and Accountability Act. 
             Without continued action by the United States and the 
             international community, more lives will be lost.
               I would like to take this opportunity to formally and 
             publicly thank Senator Corzine for his partnership and his 
             commitment to the people of Darfur. I express my very best 
             wishes as he leaves this body to become the next Governor 
             of New Jersey.

               The PRESIDING OFFICER. The Senator from California is 

               Mrs. FEINSTEIN. Mr. President, I believe I am to be 
             recognized by unanimous consent directly following the 
             tributes to Senator Corzine. I would like to give my 
             heartfelt thanks to the Senator from New Jersey. He has 
             been indeed a good Senator. His tenure here has 
             distinguished him. That is clearly recognized by the 
             people of New Jersey. I believe he is going to be a great 
             Governor for that great State.

               Mr. SARBANES. Will the Senator yield me 30 seconds?

               Mrs. FEINSTEIN. Certainly.

               Mr. SARBANES. I thank the very able Senator from 
             California for her yielding to allow these tributes to be 
             paid to Senator Corzine. I know she has been waiting here 
             quite a while to speak on another issue. It was extremely 
             gracious of her to do that. I wanted to recognize that and 
             thank her very much.

               Mr. CORZINE. Will the Senator yield for my last word?

               Mrs. FEINSTEIN. I certainly will.

               Mr. CORZINE. I am appreciative of the Senator's gracious 
             and kind words as well. I follow with great interest her 
             views and visions on a lot of major issues of the day. I 
             know she is going to speak on one of the more important 
             ones in a few minutes. I am particularly appreciative of 
             her kindness.
                                              Monday, December 19, 2005
               Mr. BAYH. Mr. President, I rise today to pay tribute to 
             one of our most remarkable Members, Senator Jon Corzine, 
             who leaves us this year to continue his work on behalf of 
             the people of New Jersey in a new capacity. Experience and 
             leadership qualities like his are rare, and with them, he 
             has set himself apart as a champion of the environment, a 
             safe homeland, affordable health care, and working men and 
             women everywhere.
               After managing one of the most successful businesses in 
             the world, Jon arrived in the Senate 5 years ago with the 
             negotiating skills and leadership experience that allowed 
             him to succeed so admirably here. Most notably, Jon came 
             to Washington with an unusual and important perspective. 
             He understands the bottom line. He understands that it is 
             not right for our children to inherit our unpaid bills and 
             that we have a responsibility to ensure that we leave them 
             a safer, more secure and more compassionate America.
               In pursuit of these goals and never shying from a 
             challenge, Jon Corzine was a leader in the fight to 
             protect Social Security from privatization and helped lead 
             the charge to secure our chemical facilities from 
             terrorist attacks.
               However, while tackling those critical national 
             challenges, it was obvious that his heart was with New 
             Jersey. Over the past 5 years, Jon fought hard to improve 
             the quality of life for all of the people of his State by 
             investing in the local economy and protecting New Jersey's 
             natural resources.
               Last month, New Jersey residents showed their gratitude 
             and admiration for Jon's service and elected him Governor 
             of their State. With their votes, they showed that they 
             believed in Jon's quest to make New Jersey one of the best 
             places to live, work, and raise a family. As a former 
             Governor, I know the challenges and the rewards of running 
             a State. And from working with Jon in the Senate, I know 
             that he will help move New Jersey forward and will make 
             sure that the State government provides people with value 
             for their hard-earned tax dollars, while respecting the 
             values that unite us all.
               Today the Senate loses a valued colleague. However, 
             today New Jersey gains a great Governor.
               Jon, we will miss you. Susan joins me in wishing you all 
             the best in the future. New Jersey is lucky to have you.

               Mr. NELSON of Florida. Mr. President, I rise today to 
             congratulate my good friend, Senator Jon Corzine, on his 
             election to the governorship of New Jersey. The Senator 
             from New Jersey and I joined this body in the same year, 
             2001, and in that time, he has worked for New Jersey and 
             the country with skill and determination.
               He is a man who believes in security, whether it is 
             securing our homeland, securing our financial future or 
             securing our world from genocide.
               Senator Corzine recognized the deadly risk posed by 
             lackluster protection of our Nation's chemical plants. As 
             we debated this year's homeland security appropriations 
             bill, his amendment let everyone know that we must take 
             steps to protect against a terrorist attack on chemical 
             facilities within the United States.
               He has doggedly fought for retirement security for all 
             Americans, helping to protect Social Security from deep 
             benefit cuts and preventing a substantial increase in the 
             national debt. Senator Corzine knows that we made a 
             promise to our seniors that they can retire with safety 
             and dignity, and he is helping to keep that promise.
               By introducing the Sudan Accountability Act, Senator 
             Corzine put this body on record that we cannot allow the 
             genocide in Darfur to continue. Hundreds of thousands are 
             already dead, and millions have been displaced by the 
             atrocities in Sudan. He has helped push for sanctions 
             against those committing these crimes and to put money 
             into our efforts to stop them.
               Over the past 5 years, I have had the pleasure of 
             working closely with Senator Corzine on important issues.
               We recognized a gaping hole in benefits provided to 
             widows of our service members, and he joined me in 
             introducing the Military Retiree Survivor Benefit Equity 
             Act. The bill has attracted bipartisan support based on 
             its fundamental fairness and because it is the right thing 
             to do for America's military retirees and their survivors.
               Florida and New Jersey both have beautiful shorelines 
             that serve important economic needs for our States, and 
             Senator Corzine has helped me in the fight to protect 
             these shorelines from the devastation of oil drilling. I 
             look forward to continuing this fight with his successor, 
             Congressman Menendez.
               I expect that as Governor of New Jersey, he will take 
             with him to Trenton the same passion to protect our 
             homeland, to protect our environment, and to protect our 
             future that he had here in the Senate. I thank him for his 
             service in Washington, DC. I congratulate him on his 
             victory, and I wish him well as he continues his service 
             for the people of New Jersey.
                                           Wednesday, December 21, 2005
               Mr. DOMENICI. Mr. President, I rise to wish Senator Jon 
             Corzine the very best as he leaves his service in the 
             Senate to become the next Governor of the State of New 
             Jersey. Although we didn't always agree on all the issues, 
             it has been an honor to work with him. He has always been 
             courteous and professional, and I have enjoyed the 
             opportunity to know him.
               Senator Corzine's career has taken him to the uppermost 
             levels in the business world. He was a partner at Goldman 
             Sachs at the age of 33 and he became CEO of that 
             prestigious firm at the age of 50. As someone who has been 
             extraordinarily successful in the private sector, I am 
             sure Senator Corzine has had many life opportunities 
             offered to him. The fact that he has chosen a career in 
             public service speaks a great deal to the type of person 
             that he is.
               Senator Corzine's economic expertise helped him become a 
             leader on budget and fiscal issues in the Senate. I had 
             the privilege of serving with Senator Corzine on the 
             Budget Committee. His knowledge and understanding of 
             financial markets and economic issues will be missed.
               Jon Corzine has been a good Senator, and I wish him 
             success as he leaves here to become Governor of the State 
             of New Jersey.