Congressional Directory for the 114th Congress (2015-2016), February 2016.
[Pages 981-1082]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office,]

                            PRESS GALLERIES *

                          SENATE PRESS GALLERY

                 The Capitol, Room S-316, phone 224-0241


Director.--Laura Lytle
        Deputy Director.--Christopher Bois

        Senior Media Relations Coordinators:
  Amy H. Gross
  Kristyn K. Socknat
        Media Relations Coordinators:
  Elizabeth B. Crowley
  John E. Mulligan III
  Samantha J. Yeider

                           HOUSE PRESS GALLERY

                 The Capitol, Room H-315, phone 225-3945

Superintendent.--Annie Tin
    Deputy Superintendent.--Justin J. Supon
        Assistant Superintendents:
Ric Anderson
Laura Reed
Molly Cain


                                            Jonathan Salant, NJ Advance 
                                                Media / Newark Star 
                                                Ledger, Chariman
                                            Joseph Morton, Omaha World 
                                                Herald, Secretary
                                            Matthew Daily, Associated 
                                            Ed O'Keefe, Washington Post
                                            Jim Rowley, Bloomberg


    1. Administration of the press galleries shall be vested in a 
Standing Committee of Correspondents elected by accredited members of 
the Galleries. The Committee shall consist of five persons elected to 
serve for terms of two years. Provided, however, that at the election in 
January 1951, the three candidates receiving the highest number of votes 
shall serve for two years and the remaining two for one year. 
Thereafter, three members shall be elected in odd-numbered years and two 
in even-numbered years. Elections shall be held in January. The 
Committee shall elect its own chairman and secretary. Vacancies on the 
Committee shall be filled by special election to be called by the 
Standing Committee.
    *Information is based on data furnished and edited by each 
respective Gallery.
    2. Persons desiring admission to the press galleries of Congress 
shall make application in accordance with Rule VI of the House of 
Representatives, subject to the direction and control of the Speaker and 
Rule 33 of the Senate, which rules shall be interpreted and

[[Page 982]]

administered by the Standing Committee of Correspondents, subject to the 
review and an approval by the Senate Committee on Rules and 
    3. The Standing Committee of Correspondents shall limit membership 
in the press galleries to bone fide correspondents of repute in their 
profession, under such rules as the Standing Committee of Correspondents 
shall prescribe.
    4. An applicant for press credentials through the Daily Press 
Galleries must establish to the satisfaction of the Standing Committee 
of Correspondents that he or she is a full-time, paid correspondent who 
requires on-site access to congressional members and staff. 
Correspondents must be employed by a news organization:
    (a) with General Publication periodicals mailing privileges under 
U.S. Postal Service rules, and which publishes daily; or
    (b) whose principal business is the daily dissemination of original 
news and opinion of interest to a broad segment of the public, and which 
has published continuously for 18 months.
    The applicant must reside in the Washington, D.C. area, and must not 
be engaged in any lobbying or paid advocacy, advertising, publicity or 
promotion work for any individual, political party, corporation, 
organization, or agency of the U.S. Government, or in prosecuting any 
claim before Congress or any federal government department, and will not 
do so while a member of the Daily Press Galleries.
    Applicants' publications must be editorially independent of any 
institution, foundation or interest group that lobbies the federal 
government, or that is not principally a general news organization.
    Failure to provide information to the Standing Committee for this 
determination, or misrepresenting information, can result in the denial 
or revocation of credentials.
    5. Members of the families of correspondents are not entitled to the 
privileges of the Galleries.
    6. The Standing Committee of Correspondents shall propose no changes 
in these rules except upon petition in writing signed by not less than 
100 accredited members of the galleries. The above rules have been 
approved by the Committee on Rules and Administration.

                                               Paul D. Ryan,
                            Speaker of the House of Representatives.

                                                  Roy Blunt,
                Chair, Senate Committee on Rules and Administration.
                MEMBERS ENTITLED TO ADMISSION--Continued

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                             PRESS GALLERIES

Abbott, Charles: FERN's Ag Insider by Charles Abbott
Abdul, Shahzad: Agence France-Presse
Ackerman, Andrew: Wall Street Journal / Dow Jones
Ackley, Kate: CQ Roll Call
Adams, Rebecca: CQ Roll Call
Adcock, Beryl: McClatchy Newspapers
Ahmann, Timothy: Thomson Reuters
Ahmed, Akbar Shahid: Huffington Post
Alexander, Charles: Thomson Reuters
Alfaro, Hector: Bloomberg News
Alhendi, Abdulaziz: Saudi Press Agency
Allam, Hannah: McClatchy Newspapers
Allen, William: USA Today
Almohaimeed, Abdullah: Saudi Press Agency
Al-Mubarak, Haifa: Saudi Press Agency
Alonso, Hernan Martin: EFE News Services
Alonso, Luis: Associated Press
Alonso-Zaldivar, Ricardo: Associated Press
Alpert, Bruce: New Orleans Times-Picayune
Ampolsk, Sarah: Kyodo News
Amrich, Vladimir: World Business Press
Anderson, Joanna: CQ Roll Call
Anderson, Mark: Wall Street Journal / Dow Jones
Anderson, Nick: Washington Post
Anderson, Stacy: Associated Press
Andrews, Natalie: Wall Street Journal / Dow Jones
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Aoki, Nobuyuki: Sankei Shimbun
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Appleby, Julie: Kaiser Health News
Arai, Takuya: Kyodo News
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[[Page 985]]

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de Freytas, Mariko: Kyodo News
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[[Page 987]]

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[[Page 988]]

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[[Page 989]]

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[[Page 990]]

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[[Page 991]]

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[[Page 992]]

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[[Page 993]]

Woo, Yee: CQ Roll Call
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Zoroya, Gregg: USA Today
Zoupaniotis, Apostolos: Cyprus News Agency
Zremski, Jerry: Buffalo News
                    NEWSPAPERS REPRESENTED--Continued

[[Page 994]]



       House Gallery 225-3945, 225-6722    Senate Gallery 224-0241

    21ST CENTURY BUSINESS HERALD--4201 Massachusetts Avenue, Washington, 
        DC 20016: Zhen-Hua Lu.
    AARGAUER ZEITUNG--(202) 403-7115: Renzo Ruf.
    ABC NEWSPAPER--(202) 617-5882: Manuel Erice.
    ABIM--(703) 243-2104; McLean VA 22101: Mario Navarro da Costa.
    AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE--(202) 289-0700; 1500 K Street, NW., Suite 600, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Shahzad Abdul, Laurent Barthelemy, Andrew 
        Beatty, Leon Bruneau, David Clark, Ivan Couronne, Guillaume 
        Decamme, Jean-Louis Doublet, Fabienne Faur, Aldo Gamboa, 
        Stephanie Griffith, Olivia Hampton, Paul Handley, Michael 
        Langan, David Lefkow, Robert Lever, Robert MacPherson, James 
        Mannion, Michael Mathes, Elodie Mazein, Becca Milfeld, David 
        Millikin, Virginie Montet, Anne Renaut, Ramon Sahmkow, Jean-
        Louis Santini, Veronica Smith, Peter Stebbings, Susan Stumme, 
        Jeremy Tordjman, Chantal Valery, Jenny Vaughan, Gregor 
        Waschinski, Thomas Watkins.
    AKAHATA--(202) 393-5238; 978 National Press Building, Washington, DC 
        20045: Minetaka Shimada.
    ALBUQUERQUE JOURNAL--(202) 329-4743; 7777 Jefferson Street, NE., 
        Albuquerque NM 87109: Michael Coleman.
    AL-HAYAT--(202) 248-8525; P.O. Box 73522, Washington, DC 20056: 
        Joyce Karam.
    ALLENTOWN MORNING CALL--(202) 824-8216; 1090 Vermont Avenue, NW., 
        Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20005: Laura Olson.
    AMERICAN BANKER--(571) 403-3837; 4401 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 910, 
        Arlington VA 22209: Brian Collins, Victoria Finkle, John 
        Heltman, Ian McKendry.
    ANATOLIA NEWS AGENCY--(202) 662-7435; 529 14th Street, NW., Suite 
        1131, Washington, DC 20045: Michael Hernandez, Kasim Ileri, 
        Bariskan Toroglu, Ozkul Toroglu, Gulbin Yildirim.
    ARA--(914) 954-5521; Washington, DC: Nuria Ferragutcasas.
    ARGUS MEDIA--(202) 775-0240; 1012 14th Street, NW., Suite 1500, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Michael Ball, Lucas Bifera, Abby Caplan, 
        Edward Epstein, Jason Fordney, Elizabeth Fox, David Givens, Haik 
        Gugarats, David Ivanovich, Chris Knight, Lauren Masterson, 
        Kimberly Peterson, Claire Pickard-Cambridge, Courtney 
        Schlisserman, Jessica Sondgeroth, Stephanie Tsao.
    ARKANSAS DEMOCRAT-GAZETTE--(202) 662-7690; 960-A National Press 
        Building, Washington, DC 20045: Sarah Wire.
    ARTISTS & WRITERS SYNDICATE--(703) 820-4232; 582 Brummel Court, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20012: Frank Aukofer.
    ASAHI SHIMBUN--(202) 783-1000; 1022 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Conor Cislo, Tetsu Kobayashi, Jeeah Lee, 
        Aya Maher, Atsushi Okudera, David Pritchard, Taketsugu Sato, 
        Takeshi Yamawaki.
    ASSOCIATED PRESS--(202) 641-9000; 1100 13th Street, NW., Washington, 
        DC 20005: Luis Alonso, Ricardo Alonso-Zaldivar, Stacy Anderson, 
        Lolita Baldor, Matthew Barakat, Wendy Benjaminson, Michael 
        Biesecker, Josh Boak, Seth Borenstein, Stephen Braun, Robert 
        Burns, Julie Bykowicz, Alicia Caldwell, Connie Cass, Donna 
        Cassata, Lauren Cooper, Martin Crutsinger, Matthew Daly, Ken 
        Dilanian, Jim Drinkard, Harry Dunphy, Donald Elkins, Philip 
        Elliott, Carole Feldman, Anne Flaherty, Alan Fram, Kevin 
        Freking, Frederic Frommer, Adrian Fullwood, Robert Furlow, Jack 
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        Lardner, Josh Lederman, Lisa Lerer, William Lester, James 
        Lipari, Joan Lowy, Michael Mazzo, Michelle Minkoff, Lauran 
        Neergaard, Ben Nuckols, Stephen Ohlemacher, Mark Olchowy, Julie 
        Pace, Matthew Pennington, Steve Peoples, Melinda Purce, Eileen 
        Putman, Debra Riechmann-Kepler, Sonya Ross, Chris Rugaber, 
        Michele Salcedo, David Scott, Mark Sherman, Thomas Strong, 
        Eileen Sullivan, Darlene Superville, Andrew Taylor, Ken Thomas, 
        Eric Tucker, Kevin Vineys, Erica Werner, Trish Wilson, Paul 
        Wiseman, Nancy Witkowski, Matthew Yancey, Hope Yen, Brett 
    ATLANTA JOURNAL CONSTITUTION--(202) 777-7033; 400 North Capitol 
        Street, NW., Suite 750, Washington, DC 20001: Daniel Malloy.
    AUSTRAILIAN FINANCIAL REVIEW--(202) 285-9000; 1310 G Street, NW., 
        Suite 750, Washington, DC 20005: John Kehoe.
    BADISCHE ZEITUNG--(202) 588-9351; Washington, DC 20009: Jens 
    BALTIMORE SUN--(410) 979-2052; 1090 Vermont Avenue, NW., Suite 1000, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Jeffrey Barker, Ian Duncan, John Fritze.

[[Page 995]]

    BATON ROUGE ADVOCATE--(504) 636-7400; 7290 Bluebonnet Boulevard, 
        Baton Rouge LA 70810: Gregory Roberts.
    BERLINER ZEITUNG--(301) 564-0861; Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse 29 D-10178 
        Berlin Germany: Damir Fras.
    BLOOMBERG GOVERNMENT--(202) 654-4399; 1101 K Street, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20005: Alvin Banks, Katharine Carter, Caitlin 
        Cusati, Loren Duggan, Anastasia Jakabcin, Samuel Kussin-Shoptaw, 
        William Matthews, Robert Meteer, Ariel Nerbovig, Stacy O'Mara, 
        Danielle Parnass, Paula Marie Reever, Adam Schank, Angelina 
        Sementsova, Gregory Sullivan, Kayla Webb.
    BLOOMBERG NEWS--(202) 654-7300; 1399 New York Avenue, NW., 11th 
        Floor Washington, DC 20005: Hector Alfaro, Laurie Asseo, Clea 
        Benson, Alan Bjerga, Justin Blum, Romaine Bostick, Benjamin 
        Brody, Silla Brush, Alister Bull, Anthony Capaccio, Shobhana 
        Chandra, Kristin Cohen, Christopher Condon, Gail DeGeorge, Andre 
        Delane, Elizabeth Dexheimer, Mike Dorning, Carter Dougherty, 
        Mark Drajem, Anna Edney, Joshua Eidelson, Jennifer Epstein, Ken 
        Fireman, Christopher Flavelle, Nicole Gaouette, Stephen Geimann, 
        James Gibney, Gregory Giroux, Nina Glinski, Vince Golle, D Craig 
        Gordon, Peter Gosselin, Michael Gourdin, Rick Greenwood, Angela 
        Greiling Keane, Jesse Hamilton, Dan Hart, Melinda Henneberger, 
        Cheyenne Hopkins, Billy House, Clark Hoyt, John Hughes, Albert 
        Hunt, Michelle Jamrisko, Nicholas Johnston, Ian Katz, Jeff 
        Kearns, Katarzyna Klimasinska, Indira Lakashmanan, Eli Lake, 
        Scott Lanman, Alan Levin, Laura Litvan, Eduardo Londres, David 
        Lynch, Andrew Mayeda, David McLaughlin, Madeline McMahon, Mark 
        McQuillan, Brian Meehan, Robin Meszoly, David Michaels, Kathleen 
        Miller, Richard Miller, Todd Moday, Jon Morgan, Daniel Moss, 
        Gregory Mott, Brendan Murray, Elissa Nadworny, Toluse 
        Olorunnipa, Joseph O'Reilly II, Jeff Plungis, Sonya Pollard, 
        Heidi Przybyla, Michael Riley, Jordan Robertson, Josh Rogin, 
        Mark Rohner, Bennett Roth, James Rowley, Richard Rubin, Marvin 
        Salmeron, Caroline Schaberg, Kristy Scheuble, Robert Schmidt, 
        Jodi Schneider, Tom Schoenberg, Todd Shields, Justin Sink, 
        Jeanna Smialek, Jim Snyder, Joseph Sobczyk, Victoria Stilwell, 
        Greg Stohr, Chris Strohm, Margaret Talev, Tamara Thueringer, 
        Roxana Tiron, Carlos Torres, Derek Wallbank, Erik Wasson, Chris 
        Wellisz, Chloe Whiteaker, Del Quentin Wilber, Brian Wingfield, 
        Tsaneo Yamahiro, Andrew Zajac.
    BOND BUYER--(571) 403-3843; 4401 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 910 
        Arlington VA 22203: John Casey, Lynn Hume, Naomi Jogoda.
    BOSTON GLOBE--(202) 857-5050; 1130 Connecticut Avenue, NW., Suite 
        725, Washington, DC 20036: Tracy Jan, Michael Kranish, Annie 
        Linskey, Jessica Meyers, David Nather, Christopher Rowland, 
        Matthew Viser.
    BOSTON HERALD--(617) 426-3000; 70 Fargo Street, Boston MA 2210: 
        Kimberly Atkins.
    BUFFALO NEWS--(202) 234-3188; National Press Building, #841, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Jerry Zremski.
    BUZZFEED.COM--1630 Connecticut Avenue, NW., Suite 700, Washington, 
        DC 20009: Chris Geidner, Rosie Gray, Evan Mcmorris-Santoro, Kate 
        Nocera, Darren Sands, Hamza Shaban, John Stanton, Dan Vergano.
    CANADIAN PRESS--(202) 641-9734; 1100 13th Street, NW., Washington, 
        DC 20045: Alexander Panetta.
    CENTER FOR PUBLIC INTEGRITY--(202) 466-1300; 910 17th Street, NW., 
        7th Floor Washington, DC 20006: Michael Beckel, Douglas Birch, 
        Susan Ferriss, Alison Fitzgerald, Julia Harte, Carrie Levine, 
        Erin Quinn, Fred Schulte, Kytja Weir, Gordon Witkin, Chris 
    CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY--1173 National Press Building, Washington, DC 
        20045: Tsung-Shen Cheng.
    CHEMICAL WATCH--(202) 803-5909; 6701 Democracy Boulevard, #300 
        Bethesda MD 20817-5870: Dinesh Kumar.
    CHICAGO SUN-TIMES--(202) 320-6044; 350 North Orleans Street, 10th 
        Floor, Chicago IL 60654: Lynn Sweet.
    CHICAGO TRIBUNE--(202) 824-8306; 1090 Vermont Avenue, NW., Suite 
        1000, Washington, DC 20005: Katherine Skiba, Dina White.
    CHINA PEOPLE'S DAILY--(703) 698-1298; 529 14th Street, NW., Suite 
        450, Washington, DC 20045: Wen Xian.
    CHINA REVIEW NEWS AGENCY--(703) 725-0720: Donghui Yu.
    CHOSUN ILBO--(703) 865-8310; 1291 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Sung Kim.
    Christian Science Monitor--(202) 481-6680; 910 16th Street, NW., 
        Suite 200, Washington, DC 20006: Gail Chaddock, David Cook, 
        Linda Feldmann, Jared Gilmour, Francine Kiefer, Warren Richey, 
        Sara Sorcher, Mark Trumbull.
    CLARIN--(202) 476-0920; 988 National Press Building, Washington, DC 
        20045: Paula Mercedes Lugones.
    CLEVELAND PLAIN DEALER--(202) 638-1366; c / o IWMF 1625 K Street, 
        NW., Suite 1275 Washington, DC 20006: Sabrina Eaton.
    COLUMBUS DISPATCH--(202) 777-7015; 400 North Capitol Street, Suite 
        850, Washington, DC 20001: Jack Torry.
    Communications Daily--(202) 872-9202; 2115 Ward Court, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20037: John Hendel, Jonathan Make, Katie Rucke, 
        Jacob Rund.
    CQ ROLL CALL--(202) 650-6500; 77 K Street, NE., Washington, DC 
        20002: Kate Ackley, Rebecca Adams, Joanna Anderson, Will 
        Ardinger, Melissa Attias, John Bennett, Adriel Bettelheim, 

[[Page 996]]

        Bloom, Cory Brown, George Cahlink, Catalina Camia, Eliza Carney, 
        Christina Carr, Charlene Carter, Sarah Chacko, Jad Chamseddine, 
        Aisha Chowdhry, Mike Christensen, Alexander Clearfield, George 
        Codrea, Thomas Curry, Colin Degen, John Donnelly, David Ellis, 
        Matthew Epstein, Marissa Evans, Edward Felker, Peter Feltman, 
        Ellyn Ferguson, Amelia Frappolli, Karin Fuog, Alexandra 
        Gangitano, Marilyn Gates-Davis, Steve Gettinger, Anthony Gnoffo, 
        Stacey Goers, Georgina Gustin, Brandon Haas, Tamar Hallerman, 
        Eric Hammesfahr, Clayton Hanson, John Hunter, Paul Jenks, 
        Patricia Joy, Noella Kertes, Elham Khatami, Anne Kim, Steven 
        Komarow, Geof Koss, Paul Krawzak, Randall Leonard, Finlay Lewis, 
        Ryan Lucas, Mike Magner, Ryan McCrimmon, Clyde McGrady, Lindsey 
        McPherson, Craig Mehall, Kellie Mejdrich, David Meyers, Jonathan 
        Miller, Jane Norman, Connor O'Brien, Katy O'Donnell, Rachel 
        Oswald, Daniel Peake, Carolyn Phenicie, Jamisha Purdy, Betty 
        Richardson, Kaitlyn Ridel, Gillian Roberts, Amy Rosen, Todd 
        Ruger, Katherine Scott, Megan Scully, Michael Shaw, Anne Shuppy, 
        Sara Smith, Michael Teitelbaum, Robert Tomkin, Jacqueline Toth, 
        John Tranfaglia, Toula Vlahou, Randolph Walerius, Stephen Walsh, 
        William Weiss, Ben Weyl, Keith White, Kevin Whitelaw, Emily 
        Wilkins, Yee Woo, Christopher Wright, Tim Yoder, Kerry Young, 
        Melanie Zanona, Shawn Zeller, Brittany Zeman.
    CREATORS SYNDICATE--(202) 662-1255; 5777 West Century Boulevard, 
        Suite 700; Los Angeles CA 90045: Mark Shields.
    CYPRUS NEWS AGENCY--(202) 462-5772; 2211 R Street, NW., Washington, 
        DC 20008: Apostolos Zoupaniotis.
    DAILY BEAST--(202) 626-2030; 1015 15th Street, NW., Suite 500, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Eleanor Clift, Jacqueline Kucinich, Tim 
        Mak, Olivia Nuzzi, Betsy Woodruff.
    DAILY CALLER--(202) 506-2027; 1050 17th Street, Suite 900, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Vincent Coglianese, Alex Pappas, Kerry 
        Picket, Betsy Rothstein, Jamie Weinstein.
    DAILY DEAL--(202) 429-2991; 236 Massachusetts Avenue, NE., 
        Washington, DC 20002: William McConnell, Ron Orol.
    DAILY DOT--(301) 787-6847; 112 Windsor Road, Suite A391, Austin TX 
        78703: Eric Geller.
    DAILY MAIL (UK)--(646) 885-5105: Francesca Chambers, David Martosko, 
        J.T. Rushing.
    DALLAS MORNING NEWS--(202) 661-8421; 1252 National Press Building, 
        529 14th Street, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Todd Gillman, James 
        Landers, Carl Leubsdorf.
    DEFENSE DAILY--(703) 522-6686; 1911 Fort Meyer Drive, Suite 310, 
        Arlington VA 22209: Patrick Host, Valerie Insinna, John 
    DENVER POST--(202) 662-8907; 969 National Press Building, 529 14th 
        Street, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Mark Matthews.
    DER TAGESSPIEGEL--Washington, DC 20015: Barbara Junge.
    DETROIT FREE PRESS--(703) 854-8942; 1575 Eye Street, NW., Suite 350, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Todd Spangler.
    DETROIT NEWS--(202) 662-8736; 969 National Press Building, 529 14th 
        Street, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Melissa Burke, David 
    EFE NEWS SERVICES--(202) 745-7692; 1220 National Press Building, 529 
        14th Street, NW., Washingon DC 20045: Hernan Martin Alonso, 
        Miriam Burgues, Maribel El Hamti, Alfonso Fernandez, Lucia Leal.
    EL DIARIO DE HOY--(703) 845-4962; 4600 South Four Mile Run Drive, 
        Arlington VA 22204: Tomas Guevara.
    EL NUEVO DIA--(202) 662-7360; 960d National Press Building, 529 14th 
        Street, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Jose Delgado.
    EL PAIS--(202) 638-1533; 1134 National Press Building, 529 14th 
        Street, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Sylvia Ayuso Determeyer, Marc 
        Bassets, Joan Faus Catasus, Christina Fernandez Pereda, Yolanda 
    EL PERIODICO--(202) 679-8656; Washington, DC 20002: Ricardo Mir De 
    EL TIEMPO--(202) 607-5929; 5597 Seminary Road, Washington, DC 20041: 
        Sergio Gomez.
    EL UNIVERSAL--(202) 662-7190; 1193 National Press Building, 529 14th 
        Street, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Jose Hernandez.
    ENERGY DAILY--(703) 236-2405; 110 North Royal Street, Suite 200, 
        Alexandria VA 22314-3240: Jeff Beattie, Jim Day, Christopher 
        Holly, Eric Lindeman, George Lobsenz.
    ETHNOS GREECE--(202) 361-7843; 1133 14th Street, NW., Washington, DC 
        20005: Michail Ignatiou.
    EUROPOLITICS--(202) 758-8462; 1403 12th Street, NW., #4, Washington, 
        DC 20005: Brian Beary.
    FAIRCHILD PUBLICATIONS--(202) 955-0966; 1730 Rhode Island Avenue, 
        Suite 603, Washington, DC 20036: Kristi Ellis, Susan Watters.
    FINANCIAL TIMES--(202) (434) 0986; 1023 15th Street, NW., Suite 700, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Gina Chon, Shawn Donnan, Sam Fleming, 
        Barney Jopson, Demetri Sevastopulo, Aaron Stanley.
    FISCAL TIMES--(202) 628-3101; 1214 National Press Building, 529 14th 
        Street, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Eric Pianin.
    FRANKFURTER ALLGEMEINE ZEITUNG--(202) 248-0980; 2100 Connecticut 
        Avenue, NW., Suite 502, Washington, DC 20016: Andreas Ross.

[[Page 997]]

    GANNETT WASHINGTON BUREAU--(202) 854-8900; 1575 Eye Street, NW., 
        Suite 350, Washington, DC 20005: Deborah Berry, Christopher 
        Doering, Val Ellicott, Nicole Gaudiano Albright, Maureen Groppe, 
        Linda Holzer, Craig Schwed, Deirdre Shesgreen, William Theobald, 
        Mary Troyan, Brian Tumulty.
    GERMAN PRESS AGENCY-DPA--(202) 662-1220; 1112 National Press 
        Building, 529 14th Street, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Martin 
        Bialecki, Frank Fuhrig, Margaret Johnston, Beatriz Juez-Moreno, 
        Peer Meinert, Paticia Reber, Anne Walters Custer.
    GLOBE AND MAIL--(202) 662-7167; 2000 M Street, NW., Suite 330, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Paul Koring.
    GUARDIAN US--(202) 223-2486; 900 17th Street, NW., Suite 250, 
        Washington, DC 20006: Suzanne Goldenberg, Paul Lewis, Daniel 
        Roberts, Sabrina Siddiqui.
    HANDELSBLAD--(202) 957-6115; 2907 Cathedral Avenue, Washington, DC 
        20008: August Valk.
    HANKYOREH DAILY--(703) 989-0723; 821 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Jong Park.
    HEARST NEWSPAPERS--(202) 263-6400; 700 12th Street, NW., Suite 1000, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Jennifer Dlouhy, Dan Freedman, William 
    HELSINGIN SANOMAT--(301) 907-0080; Vilhonvuorenkatu 11 B, Helsinki 
        Finland 500: Laura Saarikoski.
    HOUSTON CHRONICLE--(202) 263-6411; 700 12th Street, NW., Suite 1000, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Kevin Diaz.
    HUFFINGTON POST--(202) 567-2634; 1750 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., 
        #600, Washington, DC 20006: Akbar Shahid Ahmed, Laura Barron-
        Lopez, Laura Bassett, Jennifer Bendery, Mark Blumenthal, Igor 
        Bobic, Sara Bondioli, Arthur Delaney, Ryan Grim, Dave Jamieson, 
        Samantha Lachman, Sam Levine, Dana Liebelson, Michael McAuliff, 
        Eliot Nelson, Ryan Reilly, Jessica Schulberg, Kate Sheppard, Sam 
        Stein, Amanda Terkel, Xhensila Velencia, Allison Watkins, 
        Jeffrey Young.
    HURRIYET--(917) 340-2466; 3700 Massachusetts Avenue, NW., #438 
        Washington, DC 20016: Tolga Tanis.
    ICIS NEWS--(703) 836-3448; 333 North Fairfax Street, Suite 301, 
        Alexandria VA 22314: Joseph Kamalick.
    INDIA PRESS TRUST--(301) 881-2963; Rockville MD 20852: Lalit Jha.
    INDO-ASIAN NEWS SERVICE--(703) 664-0037; Alexandria VA 22304: Arun 
    INTERNATIONAL TRADE TODAY--(202) 872-9202; 2127 Ward Court, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20037: Brian Dabbs.
    INVESTOR'S BUSINESS DAILY--(202) 728-2154; 1001 Connecticut Avenue, 
        Suite 415, Washington, DC 20036: Gillian Rich, Andrea Riquier.
    IRISH TIMES--(202) 436-6223: Simon Carswell.
    ITAR-TASS NEWS AGENCY--(202) 662-7080; 1004 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Anatoly Bochinin, Anton Chudakov, Dmitry 
        Kirsanov, Andrei Sitov.
    JEWISH TELEGRAPHIC AGENCY--(646) 778-5536; 2100 Military Road, 
        Arlington VA 22207: Ron Kampeas.
    JIJI PRESS--(202) 783-4330; 550 National Press Building, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20045: Kuniaki Kitai, Satoru Kohda, Yoko 
        Matsukawa, Tatsuya Mizumoto, Yuichiro Nishigaki, Edward 
        Pagliarulo, Nicolas Pandi, Mutsumi Tatsubo.
    JOONGANG ILBO--(202) 347-0122; 997 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Byunggun Chae.
    JOURNAL MEDIA GROUP--(202) 408-2711; 1100 13th Street, NW., Suite 
        450, Washington, DC 29995: Michael Collins, Bartholomew 
    JYLLANDS-POSTEN--1700 Lanier Place, NW., Washington, DC 20009: 
        Jorgen Ullerup.
    KAISER HEALTH NEWS--(202) 347-5270; 1330 G Street, NW., Washington, 
        DC 20005: Julie Appleby, Mary Agnes Carey, Phil Galewitz, Lisa 
        Gillespie, James Hancock, Shefali Luthra, Julie Rovner, 
        Stephanie Stapleton.
    KIPLING NEWS SERVICE--(202) 686-6388; 12611 Farnell Drive, Silver 
        Spring, MD 20906: Bogdan Kipling.
    KOREA ECONOMIC DAILY--(703) 895-0955; 821 National Press Building, 
        529 14th Street, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Jin Jang, Soo Jin 
    KOREA TIMES--(703) 941-8002; 7601 Little River Turnpike; Annandale 
        VA 22003: Christina Young Chong, Sang Chool Kwon, Byonghan Lee, 
        Chang-Yul Lee, Jong Kook Lee, Kwang Duk Park, Seyong Park.
    KUMAMOTO NICHINICHI SHIMBUN--(301) 299-3775; 10625 Rock Run Drive, 
        Potomac, MD 20854: Reiko Robertson.
    KUWAIT NEWS AGENCY--(202) 347-5554; 906 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Ronald Baygents.
    KYODO NEWS--(202) 347-5767; 400 National Press Building, 529 14th 
        Street, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Sarah Ampolsk, Riyo Aomoto, 
        Takuya Arai, Konomi Awabayashi, Mariko de Freytas, Eiichiro 
        Funahashi, Jun Kaminishikawara, Hideomi Kinoshita, Kakumi 
        Kobayashi, Yuichi Kubo, Kazuhiro Kurihara, Toru Takei, Hiroto 
    KYUNGHYANG DAILY NEWS--(703) 624-3031: Jemin Son.

[[Page 998]]

    LA JORNADA--(202) 669-7760; 2708 Fourth Street, NE., Washington, DC 
        20002: David Brooks.
    LA NACION--(202) 744-7737; 1292 National Press Building, Washington, 
        DC 20045: Silvia Pisani.
    LA OPINION--(301) 325-4980; 800 4th Street, SW., Washington, DC 
        20024: Maria Pena.
    LA VANGUARDIA--(202) 999-0122; 6812 Algonquin Avenue, Bethesda MD 
        20817: Jordi Barbeta Sanchez.
    LE MAURICIEN--(301) 728-7442; 1084 Pipestem Place, Potomac MD 20854: 
        Pamela Glass.
    LIBERTY TIMES--(202) 879-6765; 1294 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Nadia Tsao.
    LOCAL NEWS NOW--(703) 348-0583; 1200 18th Street, NW., Washington, 
        DC 20036: Scott Brodbeck, Heather Mongilio.
    LONDON DAILY TELEGRAPH--(202) 247-8047; 1310 G Street, NW., Suite 
        750, Washington, DC 20005: Raf Sanchez.
    LOS ANGELES TIMES--(202) 824-8368; 1090 Vermont Avenue, NW., Suite 
        1000, Washington, DC 20005: Brian Bennett, Noah Bierman, Robert 
        Drogin, Amy Fiscus, Evan Halper, Kathleen Hennessey, David 
        Lauter, Noam Levey, Lisa Mascaro, Doyle McManus, Michael Memoli, 
        Timothy Phelps, Paul Richter, James Robinson, Edmund Sanders, 
        David Savage, Richard Serrano, Joseph Tanfani.
    LRP PUBLICATIONS--(703) 350-2198; 1901 North Moore Street, Suite 
        1106, Arlington VA 22209: Julie Davidson, Jean Gossman, David 
        Kittross, Jeanne Sweeney.
    MAEIL BUSINESS NEWSPAPER--909 National Press Building, Washington, 
        DC 20045: Jinmyung Lee.
    MAINICHI SHIMBUN--(202) 737-2817; 340 National Press Building, 529 
        14th Street, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Iva Kovacheva, 
        Shinichiro Nishida, Masaya Oikawa, Kenji Shimizu, Hiroaki Wada.
    MALAYA--(703) 715-8879; 10724 Midsummer Drive, Reston, VA 20191: 
        Josefina Ilustre.
    MARKET NEWS INTERNATIONAL--(202) 371-2121; 1100 National Press 
        Building, 529 14th Street, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Steven 
        Beckner, John Carter, Denny Gulino, Kevin Kastner, Karen Mracek, 
        Elvina Nawaguna, Braimoh Odion-Esene, Nicholas Olivari, Joseph 
        Plocek, Heather Scott, John Shaw, Tim Weatherhead.
    MARKETWATCH--(202) 824-0548; 1025 Connecticut Avenue, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20036: Jeffry Bartash, Steven Goldstein, Rex 
        Nutting, Gregory Robb, Robert Schroeder.
    MCCLATCHY NEWSPAPERS--(202) 383-6000; 700 12th Street, NW., Suite 
        1000, Washington, DC 20005: Beryl Adcock, Hannah Allam, Barbara 
        Barrett, Vera Bergengruen, Michael Bold, Lesley Clark, Sean 
        Cockerham, Danny Dougherty, William Douglas, Michael Doyle, 
        Jessica Gilbert, David Goldstein, Greg Gordon, Rob Hotakainen, 
        Anita Kumar, Jonathan Landay, Yongil Lee, David Lightman, 
        Francisco Ordonez, Anthony Pugh, Maria Recio, Mark Seibel, 
        Curtis Tate, Marisa Taylor, Steven Thomma, Letitia Wells, 
        Lindsay Wise.
    MEDPAGE TODAY--13610 Russett Terrace; Rockville MD 20853: Shannon 
        Firth, Joyce Frieden.
    MERGER MARKET OF FINANCIAL TIMES--(202) (434) 1075; 1012 14th 
        Street, NW., Suite 915, Washington, DC 20005: David Baumann, 
        Peter Geier, David Hatch, Ryan Lynch, Ryan Lynch, Susan Mandel.
    MILITARY.COM--(301) 908-4117; 5505 Connecticut Avenue, NW., Suite 
        262 Washington, DC 20015: Michael Hoffman, Bryant Jordan, 
        Brendan McGarry, Richard Sisk.
    MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE--(202) 383-6120; 1090 Vermont Avenue, NW., 
        Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20005: Allison Sherry, Jim Spencer.
    MINNPOST--1111 Army Navy Drive, Arlington VA 22202: Sam Brodey.
    MLEX US--(202) 909-1238; 1776 I Street, NW., Washington, DC 20006: 
        Jeffrey Bliss, Mark Bocchetti, Can Celik, Liz Crampton, Flavia 
        Fortes, Mark Kennedy, Brittany Melling, Leah Nylen, Chen Qi, 
        Neil Roland, Anjelica Tan, Ira Teinowitz.
    MUNWHA ILBO--(202) 270-0148; 1149 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Jea Lee.
    NATIONAL JOURNAL--(202) 739-8400; 600 New Hampshire Avenue, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20037: George Condon, Jr., Thomas DeFrank, Shane 
        Goldmacher, Fawn Johnson, Sarah Mimms, Daniel Newhauser, Rachel 
        Roubein, Emily Schultheis.
    NEW ORLEANS TIMES-PICAYUNE--(202) 383-7861; 365 Canal Place, Suite 
        3100, New Orleans, LA 70130: Bruce Alpert.
    NEW YORK POST--(202) 393-1787; 1114 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Geoff Earle, Marisa Schultz.
    NEW YORK TIMES--(202) 862-0300; 1627 I Street, NW., Suite 700, 
        Washington, DC 20006: Binyamin Appelbaum, Peter Baker, Mikayla 
        Bouchard, Jeremy Bowers, Elisabeth Bumiller, Helene Cooper, Nick 
        Corasaniti, Coral Davenport, Julie Davis, Michael Gordon, 
        Gardiner Harris, David Herszenhorn, Jason Horowitz, David 
        Joachim, Aaron Kessler, Mark Landler, Adam Liptak, Eric Lipton, 
        Jonathan Martin, Ashley Parker, Robert Pear, Alan Rappeport, 
        Matthew Rosenberg, David Sanger, Michael Schmidt, Eric Schmitt, 
        Thomas Shanker, Michael Shear, Andrew Siddons, Jennifer 
        Steinhauer, R. Michael Tackett, Alexander Thompson, Jonathan 
        Weisman, Derek Willis.
    NEWSDAY--(202) 408-2715; 1090 Vermont Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 
        20005: Tom Brune.
    NEWSPAPER ENTERPRISE--(301) 320-5559; Bethesda MD 20816: Robert 
    NIKKEI--(202) 393-1388; 815 Connecticut Ave NW, Suite 310, 
        Washington, DC 20006: Tomoko Ashizuka, Christina Bilski, Masako 
        Iwamoto, Motoko Kawachi, Tomoyuki Kawai, Stephen Keefe, Hiroyuki 
        Kotake, Toshiki Yazawa, Naoya Yoshino.

[[Page 999]]

    NISHI-NIPPON SHIMBUN--(202) 393-5812; 1012 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Takeshi Yamasaki.
    NJ ADVANCE MEDIA--(301) 802-6692; 1101 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 
        300, Washington, DC 20036: Jonathan Salant.
    NOTIMEX MEXICAN NEWS AGENCY--(202) 347-5227; 975 National Press 
        Building, Washington, DC 20045: Ruben Barrera, Maria Garcia, 
        Jose Lopez Zamorano.
    O ESTADO DE S. PAULO--(202) 248-0280; 700 13th Street, Suite 555, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Claudia Trevisan.
    OIL DAILY--(202) 662-0723; 1411 K Street, NW., Suite 602, 
        Washington, DC 20005: William Murray.
    OKLAHOMAN--(202) 459-4921; 1015 15th Street, NW., Suite 500, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Chris Casteel.
    OMAHA WORLD-HERALD--(202) 997-9787; 836 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Joseph Morton.
    OUEST-FRANCE--Malika Maclouf.
    OZY MEDIA--444 Castro Street, Suite 303, Mountain View CA 94041: 
        Emily Cadei.
    PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER--(609) 217-8320; 400 North Broad Street; 
        Philadelphia, PA 19130: Jonathan Tamari.
    PIONEER-INDIA--(703) 876-6149: Sethuraman Rajagopalan.
    PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE--(703) 996-9292; 358 North Shore Drive, 
        Pittsburgh, PA 15212: Tracie Mauriello.
    POLITICAL MONEY LINE--(202) 237-2500: Kent Cooper.
    PRO PUBLICA--(301) 718-4436: Sebastian Rotella.
    REAL CLEAR POLITICS--1667 K Street, NW., Suite 1150, Washington, DC 
        20006: James Arkin, Rebecca Berg, Caitlin Huey-Burns, Alexis 
    RECORD (BERGEN COUNTY, NJ)--(202) 249-2160; 1 Garret Mountain Plaza, 
        Woodland Park, NJ zero 7424: Herbert Jackson.
    RELIGION NEWS SERVICE--(202) 463-8777; 529 14th Street, NW., Suite 
        425, Washington, DC 20045: Adelle Banks, Kevin Eckstrom, Cathy 
        Lynn Grossman, Lauren Markoe.
    RYUKYU SHIMPO--Sakae Toiyama.
    SALT LAKE TRIBUNE--(202) 662-8732; 969 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Thomas Burr.
    SAN FRANCISCO CHRONICLE--(202) 263-6573; 700 12th Street, NW., Suite 
        1000, Washington, DC 20005: Carolyn Lochhead.
    SANKEI SHIMBUN--(202) 347-2842; 330 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Nobuyuki Aoki, Hiroyuki Kano, Norio 
        Kokumo, Yoshihisa Komori, Bruce Stewart.
    SAUDI PRESS AGENCY--(202) 944-3890; 601 New Hampshire Avenue, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20037: Abdulaziz Alhendi, Abdullah Almohaimeed, 
        Haifa Al-Mubarak, Thomas Belman, Geoffrey Cunningham.
    SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY DAILY--(703) 255-1171: Yi He, Xueke Tian.
    SCRIP--(301) 216-2433: Donna Young.
    SCRIPPS HOWARD NEWS SERVICE--(202) 408-2714; 1100 13th Street, NW., 
        Suite 450, Washington, DC 29995: Marc Georges.
    SEGYE TIMES--909 National Press Building, Washington, DC 20045: Jong 
        Hyun Park.
    SEKAI NIPPO--(703) 272-8772; 1133 19th Street, NW., 8th Floor, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Yoshiyuki Iwaki.
    SEOUL SHINMUN DAILY--(202) 393-4061; 905 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Mikyung Kim.
    SMARTGRID TODAY--(301) 769-6903: Justin Shilad.
    SNL--(434) 977-1600; One SNL Plaza, Charlottesville VA 22902: Joshua 
        Armstrong, Matt Bandyk, Glen Boshant, Christopher Coats, Michael 
        Copley, Marcy Crane, Kyle Daly, Elizabeth Festa, Allison Good, 
        Annalee Grant, William Holland, Michael Lustig, Ximena Mosqueda-
        Fernandez, Lauren Murphy, Sarah Smith, Sean Sullivan, Esther 
    ST. LOUIS POST-DISPATCH--(202) 298-6880; 1025 Connecticut Avenue, 
        Suite 1102, Washington, DC 20036: Charles Raasch.
    STARS AND STRIPES--(202) 761-0900; 529 14th Street, NW., Suite 350, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Heath Druzin, Travis Tritten.
    STEPHENS MEDIA GROUP--(202) 783-1760; 666 11th Street, Suite 535, 
        Washington, DC 20001: Stephan Tetreault, Peter Urban.
    SUEDDEUTSCHE ZEITUNG--(301) 469-0650: Nicolas Richter.
    SVENSKA DAGBLADET--(202) 362-8253; 3601 Connecticut Avenue, #622, 
        Washington, DC 20008: Karin Henriksson, Gary Yerkey.
    SYRACUSE POST-STANDARD--(571) 970-3751; 3900 Fairfax Drive, Suite 
        1321, Arlington VA 22203: Mark Weiner.
    TAGES ANZEIGER--Alexander Batthyany.
    TAIWAN CENTRAL NEWS AGENCY--(202) 628-2378; 1173 National Press 
        Building, Washington, DC 20045: Tony Liao Han Yuan.

[[Page 1000]]

    TAMPA BAY TIMES--(202) 463-0571; 1100 Connecticut Avenue, NW., 4th 
        Floor, Washington, DC 20036: Lauren Carroll, Angie Drobnic 
        Holan, Louis Jacobson, Alex Leary.
    TELAM S.E.--(202) 506-3879; 2828 Connecticut Avenue NW., Washington, 
        DC 20008: Melisa Cabo.
    THE TEXAS TRIBUNE--Rebecca Livingston.
    THOMSON REUTERS--(202) 898-8300; 1333 H Street, Suite 500, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Timothy Ahmann, Charles Alexander, Diane 
        Bartz, Amanda Becker, Eric Beech, Alistair Bell, Joan Biskupic, 
        Melissa Bland, Martin Brandt, Doina Chiacu, Peter Cooney, Susan 
        Cornwell, Richard Cowan, Harold Desmond, Kevin Drawbaugh, Will 
        Dunham, Lindsay Dunsmuir, Julia Edwards, Michael Flaherty, Tim 
        Gardner, Steven Ginsburg, Rodrek Golden, Susan Heavey, Steve 
        Holland, Krista Hughes, Lawrence Hurley, Robert Johnson, Soyoung 
        Kim, Lisa Lambert, Jason Lange, David Lawder, Katherina Lemus, 
        Sarah Lynch, Sandra Maler, Douwe Miedema, Arshad Mohammed, David 
        Morgan, Lucia Mutikani, Essex Noel, James Oliphant, Ayesha 
        Rascoe, Andrea Ricci, Patrick Rucker, Timothy Ryan, Howard 
        Schneider, Alina Selyukh, Andrea Shalal, John Shiffman, Paul 
        Simao, Ian Simpson, Emily Stephenson, Andy Sullivan, Yeganeh 
        Torbati, William Trott, Eric Walsh, Michael Weekes, Jr., John 
        Whitesides, Anna Yukhananov, Mohammad Zargham.
    TIMES OF INDIA--(301) 695-9348: Chidanand Rajghatta.
    TIMES OF LONDON--(202) 530-9901; 1101 17th Street, NW., Suite 601, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Rhys Blakely, Alexandra Kaye, Matthew 
        Spence, David Taylor.
    TOKYO CHUNICHI SHIMBUN--(202) 783-9479; 1012 National Press 
        Building, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Mutsumi Aoki, Conrad 
        Chaffee, Chrishopher Kelly, Yasunobu Saiba, Eri Urano.
    TORONTO STAR--(202) 870-0649; 982 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Daniel Dale.
    TRIBUNE CONTENT AGENCY--(202) 298-8359: Jules Witcover.
    TRIBUNE NEWS SERVICE--(202) 408-1484; 1100 13th Street, NW., Suite 
        450, Washington, DC 29995: Martin Schram.
    UNITED DAILY NEWS--(240) 428-1164; 954 National Press Building, 529 
        14th Street, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Chao-Ying Lai.
    UNITED MEDIA--(301) 494-0430: Lew Sichelman.
    UNIVERSAL UCLICK SYNDICATE--(703) 690-8095; 3600 New York Avenue, 
        NE., Washington, DC 20002: Donald Lambro.
    USA TODAY--(703) 854-3400; 1575 Eye Street, NW., Suite 350, 
        Washington, DC 20005: William Allen, Jarrett Bell, Marisol 
        Bello, Steve Berkowitz, Erik Brady, Daniel Carney, Carolyn 
        Cerbin, Oren Dorell, Peter Eisler, Gwen Flanders, George Hager, 
        Brad Heath, David Jackson, Bart Jansen, Erin Kelly, Gregory 
        Korte, Katharine Lackey, Donna Leinwand Leger, Ray Locker, Jim 
        Michaels, Susan Page, Fredreka Schouten, Paul Singer, Donovan 
        Slack, William Sternberg, Tom Vanden Brook, Richard Wolf, Alison 
        Young, Gregg Zoroya.
    US-REPORT (GERMANY)--(301) 299-5777: Thomas Spang.
    UTILITY MARKETS TODAY--(202) 384-4833: James Downing.
    VICE NEWS--90 N 11th Street; Brooklyn NY 11249: David Enders, Ryan 
    VOTERAMA IN CONGRESS--(202) 332-0857: Richard Thomas.
    WALL STREET JOURNAL / DOW JONES--(202) 862-9200; 1025 Connecticut 
        Avenue, NW., Suite 800, Washington, DC 20036: Aruna Viswanatha, 
        Andrew Ackerman, Mark Anderson, Natalie Andrews, Rebecca 
        Ballhaus, Devlin Barrett, Jess Bravin, Autumn Brewington, Thomas 
        Burton, Rodney Christian, Kate Davidson-Choma, Robert Davis, 
        David Allen Dolinger, Gary Fields, James Grimaldi, Amy Harder, 
        Amy Harder, David Harrison, Nell Henderson, Janet Hook, Siobhan 
        Hughes, Brent Kendall, Neil King, Carol Lee, Ben Leubsdorf, 
        Gordon Lubold, Brian McGill, Victoria McGrane, John McKinnon, 
        Laura Meckler, Eric Morath, Daniel Nasaw, Colleen Nelson, Peter 
        Nicholas, Dion Nissenbaum, Paul Page, Damian Paletta, Kristina 
        Peterson, Michael Phillips, Sarah Portlock, Louise Radnofsky, 
        Matthew Rose, Felicia Schwartz, Philip Shishkin, Jeffrey 
        Sparshott, Ian Talley, Byron Tau, Nick Timiraos, Ryan Tracy, 
        Tennile Tracy, Melanie Trottman, Aaron Zitner.
    WARREN COMMUNICATIONS NEWS--(202) 872-9202: James Phillips.
    WASHINGTON DUPONT CIRCLE NEWS--(202) 328-1121: Irvin Molotsky.
    WASHINGTON EXAMINER--(202) 903-2000; 1015 15th Street, NW., Suite 
        500, Washington, DC 20005: Michael Barone, Paul Bedard, Timothy 
        Carney, Ariel Cohen, Zachary Colman, Tara Copp, Susan Crabtree, 
        Paige Cunningham, David Drucker, Susan Ferrechio, Sean Higgins, 
        Charles Hoskinson, Robert King, Philip Klein, Joseph Lawler, 
        Ryan Lovelace, John Siciliano, Sarah Westwood, Byron York.
    WASHINGTON POST--(202) 334-6000; 1150 15th Street, NW., Washington, 
        DC 20071: Nick Anderson, Lori Aratani, Daniel Balz, Robert 
        Barnes, Martin Baron, Niraj Chokshi, Joe Davidson, Aaron Davis, 
        Mike DeBonis, Jose DelReal-Perez, Karoun Demirjian, Karen 
        DeYoung, Paul Duggan, Juliet Eilperin, David Fahrenthold, Mary 
        Pat Flaherty, Brian Fung, Adam Goldman, Hamil Harris, Rosalind 
        Helderman, Arelis Hernandez, Spencer Hsu, Colby Itkowitz, Paul 
        Kane, Dan Keating, Lyndsey Layton, Robert McCartney, Dana 
        Milbank, Gregory Miller, Sylvester Monroe, David Montgomery, 
        Lori Montgomery, Carol Morello, David Nakamura, Amy Nutt, Robert 
        O'Harrow, Edward O'Keefe, Steven Overly, Walter Pincus, Elliot 
        Postell, Eugene Robinson, Rebecca Sinderbrand, Kelsey Snell, 
        Victoria St Martin, Sean Sullivan, Joby Warrick, David Weigel, 
        Rachel Weiner, Craig Whitlock, Scott Wilson, Bob Woodward, Eric 
        Yoder, Matt Zapotosky, Katherine Zezima.

[[Page 1001]]

        Harrison Circle; Alexandria VA 22304: Gordon White.
    WASHINGTON TIMES--(202) 636-3000; 3600 New York Avenue, NE., 
        Washington, DC 20002: David Boyer, Stephen Dinan, Christopher 
        Dolan, Kellan Howell, Thomas Howell, Jacqueline Klimas, Seth 
        McLaughlin, S.A. Miller, Andrea Noble, Kevin Rogers, Kelly 
        Sadler, David Sands, Anjali Shastry, David Sherfinski, Guy 
        Taylor, Cheryl Wetzstein, Margaret Ybarra.
    WEN HUI DAILY--(202) 262-6781; 1600 South Eads Street, Suite 1134, 
        North Arlington, VA 22202: Xiaoyang Xia.
    WHITE HOUSE DOSSIER--(202) 277-5416: Keith Koffler.
    WILLIAM SCALLY REPORTS--(202) 362-2382: William Scally.
    WOLFNEWS--(202) 237-1019: Mariuccia Chiantaretto.
    WORLD BUSINESS PRESS--(703) 942-8318: Vladimir Amrich, Zuzana Cepla.
    WORLD JOURNAL--(202) 751-9023; 954 National Press Building, 529 14th 
        Street, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Zhaoyin Feng, Yu Ling Hu, 
        Xiaoyuan Luo.
    XINHUA NEWS AGENCY--(703) 647-1598; 1740 North 14th Street, 
        Arlington VA 22209: Mu Dong, Pan Gao, Xiangwen Ge, Yujuan Jiang, 
        Guan Jianwu, Jie Liu, Jie Liu BC, Jiafei Lu, Lin Xiaochun, 
        Qihang Zheng, Linfei Zhi.
    YAHOO NEWS--(202) 669-4950; 1500 K Street, NW., Suite 600, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Olivier Knox, Meredith Shiner.
    YOMIURI SHIMBUN--(202) 783-0363; 802 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Yumi Araki, Justin Arnold, Bryant Harris, 
        Takashi Imai, Akira Saito, Yoshikazu Shirakawa, Mineko Tokito, 
        Kunihiko Yasue.
    YONHAP NEWS AGENCY--(202) 783-5539; 914 National Press Building, 529 
        14th Street, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Sejin Kim, Hyodong Roh, 
        In Sung Shim.

[[Page 1003]]

                      PRESS PHOTOGRAPHERS' GALLERY*

                    The Capitol, Room S-317, 224-6548


Director.--Jeffrey S. Kent.
    Deputy Director.--Mark A. Abraham.
    Assistant Director.--Tricia Munro.


                                            J. Scott Applewhite, Chair, 
                                                Associated Press
                                            Win McNamee, Secretary-
                                                Treasurer, Getty Images
                                            Paul Richards, Agence France 
                                            Tom Williams, CQ / Roll Call
                                            Stephen Crowley, New York 
                                            Ronald Sachs, Consolidated 
                                                News Pictures


    1. (a) Administration of the Press Photographers' Gallery is vested 
in a Standing Committee of Press Photographers consisting of six persons 
elected by accredited members of the Gallery. The Committee shall be 
composed of one member each from Associated Press Photos; Reuters News 
Pictures or AFP Photos; magazine media; local newspapers; agency or 
freelance member; and one at-large member. The at-large member may be, 
but need not be, selected from media otherwise represented on the 
Committee; however no organization may have more than one representative 
on the Committee.
    *Information is based on data furnished and edited by each 
respective Gallery.
    (b) Elections shall be held as early as practicable in each year, 
and in no case later than March 31. A vacancy in the membership of the 
Committee occurring prior to the expiration of a term shall be filled by 
a special election called for that purpose by the Committee.
    (c) The Standing Committee of the Press Photographers' Gallery shall 
propose no change or changes in these rules except upon petition in 
writing signed by not less than 25 accredited members of the Gallery.
    2. Persons desiring admission to the Press Photographers' Gallery of 
the Senate shall make application in accordance with Rule 33 of the 
Senate, which rule shall be interpreted and administered by the Standing 
Committee of Press Photographers subject to the review and approval of 
the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration.
    3. The Standing Committee of Press photographers shall limit 
membership in the photographers' gallery to bona fide news photographers 
of repute in their profession and Heads of Photographic Bureaus under 
such rules as the Standing Committee of Press Photographers shall 
    4. Provided, however, that the Standing Committee of Press 
Photographers shall admit to the Gallery no person who does not 
establish to the satisfaction of the Committee all of the following:
    (a) That any member is not engaged in paid publicity or promotion 
work or in prosecuting any claim before Congress or before any 
department of the Government, and will not become so engaged while a 
member of the Gallery.

[[Page 1004]]

    (b) That he or she is not engaged in any lobbying activity and will 
not become so engaged while a member of the Gallery.
    The above rules have been approved by the Committee on Rules and 

                                               Paul D. Ryan,
                                  Speaker, House of Representatives.

                                                  Roy Blunt,
                Chair, Senate Committee on Rules and Administration.

[[Page 1005]]


                MEMBERS ENTITLED FOR ADMISSION--Continued


                      PRESS PHOTOGRAPHERS' GALLERY

Ake, David: Associated Press
Alvarez, Miguel: La Prensa Grafica of El Salvador
Andrews, Scott: Canon, USA
Angerer, Drew: Freelance
Antonov, Mladen: Agence France-Presse
Applewhite, J. Scott: Associated Press
Archambault, Charles: Freelance
Arossi, Eddie: Freelance
Ashley, Douglas: Suburban Communications
Augustino, Jocelyn: Freelance
Auth, William: Prensa International
Avci, Erkan: Anadolu Agency
Banks, David: Bloomberg Government
Barouh, Stan: Freelance
Barrett, Stephen: Freelance
Barria, Carlos: Reuters News Pictures
Barrick, Matthew: Freelance
Beiser, H. Darr: USA / Today
Benic, Patrick: United Press International
Berglie, James: Zuma Press
Biddle, Susan: Washington Post
Binks, Porter: Sports Illustrated
Blass, Eileen: USA / Today
Bleier-Schmeets, Karen: Agence France-Presse
Bloom, Richard: National Journal
Boal, John: Freelance
Bongioanni, Carlos: Stars and Stripes
Botsford, Jabin: Washington Post
Bourg, Jim: Reuters News Pictures
Bowe, Christy: ImageCatcher News
Bowler, Dana: Freelance
Brack, William: Black Star
Brandon, Alex: Associated Press Photos
Brown, Robert: Richmond Times Dispatch
Burke, Lauren: Freelance
Burnett, David: Contact Press Images
Cabrera, Mario: Vision Fotos
Cahallero-Reynolds, Andrew: Agence France-Presse
Calvert, Mary: Freelance
Cameron, Gary: Reuters News Pictures
Campbell, Matt: European Pressphoto Agency
Carioti, Richard: Washington Post
Castoro, Susan: Associated Press Photos
Cedeno, Ken: Freelance
Ceneta, Manuel: Associated Press Photos
Chikwendiu, Jahi: Washington Post
Chung, Andre: Freelance
Clark, Bill: CQ / Roll Call
Cohen, Marshall: Bigmarsh News Photos
Connor, Kristopher: Freelance
Contreras, Oliver: Freelance
Coppage, Gary: Photo Press International
Corum, Samuel: Anadolu Agency
Crowley, Stephen: New York Times
Dan, Bao: Xinhua News Agency
Davidson, Linda: Washington Post
Demczuk, Gabriella: Freelance
Dio, Haiyang: China News Service
Dietsch, Kevin: United Press International
Dougherty, Sean: USA / Today
Douliery, Olivier: Abaca USA
Duarte, Alfredo: El Tiempo Latino
Duggan, James: Freelance
Eile, Evan: USA / Today
Elfers, Stephen: USA / Today
Elswick, Jon: Associated Press Photos
Ernst, Jonathan: Freelance
Falk, Steven: Philadelphia Inquirer
Farrar, Anne: Washington Post
Franko, Jeff: USA / Today
Frey, Katherine: Washington Post
Gail, Carl: Washington Post
Galietta, Wendy: Washington Post
Gamarra, Ruben: EFE News Service
Gandhi, Pareshkumar: /  India Abroad
Garcia, Mannie: Freelance
Gilbert, Patrice: Freelance
Glenn, Larry: Freelance
Golden, Melissa: Redux
Golon, MaryAnne: Washington Post
Gripas, Yuri: Freelance
Gromelski, Joseph: Stars and Stripes
Gruber, Jack: USA / Today
Guerrucci, Aude: Polaris Images
Gurbuz, Sait: Freelance
Hambach, Eva: Agence France-Presse
Hamburg, Harry: Freelance
Harnik, Andrew: Associated Press Photos
Harrer, Andrew: Bloomberg
Harrington, John: Black Star
Helber, Stephen: Associated Press Photos
Holt, Victor: Washington Informer
Jennings, Graeme: Washington Examiner
Joachim, Jade-Snow: Washington Post
Jones, Leah: Freelance
Jordan, Kelly: USA / Today
Jorrin, Alexander: Freelance
Joseph, Marvin: Washington Post
Kahn, Greg: Freelance
Kahn, Nikki: Washington Post
Kamm,Nicholas: Agence France-Presse
Kaster, Carolyn: Associated Press Photos

[[Page 1006]]

Katz, Martin: Chesapeake News Service
Kenasari, Muhammed: Anadolu Agency
Kendall-Ball, Gregory: Freelance
Kennerly, David: Freelance
Key, Michael: Washington Blade
Kim, Hyunsoo: Virginian-Pilot
Kirkpatrick, T.J.: Freelance
Kittner, Sam: Freelance
Kleponis, Chris: Freelance
Kraft, Brooks: Time Magazine
Lamarque, Kevin: Reuters News Pictures
Lamkey, Jr., Rod: Freelance
Lane, Keith: Freelance
Lanham, Yuko: Asahi Shimbun
LaVor, Marty: Freelance
Lawidjaja, Rudy: Freelance
Lessig, Alan: Gannett Government Media
Lewis, Roy: Washington Informer
Lizik, Ronald: Associated Press Photos
Loeb, Saul: Agence France-Presse
Loehrke, Tim: USA / Today
LoScalzo, Jim: European Pressphoto Agency
Lynch, Liz: National Journal
Lynch, Patricia: Freelance
Maddaloni, Chris: Nature
Madrid, Michael: USA / Today
Magana, Jose Luis: Freelance
Mages, Evy: Freelance
Mahaskey, M. Scott: Politico
Malet, Jeff: Freelance
Mallin, Jay: Freelance
Mara, Melina: Washington Post
Markel, Brad: Capri
Marovich, Pete: Freelance
Martin, Jacquelyn: Associated Press Photos
Martinez Monsivais, Pablo: Associated Press
Mathieson, Greg: MAI Photo Agency
McClain, Matt: Washington Post
McDonnell, John: Washington Post
McNamee, Win: Getty Images
Meyer, Cheryl: McClatchy Washington Bureau
Milbrett, Jennifer: Gannett Government Media
Miller, Mark: Washington Post
Miller, Robert: Washington Post
Mills, Douglas: New York Times
Morigi, Paul: Freelance
Morones, Mike: Gannett Government Media
Mount, Bonnie: Washington Post
Naji-Allah, Khalid: Washington Informer
Nash, Gregory: The Hill
Newton, Jonathan: Washington Post
Ngan, Mandel: Agence France-Presse
Nipp, Lisa: Freelance
Nolly Araujo, Angel: Notimex
Nordby, Leslie: Freelance
O'Leary, William: Washington Post
Ommanney, Charles: Washington Post
Owen, Clifford: Freelance
Palu, Louie: Zuma Press
Panagos, Dimitrios: Greek American News
Partlow, Wayne: Associated Press Photos
Patterson, Kathryn: Freelance
Petros, Bill: Freelance
Powers, Carol: Freelance
Powers, Christopher: USA / Today
Premack, Jay: Freelance
Propp, Andrew: Washingtonian
Purcell, Steven: Freelance
Radzinschi, Diego: National Law Journal
Reinhard, Rick: Impact Digitals
Reynolds, Michael: European Pressphoto Agency
Ricardel, Vincent: Freelance
Richards, Paul: Agence France-Presse
Riecken, Astrid: Freelance
Riley, Molly: Freelance
Roberts, Joshua: Freelance
Rolfe, Judy: Freelance
Ryan, Patrick: Freelance
Sachs, Ronald: Consolidated News Pictures
Salisbury, Barbara: Freelance
Samperton, Kyle: Freelance
Sandys, Toni: Washington Post
Saunders, Ray: Washington Post
Savi, Riccardo: Freelance
Schaeffer-Hopkins, Sandra: MAI Photo Agency
Schmalz, Julia: Chronicle of Higher Education
Scott, Andrew: USA / Today
Shelley, Allison: Freelance
Shinkle, John: Politico
Simon, Martin: Corbis
Smialowski, Brendan: Agence France-Presse
Soares, Jared: Freelance
Somodevilla, Kenneth: Getty Images
Sortino, Anna: Daily Caller
Squires, Derek: Tax Analysts'
Susslin, Chet: National Journal
Swall, Lexey: Freelance
Sweets, Fredric: St. Louis American
Sykes, Jack: Professional Pilot Magazine
Szenes, Jason: Freelance
Tatlow, Dermot: Panos Pictures
Theiler, Michael: Freelance
Thew, Shawn: European Pressphoto Agency
Tines, Charles: The Detroit News
Traywick, Catherine: Bloomberg Government
Tripplaar, Kristoffer: Sipa Press
Usher, Chris: Freelance
Varias, Stelios: Reuters News Pictures
Vasquez, Ricardo: Stars and Stripes
Vick, Vanessa: Freelance
Vogel, Leigh: Freelance
Voisard, Amanda: Freelance
Voisin, Sarah: Washington Post
Voss, Stephen: Freelance

[[Page 1007]]

Vucci, Evan: Associated Press Photos
Walsh, Susan: Associated Press Photos
Watkins, Fred: Freelance
Watson, James:Agence France-Presse
Wells, Jonathan: Sipa Press
Westcott, Jay: Freelance
Wiegold, David: 1105 Media
Williams, Tom: CQ / Roll Call
Williamson, Michael: Washington Post
Wilson, Mark: Getty Images
Wolf, Kevin: Freelance
Wolf, Lloyd: Freelance
Wong, Alex: Getty Images
Woolfolk, Daniel: Gannett
Yim, Heesoon: Hana
Yin, Bogu: Xinhua News Agency
Zhang, Weiran: China News Service
                     SERVICES REPRESENTED--Continued

[[Page 1008]]

                          SERVICES REPRESENTED

       (Service and telephone number, office address, and name of 

    1105 MEDIA--8609 Westwood Center Drive, Vienna, VA 22182-2215: 
        Wiegold, David.
    ABACA USA--989 6th Avenue, New York City, NY 10018: Douliery, 
    AGENCE FRANCE PRESSE--(202) 414-0521; 1500 K Street, NW., Suite 600, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Mladen, Antonov; Bleir-Schmeets, Karen; 
        Cahellero-Reynolds, Andrew; Hambach, Eva; Kamm, Nicholas; Loeb, 
        Saul; Ngan, Mandel; Richards, Paul; Smialowski,, Brendan; 
        Watson, James.
    ANADOLU--1131 National Press Building, Washington, DC 20045: Avic, 
        Erkan; Corum, Samuel; Kensari, Muhammed.
    ASAHI SHIMBUN--(202) 783-1000; 1022 National Press Building, 529 
        14th Street, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Lanham, Yuko.
    ASSOCIATED PRESS PHOTOS--(202) 641-9520; 1100 13th Street, NW., 
        Suite 700, Washington, DC 20005: Ake, David; Applewhite, J. 
        Scott; Brandon, James Alex; Castoro, Susan; Ceneta, Manuel B.; 
        Elswick, Ron; Harnik, Andrew; Helber, Stephen; Kaster, Carolyn; 
        Lizik, Ron; Martin, Jacquelyn; Martinez Monsivas, Pablo; 
        Partlow, Wayne; Vucci, Evan; Walsh, Susan.
    BIGMARSH NEWS PHOTOS--(202) 364-8332; 5131 52nd Street, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20016: Cohen, Marshall.
    BLACK STAR--(703) 547-1176; 7704 Tauxemont Road, Alexandria, VA 
        22308: Brack, William; Harrington, John.
    BLOOMBERG GOVERNMENT--(202) 654-7300; 1399 New York Avenue, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Banks, David; Harrer, Andrew.
    CONSOLIDATED NEWS PICTURES--(202) 543-3203; 10305 Leslie Street, 
        Silver Spring, MD 20902-4857: Sachs, Ronald.
    CQ / Roll Call--(202) 650-6844; 77 K Street, NE., Washington, DC 
        20002: Clark, Bill; Williams, Tom.
    EFE NEWS SERVICE-7906 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 20906: 
        Ruben, Gamara.
    EUROPEAN PRESS PHOTO--(202) 347-4694; 529 14th Street, NW., Suite 
        1122, Washington, DC 20045: Campbell, Matt; LoScalzo, Jim; 
        Reynolds, Michael; Thew, Shawn.
    GANNET GOVERNMENT MEDIA--(703) 750-8196; 6993 Commercial Drive, 
        Springfield, VA 22515: Lessig, Alan; Milbrett, Jennifer; 
        Morones, Mike.
    GETTY IMAGES--(202) 347-2050; National Press Building, 529 14th 
        Street, NW., Suite 1125, Washington, DC 20045: McNamee, Win; 
        Somodevilla, Kenneth; Wilson, Mark L.; Wong, Alex.
    GREEK AMERICAN NEWS AGENCY--(516) 931-2333; 37 Field Avenue, 
        Hicksville, NY 11801: Panagos, Dimitrios.
    HANA--(202) 262-4541; 11311 Park Drive, Fairfax, VA 22030: Yim, 
    IMAGE CATCHER NEWS--4911 Hampden Lane, Bethesda, MD 20815: Bowe, 
    IMPACT DIGITALS--(212) 614-8406; 171 Thompson Street, #9, New York, 
        NY 10012: Reinhard, Rick.
    LA PRENSA GRAFICA OF EL SALVADOR--(503) 2241-2670; Boulevard Santa 
        Elena, Antiguo Casadian: Alvarez, Miguel Angel.
    MAI PHOTO AGENCY--(703) 968-0030; 6601 Ashmere Lane, Centreville, VA 
        20120: Mathieson, Greg; Schaeffer, Sandra.
    MCCLATCHY TRIBUNE--(703) 383-6142; 700 12th Street, NW., Suite 1000, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Meyer, Cheryl.
    NATIONAL JOURNAL--(202) 739-8400; 600 New Hampshire Avenue, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20037: Bloom, Richard; Susslin, Chet; Lynch, Liz.
    NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL-6516 Gardenwick Road, Baltimore, MD 21209: 
        Radzinschi, Diego.
    NOTIMEX--(202) 347-5227; 529 14th Street, NW., Suite 425, 
        Washington, DC 20045-1401: Araju, Angel Nolly.
    PANOS--(617) 710-7413; Unit K, Reliance Wharf Hertford Road, London, 
        N15EW, UK: Tatlow, Dermott.
    PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER--400 N Broad St., Philadelphia, PA 19130: 
        Falk, Stephen.
    POLITICO--(703) 647-7694: 200 Wilson Boulevard, 6th Floor, 
        Alexandria, VA: Mahasky, Scott; Shinkle, John.
    PHOTO PRESS INTERNATIONAL--(540) 286-1045; P.O. Box 190, Goldvein, 
        VA 22720: Coppage, Gary.
    POLARIS IMAGES-259 West 30th Street, 13th Floor, New York, NY 10001: 
        Guerrucci, Aude.
    PROFESSIONAL PILOT MAGAZINE-3014 Colvin Street, Alexandria, VA 
        22314: Sykes, Jack.
    REDIFF.COM / INDIA ABROAD PUB.--(646) 432-6054; 43 West 24th Street, 
        2nd Floor, New York, NY 10010: Gandhi, Pareshkumar.

[[Page 1009]]

    REUTERS NEWS PICTURES--(202) 898-8333; 1333 H Street, NW., Suite 
        500, Washington, DC 20005: Bourg, Jim; Cameron, Gary; Lamarque, 
        Kevin; Varias, Stelios.
    REDUX--(212) 253-0399; 11 Hanover Square, 26th Floor, New York, NY 
        10005: Golden, Melissa.
    RICHMOND TIMES--(804) 649-6000; 300 East Franklin Street, Richmond, 
        VA 23219: Brown, Robert.
    SIPA PRESS--(212) 463-0150; 307 7th Avenue, Suite 807, New York, NY 
        10001: Triplar, Kristoffer. Wells, Jonathan.
    SUBURBAN COMMUNICATIONS CORP.--(248) 568-0006; 872 Dursley Road, 
        Bloomfield Hills, ME 48304: Ashley, Douglas.
    THE DETROIT NEWS--(312) 222-2030; 615 West Lafayette Avenue, Photo 
        Department, Detroit, MI 48226: Tines, Charles.
    THE HILL--(202) 628-8525; 1625 K Street, Suite 900, Washington, DC 
        20006: Nash, Greg.
    THE NEW YORK TIMES--(202) 862-0300; 1627 Eye Street, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20006: Crowley, Stephen; Mills, Douglas.
    STARS AND STRIPES--529 14th St., NW., Suite 350, Washington, DC 
        20045: Bongioanni, Carlos; Gromelski, Carlos; Vasquez.
    THE WASHINGTON INFORMER--(202) 561-4100; 3117 Martin L. King Avenue, 
        SE., Washington, DC 20032: Holt, Victor.
    THE WASHINGTON EXAMINER--(202) 903-2000; 1015 15th Street, NW., 
        Suite 500, Washington, DC 20005: Jennings, Graeme.
    TIME MAGAZINE--(202) 861-4062; 1130 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 900, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Kraft, Brooks.
    THE WASHINGTON POST--(202) 334-7380; 1150 15th Street, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20071: Botsford, Jabin; Biddle, Susan; Carioti, 
        Richard; Chikwendiu, Jahi; Davidson, Linda; Farrar, Anne; Frey, 
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        Bonnie; Newton, Jonathan; O'Leary, William; Ommaney, Charles; 
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    THE YOMIURI SHIMBUN--Room 208, National Press Building, Washington, 
        DC 20045: Konishi, Taro.
    UNITED PRESS INTERNATIONAL--(202) 898-8071; 1133 19th Street, Suite 
        800, Washington, DC 20036: Benic, Patrick T.; Dietsch, Kevin.
    USA / TODAY--(703) 854-5216; 7950 Jones Branch Road, McLean, VA 
        22107: Beiser, H. Darr; Blass, Eileen; Cochran, Mick; Dougherty, 
        Sean; Eile, Evan; Franko, Jeff; Garrett; Madrid, Michael; 
        Jordan, Kelley; Loehrke, Tim; Powers, Chris; Scott, Andrew.
    VIRINGIA PILOT--(757) 446-2000; 150 West Brambleton Avenue, Norfolk, 
        VA 23510: Kim, Eugene; Hyunsoo Lee.
    VISION PHOTOS-9708 Hale Drive, Clinton, MD 20735: Cabrera, Mario.
    WASHINGTONIAN--(202) 296-3600; 1828 L Street, NW., #200, Washington, 
        DC 20036: Propp, Andrew.
    XINHUA NEWS AGENCY--(703) 875-0082; 1740N 14th Street, Arlington, VA 
        22209: Dan Dan Bao; Yim Bogu.
    ZUMA PRESS--34189 Pacific Coast Highway, Dana Point, CA 92629: Palu, 


    Freelance-Angerer, Drew; Archambault, Charles; Augustino, Jocelyn; 
        Barouh, Stan; Barrett; Stephen, Barrick, Matthew; Boal, John; 
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        Chris; Vick, Vanessa; Vogel, Leigh; Voisard, Amanda; Voss, 
        Stephen; Watkins, Fred; Westcott, Jay; Wolf, Kevin; Wolf, Lloyd.
                     MEMBERS REPRESENTED--Continued

[[Page 1011]]



     P.O. Box 7119, Ben Franklin Station, Washington, DC 20044-7119



                   Whitney Shefte, WTTG-TV, President

                   Jim Bourg, Reuters, Vice President

                A.J. Chavar, The New York Time, Secretary

              Jonathan Elswick, Associated Press, Treasurer


                             EXECUTIVE BOARD

                        Brendan Smialowski (AFP)
               Pablo Martinez Monsivais (Associated Press)
                       Joshua Roberts (Freelance)
                        Rodney Batten (NBC News)
                         Nathan Luna (Hearst TV)
                            Brad Fulton (CTV)
           Nikki Kahn, Contest Chair, Still (Washington Post)
            Pege Gilgannon, Contest Co-Chair, Video (WJLA-TV)
             Doug Wilkes, Contest Co-Chair, Video (WTTG-TV)
          Pierre Kattar, Contest Chair, Multimedia (Freelance)
               Kevin Dietsch, Contest Chair, Student (UPI)
    Bethany Swain, Contest Co-Chair, Student (University of Maryland)
      Pablo Martinez Monsivais, Education Chair (Associated Press)

                     MEMBERS REPRESENTED--Continued

                           MEMBERS REPRESENTED

Abdallah, Khalil: CNN
Abraham, Mark: Freelance
Adlerblum, Robin: Freelance
Ake, J. David: Associated Press
Albert, Christopher: CBS News
Alberter, Jr., William: CNN
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[[Page 1012]]

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[[Page 1013]]

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[[Page 1014]]

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Witte, Joel: CCTV
Wong, Alex: Getty Images
Yarmuth, Floyd: CNN
Zervos, Stratis: Freelance

[[Page 1015]]

                          RADIO AND TELEVISION
                        CORRESPONDENTS' GALLERIES*


                    The Capitol, Room S-325, 224-6421

                                            Director: Michael J. 
                                            Deputy Director: Ellen 
                                            Senior Media Coordinators: 
                                                Michael Lawrence, Erin 
                                            Media Coordinators: Charles 
                                                Moxley, Jason Botelho


                    The Capitol, Room H-320, 225-5214

                                            Director: Olga Ramirez 
                                            Deputy Director: Andy Elias
                                            Senior Media Logistics 
                                                Coordinator: Kim Oates
                                            Media Logistics 
                                                Coordinators: Ryan Dahl, 
                                                Kinsey Harvey, Anthony 
                                                Kellaher, Leah Kaplan


                                            Fred Haberstick, C-SPAN, 
                                            John Parkinson, ABC, Vice 
                                            Frank Thorp, NBC, Treasurer
                                            Alicia Amling, CBS News
                                            Margaret Chadbourne, FOX 
                                            Lisa Desjardins, PBS 
                                            Steve Jacobi, CBN News


    1. Persons desiring admission to the Radio and Television Galleries 
of Congress shall make application to the Speaker, as required by Rule 
34 of the House of Representatives, as amended, and to the Committee on 
Rules and Administration of the Senate, as required by Rule 33, as 
amended, for the regulation of the Senate wing of the Capitol. 
Applicants shall state in writing the names of all radio stations, 
television stations, systems, or news-gathering organizations by which 
they are employed and what other occupation or employment they may have, 
if any. Applicants shall further declare that they are not engaged in 
the prosecution of claims or the promotion of legislation pending before 
Congress, the Departments, or the independent agencies, and that they 
will not become so employed without resigning from the Galleries. They 
shall further declare that they are not employed in any legislative or 
executive department or independent agency of the Government, or by any 
foreign government or representative thereof; that they are not engaged 
in any lobbying activities; that

[[Page 1016]]

they do not and will not, directly or indirectly, furnish special 
information to any organization, individual, or group of individuals for 
the influencing of prices on any commodity or stock exchange; that they 
will not do so during the time they retain membership in the Galleries. 
Holders of visitors' cards who may be allowed temporary admission to the 
Galleries must conform to all the restrictions of this paragraph.
    *Information is based on data furnished and edited by each 
respective Gallery.
    2. It shall be a prerequisite to membership that the radio station, 
television station, system, or news-gathering agency which the applicant 
represents shall certify in writing to the 
Radio and Television Correspondents' Galleries that the applicant 
conforms to the foregoing regulations.
    3. The applications required by the above rule shall be 
authenticated in a manner that shall be satisfactory to the Executive 
Committee of the Radio and Television Correspondents' Galleries who 
shall see that the occupation of the Galleries is confined to bona fide 
news gatherers and/or reporters of reputable standing in their business 
who represent radio stations, television stations, systems, or news-
gathering agencies engaged primarily in serving radio stations, 
television stations, or systems. It shall be the duty of the Executive 
Committee of the Radio and Television Correspondents' Galleries to 
report, at its discretion, violation of the privileges of the Galleries 
to the Speaker or to the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, 
and pending action thereon, the offending individual may be suspended.
    4. Persons engaged in other occupations, whose chief attention is 
not given to--or more than one-half of their earned income is not 
derived from--the gathering or reporting of news for radio stations, 
television stations, systems, or news-gathering agencies primarily 
serving radio stations or systems, shall not be entitled to admission to 
the Radio and Television Galleries. The Radio and Television 
Correspondents' List in the Congressional Directory shall be a list only 
of persons whose chief attention is given to or more than one-half of 
their earned income is derived from the gathering and reporting of news 
for radio stations, television stations, and systems engaged in the 
daily dissemination of news, and of representatives of news-gathering 
agencies engaged in the daily service of news to such radio stations, 
television stations, or systems.
    5. Members of the families of correspondents are not entitled to the 
privileges of the Galleries.
    6. The Radio and Television Galleries shall be under the control of 
the Executive Committee of the Radio and Television Correspondents' 
Galleries, subject to the approval and supervision of the Speaker of the 
House of Representatives and the Senate Committee on Rules and 
                                               Paul D. Ryan,
                                  Speaker, House of Representatives.

                                                  Roy Blunt,
                Chair, Senate Committee on Rules and Administration.
                MEMBERS ENTITLED TO ADMISSION--Continued

[[Page 1017]]



Aaron, John: WTOP Radio
Abbey, Francis: WUSA-TV
Abbott, Stacey: National Public Radio
Abdallah, Khalil: CNN
Abdulgawad, Atef: AP-Broadcast
Abdulkareem, Akram: APTVS-American Press & TV Services
Abdullah, Halimah: NBC News
Abdulrazzaq, Ahmed: Aljazeera Satellite Channel (Peninsula)
Abe, Takaaki: Nippon TV Network
Abernethy, Bob: Religion & Ethics Newsweekly
Abeshouse, Robert: Aljazeera English
Abtar, Rana: Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN)
Abu Diab, Naser: AP-Broadcast
Abu-Hamdyia, Reema: RTTV America
Abu-Kwaik, Biesan: Aljazeera Satellite Channel (Peninsula)
Abuelhawa, Daoud: Al Arabiya TV
Aburahma, Eyad: Aljazeera Satellite Channel (Peninsula)
Accame, Gonzalo: EWTN
Acevedo, Juan: WFDC-TV Univision
Ackerman, Tom: Aljazeera English
Ackland, Matthew: WTTG-Fox Television
Acle, Elizabeth: National Public Radio
Acosta, Jim: CNN
Adams, Angelyn: Al Arabiya TV
Adams, Douglas A.: NBC News
Adams, Karen: WNEW / CBS DC
Adams, Lauren: Lilly Broadcasting
Ade, Erin: RTTV America
Adkinson, Jeff: AP-Broadcast
Adkison, Janet: Rural TV News
Adlerblum, Robin: ABC News
Agredo, Jose: Caracol Television
Ahlquist, Greg: Fox News
Ahmad, Meha: Aljazeera Satellite Channel (Peninsula)
Ahmed, Ali: Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN)
Ahmed, Lukman: BBC
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Alderman, Ashley: Fox News
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Alexander, Peter: NBC News
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Alfa, Nadine: Reuters Radio & TV
Alfalahi, Saad: Middle East Broadcasting Networks (MBN)
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[[Page 1018]]

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[[Page 1019]]

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[[Page 1020]]

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[[Page 1021]]

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[[Page 1022]]

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[[Page 1023]]

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[[Page 1024]]

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[[Page 1025]]

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[[Page 1026]]

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[[Page 1027]]

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[[Page 1028]]

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[[Page 1029]]

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[[Page 1030]]

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[[Page 1031]]

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[[Page 1032]]

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[[Page 1033]]

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[[Page 1034]]

Littleton, Philip: CNN
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Martin, Greg: NBC News

[[Page 1035]]

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[[Page 1036]]

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[[Page 1037]]

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[[Page 1038]]

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[[Page 1039]]

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[[Page 1040]]

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[[Page 1041]]

Rodriquez, Eduardo: TIMA
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[[Page 1042]]

Sawera, Thomas: German TV ARD
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[[Page 1043]]

Shirley, Matt: China Central TV Bureau
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[[Page 1044]]

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[[Page 1045]]

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[[Page 1046]]

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[[Page 1047]]

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[[Page 1048]]

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Zwart, Wouter: NOS Dutch Public Radio & TV (VRT)
Zwillich, Todd: WNYC

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        Valerie McCabe, Jamie McIntyre, Bryan Myers, Mark Orchard, 
        Simone Perez, Todd Reed, Jessica Sarstedt, Michael Shure, Kathy 
        Slobogin, Lisa Stark, John Terrett, Stephen Turnham, Mike 
        Viqueira, Amina Waheed, Ervin Washington.
    ALJAZEERA ENGLISH--1200 New Hampshire Avenue, NW., 2nd Floor, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Robert Abeshouse, Tom Ackerman, Khodayar 
        Akhavi, Laila Alarian, Amjad Atallah, Jeff Ballou, Eric Barreda, 
        Fatima Bartee, Frank Bass, James Bays, Joshua Bernstein, Marwan 
        Bishara, Ayana Brickhouse, Joven Cabague, Nick Castellaro, 
        Karolina Chapman, Kavitha Chekuru, Patricia Culhane, Villinda 
        Dickerson, Gabriel Elizondo, Mariam Engel, Sarah Evans, Kathleen 
        Fabian, Alan Fisher, Hida Fouladvand, Andy Gallacher, Maya Garg, 
        Jean Garner, Bill Gattsek, Karina Gomes, Kimberly Halkett, James 
        Hamilton, Michael Hanna, John Hendren, Kevin Hirten, Whitney 
        Hurst, Zuleqa Husain, Rosiland Jordan, Akilah Joseph, Muriel 
        Jubar, Anjali Kamat, Kylene Kiang, Mike LaBella, Ekaterina 
        Landy, Katherine Lannigan, Dennis Legget, Lister Lim, Gerard 
        Mackie, Goran Maric, Joseph Marno, Maria Marquez, Mercedes 
        Martinez, Tabetha Mason, Colin McIntyre, Robert Michaud, Michael 
        Mock, Matthew Monthei, Craig Pennington, Ivica Puljic, Omar A. 
        Quinonez, Roger Raiford, Shihab Rattansi, Alea Reeves, Robert 
        Reynolds, Kira Rockell, Joshua Rushing, Jennifer Salan, Sanil 
        Sali, Kristen Saloomey, Barbara Schell, Corinne Schneider, Islam 
        Sharief, Chris Sheridan, Mathieu Skene, Phillip Smith, Henrik 
        Stenval, Tom Szypulski, Simon Tate, Michael Taylor, Pilar 
        Tejerina, Nick Toksvig, Anar Virji, Sweta Vohra, Brian Wheeler, 
        Tammy Wright, James Wright, Wilkins Xavier, Jeremy Young, Dania 
        Yousef, Nahedah Zayed, Srdjan Zderic.
        NW., 2nd Floor, Washington, DC 20036: Ahmed Abdulrazzaq, Biesan 
        Abu-Kwaik, Eyad Aburahma, Meha Ahmad, Haitham Al Juboori, 
        Mohammed Alami, Heni Azzam, Baubak Baghi, Charles Behringer, 
        Adil Cherkaoui, Mahmoud El-Hamalawy, Abderrahim Foukara, Michael 
        Fox, Nasser Hssaini, Lina Khalaf, Fadi Mansour, Ghassan Sababa, 
        Wajd Waqfi.
    AMERICAN CHINESE TELEVISION (ACT)--(240) 988-4660; 722 Ridgemont 
        Avenue, Rockville, MD 20850: Lianhua Yang, Li Yunjin.

[[Page 1050]]

    AOL HUFFINGTON POST--(202) 624-9300; 1750 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., 
        Suite 600, Washington, DC 20006: Ibrahim Balkhy, Christine 
        Conetta, Brad Shannon, Adriana Usero.
    AP-BROADCAST--(202) 641-9000; 1100 13th Street, NW., Suite 500, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Jeff Adkinson, Nihad Aliakbar, Eric 
        Andree, Jeannie Andress, John Auresto, Philip Avner, Edward 
        Barker, Hugo Blanco, Jacqueline Blum-Dostie, Michael Bodenhorst, 
        Gerald Bodlander, Carlotta Bradley, Tracy Brown, Kathleen 
        Brumbaugh, David Bruns, Robert Bumsted, Matthew Burgoyne, Steven 
        Coleman, Flavia Colombo-Abdullah, Derek Danilko, Kelly Daschle, 
        Edward Donahue, Jason Dorn, Lisa Dwyer-Shapiro, Rodolfo Estrada, 
        Fritz Faerber, David Friar, Mathew Friedman, Oscar Gabriel, 
        Richard Gentilo, Lawrence Gold, Fernando Gonzalez, James Gorman, 
        Michael Gracia, Susan Henderson, Brian Hoffman, Dan Huff, Violet 
        Ikonomova, Christian Kettlewell, Sandy Kozel, Kathryn Loomans, 
        Nico Maounis, Margaret Mazzetti, Nan Hee McMinn, Sagar Meghani, 
        Vaughn Morrison, John Morrissey, Kamal Omara, Louis Pagan, Greg 
        Peppers, Gerald Petraitis, Padmananda Rama, Walter Ratliff, 
        Thomas Ritchie, John Rizzo, Emily Roseman, Michael Sanchez, 
        Felicia Smith, Mark Smith, Kevin Spinelli, Donna Starddard, 
        James Turner, Denise Vance, Carlos Vargas, Andrew Visley, 
        Suzanne Yee-Gaffney.
    APTVS-AMERICAN PRESS & TV SERVICES--202 601-2284; 1445 New York 
        Avenue, NW., Suite 500, Washington, DC 20005: Akram Abdulkareem, 
        Moaz Attawia, Colin Campbell, Mohamed Dawood, Sam Eizeldin, Ali 
        Mahboba, Mostafa Sliman, Rand Talal, Mayada Zazua.
    AUSTRALIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION--(202) 466-8575; 2000 M Street, 
        NW., Suite 660, Washington, DC 20036: Andrew Aylward, Nicholas 
        Harmsen, Robert Hill, Benjamin Knight, Stephanie March, Lisa 
        Millar, Dee Porter, Michael Vincent.
    AUSTRIAN RADIO & TV (ORF)--1206 Eton Court, NW., Washington, DC 
        20007: Manuel Etzlstorfer, Hannelore Fauqueux-Veit, Verena 
        Gleitsmann, Uelle-Mall Jaakson, Ernst Kernmayer, Anna Kirst, 
        Markus Meier, Lauren Silva-Pinto, Christian Staudinger.
    AZTECA AMERICA--400 North Capitol NW., Suite 361, Washington, DC 
        20001: Armando Guzman, Ernesto Orellana.
    BBC--(202) 223-2050; 2000 M Street, NW., #800, Washington, DC 20009: 
        Lukman Ahmed, Nadia Al Huraimi, Sina Alinejad, Glenn Osten 
        Anderson, Ben Bevington, Paul Blake, David Botti, Taylor Brown, 
        Nicholas Bryant, Maxine Collins, Jonathan Csapo, Kathleen 
        Dailey, Paul Danahar, Tushar Dayal, Ian Druce, Kate Farrell, Sam 
        Farzaneh, Kambiz Fattahi, Joao Fellet, Joan Field, Tom 
        Geoghegan, Kim Ghattas, Rozalia Hristova, Katty Kay, Suzanne 
        Kianpour, John Landy, Aleem Maqbool, Lindle Markwell, Barin 
        Masoud, Tara McKelvey, William McKenna, Matthew Morrison, Tara 
        Neill, Hadi Nili, Gary O'Donoghue, Colm O'Molloy, Ian Pannell, 
        Amir Payam, Mehrnoosh Pourziaiee, James Reber, Ashley Semler, 
        Ron Skeans, Jon Sopel, Franz Strasser, Sarah Svoboda, Tim Swift, 
        Ted Tait, Nada Tawfik, Laura Trevelyan, Brajesh Upadhyay, 
        Jonathan Urquhart, Barbara Usher, Rajini Vaidyanathan, Gringo 
        Wotshela, Anthony Zurcher.
    BET NIGHTLY NEWS--(202) 824-6500; 400 North Capitol Street, NW., 
        Suite 361, Washington, DC 20001: Pamela Gentry, Joyce Jones, 
        Andre Showell, Tiffany Tate.
    BLOOMBERG RADIO & TV--1399 New York Avenue, NW., 11th Floor, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Michael Callahan, Peter Cook, Kenneth 
        Distance, Lara Hartzenbusch, Phil Mattingly, Roland Morrisette, 
        Patrick Reap, LaVenia Rice, Allison Rowe, Sarah Svoboda.
    BT VIDEO PRODUCTIONS--7117 Wolftree Lane, Rockville, MD 20852: Cesar 
        Flores, Paul Hollenbeck, Martin Kos.
    C-SPAN--(202) 737-3220; 400 North Capitol Street, NW., #650, 
        Washington, DC 20001: Kenneth Alexander, Thomas Alldredge, 
        Theresa Amirault-Michel, Jeremy Art, Shannon Augustus, Joel 
        Bacon, Michelle Bailor, Jason Bender, Brett Betsill, Leona 
        Blakey, Greta Brawner, Donald Brown, Paul Brown, Robert 
        Browning, Kristina Buddenhagen, Susan J. Bundock, Leslie 
        Burdick, Kathy Cahill, Nancy Calo-Christian, Craig Caplan, 
        Kenneth Carrick, Tanya Chattman, Nicole Chung, Matthew Claar, 
        James Clark, Bruce D. Collins, James L. Cook, Cleve Corner, 
        Nathan Craig, Mariah Crews, Liam Currier, Alexander Curtis, Greg 
        Czzowitz, Pete Daniels, Matthew Dauchess, Bridget Diggs, Danny 
        Dill, Michelle Doell, Sean Doody, Jason Dorman, Kris Dowdell, 
        Paul Eades, Jr, Pedro L. Echevarria, Gary Ellenwood, Seth Engel, 
        Patricia Esquivel, Greg Fabic, Mark Farkas, Joseph Feeney, Laura 
        Finch, Richard Fleeson, Amanda Fortner, Carl Foster, William 
        Frazier, Bill Gallagher, John Gallagher, Craig Galowin, John 
        Garlock, Jennifer Garrott, Garney Gary, Robert Gould, Fred 
        Haberstick, Richard Hall, Chris Hanson, Stephen Harkness, Robb 
        Harleston, Kasey Harris, Maurice Haynes, William Heffley, 
        Jonelle P. Henry, Ashley Hill, Dallas Hill, Caitlin Hillyard, 
        Adrienne Hoar, Slade Horacek, Yi-Pe Hsieh, Katherine Hughes, 
        Scott Hummelsheim, Kia Hunter, Tracy Hunter, Nate Hurst, Cynthia 
        Ingle, Roberta Jackson, Blake Jones, Andrew Jones, Stephanie 
        Kaye, Steve Kehoe, Jon Kelley, Robert Kennedy, Barkley Kern, 
        Roxane Kerr, Kevin King, David Knighton, Felix Laboy, Debbie 
        Lamb, Brian Lamb, Darren Larade, Molly Laville, Robert Lazar, 
        Jerome Leddon, Brian Lloyd, Paul Loeschke, Russell Logan, Ivette 
        Lucero, Graham MacGillivray, Valerie Matthews, John McArdle, 
        Sean McCann, Michael McCann, Gerard McGarrity, Justin Metzger, 
        Andrew Peter Miller, Kate Mills, David Monack, Victor Montoro, 
        Garrette Moore, Linwood Moore, Howard Mortman, Dan Morton, Terry 
        Murphy, Yetta Myrick, Andrew Nason, Trang ``Nicole'' Ninh, Donna 
        Norris, Benen O'Brien, Benjamin O'Connell, Alan Olmsted, Paul 
        Orgel, Michael Patruznick, Vernon Perkins, Christina Perry, 
        Nickolas Pitocco, Almon Porter,

[[Page 1051]]

        Taylor Porter, Anne Preloh, David Pries, Tony Pronko, Nikhil 
        Raval, Robert Reilly, Kirby Reitz, Michele Remillard, Cynthia 
        Reuter, Delia Rios, Tiffany Rocque, Mark Rodeffer, Martine 
        Rodriguez, Randy Rohrbaugh, Nicole Rossoll, Jennifer Ruff, 
        Frederico Sampaio, Molly Sanders, Sherry Sanders-Smith, Michelle 
        Sandiford, Stanley Sang, Bridget Scanlan, William Scanlan, John 
        Scheuer, Ellen Schweiger, Steven Scully, Peter Slen, Lindley 
        Smith, Ben Sorenson, Haley Southee, Alan Speck, Bob Spence, 
        Johnny Street, Jean, Gary Starikoff, James Statler, Mindy 
        Steinman, Rick Stoddard, Susan Swain, Mary Symanski, Christina 
        Taylor, Russell Taylor, Joseph Teeples, Eric Thoman, Arthur 
        Tiller, Brandon Tilman, Sarah Tobianski, Emmanuel Touhey, Kevin 
        Washburn, Richard Weinstein, Ruthann Winterhalter, Christopher 
        Wood, Robert Latimer Young.
    CADENA SER--(202) 596 6969; 4520 Cumberland Avenue, Chevy Chase, MD 
        20815: Javier del Pino.
    CANADIAN BROADCASTING CORPORATION (CBC)--(202) 383-2900; National 
        Press Building 529 14th Street, NW., Suite 500, Washington, DC 
        20045: Jean-Francois Bisson, Keith Boag, Jason Burles, Marcel 
        Calfat, Marie Claudet, Yanik Dumont Baron, Lyndsay Duncombe, 
        Patrick Ferguson, Meagan Fitzpatrick, Paul Hunter, Christian 
        Latreille, Jason Lowther, Neil MacDonald, Glenn Parker, Sylvain 
        Richard, Anne Zuk.
    CANAL PLUS FRENCH TV--(202) 641-9289; 1100 13 Street, NW., Suite 
        400, Washington, DC 20001: Mounira Al Hmoud, Laura Haim.
    CARACOL TELEVISION--(202) 615-3899; 400 North Capitol Street, NW., 
        Suite 361, Washington, DC 20001: Jose Agredo, Laura Newton, 
        Daniel Pacheco-Saenz.
    CATALUNYA RADIO--(301) 204-9062; 4608 Cooper Lane, Bethesda, MD 
        20816: Xavier Vila.
    CBN NEWS--(202) 833 2707; 1919 M Street, NW., Street 100, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Mark Bautista, David Brody, Christopher 
        Christian, Laura Crombe, Brian Edwards, Aronica Glover, Alegra 
        Hall, Steve Jacobi, Gene Jenkins, John Jessup, Matthew Keedy, 
        Robin Mazyck, Jacob Moore, Stacy Opoku, Denis Pacuraru, David 
        Page, Tamatha Papadeas, Abigail Robertson, Ian Rushing, Erick 
        Stakelbeck, Paul Strand, Amber Strong, Tracy Winborn, Jennifer 
        Wishon, Crystal Woodall, Jerome Young, Jr., Angela Zatopek.
    CBS NEWS--(202) 457-4444; 2020 M Street, NW., Washington, DC 20036: 
        Adam Aigner-Treworgy, Zachary Akey, Jacqueline Alemany, Clinton 
        N. Alexander, Alicia Amling, Stuart Ammerman, Wyatt Andrews, 
        Alana Anyse, Howard Arenstein, Kylie Atwood, Barry Bagnato, 
        Morris Banks, Reginald Barringer, Kia Baskerville, Farrel 
        Becker, Mark R. Bennett, Jackie Berkowitz, Musadiq Bidar, Julia 
        Boccagno, Lindsey Boerma, Craig Boswell, Margaret Brennan, 
        Whitney Bright, Susan Bullard Harmon, Catherine Cannon, Denise 
        Cetta, Steven Chaggaris, Jane S. Chick, George Christian, 
        Marshall Cohen, Stephanie Condon, Carol Coney, John Cooper, 
        Nancy Cordes, Victoria Coughlan, Pam Coulter, Jan Crawford, 
        Walter Cronkite, John Crum, Jonathan Crum, John Daly, Bethey 
        Dereje, Robert Diaz, John Dickerson, Charles H. Dixson, Katie 
        Dominick, Margaret Dore, Louise Dufresne, Lois Dyer, John L. 
        Fantacone, Arden Farhi, Reena Flores, John Frado, Tony Furlow, 
        Hal E. Furman, Brian Fuss, Travis Galey, July Garcia, Major 
        Garrett, Timothy Gaughan, Benson Ginsburg, Julianna Goldman, 
        Jeff Scott Goldman, Brian Gottlieb, Neil Grasso, Josh Gross, 
        David Gross, Mary Hager, Bill Harding, Alan He, Robert Hendin, 
        Elizabeth Hinson, Caroline Horn, Jillian Hughes, Katherine 
        Iorio, Christopher Isham, Jill Jackson, Dennis Jamison, Courtney 
        Jay, Richard Jefferson, Weijia Jiang, Shanica Johnson, Jeffrey 
        Johnston, Lorna Jones, Donald Judd, Rebecca Kaplan, Craig Katz, 
        Eric Kerchner, Jonathan Kessler, Julia Kimani, Daniel Klos, Mark 
        Knoller, Cara Korte, Gabe Lamonica, Donald A. Lee, Jonathan 
        Lien, Sam Litzinger, Kevin Livelli, Lara Logan, Steve Marshall, 
        David Martin, Mark Mazariegos, D. Jay McCarty, D. Page McCarty, 
        Max McClellan, Susan McGinnis, Jim McGlinchy, Michael McGuire, 
        Duncan McKenna, Robert McKinley, Jake Miller, Pat Milton, Donald 
        Morgan, John Nolen, Mosheh Oinounou, Jeffrey Pegues, Timothy 
        Perry, Michael Peyton, William Plante, Steve Portnoy, Diana 
        Quinn, Carrie Rabin, Daniel Raviv, Charles Reid, Paula Reid, 
        Catherine Reynolds, Francisco Robbins, Ira Rosen, Howard 
        Rosenberg, Allyson Ross Taylor, Kate Rydell, Jenna Sakwa, Bob 
        Schieffer, Fred Schneider, Gabrielle Schonder, Henry Schuster, 
        Heather Scott, Thomas H. Seem, Gregory Shaffir, Kim Shaffir, 
        Dennis Shannon, Kimberly Skeen, Ward C. Sloane, Gabriel Stix, 
        Laura Strickler, Craig Swagler, Troy Thornes, Thomas E. Tillman, 
        Peter C. Traynham, Andres P. Triay, Trish Turner, Geoff Turner, 
        Dan D. Tutman, Victor Ulloa, Justin Upshaw, Kris Van Cleave, 
        William Walker, Mary Walsh, Craig Warner, Erick Washington, Mark 
        White, Ricardo Whitson, Kenneth E. Williams, Joshua Yager, Tina 
    CHANNEL 10 ISRAEL--(202) 460-0223; 195 Hardy Place, Rockville, MD 
        20852: Gil Tamary.
    CHANNEL ONE RUSSIAN TV--1100 13th Street, NW., Suite 400, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Anatoly Lazarev, Dmitry Vishnevoy.
    CHINA CENTRAL TV BUREAU--(202) 639-4800; 1099 New York Avenue, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20001: Atirath Aich, Rachelle Akuffo, Julio 
        Aliaga, Guy Bagley, Fan Bai, Sean Callebs, Shen Chen, He Cheng, 
        Ralph Cooper, Chris Cowman, Bob Crawford, Lingnan Cui, Bianca 
        Davie, Yubin Du, Lucho Durand, Owen Fairclough, Wang Fenghua, 
        Peng Fu, Qi Gao, Sheryl Gao, Joanna Godinho, Chun Guo, Zhu 
        Haiqing, Jiyuan Han, Wenjin He, Aja Hubert-Hogg, Michael 
        Italiano, Elmira Jafari, Li Jia, Xin Jiang, Monna Kashfi, 
        Colleen Kenney, Nathan King, Frances Kuo, Yunhe Lai, Ira 
        Lazernik, Zhujun Li, Meng Li, Hui Lin, Xiyang Liu, Jing Ma, Yan 
        Mei, Mat Morrison, Virginia Moubray,

[[Page 1052]]

        Rich Murphy, Ruqaiyah Najjar, Asieh Namdar, Giang Nguyen, Hakan 
        Ozsancak, Sun Ping, Qi Qin, Xiangqin Quan, Elaine Reyes, Kelly 
        Rice, Janet Rodriguez, Roee Ruttenberg, Sahar Sarshar, Christine 
        Schiffner, Matt Shirley, Matthew Simon, Andrew Smith, James 
        Spellman, Donald Stanke, Jessica Stone, Xiaoxiao Su, Qingzhao 
        Sun, Mike Walter, Xin Wang, Erdan Wang, Guan Wang, Hui Wang, 
        Meng Wang, Wei Wang, R.T. Warfield, Duane Watkins, Xing Wei, 
        Xuejiao Wei, Glenn Weidenbosch, Kevin White, Joel Witte, Hanying 
        Wu, Hejia Xiao, Chenguang Xie, Phillip Yin, Naskah Zada, Xin 
        Zhang, Yunjie Zhao, Peng Zhao, Xiaoyan Zhao, Xiaomeng Zhu, Yun 
    CMI TV (COLOMBIA)--5753 Governor's Pond Circle, Alexandria, VA 
        22310: Jaime Moreno, Adriana Serna.
    CNBC--(202) 776-7405; 400 North Capitol Street, NW., Suite 850, 
        Washington, DC 20001: Patrick Anastasi, Bria Cousins, Plummer 
        Crawley, Matthew Cuddy, Stephanie Dhue, John Harwood, Karen 
        James, Eamon Javers, Diana Olick, Hampton Pearson, Pat Pugliese, 
        Shari Rosen, Ashley Stringer.
    CNN--(202) 898-7900; 820 1st Street, NE., Washington, DC 20002: 
        Khalil Abdallah, Jim Acosta, Rami Al-Badry, Nefi Alarcon, 
        William Alberter, Kathy Aragon, Rahmin Atarod, Emily Atkinson, 
        Tiane Austin, Matthew Avrutine, Marlena Baldacci, Erik Banks, 
        Ted Barrett, Dana Bash, Ariel Bashi, John Bena, Alexa Bennewitz, 
        Leslie Bentz, David Bergeman, Richard Bernal, Laura Bernardini, 
        Jonathan Berryman, Lindzie Bills, Kevin Blakley, Wolf Blitzer, 
        John Bodnar, Kevin Bohn, Gloria Borger, Tyrone Boston, Eric 
        Bradner, Joshua Braun, Allison Brennan, Michael Brevner, Ray 
        Britch, Scott Bronstein, Pamela Brown, Tia Brueggeman, Wesley 
        Bruer, Steven Brusk, Burke Buckhorn, Jennifer Buesinger, David 
        Burgess, Terence Burlij, Juan Cabral, Will Cadigan, Karin Caifa, 
        Casey Capachi, David Keith Catrett, David Chalian, Jill 
        Chappell, Elizabeth Chmurak, Gregory Clary, Bobby Clemons, 
        Ashley Codianni, Stephen Collinson, Christie Corologos-Medina, 
        Marina Cracchiolo, James Crawford, Abigail Crutchfield, John 
        Cunha, Jaime Davila Castillo, Edward Davis, Patrick A. Davis, 
        Ariane de Vogue, Karl de Vries, Nicholas Deines, Anastasia 
        Diakides, Jeremy Diamond, Daniella Diaz, Patricia DiCarlo, 
        Stephen Dolce, Martin Dougherty, Katerina Erbiti, Sam Feist, 
        Eric James Fiegel, Craig Fingar, Patrick Ford, Thomas Foreman, 
        Chris Frates, Scott Garber, Danelle Garcia, Melodie Garner, 
        Timothy C. Garraty, Christopher Garrett, Joshua Gaynor, David 
        Gelles, Melissa Giaimo, Andre Goddard, David Goodman, Richard 
        Gorbutt, Allison Gracey, David Gracey, Noah Gray, Noah Gray, 
        James Graydon, Clayton Green, Eddie S. Gross, Jr., Peter Hamby, 
        Brian Hampton, Jeremy Harlan, Elizabeth Hartfield, Dianna Heitz, 
        Simon Hernandez-Arthur, Matthew Hilk, Katherine Hinman, Kristen 
        Holmes, Derek Horrigan, Emily Howell, Matthew Hoye, Paige 
        Hymson, Yasmeen Ibrahim, Adia Jacobs, Alexandra Jaffe, Oliver 
        Janney, David Jenkins, Geet Jeswani, Joseph Johns, Athena Jones, 
        Jay Jones, Polson Kanneth, Brianna Keilar, Pamela Kelley, Ashley 
        Killough, John King, Mary Klein, Laura Koran, Michelle Kosinski, 
        Hilary Krieger, Ben Krolowitz, Rebecca Kutler, Elise Labott, 
        Elizabeth Landers, M.J. Lee, Alex Lee, Adam Levine, Ross Levitt, 
        Adam Levy, Kevin Liptak, Philip Littleton, Thomas LoBianco, Juan 
        Carlos Lopez, Brooke Lorenz, Alysha Love, Natalie Lylo, Melissa 
        Macaya, Mary Kay Mallonee, Allison Malloy, Mark Anthony 
        Marchione, Eric Marrapodi, Rene Marsh, Dugald McConnell, Denise 
        McIntosh, Samuel J. McMichael IV, Michael McMullan, Erin McPike, 
        James Meech, Lauren Meier, Daniel Merica, Rebekah Metzler, 
        Jennifer Mikell, Paul Miller, Alec Miran, Ione Indira Molinares-
        Hess, Jeffrey Moller, Christopher Moody, Jeremy Moorhead, Isabel 
        Morales, Peter Morris, Virginia Moseley, Sara Murray, Steven 
        Nannes, Nicholette Nicci, Ryan Nobles, Ernest G. Nocciolo, Greg 
        Overzat, Maribel Padial, Steven Page, Robert Geoffrey Parker, 
        Andre Parker, Melanie Parks, Wade Payson-Denney, Evan Perez, 
        Rebecca Perlow, Thomas Perrell, Katelyn Petroka, Michelle Poley, 
        Brendan Polmer, Lauren Pratapas, Mark Preston, Federico 
        Quadrani, Meghan Rafferty, Manu Raju, Pallavi Reddy, Samantha 
        Reyes, Casey Riddle, Raul Rios-Hernandez, Jennifer Rizzo, Greg 
        Robertson, David Robinson, Charlitta Rodrigues, Brian Rokus, 
        Jedd Rosche, Alexander Rosen, Lindy Royce-Bartlett, Diane 
        Ruggiero, Stacey Samuel, Polo Sandoval, Antoine Sanfuentes, 
        Amanda Sansone, Joseph Sansone, Douglas N. Schantz, Teddy 
        Schleifer, James Sciutto, Raquel Scott, Gregory Seaby, Sunlen 
        Serfaty, John Shaylor, David Siegel, Jeffery Simms, Jeff Simon, 
        Jennifer Simpson, Kathleen Skinski, Steven Sloan, Rachel 
        Smolkin, Chloe Sommers, Todd Sperry, Richard Spire, Cassandra 
        Spodak, Jessica Stanton, Barbara Starr, Scott Stead, Vaughn 
        Sterling, John Stevenson, Jason Strachan, Rachel Streitfeld, 
        Jake Tapper, Laura Tatum, James B. Thomas III, Mallory Thompson, 
        Brian Todd, Nicolas Toso, Thanh Tram, Andrew Troast, Kenneth 
        Tuohey, Chris Turner, Elizabeth Turrell, Robert Tweed, Brett 
        Tyler, Kim Uhl, Anthony R. Umrani, Laurie Ure, Ellen Van de 
        Mark, Dawid Vermaak, Margaret Voelzke, Tu H. Vu, Gregory 
        Wallace, Deirdre Walsh, Mark Walz, Tracey Webb, Alexis Weiss, 
        Caitlin Weston, Amanda White, Brenna Williams, Kristin Wilson, 
        Frederick Wiseman, Zachary Wolf, Angelique Yack, Floyd Yarmuth, 
        Taka Yokoyama, Robert Yoon, Deena Zaru, Jeff Zeleny.
    CNSNEWS.COM--(571) 267-3500; 325 South Patrick Street, Alexandria, 
        VA 22314: Lauretta Brown, Michael Chapman, Barbara 
        Hollingsworth, Brittany Hughes, Melanie Hunter, Terence Jeffrey, 
        Susan Jones, Mark Judge, Alison Meyer, Craig Millward, Michael 
        Morris, Eric Scheiner, Penny Starr.
    COPE RADIO (SPAIN)--4904 Bett Road, NW., Washington, DC 20016: Juan 
        Martinez Fierro.
    COX BROADCASTING--(202) 777-7000; 400 North Capitol Street, NW., 
        #750, Washington, DC 20001: Kyla Campbell, David Chase, Jamie 
        Dupree, Jackie Fell, Justin Gray, Kevin Johnson, Heidi Junk, 
        Dorey Scheimer, Patrick Terpstra, Jeffrey L. Williams.

[[Page 1053]]

    CQ / ROLL CALL--202-650-6500; 77 K Street, NE., 8th Floor, 
        Washington, DC 20002-4681: Meredith Dake, John Rieger.
    CRONKITE NEWS SERVICE--(202) 684-2400; 1834 Connecticut Avenue, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20009: Stephen Crane.
    CTI-TV (TAIWAN)--(301) 792-8883; 7 Monona Court, Derwood, MD 20855: 
        E-Ting Chung, Guohua Zang.
    CTV CANADIAN TV--(202) 775-0356; 1717 DeSales Street, NW., Suite 
        354, Washington, DC 20036: Jonathan Austin, William Dugan, 
        Bradley Fulton, Joy Malbon, John Mees, Marley Parker, Paul 
    CTV-COMMUNITY TV OF PG COUNTY--(202) 383-6061; 9475 Lottsford Road, 
        Largo, MD 20774: David Barnes, Curtis Crutchfield, Ara Laughlin, 
        Rochelle Metzger, Jesusemen Oni, Sandra Peaches, Sonia Randev, 
        Christopher Thomas, Patricia Villone Garcia.
    DANISH BROADCASTING CORPORATION--(202) 785-1957; 2000 M Street, NW., 
        Suite 890, Washington, DC 20036: Johannes Langkilde, Jacob 
        Lorenzen, Gitte McGuire, Oliver Skov.
    DEUTSCHE WELLE TV--(202) 785-5730; 2000 M Street, NW., Suite 335, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Gero Schliess, Miodrag Soric, Richard 
        Floor, Washington, DC 20036: James Butler, Joseph Concaugh, Jr., 
        David M. Cooke, Robert Fetzer, Adrian Kill, Jamie Norins, 
        Chanlee Parks, Terry Straub, Robert Zajko.
    ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY PUBLISHING, LLC--(202) 628-6500; 122 C Street, 
        NW., Suite 722, Washington, DC 20001: Christopher Farmer, Monica 
        Trauzzi, Douglas Zimmerman.
    EPA-EUROPEAN PRESS AGENCY--202-347-4694; 1122 National Press 
        Building, Washington, DC 20045: Lawrence Miller.
    ESTONIAN PUBLIC BROADCASTING--(202) 910-8644; 400 Massachusetts 
        Avenue, #1210, Washington, DC 20001: Lauri Tankler, Eve Tisler.
    EURONEWS--(202) 420-9852.; 1717 DeSales Street, NW., Washington, DC 
        20036: Stefan Grobe.
    EUROVISION AMERICAS, INC.--2000 M Street, NW., Suite 300, 
        Washington, DC 20036: James Banks, Adam Bearne, Garrett 
        Bohannon, Emilie de Schaetzen, William Dunlop, Tanya Fischer, 
        Megan Goodrich, Lee Grigsby, Jay Hahn, Sarah Lanningham, Brian 
        Malloy, Adam Mandelson, Glenn Mikols, Priya Narahari, Jihee 
        Park, Jean Pierre Roberts, Eduardo Rosario, Jason Scharf, Peggy 
        Soucy, Thomas Trainor, Clayton Trosclair, Juri von Bonsdorff.
    EWTN--(202) 909-2900; 750 First Street, NE., Suite 1115, Washington, 
        DC 20002: Gonzalo Accame, Todd Burger, Jason Calvi, Addie 
        Darling, Alfred Faison, Paul Fifield, Wyatt Goolsby, Matt Hadro, 
        Mark Irons, Cristina Kelly, Susanne LaFrankie, Angela Mitchell, 
        Susanna Pinto, Leon Segears, Paul Smith, Catherine Szeltner.
    EYE-TO-EYE VIDEO--4614 Chevy Chase Boulevard, Chevy Chase, MD 20815: 
        Elliot Klayman, Patrick O'Donnell.
    FEATURE STORY NEWS--(202) 296-9012; 1730 Rhode Island Avenue, Suite 
        405, Washington, DC 20036: Andrea Arenas, Adriana Bevir, John 
        Bevir, Malcolm Brown, John Clarke, Kate Fisher, Robert Flynn, 
        Rebecca Foster, Robert Frazier, Tammy Haddad, Priscilla Huff, 
        Denis Levkovich, Simon Marks, Kevin McAleese, Murray Pinczuk, 
        Nina-Maria Potts, Daniel Ryntjes, Lorna Shaddick, Rachel 
        Silverman, Charles Steck.
    FEDERAL NEWS RADIO 1500 AM--3400 Idaho Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 
        20016: Mike Causey, Jason Fornicola, Jory Heckman, Shefali 
        Kapadia, Emily Kopp, Lauren Larson, Sean McCalley, Jason Miller, 
        Michael O'Connell, Nicole Ogrysko, Francis Rose, Jared Serbu, 
        Meredith Somers, Thomas Temin, Matthew Wingfield, Lisa Wolfe, 
        Julia Ziegler.
    FEDNET--50 F Street, NW., Suite 1C, Washington, DC 20001: Keith 
        Carney, Caleb Hamilton, Alvin Jones, Michael Kirby, Seamus 
    FINNISH BROADCASTING COMPANY (YLE)--2000 M Street, NW., Suite 890, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Pirkko Pointinen.
    FOX BUSINESS NETWORK--(202) 684-4000; 400 North Capitol Street, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20001: Mike Bannigan, Peter Barnes, Bruce Becker, 
        Blake Burman, Sylvia Hall, Martin Jimenez, Mary Kreinbihl, Chris 
        Mills, Kristin Rudman, Jennifer Schonberger, Jonathan Street, 
    FOX NEWS--(202) 824-6300; 400 North Capitol Street, NW., Washington, 
        DC 20001: Greg Ahlquist, Ashley Alderman, Vincent Arbogast, 
        Robert Armfield, Adam Awada, Bret Baier, Les Baker, Josh Banks, 
        Calvin Barrett, Stuart Basinger, Katherine Batson, Robin Beal, 
        Chris Becker, Judson Berger, Varuna Bhatia, Bryan Boughton, 
        Jennifer Bowman, Fletcher Bransford, Shannon Bream, Kristin 
        Brown, Jenny Buchholz, Betsy Burkhard, Carl Cameron, Steve 
        Carlson, Michael Carpel, Walter Carter, Jr., Margaret Chadbourn, 
        Barnini Chakraborty, Richard Cockerham, Brielle Colby, Bryan 
        Cole, Eric Colimore, Eric Conner, Kevin Corke, Lauren Cowin, 
        Jodie Curtis, Abby Danzig, Wendy Dawson, Matthew Dean, Debra 
        DeFrank, Joe DeFrank, Michael Demark, Mary Pat Dennert, Andrea 
        DeVito, Kate DiBella, Brian Doherty, Jason Donner, Peter Doocy, 
        Paige Dukeman, Jerry Echols, William Edmondson, Rich Edson, 
        James W. Eldridge, Mike Emanuel, Tyler Evans, Joel Fagen, Amy 
        Fenton, Mark Finch, Martin Finn, Kristin Fisher, Linda Fodrea, 
        Jake Gibson, Gary Gillis, Serafin Gomez, Jennifer Griffin, 
        Cherie Grzech, Gregg L. Gursky, Kata Hall, Lacey Halpern, Amy 
        Hasenberg, Bill Hemmer, Ed

[[Page 1054]]

        Henry, Francis Herbas, Catherine Herridge, Stacy Hickman, Joanna 
        Hill, Martin Hill, Scott Himelein, Jennifer Holton, Adrienne 
        Moira Hopkins, Cory R. Howard, Brit Hume, Elena Isella, Lesa 
        Jansen, Nunu Japaridze, William G. Jenkins, George Jewsevskyj, 
        Torrance Jones, Stephen Jones, Nathalie Joost, Nick Kalman, 
        Stephen Kanicka, Colleen Kelley, Grigory Khananayev, Kevin 
        Kirby, Ashley Koerber, Kathryn Krupnik, Whitney Ksiazek, Howard 
        Kurtz, Donna Lacey, Philip LeCroy, Edward Lewis, Joy Lin, 
        Jessica Loker, Wayne Lowman, Doug Luzader, Stacia Lynds, Michael 
        Lyon, Michelle Macaluso, Michael Maltas, Lori Martin, Kevin 
        McClam, George McCloskey, Constance McDonough, Doug McKelway, 
        Tamara Montgomery, Richard Morse, Seleena M. Muhammad, Tiffany 
        Mullon, James Nelson, Jessica O'Hara, Ryan O'Malley, Quillie 
        Odom, Anna Olson, Cherie Paquette, Bradford S. Paxton, Chad 
        Pergram, Sally Ann Persons, Jacqueline Pham, Elizabeth Prann, 
        Owen Renfro, David Renken, Elizabeth Rhodes, Katheryn Ricalde, 
        Sarah Ridolfi, Anne Marie Riha, Victor Rios, Lisa Rizzolo, 
        Michael Robbins, Christina Robbins, John Roberts, Rhonda Rogers, 
        Douglas Rohrbeck, James Rosen, Kara Rowland, Bill Sammon, Craig 
        Savage, Jason Scanlon, Kimberly Schwandt, Jody Sciacca, Steve 
        Shelton, Anita Siegfriedt, David Smith, Teresa Spector, Daniel 
        J. Stay, Seneca Stevens, Chris Stirewalt, Matthew Stout, Kelly 
        Summers, Patrick Summers, Stanley Sundel, Jennifer Suzara, 
        Garrett Tenney, Lucas Tomlinson, Robert Torpey, Anne Trabandt, 
        Bree Tracey, Hayley Turner, Lamonte Tyler, Greta Van Susteren, 
        Bryce Vinson, Todd Visioli, Leland Vittert, Phil Vogel, Joel 
        Waldman, Neil Wallace, Chris Wallace, John L. Wallace, Jonathan 
        Walter, Patrick Ward, Joseph Webber, Amy Wehinger, Meghan Welsh, 
        Caroline Whiteman, Walter Whitley, Colleen Williams, John 
        Williams, Anne Marie Willis.
    FOX NEWS RADIO--(212) 301-5800; 400 North Capitol Street, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20001: Jason Bonewald, Jessica Curtis, Mitch 
        Davis, Jon Decker, Jared Halpern, Kirstin McNary, Jill Nado, Tom 
        Root, Gurnal Scott, Daniel Shields, Rachel Sutherland, John 
        Sylvester, Hank Weinbloom, Tonya Williams.
    FRANCE 2 TELEVISION--(202) 833-1818; 2000 M Street, NW., Suite 320, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Sabrina Buckwalter, Jacques Cardoze, 
        Laurent Desbois, Fabien Ortiz.
    FREE SPEECH TV (FSTV)--1844 Mintwood Place, NW., Washington, DC 
        20009: Eddie Becker.
    FUJI TV JAPAN--(202) 347-1600; 529 14th Street, NW., Suite 330, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Jacqueline Enzmann, Peter Gold, Haruka 
        Joho, Toshiyuki Matsuyama, Matthew Mosley, Tomokazu Shibaki.
    GALEI-TZAHAL (ISRAEL ARMY RADIO)--(301) 520-2503; 112 Shaw Avenue, 
        Silver Spring, MD 20904: Drora Perl.
    GANNETT GOVERNMENT MEDIA CORP--(703) 750-7479; 6883 Commercial 
        Drive, Springfield, VA 22159: Lars Schwetje.
    GERMAN PRESS AGENCY--(202) 662-1220; 1112 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Christina Eck.
    GERMAN PUBLIC RADIO (ARD)--(202) 342-1730; 3132 M Street, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20007: Jan Boesche, Rolf Buellmann, Martina 
        Buttler, Sabrina Fritz, Martin Ganslmeier, Eva Graumann, Andreas 
        Horchler, Astrid Joehnk, Diana Robbins, Ralph Weber.
    GERMAN TV ARD--(202) 298-6535; 3132 M Street, NW., Washington, DC 
        20007: Jan Aulenkamp, Daniel Doernen, Heather Dorf-Dolce, 
        Hillery Gallasch, Antonio R. Gonzalez, Bettina Hassel-
        Schumacher, Felicitas Klopp, Barbara Lautenbach, Stefan Niemann, 
        Sandra Ratzow, Ina-Maria Ruck, Thomas Sawera, Ingo Zamperoni, 
        Marion Zschieschang.
    GERMAN TV ZDF--(202) 333-3909; 1077 31st Street, NW., Washington, DC 
        20007: Catherine Berger, Annette Brieger, Kirsten Candia, Oliver 
        Divaris, Uwe Doergeloh, Lara Esfahani, Ruben Herrera, Carmen 
        Kupper, Katherine Leiken, Wolfgang Macholz, Claudia Offermann, 
        Daniel Pontzen, Steffanie Riess, Ulf-Jensen Roeller, Peter 
        Schloemer, Jan Seifert, Heike Slansky, Uyanga Tserenbaljid, Elke 
    GLOBAL TV CANADA--(202) 824-6771; 400 North Capitol Street, NW., 
        #850, Washington, DC 20001: Aarti Pole, Jackson Proskow.
    GRAY TELEVISION--(202) 910-8644; 400 North Capitol Street, NW., 
        Suite 850, Washington, DC 20001: Mariam Khan, Alex Miller, 
        Jacqueline Policastro, Nicholas Starling, Alex Yoder, Peter 
    GROUPE TVA--(202) 822-4588; 820 1st Street, NE., Washington, DC 
        20002: Richard Latendresse.
    HEARST TELEVISION INC--(202) 457-0220; 1100 13th Street, NW., #425, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Lee Alexandre, Gail Austin, Aixa Diaz, 
        Brady Headington, Sheila Jaskot, Sally F. Kidd, Nikole Killion, 
        Nathan Luna, Lauren McDevitt, Erin T. McManamon, Camille Moore, 
        Carlos Olazagasti, Chase Pipkin, David Postovit, Chris Smyth, 
        Wendy Wilk.
    HELLENIC PUBLIC TV--(202) 413-9219; 2742 Thornbrook Court, Odenteon, 
        MD 21113: Eleni Argyri.
    HISPANIC COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK--(202) 360-4112; 1126 16th Street, 
        NW., 3rd Floor, Washington, DC 20036: David Castro, Pablo 
        Castro, Jeff Kline, Mercy Padilla-Cirino, Simon Rojas.
        NW., #920 East, Washington, DC 20001: Yi Qiu Chen, Zhuo Huang, 
        Daniel Lai, Jennifer Lee, Tao Lu, Bingru Wang.
    HRT/CROATIAN RADIO TELEVISION--1230 23rd Street, Washington, DC 
        20037: Branka Slavica.
    INDEPENDENT TELEVISION NEWS (ITN)--400 North Capitol Street, NW., 
        #899, Washington, DC 20008: Adam Blair, Harry Horton, Joe Jones, 
        Girish Juneja, Jade Liversidge, Ben Martin, Mashaal Mir, Robert 
        Moore, Kylie Morris, Emily O'Neill, David Sampy, Chris Shlemon, 
        Robert Turner, Matt Williams.

[[Page 1055]]

    ISRAEL TELEVISION AND RADIO--3412 Woolsey Drive, Chevey Chase, MD 
        20815: Nathan Guttman.
    JTBC--529 14th Street, NW., Suite 997, Washington, DC 20045: Hans 
        Cho, Bora Joo, Hyunki Kim, Sangbok Lee.
    KAISER HEALTH NEWS--(202) 654-1466; 1330 G Street, NW., Washington, 
        DC 20005: Francis Ying.
    KCETLINK--8715 Persimmon Tree Road, Potomac, MD 20814: Miles Benson, 
        Raisa Scriabine, Kim Spencer.
    KOREAN BROADCASTING SYSTEMS--(202) 662-7345; 529 14th Street, NW., 
        Suite 1055, Washington, DC 20045: Katherine Ahn, Hyunjin Hong, 
        SungJin Kim, JuHan Lee, KangDuk Lee, Kevin Nha, Jinkyung Park, 
        Ja Ryen Seo, James Yu.
    LASLO CONGRESSIONAL BUREAU--(202) 510-4331; 1705 East West Highway, 
        #519, Silver Spring, MD 20910: Matt Laslo, Anthony Rivera.
    LILLY BROADCASTING--(202) 440-3831; 400 North Capitol Street, NW., 
        Washington, DC 22201: Lauren Adams, Kellie Meyer.
    MACEDONIA RADIO TELEVISION (MRTV)--(202) 286-5252; 1500 
        Massachusetts Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20005: Irina Gelevska, 
        Riste Mishev.
    MARKETPLACE RADIO--(202) 263-0204; 1750 K Street, NW., Suite 300, 
        Washington, DC 20006: Tim Fitzsimons, Nancy Marshall-Genzer, 
        Dave Shaw, Scott Tong.
    MBC-TV KOREA (MUNHWA)--529 14th Street, NW., #1131, Washington, DC 
        20045: Yang Woo Kang, Sang Lim, Ho Chul Moon, Bunsoo Park.
    MCCLATCHY--(202) 383-6061; 700 12th Street, NW., Suite 1000, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Glenn Anderson, Nicole Cvetnic, Natalie 
        Fertig, Jonathan Forsythe, Jessica Koscielniak, JulieAnn 
        McKellogg, Andrew Pergam, Brittany Peterson, Ali Rizvi, Meghan 
        Sims, Sarah Whitmire.
    MEDIA GENERAL--(202) 570-5610; 400 North Capitol Street, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20001: Danielle Gatewood-Gill, Mark Meredith, Jim 
        Osman, Alex Schuman, Chance Seales.
    MEDILL NEWS SERVICE--1325 G Street, NW., #730, Washington, DC 20005: 
        Kwame Holman.
    METRO TELEPRODUCTIONS--(301) 608-9077; 1400 East West Highway, Suite 
        628, Silver Spring, MD 20910: Dave Lilling.
        Springfield, VA 22153: Rana Abtar, Ali Ahmed, Saad Alfalahi, 
        Kelly Alford, Tetiana Anderson, Babu Aryankalavil, Elkheir 
        Bentouila, Hicham Bourar, Alain Dargham, Nkwenten Ejedepang-
        Koge, John Elgin, Daniel Farkas, Michel Ghandour, Stephen 
        Heiner, Arcelious Joyner, Khaled Khairy, Deirdre Kline, Ali 
        Mahdi, Tim Miller, W. Harrison Moore, Luis Munoz, Adam Nixon, 
        James Norris, Zaid Oshana, Sue Richardson, Arwa Sawan, Joseph 
        Tabet, Karen Yianopoulos, Marwan Zaatar, Elizabeth Zosso.
    MINNESOTA PUBLIC RADIO--6631 Eastern Avenue, Takoma Park, MD 20914: 
        Brett Neely.
    MOBILE VIDEO SERVICES, LTD.--1620 I Street, NW., #1000, Washington, 
        DC 20006: Howard Collender, William Griffitts, Christine Hoese, 
        Timothy Knapp, Robert H. Milford, Todd Swain, Lawrence 
    MORNINGSIDE PARTNERS, LLC--4200 Forbes Road, Suite 200, Lanham, MD 
        20706: Tony Anthony, Joshua Binswanger, Elizabeth Pennell, Ellen 
        Piacente ``fka Portnoy'', Juvenal Uribe.
    MUNDOFOX--1333 H Street, NW., Suite 8 West, Washington, DC 20005: 
        Jose Diaz-Briseno, Juan Silva.
    N-TV GERMAN NEWS CHANNEL--1100 13th Street, NW., Suite 400, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Peter Kleim, Alexander Klein.
    N24 GERMAN TV--1620 I Street, NW., Suite 1000, Washington, DC 20006: 
        Stephen Strothe, Sabine Ulbrich-Strothe.
    NATIONAL PUBLIC RADIO--(202) 513-2073; 1111 North Capitol Street, 
        NE., Washington, DC 20002: Stacey Abbott, Elizabeth Acle, 
        Augustine Bud-Aiello, Jr., Theo Balcomb, Mark Bejarano, Robert 
        Benincasa, Melissa Block, Brakkton Booker, Radek Brablec, Geoff 
        Brumfiel, Julia Redpath Buckley, Robert E. Butcher, Dennis 
        Byrnes, Ailsa Chang, Dan Charles, Carlos Chevez, Dennis Coll, 
        Audie Cornish-Emery, Michael Cullen, Michael Czaplinski, Shirish 
        Date, Susan Davis, Rebecca Davis, Jess Deahl, Bridget DeChagas, 
        Brian DeMar, Greg Dixon, Beth Donovan, Aboubacar Drabo, Ronald 
        Elving, Pam Fessler, Marilyn Geewax, Gene Gerhiser, Don Gonyea, 
        Barry Gordemer, Gisele Grayson, Nell Greenfieldboyce, Richard 
        Harris, Shirley Henry, Scott Horsley, Andy Huether, Will 
        Huntsberry, Brian Jarboe, Rick Jarrett, Carrie Johnson, John C. 
        Keator, Tamara Keith, Michele Kelemen, Amita Kelly, Muhammed 
        Khan, Alison Kodjak, Mara Liasson, Tom Marchitto, Melissa 
        Marquis, Michel Martin, Michael Merena, Joe Mills, Domenico 
        Montanaro, Brian Naylor, Christopher Nelson, Jackie Northam, 
        Peter Overby, Matt Ozug, Joe Palca, John Poole, Arnie Seipel, 
        Robert C. Siegel, Art Silverman, Kenneth Spencer, Kurt 
        Stalnaker, Rob Stein, Evie Stone, Laura Sullivan, Juana Summers, 
        Jessica Taylor, Neil David Tevault, Nina Totenberg, Kevin Wait, 
        Andrew Watts, David Welna, Jinae West, Natalie Winston.
    NATIONAL SCENE NEWS--1718 M Street, NW., #333, Washington, DC 20036: 
        Alverda Muhammad, Askia Muhammad.
    NATIVE AMERICAN TV (NATV)--17690 Old Waterford Road, Leesburg, VA, 
        Leesburg, VA 20176: Robert Cohencious, Rebecca Cohencious, Randy 
        Flood, Richard Gargagliano, Elizabeth Lorenzen, Anthony 

[[Page 1056]]

    NBC NEWS--(202) 885-4200; 4001 Nebraska Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 
        20016: Halimah Abdullah, Douglas A. Adams, Peter Alexander, 
        Bryan Allman, Roberto Aneiva, Kenneth Austin, Perry Bacon, Jr., 
        Sarah Baker, Rodney Batten, Gary Beall, Justin Bennett, Jay 
        Blackman, John Blackman, Sarah Blackwill, Victoria Blooston, 
        Jeffrey Blount, Joseph Bohannon, Kirsten Boser, Shaquille 
        Brewster, Brooke Brower, Mika Brzezinski, Louis Burgdorf, Norman 
        Butler, Leigh Ann Caldwell, Anthony Capra, Lauren Chadwick, Lete 
        Childs, Michelle Cho, Patrick Chung, Nero Cooper, Jr., Thomas 
        Costello, Oliver Cox, Natalie Cucchiara, Caroline Dann, Ed 
        Demaria, Evan Dixon, Kristin Donnelly, Michelle Dubert, Victoria 
        Duncan, John Edwards, Rachel Fazio, David Forman, Scott Foster, 
        Maggie Fox, Jordan Frasier, Drew Fredrickson, Lawrence Gaetano, 
        Emily Gaffney, Dennis Gaffney, John Gaffney, Suzanne Gamboa, 
        Richard Gardella, Keith Gaskin, Charlie Gile, Avra Gold, Emily 
        Gold, James M. Greene, Andrew F. Gross, Sylvia Haller, David 
        Hanson, Candice Harrington, Christopher Hartman, Alan Harvey, 
        William Hatfield, Sarah Heidarpour, Robert Heritage, Vaughn 
        Hillyard, John Holland, James Hughes, Kasie Hunt, Brian Iacone, 
        Christine Jansing, Alicia Jennings, Gwyneth Jones, Terence 
        Kelly, Suzy Khimm, Ryan Kiernan, Stacey Klein, Michael Kosnar, 
        Courtney Kube, Michael LaRosa, Natasha Lebedeva, Arthur Lien, 
        Joseph W. Loebach, James V. Long, Gary Lynn, Kathryn Lyons, Mary 
        Manby, Marc Marriott, Greg Martin, Chris Matthews, Lee McKinney, 
        Carroll Ann Mears, James Miklaszewski, Christopher Millar, 
        Richard Minner, Andrea Mitchell, Steven Mitnick, Alexandra Moe, 
        Ray Morada, Brittany Morris, Shaheen Mozaffari, Mark Murray, 
        Jason Neal, Michelle Neal, Donna Nelson, Elizabeth Nevins, David 
        O'Brien, John O'Connor, Kelly O'Donnell, Hope Palmer, Eddie 
        Paylor, Elyse Perlmutter-Gumbiner, Debra Pettit, John Quinnette, 
        Meaghan Rady, Andrew Rafferty, Alonzo Ray, Talesha Reynolds, 
        Paul Rigney, Matt Rivera, Jordan Rummel, Luke Russert, Howard 
        Sacks, Colleen Sanvido, Benjamin Sarlin, Samantha Schnurr, 
        Andrew Scritchfield, Wesley Scruggs, Carl Sears, Joel Seidman, 
        Alexander Seitz-Wald, Adam Serwer, Maria Sevilla, Joseph 
        Shalhoup, Brandon Sibert, Aaron Skopek, Kimberly Sneed, Gilbert 
        Solorzano, Sharon Spurrier, Melanie Stevens, Kenneth Strickland, 
        Jon Sughroue, Shawna Thomas, Ronald Thornton, Frank Thorp, Chuck 
        Todd, Vaughn Ververs, Susan Vitorovich, David Vukmer, Katharine 
        Wall, Kathryn Wassman, David Weakly, Cydney Weiner, Kristen 
        Welker, Christopher Whittington, Winston Wilde, Abigail 
        Williams, Pete Williams, Robert T. Williams, Christopher 
        Williamson, Rachel Witkin, V. Alan Young.
    NBC NEWSCHANNEL--(202) 783-2615; 400 North Capitol Street, Suite 
        850, Washington, DC 20001: Sheila Conlin, Ray Davis, Michael 
        Dobal, Nancy Ellard, Sheri Lynn Gibson, Nelson Ginebra, Andrew 
        L. Godsick, Steve Handelsman, James Hurt, Julie Jarvis, Jennifer 
        Johnson, Nicole McManus, Brian Mooar, Steven Muskat, Tom 
        Newberry, Mike O'Connell, Tracie Potts, Cecil John Sills, 
        Christopher Wiggins.
    NEW TANG DYNASTY TV--(202) 449-9480; 8927 Shady Grove Court, 
        Gaithersburg, MD 20877: Chuan Lin, Yang Wang, Wei Wu, Ping Yu.
    NHK--(202) 828-5180; 2030 M Street, NW., #706, Washington, DC 20036: 
        Taurean Barnwell, Matthew Field, Mami Fujiue, Hiroto Fuseya, 
        Hitoshi Hirouchi, Willie Inman, Kenkichi Ishiyama, Torao Kono, 
        Marion Madsen, David McCagg, Junko Tanaka Nakano, Hirohito Nezu, 
        Momoca Nishimoto, Erin Robertson, Alicia Rose, Yuka Takagane, 
        Masayoshi Tanaka, Michiko Tsurumi, Alexander Wortman, Takeshi 
        Yamasaki, Jumpei Yoshioka, Masaru Zenke.
    NIPPON TV NETWORK--(202) 638-0890; 529 14th Street, NW., #1036, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Takaaki Abe, Kazuhiro Aoyama, Nicholle 
        Granger, Tomoko Horie, Chinatsu Hosokawa, Chihiro Kawana, 
        Hiroaki Konno, Rikako Murakami, Jumpei Shimizu, Mai Taguchi, 
        Kiyoshi Tanno, Keishi Yamada.
    NORWEGIAN BROADCASTING--(202) 785-1460; 2000 M Street, NW., #890, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Tove Bjorgaas, Gro Holm.
    NOS DUTCH PUBLIC RADIO & TV (VRT)--2000 M Street, NW., #365, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Arjen van der Horst, Wouter Zwart.
    NOTIMEX--(202) 255-1819; 975 National Press Building, Washington, DC 
        20045: Jorge Ayala.
    ONE AMERICA--(858) 270-690; 101 Constitution Avenue, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20001: Andrew Brice, Andrew Brody, Augusta 
        Cassada, Andrew Hall, Charles Herring, Alicia Hesse, Amanda 
        House, Neil McCabe, Young Richardson, Matthew Schuck, John 
    POLITICO.COM--(703) 842-1791; 1100 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 601, 
        Arlington, VA 22209: Bridget Mulcahy, Beatrice Peterson, Michael 
        Schwab, Matthew Sobocinski.
    RADIO FRANCE INTERNATIONALE--3700 Massachusetts Avenue, NW., #538, 
        Washington, DC 20016: Anne-Marie Capomaccio-Even, Frederic 
        Carbonne, Claude L. Porsella.
    RADIO FREE ASIA--(202) 530-4900; 2025 M Street, NW., #300, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Christen Billing, Shiny Breese, Gordon 
        Burnett, Lobsang Chophel, Dorjee Damdul, Rigdhen Dolma, Paul 
        Eckert, Richard Finney, Roseanne Gerin, Dhondup Gonsar, Gwen Ha, 
        King Ho, Chan Nhu Hoang, Gulchehra Hoja, Ahreum Jung, Jilil 
        Kashgary, Joshua Lipes, Kalden Lodoe, Corey Munford, Sarkis 
        Najarian, Jung-Woo Park, Parameswaran Ponnudurai, Brian William 
        Powell, Aungthu Schlenker, Khin Maung Soe, Sarada Taing, Lumbum 
        Tashi, Yeshi Tashi, San San Tin, Hoa Ai Tran, Thomas Vichi, Hee 
        Yang, Sungwon Yang, Lobsang Yeshi, Samean Yun.
    RADIO FREE EUROPE--(202) 457-6900; 1201 Connecticut Avenue, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20036: Nader Sadighi.

[[Page 1057]]

    RADIO ONE--(301) 565-8182; 8515 Georgia Avenue, Silver Spring, MD 
        20910: Kent Kramer, Ron Thompson, Christopher Wegmann, Jeffrey 
    RADIO VALERA VENEZUELA--529 14th Street, NW., 8th Floor, Washington, 
        DC 20045: Sonia Schott.
    RCN-TV (COLOMBIA)--1333 H Street, NW., Washington, DC 20005: Gustau 
        Alegret, Martha Avila Lindo, Jean Paul Borja, Diana Castaneda, 
        Mario Gonzalez, Marco Granda, Julio Moreno, Valdemar Rodriguez, 
        Rafael Rosero, Christian Siaden-Pena.
    REAL NEWS NETWORK--(410) 500-5235; 700 12th Street, NW., Suite 1000, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Jessica Desvarieux, Thomas Hedges, Paul 
        Jay, Denise Rivera.
    REALCLEARPOLITICS--1667 K Street, NW., Suite 1150, Washington, DC 
        20006: John Dillon.
    RELIGION & ETHICS NEWSWEEKLY--(202) 216-2388; 1819 L Street, NW., 
        Suite 100, Washington, DC 20036: Bob Abernethy, Gail Fendley, 
        Patricia Jette, Arnold Labaton, Kim Lawton, Nicholas Liao, Judy 
        Reynolds, Noelle Serper, Lauren Talley.
    REUTERS RADIO & TV--(202) 898 0056; 1333 H Street, NW., 6th Floor, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Nadine Alfa, Keith Allen, Rudi Bakhtiar, 
        Daniel Balinovic, Anoo Bharania, Peter Bullock, Dan Fastenberg, 
        Liza Feria, Kevin Fogarty, Marie Frail, Nathan Frandino, 
        Guillermo Garcia, Deborah Gembara, Pavithra George, Sarah Irwin, 
        Katharine Jackson, Kia Johnson, Jillian Kitchener, Deborah 
        Lutterbeck, Robert Muir, Kristin Neubauer, Gershon Peaks, Don 
        Pessin, Steven Phillips, Mana Rabiee, Sam Rocha, Jane Ross, Tom 
        Rowe, Roger Shull, Linda So, George Tamerlani, Scott Vaughan, 
        Omar Younis.
    RTE-IRISH RADIO & TV--(202) 467-5933; 2000 M Street, NW., #315, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Susan Casey, Caitriona Perry.
    RTTV AMERICA--(202) 942-7440; 1325 G Street, NW., Suite 250, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Reema Abu-Hamdyia, Erin Ade, Mark 
        Angelini, Andrew Blake, Mark Bulla, Lee Camp, Manila Chan, 
        Gayane Chichakyan, Chris Counts, Ameera David, Simone Del 
        Rosario, Bianca Facchinei, Sean Filburn, Kathryn Fischer, 
        Lindsay France, Irene Gonzalez, Edward Harrison, Edward 
        Harrison, Charles House II, Mariana Joyal, Angel Jubilla, Ryan 
        Kerr, Anjalee Khemlani, Melissa Kolpak, John Mecham, Alexander 
        Mursa, John O'Donnell, Anya Parampil, Manuel Rapalo, Priya 
        Reddy, Giuseppe Ricci, Sam Sacks, Ian Sbalcio, Samir Shakhbaz, 
        John Smith, Cody Snell, Mikhail Solodovnikov, Ben Swann, Tyrel 
        Ventura, Vera Volokhonovich, Tabetha Wallace, Christopher 
        Westfall, Alexey Yaroshevsky, Ilya Zhodzishsky.
    RTVI/ECHO-TV--(202) 742-6576; 1001 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Suite 
        #6310, Washington, DC 20004: Anatolie Casenco, Roman Mamonov.
    RURAL TV NEWS--(202) 554-0514; 611 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE., Suite 
        397, Washington, DC 20003: Janet Adkison, Clif Jackson.
    RUSSIAN STATE TV AND RADIO (RTR)--(202) 262-2595; 2000 N Street, 
        NW., Suite 810, Washington, DC 20007: Alexander Khristenko, 
        Pavel Kostrikov, Anna Semenova, Elena Sokolova.
    RUSTAVI 2 BROADCASTING COMPANY--1111 Army Navy Drive Unit 127, 
        Arlington, VA 22202: David Nikuradze, Aleksandre Papinashvili.
    SAGARMATHA TELEVISION--(703) 926-9530; 9655 Hawkshead Drive, Lorton, 
        VA 22079: Nilu Kharel, Ram C. Kharel, Sharmila Uprety.
    SCRIPPS NEWS--1100 13th Street, NW., Suite 450, Suite 450, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Matt Anzur, Marc Georges, Miranda Green, 
        Mark Greenblatt, Lawan Hamilton, Amanda Havekost, Angela Hill, 
        Vivek Narayan, Claude Pruitt, Rachel Quester, Elizabeth 
        Scheltens, Andrea Seabrook, Ellen Weiss.
    SEOUL BROADCASTING SYSTEM (SBS)--(202) 637-9850; 529 14th Street, 
        NW., #979, Washington, DC 20045: Woo Sik Kim, Edward Park, 
        Sungchul Rhee, Jiwon Song.
    SHENZHEN MEDIA GROUP (SZMG)--202-815-6463; 1330S Fair Street, 
        Apartment 1101, Arlington, VA 22202: Jennifer Chen, Chi Kwan.
    SINCLAIR BROADCAST GROUP--(410) 568-1500; 10706 Beaver Dam Road, 
        Cockeysville, MD 21030: Sharyl Attkisson, Laquasha Banks, Jeff 
        Barnd, Bryan Barr, Kristine Frazao, Hetal Gandhi, Charles 
        Humphreys, Mark Hyman, Kai Jackson, Gregory Massoni, Joshua 
        Miller, Delbert Parks, TraLanenia Reeves, Kimberly Skeen, 
        Colleen Wordock.
    SINOVISION--2111 Jefferson Davis Highway, #202N, Arlington, VA 
        22202: Han Cui.
    SIRIUS XM SATELLITE RADIO--(202) 380-4000; 1500 Eckington Place, 
        NE., Washington, DC 20002: Daniel Berdiel, Andrea Cambron, 
        Katherine Caperton, Paul DeMilio, Tim Farley, Patrick Ferrise, 
        Scott Gulden, Daniel Henning, Robert Henry, Rachel Kurzius, 
        Julie Mason, Jennifer McLellan, Ari Rabin-Havt, Jared Rizzi.
    SKY NEWS--400 North Capitol Street, NW., #550, Washington, DC 20001: 
        David Bowden, Tim Gallagher, Michael Greenfield, Caroline James, 
        Dickon Mager, Greg Milam, Nina Saada, Duncan Sharp, Jude 
        Sheerin, Kevin Sheppard, Dominic Waghorn, Amanda Walker.
    SKY NEWS ARABIA--400 North Capitol, Suite 770, Washington, DC 20001: 
        Mouhamed Elahmed, Paul Hijazin, Osamah Smysom.
    SMALL HOUSE PRODUCTIONS--10304 Royal Woods Court, Montgomery 
        Village, MD 20886: Nico Belha, Juan Carlos Diaz, Wingel Pinzon, 
        Edwin Ramirez.
    SRN NEWS (SALEM)--(703) 528-6213; 1901 N Moore Street, #201, 
        Arlington, VA 22209: Gregory Clugston, LeRoy Froom, Walter 
        Hindes, Linda Kenyon, John Lormand, Jeffrey Matzka, Andrew 

[[Page 1058]]

    ST. LOUIS PUBLIC RADIO--(202) 320-9325; 718 McCann Road, Severna 
        Park, MD 21146: Jim Howard.
    STATELINE.ORG--202.552.2188; 901 E Street, NW., Suite 700, 
        Washington, DC 20004: Rebecca Beitsch, Jenni Bergal, Sarah 
        Breitenbach, Stephen Fehr, Scott Greenberger, Jake Grovum, Tim 
        Henderson, Michael Ollove, Elaine Povich, Jeffrey Stinson, 
        Christine Vestal, Teresa Wiltz.
    STORYHOUSE PRODUCTIONS--2233 Wisconsin Avenue, NW., #420, 
        Washington, DC 20007: Tina-Jane Krohn, Carsten Oblaender, Thomas 
    SWEDISH BROADCASTING--(202) 785 1727; 2000 M Street, NW., Suite 890, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Inger Arenander, Erika Bjerstrom, Bjorn 
        Carlsson, Lisa Carlsson, Kyle Lanningham.
    SWISS BROADCASTING--(202) 429 9668; 2000 M Street, NW., Suite 370, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Peter Duggeli, Pierre Gobet, Arthur 
        Honegger, Thomas Paggini, Philippe Revaz, Beat Soltermann, 
        Andrea Vosti, Mark Yates.
    TALK RADIO NEWS SERVICE--(202) 337-5322; 236 Massachusetts Avenue, 
        NE., Suite 306, Washington, DC 20002: Shelley Blanchette, Ed 
        Butowsky, James Cullum, Blanquita Cullum, Brian Doyle, Justin 
        Duckham, Shane Farnan, John Grott, Victoria Jones, Loretta 
        Lewis, Carole Marks, William McDonald, Ellen Ratner, Luke 
        Vargas, Ari Zoldan.
    TELEMUNDO NETWORK--400 North Capitol Street, NW., Suite 850, 
        Washington, DC 20001: Glenda Contreras, Wilbert Guzman, Edwing 
        Lopez Reyes, Lizeth Juliana Monsalve, Lori Montenegro, Victor 
        Reyes, A. Victoria Rivas-Vazquez, Randy Serrano.
    TELESUR--(202) 420 5560; 1100 13th Street, NW., Washington, DC 
        20005: Belen Barriga, William Cortes, Jorge Gestoso, Roberto 
        McCarthy, Nicolas Pena, Bianca Perez, Aurora Samperio, Jaime 
    TELEVISA NEWS NETWORK (ECO)--1825 K Street, NW., Suite 710-G, 
        Washington, DC 20006: Gregorio Meraz.
    TF1-FRENCH TV--2000 M Street, NW., Suite 870, Washington, DC 20036: 
        Julie Asher, Clement Biet, Mathieu Derrien, Michel Floquet, 
        Bruce Frankel, Amelie Geffroy, Bertrand Guez, Josselin Huchet, 
        Vincent Mortreux.
    THE BERNS BUREAU, INC.--SDG 40, Washington, DC 20510: Matthew Kaye.
    THE HILL--1625 K Street, NE., Suite 900, Washington, DC 20006: Eric 
        Garland, Alexandra Goncalves-de-Oliveira, Molly Hooper, Wes 
        Jones, Sean Root, Joaquin Sosa.
    THE NEW YORK TIMES ON THE WEB--1627 I Street, NW., #1700, 
        Washington, DC 20006: A.J. Chavar.
    THE NEWSHOUR WITH JIM LEHRER--3620 S. 27th Street, Arlington, VA 
        22206: Joshua Barajas, Quinn Bowman, Kyla Calvert, Frank 
        Carlson, Emily Carpeaux, Jaywon Choe, David Coles, Sarah Corapi, 
        Lisa Desjardins, Larisa Epatko, Diane Estes, Mike Fritz, 
        Geoffrey Guray, Gwen Ifill, Sara Just, Jason Kane, Stephanie 
        Kotuby, Bob Kovach, Sam Lane, Noreen Nasir, Daniel Sagalyn, 
        Justin Scuiletti, Elizabeth Summers, Morgan Till, Peter Tobia, 
        Anya van Wagtendonk, Jordan Vesey, Margaret Warner, Rachel 
        Wellford, Judy Woodruff, Daniel Yang.
    THIS IS AMERICA WITH DENNIS WHOLEY--1333 H Street, NW., Washington, 
        DC 20005: Jerry Cox, Dennis Wholey.
    THIS WEEK IN AGRIBUSINESS--(301) 466-7403; 9915 Hillridge Drive, 
        Kensington, MD 20895: Patrick Haggerty.
    TIMA--(202) 304-5110; 1620 I Street, NW., Suite 1000, Washington, DC 
        20006: Khaldoun Alrawi, Alicia Haygood, Zena Ibrahim, Abdelhakim 
        Kabbaj, Shant Markarian, Krysia Osinski, Kristen Richards, 
        Eduardo Rodriquez.
    TIME WARNER CABLE--(202) 783-0565; 400 North Capitol, NW., Suite G-
        95, Washington, DC 20001: Geoffrey Bennett, Sarah Brooks-Grady, 
        Jonquilyn Hill, Michael Scotto.
        Floor, Washington, DC 20036: Ariel Edem, Bonnie Erbe, Luis 
        Mazariegos, Cari Stein.
    TOKYO BROADCASTING SYSTEM--1088 National Press Building, Washington, 
        DC 20045: Samantha Grieder, Kiyoshi Murai, Makoto Ogata, Shota 
        Sato, So Taira, Elliot Waldman, Noriyuki Yamaguchi.
    TURKISH RADIO AND TELEVISION (TRT)--(703) 401-6482; 529 14th Street, 
        NW., #1085, Washington, DC 20045: Mehmet Cakir, Celal Cevirgen, 
        Cumhur Kutay, Ozlem Tinaz.
    TV ASAHI--529 14th Street, NW., #1280, Washington, DC 20045: William 
        Ding-Everson, Robert Gentry, Takashi Hotta, Mai Ichihara, Renata 
        Janney, Tatsuya Yamashita, Junichi Yoshikawa.
    TV GLOBO INTERNATIONAL--(202) 429-2525; 2141 Wisconsin Avenue, NW., 
        Suite L, Washington, DC 20007: Vicente Cinque, Raquel 
        Krahenbuhl, Daniel Silva-Pinto, Luis Fernando Silva-Pinto.
    TV TOKYO--1333 H Street, NW., 5th Floor, Washington, DC 20005: 
        Benjamin Dalton, Mitsuo Kawamoto, Yuko Miyake, Mina Pollmann.
    TV3-TELEVISIO DE CATALUNYA--(202) 785-0580; 2000 M Street, NW., 
        Suite 830, Washington, DC 20036: Eva Artesona, Raquel Sans, 
        Angela Sauret.
    TVBS--2500 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, DC 20007: Chia-Hui Ni, 
        Shih-Yuan Tuan.
    TVE-SPANISH PUBLIC TELEVISION--(202) 785-1813; 2000 M Street, NW., 
        #325, Washington, DC 20036: Carlos Franganillo, Alejandro 
        Millan, Anna Ubeda.
    TVN POLAND--7429 Chummley Court, Falls Church, VA 22043: Marcin 
        Wrona, Marcin Wyszogrodzki.

[[Page 1059]]

    UNIVISION--(202) 682-6160; 101 Constitution Avenue, NW., Suite 810E, 
        Washington, DC 20001: Jorge Contreras, Emily DeRuy, Deborah 
        Durham, Pablo Gato, Ted Hesson, Lourdes Meluza, Fernando 
        Pizarro, Pablo Sanchez, Geneva Sands-Sadowitz, Mario Vizcarra.
    USA TODAY--7950 Jones Branch Drive, McLean, VA 22107: Steve Elfers, 
        Maria Fowler, Shannon Green, Julie Iannuzzi.
    VENTANA PRODUCTIONS--(202) 785-5112; 1819 L Street, NW., Washington, 
        DC 20036: Richard Joy, Thomas Knier, John Lawrence, Timothy K. 
        Murray, Juan Rocha, Robin Stewart, Mark Thalman.
    VERIZON: Michael Levenson, Kenneth Meier, Keenan Patience, Rodney 
        Rice, David West, Dexter Wright.
    VIETV NETWORK--(215) 883-9738; 1604 Spring Hill Road, Suite 150, 
        Vienna, VA 22182: Thao Dao, ThuyLan Phan, Cynthia Truong, Doanh 
    VIEWPOINT COMMUNICATIONS--(301) 565-1650; 8607 2nd Avenue, Suite 
        402, Silver Spring, MD 20910: Art Berko, Randy Feldman, Ben 
        Finkel, Larry Greenblatt, Steven Hamberg, Charles Horn.
    VOICE OF AMERICA--330 Independence Avenue, SW., Washington, DC 
        20237: Brian Allen, Darrell Allen, Arash Azzizada, Carla Babb, 
        Thomas Bagnall, Steve Baragona, Sharon Behn, Larry Bond, Michael 
        Bowman, Timothy Brannon, Meredith Buel, Michael Burke, Mia Bush, 
        Carol Castiel, Nike Ching, Eun Cho, Trinlae Choedron, Raymond 
        Choto, Peter Clottey, Pete Cobus, Lina Correa, Woody Crawford, 
        Nick Crupi, Robert Currence, Minas Dargakis, Jeffery Daugherty, 
        Jela de Franceschi, Siamak Dehghanpour, Joan Deluca, Pamela 
        Dockins, Michael Eckel, Melvin Eleazer, Henok Fente, Bruce 
        Ferder, Darren Fox, James Fry, David Futrowsky, Bello 
        Galadanchi, Sasha Gong, Myroslava Gongadze, Pema Gorap, Richard 
        Green, Adam Greenbaum, Carol Guenburg, Katherine Gypson, Marcus 
        Harton, Cecily Hillary, Utami Hussin, Michael Ivey, Gary Jaffe, 
        Kaveh Jamshidi, William Kim, Tatiana Koprowicz, Michael Kornely, 
        Jesse Koster, Jean-Pierre Leroy, Libo Liu, Diana Logriera, 
        Victoria Macchi, Mitzi Macias, Vincent Makori, James Malone, 
        Mohammad Manzarpour, Marvin Marion, Eva Mazrieva, Jeffrey Means, 
        Kimseng Men, Guita Mirsaeedi, Negar Mohammadi, Richard Moore, 
        Natalia Mozgovaya, Thet Naing, Robert Naylor, Sean Neary, Thao 
        Nguyen, Fidele Niyongabo, Rosalie O'Connell, Aung Oo, Thar Oo, 
        Thein Oo, Abdulaziz Osman, Aru Pande, Robert Parsell, Cal Perry, 
        Jean Philippe, Nicolas Pinault, Reasey Poch, Carolyn Presutti, 
        John Quinn, Robert Raffaele, Luis Ramirez, James Randle, 
        Gioconda Reynolds, Justin Riley, Khadija Riyami, Ralph Robinson, 
        James Russell, Shahla Sadighi, Cynthia Saine-Spang, Yuni Salim, 
        Mary Salinas, Joad Santa-Rita, Yulia Savchenko, Brian Schiff, 
        Edward Schneider, Jeff Seldin, Namgyal Shastri, Roger Sherman, 
        Michael Shields, Setareh Sieg, George Simkins, Joseph Sipos, 
        Jerome Socolovsky, Pov Sok, Steven Springer, Scott Storkel, Carl 
        Swanson, Jeffrey Swicord, Minia Teclab, Kyaw Tha, Kyaw Thein, 
        Michael Theisen, Pinitkarn Tulachom, Peter Vaselopulos, 
        Alexandra Villarreal, Joseph Vitale, Winston Wood, Raymond Yam, 
        Guofu Yang, Xiaoyan Zhang.
    VOYAGE PRODUCTIONS--(202) 276-2848; 565 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., 
        #302, Washington, DC 20001: Susan Baumel, Ely Lamonica.
    WALL STREET JOURNAL--1025 Connecticut Avenue, Washington, DC 20036: 
        Johnny Cruz, Sloan Dickey, Jude Marfil, Madeline Marshall, 
        Gerald Seib.
    WASHINGTON BUREAU NEWS SERVICE--7425 Savan Point Way, Columbia, MD 
        21045: Maureen Dezell, Joseph Nelson, C. Patrick Thorne, Michael 
    WASHINGTON EXAMINER--202-459-4943; 1015 15th Street, NW., Suite 500, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Steve Doty, Lisa Ruhl, Ed Sykes.
    WASHINGTON RADIO AND PRESS SERVICE--(301) 229-2576; 6702 Pawtucket 
        Road, Bethesda, MD 20817: Hanna Gutmann, Howard Lesser.
    WASHINGTONPOST.COM--1150 15th Street, NW., Washington, DC 20071: 
        Jason Aldag, Kyle Barss, Gillian Brockell, Jonathan Elker, 
        McKenna Ewen, Brad Horn, Pamela Kirkland, Whitney Leaming, Alice 
        Li, Jayne Orenstein, Sarah Parnass, Julie Percha, Lee Powell, 
        Jorge Ribas, Natasha Rudnick, Rebecca Schatz, Whitney Shefte, 
        Randolph Smith.
    WEST WING REPORTS--11614 Old Brookville Court, Reston, VA 20194: 
        Bryan Armino, Paul Brandus, Chris Paolucci.
    WESTWOOD ONE--202 457-7991; 2020 M Street, NW., Washington, DC 
        20036: Bob Costantini, Kevin DeLany, Bart Tessler.
    WETA--(703) 998-1800; 3939 Campbell Avenue, Arlington, VA 22206: 
        Charles Anderson, David Bash, Timothy Bowen, Donald Brawner, 
        Martin Carr, Darzen Chang, Vincent Forcier, Charles Ide, 
        Christopher Lane, Edward Lee, Nancy Morgan, Paul ``Jay'' Nevel, 
        Antonio Pacheco, Jeffrey Rathner, John Satterfield, James 
        Schneider, Willliam Seabrook, Michael Smith, Charles Voth, Owen 
    WFDC-TV UNIVISION--101 Constitution Avenue, NW., Suite L-100, 
        Washington, DC 20001: Juan Acevedo, Nestor Bravo, Rolo Duartes, 
        Jose Espinosa, Tsitsiki Felix, Angly Gamboa, Liliana Gonzalez, 
        Henry Guevara, Fanny Gutierrez, Andy Halsted, Angel Hernandez-
        Orellana, Jairo Lemes, Maria Rosa Lucchini, Lilian Mass, 
        Mynellies Negron, Edwin Pitti, Silvana Quiroz, Raul Ramos, Mario 
        Ramos, Hector Rangel, Marcela Rodriguez, Franco Schultze, Sara 
        Suarez, Catalina Villegas.
    WHITE HOUSE CHRONICLE--1042 Wisconsin Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 
        20007: Linda Gasparello, Llewellyn King, Barry Worthington.
    WJLA-TV / NEWSCHANNEL 8--(703) 239-9480; 1100 Wilson Boulevard, 
        Arlington, VA 22209: Van Applegate, Joseph Ball, Frank Becker, 
        Bradley Bell, Alexander Brauer, Maureen Bunyan, Brianne

[[Page 1060]]

        Carter, Richard Chamberlain, Zeke Changuris, Diane Cho, Michael 
        Conneen, Krystal Cooper, Rebecca Cooper, Lynn Davis, Joe DeFeo, 
        Bruce DePuyt, AnnaMaria DiPietro, Martin C. Doane, Ernie Ensign, 
        Sam Ford, Pege Gilgannon, Morgan Gilliam, Autria Godfrey, Jeff 
        Goldberg, John Gonzalez, Robin Gould, Kendall Griggs, Richard 
        Guastadisegni, Tim Guidry, Mark Hanner, Leon Harris, Donna 
        Harris, Shonty Hawkins, Horace Holmes, Brett Holton, Brian 
        Hopkins, Thomas Hormuth, LaTanya Horne, Donna Inserra, George 
        Jackson, Samuel Jackson, Mitchell Jacob, Michael Jaffe, Jesse 
        Janosky, Morris Jones, James Joslyn, Suzanne Kennedy, Vanessa M. 
        Koolhof, Jay Korff, Kelly Lamp, Ming Leong, Kevin Lewis, John B. 
        Lewis, Lisa Lisko, David Lucas, Jon Mann, James Marcum, Timothy 
        Matthews, Gregg Micklos, Joseph Moise, Ronald Mounts, Dwayne 
        Myers, Olajumoke Olabanji, Chris Papst, Roslyn Plater, Richard 
        Reeve, Jeannette Reyes, John Rice, Jeff Rose, Thomas Roussey, 
        Megan Rowls, Michael Rudd, Brian Sasser, James Scott, Holly 
        Shannon, Bhupinder Sharma, Rebecca Sinn, Jocelyn Sistrunk, 
        Alison Starling, Christopher Stuard, Kimberly Suiters, Sam 
        Sweeney, Scott Thuman, Stephen Tschida, Sara Van Aernum, Michael 
        Vaughn, James Walker, Travis Washington, Robert Washington-
        Anderson, Jennifer Watson, Ronald Windham, Melanie Wotring, Dale 
        Wright, Andrew Zmidzinski.
    WMAL RADIO--440 Jenifer Street, 4th floor, Washington, DC 20015: 
        Steven Burns, Heather Curtis, Bill Hess, Nicole Raz.
    WNEW / CBS DC--(202) 479-0829; 1015 Half Street, SE., Suite 200, 
        Washington, DC 20003: Karen Adams, Kristopher Ankarlo, Charles 
        Carroll, Rob Dawson, John Domen, Paul Elliott, Brad Freitas, 
        Jenny Glick, Nathaniel Hager, Brett Hall, Chas Henry, Sarah 
        Jacobs, James MacKay, Stacy Moore, Amy Morris, George Rehkoph, 
        Jared Ruderman, Robert Sanchez, Nancy Sargeant, Cheryl Simone, 
        Cameron Thompson, Saraya Wintermsmith, Timothy Yorro.
    WNYC--1642 C Beekman Place, Washington, DC 20009: Todd Zwillich.
    WPFW-FM--2390 Champlain Street, NW., Washington, DC 20009: Gloria 
    WRC-TV / NBC-4--Inaugural Credential, 2009, DC 20005: Jay Alvey, 
        Jackie Bensen, Charles Bragale, Beth Brown, Ashley Brown, Daniel 
        Buckley, Larry Bullard, Julie Carey, Dave carter, Sean Casey, 
        Joseph Cassano, Pat Collins, Natasha Copeland, David Culver, 
        Lauren Dunn, Edward Durkin, Megan Fitzgerald, Bernard Forte, 
        Teneille Gibson, Aaron Gilchrist, Jason Gittlen, Matt Glassman, 
        Angie Goff, Michael Goldrick, Erika Gonzalez, Charles A. 
        Goodknight, Herbert Gordon, Molette Green, Jim Handly, Jack 
        Heinbaugh, Ede Jermin, Lyrone Jones, Kristen Kerwin, Christopher 
        Kerwin, Zachary Kiesch, Sara Kirkland, Chris Lawrence, Ronald 
        Leidelmeyer, Scott MacFarlane, Carlos Martinez, Megan mcgrath, 
        Michael O'Regan, Chester Panzer, Patti Petitte, Jeff Piper, 
        Katherine Roberts, Kelvin Robinson, Mark Segraves, sarah shales, 
        Tom Sherwood, Jon Sonnheim, Mark Stephens, Shomari Stone, 
        Laetitia Thompson Anderson, Adam Tuss, Jennifer Vasquez, Roy 
        Weinstock, Tracee wilkins, Melinda Woolbright, Kristin Wright, 
        Eun Yang, Rick Yarborough, Darren Ziegenbein.
    WTOP RADIO--3400 Idaho Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20016: John 
        Aaron, Ari Ashe, Neal Augenstein, Rahul Bali, Michelle Basch, 
        Darci Brasch, Megan Cloherty, Robert Crossling, Dennis Foley, 
        Jamie Forzato, Jason Fraley, Dave Garner, Jessie J. Green, 
        Brennan Haselton, Amanda Iacone, Nick Iannelli, Kristi King 
        Lilleston, Lori Lundin, Dave McConnell, Mitchell Miller, Andrew 
        Mollenbeck, Mike Murillo, Rachel Nania, Brian Oliger, Meera Pal, 
        Art Rose, Kate Ryan, Zach Shore, Max Smith, Dick Uliano, Paula 
        Wolfson, Ren Zheng.
    WTTG-FOX TELEVISION--5151 Wisconsin Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 
        20016: Matthew Ackland, Melanie Alnwick, Kellee Azar, Bob 
        Barnard, Earl T. Baysden III, James Beahn, William Beyer, Rick 
        Boone, Kyle Carmean, Steve Chenevey, Anthony Colella, Patricia 
        Corcoran, Jennifer Davis, Lauren DeMarco, Laura Evans, Michael 
        Fischoff, Tom Fitzgerald, John Frame, Max Giammetta, Michael 
        Horan, Lance Ing, Nelson Jones, Paul Lester, Indira LeVine, 
        Alexandra Limon-Parresol, Craig Little, Sherri Ly, Michael 
        Marantz, Wisdom Martin, Mark Masecchia, Ronnie McCray, Emily 
        Miller, Holly Morris, Beth Parker, Anthony Perkins, Michael 
        Rickard, Bryan Roberts, Eugene Russell, F. David Rysak, Mark 
        Sargent, Robert Shon, Sarah Simmons, Jason H. Smith, Joe Spevak, 
        Will Thomas, Terri Tolliver, Maureen Umeh, Paul Wagner, Don 
        Watrud, Douglas H. Wilkes, Steven Williams, Shawn Yancy, Annie 
    WUSA-TV--(202) 895-5588; 4100 Wisconsin Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 
        20016: Francis Abbey, Debra Alfarone, Wendy Bailey, Allyson 
        Banks, Ellison Barber, Howard Bernstein, Kristen Berset, Mark 
        Bost, Kurt Brooks, William Broom, Aubrey Bryant, Arielle 
        Buchmann, Laura Burdine, Diane Butts, Surae Chinn Lucie, April 
        Chunko, David Cilberti, William Clemann, William Cockey, Gregory 
        Cohen, Jeffrey Cridland, Ileana Diaz Waldman, Danielle Flanagan, 
        Lesli Foster Mathewson, Peggy Fox, Michael Fuhr, Stephen Garifo, 
        Danielle Gatewood-Gill, Nicholas Giovanni, Delia Goncalves 
        Perry, Erica Grow, Gregory Guise, Garrett Haake, James Hallman, 
        James Hash, Shonty Hawkins, Thomas Hunsicker, Michael Hydeck, 
        Thomas James, Jan Jeffcoat, Lee Jenkins, Elizabeth Jia, Bruce 
        Johnson, Jeffrey Keene, Kevin G. King, William Kistner, Graham 
        Knight, Erik Lee, Nicholas Leimbach, Abdulmola Lenghi, Bruce 
        Leshan, William Lord, Samara Martin Ewing, Andrea McCarren, Joel 
        McDonald, Derek McGinty, Brooks Meriwether, Larry Miller, Jay 
        Mishkin, John Mogor, Eric Morrow, Christopher Mullen, Dave 
        Owens, Renee Peace Carr, Nadia Pflaum, Russell Ptacek, Stephanie 
        Ramirez, Anthony Rizzo, Andrea Roane Skehan, David Roycraft, 
        David Satchell, James Searls, Margo Shear,

[[Page 1061]]

        Charles Shutt, Howard Silverberg, Loriston Sindass, Bill Starks, 
        Janet Terry, Michael Trammell, Erin Van der Bellen, Joan 
        Vasiliadis, Meta Viers, Blair Wheeler, Dion Wiggins, Stephanie 
    XINHUA--1740 North 14th Street, Arlington, VA 22209: Mike Kellerman, 
        Shuai Liu, Xing Qi, Yingshan Shi.
    YONHAP NEWS TV--529 14th Street, NW., Washington, DC 20045: Lauren 
        Kim, Beomhyun Kim.


    Freelancers: Atef Abdulgawad, Naser Abu Diab, Robin Adlerblum, Firas 
        Alallak, Mark Albert, Chris Albert, Damien Alipour, Vadim Allen, 
        Faten Alwan, Angela Andersen, Patrick Anderson, Arash Arabasadi, 
        Bruno Arena, Soro Arero, Patricia Armstrong, Thomas Armstrong, 
        Adrian Armwood, Eddie Arossi, Hussein Asmael, Jocelyn Augustino, 
        Jean-Pascal Azais, Travis Renee Baldwin, Mark Banks, Rose 
        Barondess, Marilisa Battistella, William Baty, Michael Bellis, 
        Heidi Belmar, Michael Benetato, Barbara Benitez, Brian Benjamin, 
        Kevin Beyer, Remco Bikkers, Sadiq Bilal, Tim Bintrim, John Boal, 
        Warren Bolden, Wayne Boyd, Jake Britton, Michael Broleman, Jon-
        Christopher Bua, John Bullard, Penny Burk, Alison Burns, Matthew 
        Burton, Andrew Cahallero-Reynolds, Traci Caldwell, Tim Camarda, 
        Christopher Campbell, David Caravello, Brett Carlson, Anthony 
        Carr, Evan Carr, Rita Chan, Ching-Yi Chang, Xiao Chang, Irwin 
        Chapman, David Chaytor, Robert Cherouny, Silvia Chocarro, Gilles 
        Clarenne, Gilles Clarenne, Anne Cocklin, Stephen Cocklin, Harvey 
        Cofske, Stacey Cohan, Holley Coil, Manel Coleau, Thomas Coleman, 
        Oliver Contreras, Kyle Cooper, Pedro Correa, Chantal Costen, Tim 
        Cote, Paul Courson, Eric Courtney, Thomas Craca, John Craig, 
        Danny Criswell, Katherine Cross, Philip Crowther, Erika Cumber, 
        Patrick Curran, Eugene D'Andrea, Carla Dakin, Clinton Davis, 
        Scott De Angioletti, Louis de Guise, Stan de Saint Hippolyte, 
        Dinah De Saracho, Andrey Degtyarev, William Demas, Gabriella 
        Demczuk, Juanita Dillard, Daniela Doan, William Donald, Brian 
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        Epstein, Manuel Ernst, Anne-Marie Fendrick, Gallagher Fenwick, 
        Michael Finnigan, Kristin Foellmer, Laura Foran, Michael Ford, 
        Tom Foster, Tom Foty, David Fox, Matthew Fox, Patrick French, 
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        Scott, Lynsea Garrison, Julien Gathelier, Philip Geyelin, David 
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        Patricia Lynch, Tracey Madigan, Evy Mages, Jennifer Maher, 
        Alicia Majeed, Alexander Mallin, Antonio Marques, James Martin, 
        Jr., Jeff Martino, Emily Massey, Alice Massimi, James Mathis, 
        Tim Matkosky, Andre Matthews, Max Matza, Mathieu Mazza, 
        Christopher McCary, Douglas McCash, Tipp McClure, Scott McCrary, 
        Ian McDougall, Terrance McEachern, Patty McFarland, Allen 
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        Dave Mikutsky, Charles Miller, Alfredo Miranda, Justin Mitchell, 
        Shannon Mizell, Takashi Mizukami, Melissa Mollet, William 
        Montague, Willie Moorer, Martin Moser, Abdulhafeez Muhammad, 
        John Murphy, Matthew Murray, Peter Murtaugh, Sabine Muscat, 
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        Kathryn Patterson, Nikolai Pavlov, Grant Peacock, Daniel 
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        Pexton, Murray Pinczuk, Juan Pineda, Randall Pinkston, 
        Christopher Plater, Charlotte Potts, Michael Purbaugh, Mark 
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        Roseboro, Misa Rossetti-Meyer, Theodore Roth, Joseph Ruffini, 
        Thomas Sampson, Stacey Samuels, Gregory Savoy, Barry Schlegel, 
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[[Page 1062]]

        Rick Suddeth, Ena Suto, Bethany Swain, Robert Sweeney, Erik 
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        Teboe, Bert Thomas, Shari Thomas, Joseph Thompson, George Toman, 
        William Turner, Thomas Tyler, Wade Tyree, Claudia Uceda, Brad 
        Ulery, Melinda Ulloa, Xavier Underwood, Juan Ureta, Ben Vaeth-
        Levin, Paul VanderVeen, Ilona Viczian, Marcos Vigil, Kelley 
        Beaucar Vlahos, Amanda Voisard, Ambrose Vurnis, Jackie Lyn 
        Walker, Cong Wang, Taofeng Wang, Derrick Ward, Jamey Warner, 
        Tarik Warner, Sonja Wasgien, Aaron Webster, George Weller, 
        George Weller, Katharina Werner, Caroline West, Chris Widmer, 
        Snorre Wik, Armstrong Williams, David Williams, James Williams, 
        Mark Wilson, Ronald Winters, Ruth Wittwer, Chris Wright, Brian 
        Yaklyvich, Stephanie Yang, David Zechar, Markus Zeffler, Stratis 
        Zervos, Stratis Zervos, Ariel Zimerman.

[[Page 1063]]

                       PERIODICAL PRESS GALLERIES*


                      The Capitol, H-304, 225-2941

Director.--Robert M. Zatkowski
Deputy Director.--Gerald Rupert, Jr.
Assistant Directors: Jenn Walters, Ryan Hamel


                      The Capitol, S-320, 224-0265

Director.--Edward V. Pesce
Deputy Director.--Justin Wilson
Assistant Director.--Shawna Blair


                                            Heather Rothman, BNA News, 
                                            Leo Shane, Sightline Media 
                                                Group, Secretary
                                            Alexander Bolton, The Hill, 
                                            Jay Newton-Small, Time 
                                            Manu Raju, Politico
                                            Jason Dick, Roll Call
                                            Stephen Cooper, Tax Notes


    1. Persons eligible for admission to the Periodical Press Galleries 
must be bona fide resident correspondents of reputable standing, giving 
their chief attention to the gathering and reporting of news. They shall 
state in writing the names of their employers and their additional 
sources of earned income; and they shall declare that, while a member of 
the Galleries, they will not act as an agent in the prosecution of 
claims, and will not become engaged or assist, directly or indirectly, 
in any lobbying, promotion, advertising, or publicity activity intended 
to influence legislation or any other action of the Congress, nor any 
matter before any independent agency, or any department or other 
instrumentality of the Executive Branch; and that they will not act as 
an agent for, or be employed by the Federal, or any State, local or 
foreign government or representatives thereof; and that they will not, 
directly or indirectly, furnish special or ``insider'' information 
intended to influence prices or for the purpose of trading on any 
commodity or stock exchange; and that they will not become employed, 
directly or indirectly, by any stock exchange, board of trade or other 
organization or member thereof, or brokerage house or broker engaged in 
the buying and selling of any security or commodity. Applications shall 
be submitted to the Executive Committee of the Periodical 
Correspondents' Association and shall be authenticated in a manner 
satisfactory to the Executive Committee.
    *Information is based on data furnished and edited by each 
respective Gallery.
    2. Applicants must be employed by periodicals that regularly publish 
a substantial volume of news material of either general, economic, 
industrial, technical, cultural, or trade character. The periodical must 
require such Washington coverage on a continuing basis and must be owned 
and operated independently of any government, industry, institution, 
association, or lobbying organization. Applicants must also be employed 
by a periodical that is published for profit and is supported chiefly by 
advertising or by subscription, or by a periodical meeting the 
conditions in this paragraph but published by a nonprofit organization 
that, first, operates independently of any government, industry, or 
institution and, second, does

[[Page 1064]]

not engage, directly or indirectly, in any lobbying or other activity 
intended to influence any matter before Congress or before any 
independent agency or any department or other instrumentality of the 
Executive Branch. House organs are not eligible.
    3. Members of the families of correspondents are not entitled to the 
privileges of the Galleries.
    4. The Executive Committee may issue temporary credentials 
permitting the privileges of the Galleries to individuals who meet the 
rules of eligibility but who may be on short-term assignment or 
temporarily residing in Washington.
    5. Under the authority of Rule 6 of the House of Representatives and 
of Rule 33 of the Senate, the Periodical Galleries shall be under the 
control of the Executive Committee, subject to the approval and 
supervision of the Speaker of the House of Representatives and the 
Senate Committee on Rules and Administration. It shall be the duty of 
the Executive Committee, at its discretion, to report violations of the 
privileges of the Galleries to the Speaker or the Senate Committee on 
Rules and Administration, and pending action thereon, the offending 
correspondent may be suspended. The committee shall be elected at the 
start of each Congress by members of the Periodical Correspondents' 
Association and shall consist of seven members with no more than one 
member from any one publishing organization. The committee shall elect 
its own officers and a majority of the committee may fill vacancies on 
the committee. The list in the Congressional Directory shall be a list 
only of members of the Periodical Correspondents' Association.

                                               Paul D. Ryan,
                                  Speaker, House of Representatives.

                                                  Roy Blunt,
                Chair, Senate Committee on Rules and Administration.

[[Page 1065]]


                       PERIODICAL PRESS GALLERIES

Abbott, Ryan M.: Court House News
Abel, Allen J.: Maclean's
Abramson, Julie L.: National Journal
Abse, Nathan: Federal Employees News Digest
Adams, Caralee Johnson: Education Week
Adkins, Lenore T.: BNA News
Adler, Kevin: UCG
Adragna, Anthony G.: BNA News
Aftab, Mirza Z.: BNA News
Al-Faruque, Ferdous: Informa
Albergo, Paul F.: BNA News
Alexis, Alexei: BNA News
Allen, Arthur: Politico
Allen, Jonathan J.: Vox Media
Alston, Tesha L.: RIA
Altman, Alex S.: Time Magazine
Altman, George: Sightline Media Group
Altscher, Judy K.: The Hill
Alvarez, Priscilla N.: National Journal
Ambrosio, Patrick: BNA News
Anselmo, Joseph: Aviation Week
Antoine, LaTrina M.: Afro American Newspapers
Antonides, David Scott: Tax Notes
Aplin, Donald G.: BNA News
Appelbaum, Yonatan A.: Atlantic Monthly
Apter, Melissa Wendy: Washington Jewish Week
Aquino, John T.: BNA News
Arom, Eita: Morning Consult
Ashworth, Jerry: Thompson Information Services
Asker, James R.: Aviation Week
Assam, Cecelia M.: BNA News
Atkins, Pamela S.: BNA News
Atwood, John Filar: CCH Inc.
August, Melissa A.: Time Magazine
Aulino, Margaret: BNA News
Averitt, Neil Warner: FTC Watch
Ayers, Cameron S.: Thompson Information Services
Ayers, Carl: UCG
Ayers, Judith E.: Weekly Standard
Babb, Lisa E.: Kiplinger Washington Editors
Bade, Rachel M.: Politico
Baine, Trevor: Capitol Forum
Baker, Samuel U.: National Journal
Ball, Molly: Atlantic Monthly
Bancroft, John: Inside Mortgage Finance
Barash, Martina S.: BNA News
Barbagallo, Paul John: BNA News
Bardwell, Brian D.: Tax Notes
Barkoukis, Leah: Townhall
Barnes, Fred W: Weekly Standard
Barnes, James A.: National Journal
Baron, Kevin: Defense One
Barry, Theresa: BNA News
Bartholet, Jeffrey I.: Politico
Basken, Paul A.: Chronicle of Higher Education
Bason, Tamlin H.: BNA News
Basu, Kaustuv: Tax Notes
Basu, Sandra L.: U.S. Medicine
Bater, Jeffrey P.: BNA News
Baumann, Jeannie: BNA News
Beasley, Stephanie M.: BNA News
Beaven, Lara W: Inside Washington Publishers
Becker, Bernard A.: The Hill
Beckwith, Ryan Teague: Time Magazine
Beddingfield, Matthew: BNA News
Beene, Ryan: Crain Communications
Behr, Peter B.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Behsudi, Adam S.: Politico
Beitsch, Rebecca H.M.: Inside Washington Publishers
Bellantoni, Christina: Roll Call
Belles, Carina Gayle: Atlantic Information Services
Belz, Emily C.: World Magazine
Ben-Yosef, Andrea L.: BNA News
Bennett, Alison: BNA News
Bennett, Cory L.: The Hill
Bennett, John T.: Sightline Media Group
Bennett, Kate G.: Politico
Benton, Nicholas F.: Falls Church News Press
Berenson, Tessa C.: Time Magazine
Berger, James R.: Washington Trade Daily
Berger, Mary: Washington Trade Daily
Berger, Matthew: BNA News
Berkheiser, Kyra: Thompson Information Services
Berman, Dan: National Journal
Berman, Matt: National Journal
Berman, Russell: Atlantic Monthly
Bernstein, Jeremy: Inside Washington Publishers
Bertuca, Anthony F.: Inside Washington Publishers
Beutler, Brian Alfred: New Republic
Beyoud, Lydia: BNA News
Bidwell, Allie: U. S. News & World Report
Billings, Deborah D.: BNA News
Blad, Evie: Education Week
Bland, Scott: The Hotline
Blank, Peter L.: Kiplinger Washington Editors
Blotner, David A.: Capitol Forum
Blumenstyk, Goldie: Chronicle of Higher Education
Bogardus, Kevin J.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Bokermann, Susan E.: BNA News

[[Page 1066]]

Boliek, Brooks: Politico
Bolton, Alexander Bruce: The Hill
Bomster, Mark W.: Education Week
Bonaquist, Maria Koklanaris: Tax Notes
Bordelon, Brendan Joseph: National Review
Bottemiller Evich, Helena: Politico
Boudreau, Catherine: BNA News
Bowman, Bridget M.: Roll Call
Boyd, Aaron T.: Sightline Media Group
Boyles, William R.: Health Market Survey
Bracken, Leonard: BNA News
Bradford, Hazel: Crain Communications
Bradley, Brian G.: Exchange Monitor Publications
Brandolph, David B.: BNA News
Brasher, Philip D.: Agri-Pulse
Braun, Kevin D.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Bravender, Robin L.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Breitman, Kendall P.: Politico
Brenneman, Ross: Education Week
Bresnahan, John: Politico
Brevetti, Rossella E.: BNA News
Bridgeford, Lydell C.: BNA News
Brittain, Steven: BNA News
Broder, Jonathan: Newsweek
Brooks, George A.: Inside Mortgage Finance
Brostoff, Tera: BNA News
Brown, Alex: The Hotline
Brown, Dylan: Environment & Energy Publishing
Brown, Jill: Atlantic Information Services
Brownstein, Ronald J.: National Journal
Bruce, R. Christian: BNA News
Bruggeman, Karyn L.: The Hotline
Bruninga, Susan E.: BNA News
Bruno, Michael P.: Aviation Week
Burow, Margaret: Tax Notes
Burroughs IV, Davis C.: Morning Consult
Bush, Daniel: Environment & Energy Publishing
Byers, Alex: Politico
Byrnes, Jesse: The Hill
Cadei, Emily Isabel: Newsweek
Cahn, Emily: Roll Call
Calabresi, Massimo T.: Time Magazine
Caldwell, Christopher: Weekly Standard
Callahan, Madelyn R.: BNA News
Cama, Timothy: The Hill
Camera, Lauren S.: Education Week
Caplan-Bricker, Nora R.: National Journal
Caporal, Jack Ernest: Inside Washington Publishers
Carden, James W: Nation
Carey, William Joseph, Jr.: Aviation International News
Carlile, Amy V.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Carlson, Jeffrey E.: CCH Inc.
Carney, Jordain R.: The Hill
Carpenter, Zoe: Nation
Carr, Jennifer: Tax Notes
Carroll, Conn: Townhall
Casabona, Elizabeth: Thompson Information Services
Cassidy, William B.: Journal of Commerce
Castelli, Christopher: Inside Washington Publishers
Casuga, Jay-Anne B.: BNA News
Cauterucci, Christina: Washington City Paper
Cavanagh, Sean: Education Week
Cavas, Christopher: Sightline Media Group
Caygle, Heather Nicole: Politico
Cecala, Guy David: Inside Mortgage Finance
Center, Shira R.: Roll Call
Chalfant, Morgan Mary: Red Alert Politics
Chang, Ashley S.: Capitol Forum
Chappell, Carisa D.: Inside Mortgage Finance
Chase, Spencer: Agri-Pulse
Chemnick, Jean M.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Cheney, Kyle: Politico
Chibbaro, Jr., Louis M.: Washington Blade
Childers, Andrew J.: BNA News
Chronister, Gregory: Education Week
Cinquegrani, Gayle C.: BNA News
Cirilli, Kevin N.: The Hill
Clark, Andrew: Broadband Census
Clark, Charles S.: Government Executive
Clarke, David: Politico
Clason, Lauren M.: Atlantic Information Services
Clemons, Steven: Atlantic Monthly
Clevenger, Andrew: Sightline Media Group
Coffin, James B.: Public Lands News
Cohen, Janey: BNA News
Cohen, Richard E.: FCW
Cohen, Zachary C.: The Hotline
Cole, Christopher M.: Inside Washington Publishers
Collins, Eliza S.: Politico
Compton, Kimberly Claire: BNA News
Connole, Patrick: Atlantic Information Services
Connolly, Paul C.: BNA News
Conroy, Declan: Food Chemical News
Cook, Jr., Charles E.: Cook Political Report
Cook, Nancy M.: National Journal
Cook, Steven: BNA News
Coomes, Jessica: BNA News
Cooper, Matthew Stanley: Newsweek
Cooper, Perry Elizabeth: BNA News
Cooper, Stephen K.: Tax Notes
Cordaro, Jennifer Rodibaugh: CCH Inc.
Corrin, Amber: Sightline Media Group
Cottle, M. Michelle: National Journal
Coyle, Marcia: National Law Journal
Craver, Martha L.: Kiplinger Washington Editors
Crowley, Michael: Politico
Cullen, David: Heavy Duty Trucking
Cumings, Stephanie M.: BNA News
Curran, John: Telecommunications Reports
Cusack, Robert: The Hill
Dalphonse, Sherri Leslie: Washingtonian
Darcey, Susan W.: Informa

[[Page 1067]]

Dashiell, Steven: UCG
Date, Shirish V.: National Journal
Datlowe, Nicholas A.: BNA News
Davis, Michelle R.: Education Week
Davis, S. Diane: BNA News
Davis, Steve: Atlantic Information Services
Davis, William Robert: Tax Notes
Davison, Laura P.: BNA News
Day, Jeff: BNA News
De Luce, Daniel Richard: Foreign Policy
Debenedetti, Gabriel A.: Politico
Delargy, Christine Anne: Politico
DeLeon, Carrie: Telecommunications Reports
Demko, Paul: Crain Communications
Demko, Paul Jeffrey: Politico
Dennis, Steven T.: Roll Call
DePaul, Jennifer: Tax Notes
Derrick, J. C.: World Magazine
DeRuy, Emily E.: National Journal
Detrow, Scott M.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Devaney, Timothy: The Hill
Diamond, Phyllis: BNA News
Dias, Elizabeth J.: Time Magazine
Dick, Jason J.: Roll Call
Dickerson, John F.: Slate
Dickson, Virgil T.: Crain Communications
DiCosmo, Bridget M.: Inside Washington Publishers
Dillon, Jeremy: Exchange Monitor Publications
DiMascio, Jennifer: Aviation Week
DiSciullo, Joseph: Tax Notes
Divis, Dee Ann: Inside GNSS
Dixon, Darius Ajani: Politico
Dixon, Kim: Politico
Dobbs-Allsopp, William C.: Morning Consult
Dobson, Ashley Danielle: Red Alert Politics
Dobson, Will: Slate
Doherty, Daniel P.: Townhall
Dolley, Steven D.: McGraw Hill Financial
Domone, Dana J.: BNA News
Dong, Zhaoxia: Epoch Times
Donlan, Thomas G.: Barron's
Dorrian, Patrick: BNA News
Doubleday, Justin P.: Inside Washington Publishers
Douglas, Genevieve Rose: BNA News
Dovere, Edward-Isaac: Politico
Downey, Kirstin Edith: FTC Watch
Downey, Teddy: Capitol Forum
Doyle, Kenneth P.: BNA News
Doyle, Susan: BNA News
Draper, Robert L.: GQ Magazine
Drennan, Justine Koo: Foreign Policy
Drew, Russell James: Inside Washington Publishers
Drusch, Andrea Michelle: National Journal
Dube, Elliott T.: BNA News
Dube, Lawrence E.: BNA News
Dudley, Julianne E.: Weekly Standard
Duffy, Jennifer: Cook Political Report
Duffy, Michael W.: Time Magazine
Dumain, Emma: Roll Call
Durkin, Erin: Inside Washington Publishers
Dutra, Antonio: BNA News
Eakin, Britain: Court House News
Easley, Cameron: Roll Call
Easley, Jonathan C.: The Hill
Easton, Nina J.: Fortune Magazine
Eckert, Toby L.: Politico
Edney, Hazel Trice: Trice Edney Newswire
Edroso, Roy: UCG
Edwards, Breanna C.: The Root
Edwards, Haley: Time Magazine
Edwards, Jewel W.: BNA News
Ege, Konrad: Freitag
Eggerton, John S.: Broadcasting & Cable
Ehart, William: CEO Update
Ehley, Brianna Megan: Politico
Eisele, Albert: The Hill
Eldridge, David: Roll Call
Elfin, Dana A.: BNA News
Elgatian, Tawny: BNA News
Elliott, Amy S.: Tax Notes
Elliott III, Philip Robert: Time Magazine
Ellis, David: Roll Call
Ellis, Isobel: National Journal
Emma, Caitlin Z.: Politico
Engleman, Eric: Politico
Enoch, Daniel: Agri-Pulse
Ertel, Karen: BNA News
Esquivel, J. Jesus: Proceso
Evans, Megan M.: Roll Call
Everett, John B.: Politico
Everstine, Brian W: Sightline Media Group
Ewing, Philip T.: Politico
Fabian, Jordan H.: The Hill
Faler, Brian D.: Politico
Farmer, Liz: Governing
Feldenkirchen, Markus: Der Spiegel
Ferguson, Andrew: Weekly Standard
Ferguson, Brett: BNA News
Ferris, David: Environment & Energy Publishing
Ferris, Sarah N.: The Hill
Ferullo, Michael: BNA News
Fialka, John J.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Field, Kelly Elizabeth: Chronicle of Higher Education
Fischer, Karin: Chronicle of Higher Education
Fischer Martin, Betsy: MORE Magazine
Fischler, Jacob A.: Law360
Fischman, Josh E.: Scientific American
Fitton, Jacqueline: Informa
Fitzpatrick, Jack: The Hotline
Fleming, Matthew G.: Roll Call
Fletcher, Kenneth R.: Exchange Monitor Publications
Flood, Brian: BNA News

[[Page 1068]]

Flook, William Clay: Research Institute of America Group
Foran, Clare M.: National Journal
Forbes, Sean I.: BNA News
Ford, Matt S.: Atlantic Monthly
Forman-Cook, Whitney C.: Agri-Pulse
Fortnam, Brett P.: Inside Washington Publishers
Fox, Lauren: National Journal
Francis, Jr., David: Foreign Policy
Francis, Eileen: Informa
Francis, Laura D.: BNA News
Franklin, Mary Beth: Crain Communications
Freda, Diane M.: BNA News
Freebairn, William: McGraw Hill Financial
Freed, Benjamin: Washingtonian
Freeman, Aishia Caryn: BNA News
French, Lauren: Politico
Freund, Lena: Washington Business Information
Friedman, Lisa F.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Frizell, Sam: Time Magazine
Fuller, Matt E.: Roll Call
Gale, Rebecca E.: Roll Call
Galentine, Elizabeth Rome: Employee Benefit Adviser
Gallagher, John A.: Journal of Commerce
Gannon, John: BNA News
Gantz, Rachel: UCG
Garcia, Eric M.: National Journal
Garofalo, Patrick: U.S. News & World Report
Gartrell, Antoinette Nicole: BNA News
Gattoni-Celli, Luca: Tax Notes
Gatz, Nicholas Joseph: Falls Church News Press
Gaynor, Michael: Washingtonian
Gehrke, Jr., Joel S.: National Review
Geisel, Jerry: Crain Communications
Geman, Ben: National Journal
Gentile, Gary: McGraw Hill Financial
Gerstein, Joshua A.: Politico
Gewertz, Catherine: Education Week
Giangreco, Leigh: Inside Washington Publishers
Gibson, Virginia Stella: Newsweek
Gilmer, Ellen M.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Gilpin-Green, Justice L.: Roll Call
Gilston, Meredith L.: Gilston-Kalin Communications
Gilston, Samuel M.: Gilston-Kalin Communications
Gingery, Derrick J.: Informa
Gizzi, John: NewsMax
Glass, Andrew J.: Politico
Glueck, Katie: Politico
Goad, Benjamin: The Hill
Goindi, Geeta: Express India
Gold, Ashley: Politico
Gold, Hadas: Politico
Goldwyn, Brant: CCH Inc.
Gonzalez, Gloria: Crain Communications
Gonzales, Nathan: Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report
Gonzalez, Sarah S.: Agri-Pulse
Goode, Darren T.: Politico
Goodwine, Velma Denise: Research Institute of America Group
Gould, Joseph M.: Sightline Media Group
Goyal, Raghubir: Asia Today
Graff, Garrett M.: Politico
Graham, David A.: Atlantic Monthly
Grasgreen, Alexandra: Politico
Graves, Lucia E.: National Journal
Gray, William T.: Synopsis
Greene, Michael N.: BNA News
Greenhalgh, Keiron: McGraw Hill Financial
Gregory, Patrick L.: BNA News
Grena Manley, Mary Ann: BNA News
Grieve, Timothy Patrick: National Journal
Griffith, Cara: Tax Notes
Groll, Elias: Foreign Policy
Gross, Grant J.: IDG News Service
Gross, Rachel E.: Slate
Gruber, Amelia M.: Government Executive
Grunewald, Will: Washingtonian
Grunwald, Michael: Politico
Gruss, Michael: Space News
Guida, Victoria T.: Politico
Guillen, Alexander: Politico
Guniganti, Pallavi: Global Competition Review
Gutman, James H.: Atlantic Information Services
Haas, Joseph A.: Informa
Haberkorn, Jennifer A.: Politico
Hagen, Lisa: National Journal
Hagstrom, Jerry: National Journal
Hale, Christian: Roll Call
Halper, Daniel M.: Weekly Standard
Hamilton, Amy L.: Tax Notes
Hamrick, Mark:
Hancock, Benjamin: Inside Washington Publishers
Haniffa, Aziz: India Abroad
Hansard, Sara E.: BNA News
Hansen, David A.: BNA News
Harball, Elizabeth Erin: Environment & Energy Publishing
Harbrecht, Douglas A.: Kiplinger Washington Editors
Harding, Margaret Elizabeth: Law360
Hardy, Michael L.: Sightline Media Group
Harkins, Gina A.: Sightline Media Group
Harvey, Abby: Exchange Monitor Publications
Haseley, Donna L.: Inside Washington Publishers
Hattem, Julian: The Hill
Hawkings, Jr., David Mark: Roll Call
Hayes, Peter S.: BNA News
Hazzard, Emily Q: Washington City Paper
Hedberg, Lars-Eric: BNA News
Hefling, Kimberly A.: Politico
Hegstad, Maria A.: Inside Washington Publishers
Heikkinen, Niina H.: Environment & Energy Publishing

[[Page 1069]]

Heitin, Liana: Education Week
Helbling, Laura A.: Informa
Helem, Lisa R.: BNA News
Heller, Marc R.: BNA News
Hendrie, Paul J.: BNA News
Hennig, Jutta: Inside Washington Publishers
Henry, Devin Kendrick: The Hill
Herb, Jeremy: Politico
Hess, Hannah C.: Roll Call
Hess, Ryan E.: MII Publications
Hiar, Corbin W.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Higgins, Joshua L.: Inside Washington Publishers
Hill, Keith M.: BNA News
Hill, Richard: BNA News
Hillman, G. Robert: Politico
Hiruo, Elaine: McGraw Hill Financial
Ho, Soyoung: Research Institute of America Group
Hobbs, M. Nielsen: Informa
Hobson, Margaret Kriz: Environment & Energy Publishing
Hodge Seck, Hope: Sightline Media Group
Hoffman, Rebecca E.: BNA News
Hoffman III, William S.: Tax Notes
Hofmann, Mark A.: Crain Communications
Hohmann, James P.: Politico
Holden, Emily H.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Holeman, Cynthia Denise: Tax Notes
Hollers, Logan: BNA News
Holmes, Gwendolyn C.: BNA News
Homan, Timothy Richard: Morning Consult
Hood, David A.: Inside Washington Publishers
Hoover, James C.: Law360
Hoover, Kent: Washington Business Journal
Hopkinson, Jenny A.: Politico
Horowitz, Jay: BNA News
Horwood, Rachel Jane: Economist
Howell, Katie J.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Hudson, Elizabeth Lee: Inside Washington Publishers
Hudson, Jasmin: McGraw Hill Financial
Hudson, John: Foreign Policy
Huffman, Jason A.: Politico
Hughes, Sarah Anne E.: Washington City Paper
Hulac, Benjamin: Environment & Energy Publishing
Hutchins, James Reynolds: Journal of Commerce
Hyland, Kristyn: BNA News
Hyland, Terence M.: BNA News
Iafolla, Robert: BNA News
Ichniowski, Thomas F.: Engineering News-Record
Irfan, Umair: Environment & Energy Publishing
Isenstadt, Alex: Politico
Jackson, Valarie N.: McGraw Hill Financial
Jacobs, Jeremy P.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Jacobson, Todd K.: Exchange Monitor Publications
Jaffe, Harry S.: Washingtonian
Jahner, Kyle R.: Sightline Media Group
Jakes, Lara: Foreign Policy
Jaworski, Thomas: Tax Notes
Jewell, R.J.: BNA News
Jin, Yan: Caijing Magazine
Johnson, Alisa: BNA News
Johnson, Andrew E.: National Review
Johnson, Chris C.: Washington Blade
Johnson, Clarion E.: Capitol Forum
Johnson, David A.: Time Magazine
Johnson, Eliana: National Review
Johnson, Fawn: Morning Consult
Johnson, Katie W.: BNA News
Jones, Caroline E.: Washington City Paper
Jones, George G.: CCH Inc.
Jonson, Nick: McGraw Hill Financial
Joseph, Cameron E.: The Hill
Jost, Kenneth W: CQ Researcher
Jowers, Karen Grigg: Sightline Media Group
Judis, John Barney: National Journal
Judson, Jennifer: Politico
Juliano, Nicholas P.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Just, Richard: National Journal
Kadam, Nitasha: CCH Inc.
Kalish, Brian: Employee Benefit Adviser
Kambhampati, Sandhya: Chronicle of Higher Education
Kamens, Jessie K.: BNA News
Kamisar, Benjamin: The Hill
Kanu, Hassan A.: BNA News
Kaplan, Hugh B.: BNA News
Kapur, Sahil: Talking Points Memo
Karas, Rachel S.: Inside Washington Publishers
Kardish, Christopher: Governing
Karem, Brian J.: Montgomery County Sentinel
Karlin, Sarah: Informa
Karlin, Sarah: Politico
Kashino, Marisa M.: Washingtonian
Kasprzak, Thomas J.: Tax Notes
Katz, Daniel: Aviation Week
Katz, Eric: Government Executive
Kaufman, Bruce S.: BNA News
Kavruck, Deborah A.: Washington Counseletter
Kearns, Kara Ann: Politico
Kelly, Catherine A.: Informa
Kelly, Lauren: Atlantic Information Services
Kelly, Nora E.: National Journal
Kenen, Joanne L.: Politico
Kern, Rebecca M.: BNA News
Khan, Altaf U.: BNA News
Kheel, Rebecca Hillary: The Hill
Khimm, Suzy: New Republic
Kim, Seung Min: Politico
Kime, Patricia N.: Sightline Media Group
King, Pamela: Environment & Energy Publishing
King, Robert P.: Politico
Kirby, Paul: Telecommunications Reports

[[Page 1070]]

Kirkland, Joel G.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Klein, Alyson: Education Week
Kliff, Sarah L.: Vox Media
Klingst, Martin E.: Die Zeit
Knowles, Daniel L.: Economist
Knox, Ron: Global Competition Review
Koelemay, Jeffrey D.: BNA News
Koenig, Bryan David: Law360
Konkel, Frank: Government Executive
Koo, Jimmy H.: BNA News
Kopan, Tal: Politico
Korade, Matthew: Politico
Koren, Marina: National Journal
Koss, Geof: Environment & Energy Publishing
Kovach, Kaitlin: Roll Call
Kovski, Alan D.: BNA News
Kramer, Alexis S.: BNA News
Kraushaar, Josh P.: National Journal
Kruse, Michael: Politico
Kubetin, W. Randy: BNA News
Kuckro, Rod: Environment & Energy Publishing
Kukuk, Brad A.: Mine Safety and Health News
Kumar, Vikas: Capitol Forum
Kunzig, Rob L.: Morning Consult
Kurtz, David: Talking Points Memo
Kurtz, Josh: Environment & Energy Publishing
Kushin, Philip H.: BNA News
LaBrecque, Louis C.: BNA News
Lacey, Anthony: Inside Washington Publishers
Laing, Keith: The Hill
Lantigua-Williams, Juleyka: National Journal
Laping, Karen McBeth: McGraw Hill Financial
LaRoss, David: Inside Washington Publishers
Larsen, Kathryn: BNA News
Larson, Cathleen R.: BNA News
Last, Jonathan V.: Weekly Standard
Lavers, Michael K.: Washington Blade
Lawrence, Jill Debra: U. S. News & World Report
Leahy, Colleen C.: Morning Consult
Leatherman, Jacquelyn D.: CCH Inc.
Leber, Rebecca J.: New Republic
Lee, Steve K.: BNA News
Leeuwenburgh, Todd H.: Thompson Information Services
Lehmann, Evan W.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Leonard, Kimberly L.: U. S. News & World Report
Leone, Daniel M.: Space News
Lerner, Adam B.: Politico
Lesesne, William F.: Research Institute of America Group
Lesniewski, Niels P.: Roll Call
Leven, Rachel P.: BNA News
Levin, Joshua: Slate
Levine, Marianne A.: Politico
Levine, Susan K.: Politico
Levinson, Alexis: Roll Call
Levinson, Alexis R.: National Review
Levy, Gabrielle F.: U. S. News & World Report
Liang, John: Inside Washington Publishers
Liberto, Jennifer Rose: Politico
Lillis, Michael: The Hill
Ling, Katherine C.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Linger, Jacob Daniel: Court House News
Lippman, Daniel: Politico
Lithwick, Dahlia Hannah: Slate
Littleton, Julia A.: Environment & Energy Publishing
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Lockhart, Giovanna Gray: Glamour Magazine
Logan, Lee: Inside Washington Publishers
Long Rayburn, Karen S.: UCG
Lorenzo, Aaron E.: BNA News
Losey, Stephen: Sightline Media Group
Loughran, Matthew: BNA News
Loviza-Vickery, Amanda L.: Court House News
Lowe, Paul D.: Aviation International News
Lubell, Karina B.: Capitol Forum
Luccioli, Colleen M.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Lucero, Kat: Tax Notes
Lucia, William: Government Executive
Lucia, William R.: Inside Washington Publishers
Lunney, Kellie: Government Executive
Lustig, Joe: BNA News
Lynch, Kerry: Aviation International News
Lyngaas, Sean: FCW
Maas, Angela K.: Atlantic Information Services
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Macy, Daniel J.: Thompson Information Services
Madara, Matthew: Tax Notes
Madden, Mike R.: Washington City Paper
Mahoney, Brian J.: Politico
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Marks, Joseph H.: Politico
Maron, Dina F.: Scientific American
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Martel, Catherine A.: Politico
Martin, Betsy Fischer: MORE Magazine
Martinson, Erica L.: Politico
Marx, Claude: FTC Watch
Master, Cyra: Roll Call
Matishak, Martin: The Hill
Maucione, Scott: Inside Washington Publishers
Mauro, Anthony E.: National Law Journal

[[Page 1071]]

Mazmanian, Adam: FCW
Mazumdar, Anandashankar: BNA News
McAllister III, William H.: Amos Press
McBride, Courtney: Inside Washington Publishers
McCabe, David C.: The Hill
McCaffery, Gregory: BNA News
McCarthy, Meghan: Morning Consult
McCaskill, Nolan D.: Politico
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McCormack, John M.: Weekly Standard
McCormack, Richard: Manufacturing & Technology News
McCormally, Kevin: Kiplinger Washington Editors
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McDonald, Natashka: Hispanic Link News Service
McFarland, Pamela Hunter: Engineering News-Record
McGolrick, Susan J.: BNA News
McGowan, Kevin P.: BNA News
McInerney, Susan M.: BNA News
McKnight, Whitney: Frontline Medical Communications
McLeary, Paul Joseph: Foreign Policy
McMahon, Robert F.: McGraw Hill Financial
McManus, Erin: BNA News
McManus, Lillian F.: Thompson Information Services
McTague, James: Barron's
Meacham, Jane: Thompson Information Services
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Milhiser, Ellen: Synopsis
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Mitchell, Charles F.: Inside Washington Publishers
Mitchell, Ellen: Inside Washington Publishers
Mitchell, Corey: Education Week
Mixter, Bronwyn: BNA News
Mokhiber, Russell: Corporate Crime Reporter
Mola, Roger Andrew: Aviation International News
Molnar, Michele: Education Week
Moore, Miles David: Crain Communications
Moore, Andrew (Jack) Jackson: Government Executive
Morales, Cecilio: MII Publications
Moran, Janet: Capitol Forum
Morella, Michael: U.S. News & World Report
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Morring, Jr., Frank: Aviation Week
Morris, Catherine: Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
Morris, David J.: Kiplinger Washington Editors
Morris, Jefferson F.: Aviation Week
Muchmore, Shannon T.: Crain Communications
Mull, Teresa M.: Townhall
Mullins, Luke: Washingtonian
Munoz, Amanda A.: Townhall
Munsil, Leigh: Politico
Murakami, Kery: Law360
Murphy, Joan: Food Chemical News
Mutcherson-Ridley, Joyce: CCH Inc.
Myers, Meghann: Sightline Media Group
Nagele, Lisa A.: BNA News
Nardella, Lauren: Informa
Nartker, Michael: Exchange Monitor Publications
Nasr, Amir Ali: Morning Consult
Nather, David: Politico
Natter, Ari J.: BNA News
Naylor, Sean D.: Foreign Policy
Needham, Vicki: The Hill
Nelson, Rebecca R.: National Journal
Nelson, Steven: U.S. News & World Report
Nesper, Mike: Employee Benefit Adviser
Neuhauser, Alan: U.S. News & World Report
Neumeyer, Ben: Capitol Forum
Newkumet, Christopher J.: McGraw Hill Financial
Newmyer, Tory: Fortune Magazine
Newton-Small, Jay: Time Magazine
Nicholson, Jonathan: BNA News
Noah, Timothy R.: Politico
Noble, Zach: FCW
Norman, Brett: Politico
Norris, Karen: Thompson Information Services
Northey, Hannah M.: Environment & Energy Publishing
O'Brien, Cortney: Townhall
O'Grady, Siobhan Leah: Foreign Policy
O'Neil, Megan: Chronicle of Higher Education
O'Toole, Molly M.: Defense One
O'Toole, Jr., Thomas J.: BNA News
Oberle, Sean F.: Oberle Communications
Obert, Gretchen N.: BNA News
Obey, Douglas: Inside Washington Publishers
Ognanovich, Nancy: BNA News
Oliphant, James: National Journal
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Orchowski, Margaret S.: Hispanic Outlook
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Owens, Caitlin N.: National Journal
Pak, Janne Kum Cha C.: USA Journal
Palleschi, Amanda S.: Inside Washington Publishers
Palmer, Anna A.: Politico
Palmer, Doug: Politico

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Palmer, Jonathan Malik: BNA News
Parker, Alexander M.: BNA News
Parker, Stuart H.: Inside Washington Publishers
Parti, Tarini: Politico
Paschal, Mack Arthur: BNA News
Pathe, Simone F.: Roll Call
Patterson, James B.: Kiplinger Washington Editors
Pavgi, Kedar S.: Defense One
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Pawlyk, Oriana: Sightline Media Group
Pazanowski, Bernard J.: BNA News
Pazanowski, Mary Anne: BNA News
Pearson, Sam R.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Peck, Adam N.: New Republic
Pekow, Charles Wayne: American Brewer Media
Penn, Benjamin Surace: BNA News
Perelman, Isabella O.: BNA News
Perera, David: Politico
Perez, Andrew Jason: Newsweek
Perine, Keith: BNA News
Perkins, Derrick Thaddeus: Sightline Media Group
Perks, Ashley J.: The Hill
Peterka, Amanda E.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Peters, Katherine M.: Government Executive
Peterson, Denise: Informa
Peterson, Beatrice Elizabeth: Politico
Phillips, Bergrek: Tax Notes
Piemonte, Philip M.: Federal Employees News Digest
Pittman, David: Politico
Plank, Kendra Casey: BNA News
Plantz, Kyle J.: The Hill
Plautz, Jason: National Journal
Plotkin, Mark: The Georgetowner
Plunkett, A.J.: UCG
Pluviose, David: Diverse: Issues in Higher Education
Polantz, Katelyn J.: National Law Journal
Pollak, Suzanne: Washington Jewish Week
Poltilove, Joshua: UCG
Ponnuru, Ramesh: National Review
Pradhan, Rachana D.: Politico
Prah, Pamela M.: Kiplinger Washington Editors
Prideaux, John: Economist
Prior, Jon: Politico
Prothero, Arianna G.: Education Week
Pulfrey, Christine Mary: BNA News
Purdy, Chase: Politico
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Quinton, Sophie A.: National Journal
Raftery, Erin Ashton: Inside Washington Publishers
Railey, Kimberly Grace: National Journal
Rainey, Ryan S.: Inside Washington Publishers
Raju, Manu K.: Politico
Ravindranath, Mohana: Government Executive
Reardon, Sara N.: Nature
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Reilly, Sean: Environment & Energy Publishing
Reishus, Mark: Thompson Information Services
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Reske, Henry: Tax Notes
Resnick, Brian: National Journal
Ressler, Thomas: Inside Mortgage Finance
Restuccia, Andrew M.: Politico
Reynolds, David E.: Inside Washington Publishers
Reynolds, Maura: Politico
Rhodan, Maya N.: Time Magazine
Ricaurte Knebel, Kristen C.: BNA News
Richardson, Nathaline: BNA News
Richardson, Tyrone: BNA News
Richman, Sheldon B.: BNA News
Richman, Nathan: Tax Notes
Riley, John A.: Metro Weekly
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Robinson, Kimberly S.: BNA News
Robinson, Page: Congressional Digest
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Rogers, Alex: Time Magazine
Rogers, David E.: Politico
Rogers, Lance: BNA News
Rojas, Warren: Roll Call
Rolfsen, Bruce R.: BNA News
Roller, Emma: National Journal
Romm, Tony: Politico
Rose, Michael F.: BNA News
Rosenberg, Barry: Sightline Media Group
Ross, Brandon J.: BNA News
Rothenberg, Stuart: Rothenberg & Gonzales Political Report
Rothman, Heather M.: BNA News
Rotondaro, Vincent J.: National Catholic Reporter
Rousselle, Christine: Townhall
Rubin, Gabe: Morning Consult
Ruoff, Alex: BNA News
Ryan, Laura: National Journal
Ryan, Timothy Joseph: Court House News
Sacks, Mike: National Law Journal
Sadur, Julian Mitsuo: Montgomery County Sentinel
Saenz, Cheryl L.: BNA News
Saiyid, Amena H.: BNA News
Saletan, William: Slate
Salzano, Carlo J.: Waterways Journal
Sama, Anita: CEO Update
Sammon, Richard: Kiplinger Washington Editors
Samuels, Christina: Education Week
Samuelsohn, Darren Sean: Politico
Sanborn, James K.: Sightline Media Group
Sandza, Richard William: Sightline Media Group
Santos, Maria T.: Red Alert Politics
Sasso, Brendan S.: National Journal

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Saunders, Karen J.: BNA News
Savoie, Andy: Aviation Week
Sawchuk, Stephen A.: Education Week
Sawyer, David C.: Tax Notes
Schaffer, Michael: Washingtonian
Scheid, Brian J.: McGraw Hill Financial
Scherer, Michael B.: Time Magazine
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Scholtes, Jennifer A.: Politico
Schomisch, Jeffrey: Thompson Information Services
Schor, Elana: Politico
Schreckinger, Benjamin Vose: Politico
Schroeder, Peter C.: The Hill
Schultz, David B.: BNA News
Schwab, Nicole E.: U.S. News & World Report
Schwartz, David H.: BNA News
Scola, Nancy: Politico
Scott, Dean T.: BNA News
Scott, Dylan L.: National Journal
Seligman, Lara: Inside Washington Publishers
Sellers, Steven M.: BNA News
Sermeno, Jose Rodrigo: Kiplinger Washington Editors
Severns, Maggie: Politico
Sfiligoj, Mark L.: Kiplinger Washington Editors
Shabad, Rebecca Danielle: The Hill
Shacat, Jonathon D.: Washington Business Information
Shafer, Jack: Politico
Shah, Nirvi H.: Politico
Shane III, Leo: Sightline Media Group
Shapiro, Dmitriy: Washington Jewish Week
Shapiro, Walter: National Journal
Sharn, Lori: CEO Update
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Sheets, Scott A.: Tax Notes
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Shepard, Steven: Politico
Sheppard, Doug: Tax Notes
Sherman, Jacob S.: Politico
Shinkman, Paul D.: U.S. News & World Report
Shreve, Meg: Tax Notes
Simmons, Quintin: Tax Notes
Simon, Roger M.: Politico
Simon, Vincent Dean: U.S. News & World Report
Sisto, Christine: National Review
Skinner, Liz: Crain Communications
Slattery, Margaret Ann: Politico
Slaughter, David A.: Thompson Information Services
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Smith, Rhonda: BNA News
Smith, Marcia S.: Aviation Week
Smith, Jamil: New Republic
Smith, Abigail K.: Inside Washington Publishers
Sneed, Tierney: U.S. News & World Report
Sneed, Adam T.: Politico
Sneed, Tierney M.: Talking Points Memo
Snell, Kelsey: Politico
Snider, Ann E.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Snow, Nicholas J.: Oil & Gas Journal
Snyder, Katharine: Mine Safety and Health News
Sobczak, Blake H.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Sobieraj, Sandra: People Magazine
Sodergreen, John R.: Scudder Publishing
Soderstrom, Nathan: Capitol Forum
Solomon, Burt: National Journal
Somerville, Glenn: Kiplinger Washington Editors
Sommer, William F.V.: Washington City Paper
Soraghan, Mike: Environment & Energy Publishing
Sorkin, Andrew: Capitol Forum
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Sprague, John L.: Budget & Program
Sprenger, Sebastian: Inside Washington Publishers
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Steinke, Scott A.: Informa
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Stern, Seth R.: BNA News
Sternberg, Steve: U.S. News & World Report
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Stokeld, Frederick William: Tax Notes
Straub, Noelle C.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Strauss, Daniel: Talking Points Memo
Strauss, Daniel L.: Politico
Sturges, Peyton Mackay: BNA News
Sullivan, Peter: The Hill
Superville, Denisa: Education Week
Supiano, Beckie: Chronicle of Higher Education
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Sutton, Eileen C.: BNA News
Swan, Jonathan: The Hill
Swann, Deborah: BNA News
Swann, James L.: BNA News
Swarts, Phillip F.: Air Force Times

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Sweeney, Jim: Tax Notes
Swift, James A.: Weekly Standard
Swisher, Larry: BNA News
Szakonyi, Mark D.: Journal of Commerce
Tabirian, Alissa: Exchange Monitor Publications
Tahir, Darius A.: Politico
Tan, Michelle: Sightline Media Group
Tang, Chiachieh: Caixin Media
Taylor, Joy M.: Kiplinger Washington Editors
Taylor, Philip A.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Taylor, Thomas P.: BNA News
Taylor, Vincent E.: UCG
Taylor, Jr., Stuart: National Journal
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Terzian, Philip: Weekly Standard
Teske, Steven John: BNA News
Thibodeau, Patrick: IDG Communications
Thomas, David J.: Inside Washington Publishers
Thomas, Steff: BNA News
Thompson, Mark J.: Time Magazine
Thompson, Wenoka Wendy: DC Spotlight Newspaper
Thrush, Glenn H.: Politico
Tice, James S.: Sightline Media Group
Tilghman, Andrew S.: Sightline Media Group
Tillman, Zoe: National Law Journal
Tomson, Bill: Politico
Toobin, Jeffrey: New Yorker
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Tosh, Dennis A.: Thompson Information Services
Tricchinelli, Robert: BNA News
Trimarchi, Michael: BNA News
Troop, Donald P.: Chronicle of Higher Education
Trujillo, Frank M.: The Hill
Trygstad, Kyle: Roll Call
Tucker, Patrick M.: Defense One
Tummarello, Kate A.: Politico
Tuutti, Camille A.: Government Executive
Twachtman, Gregory: Frontline Medical Communications
Tyler, Eleanor: BNA News
Ujifusa, Andrew: Education Week
Vaidyanathan, Gayathri: Environment & Energy Publishing
van den Berg, David: Tax Notes
Vasilogambros, Matt: National Journal
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Vespa, Matt: Townhall
Viadero, Debra: Education Week
Victor, Kirk: FTC Watch
Viebeck, Elise J.: The Hill
Villacorta, Natalie: Politico
Vinik, Daniel R.: New Republic
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Vittorio, Andrea L.: BNA News
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Wechsler, Jill: Pharmaceutical Executive
Weisgerber, Marcus A.: Defense One
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Wheeler, Lydia W: The Hill
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White, Molly M.: UCG
Wiener, Aaron M.: Washington City Paper
Wilczek, Yin: BNA News
Wilhelm, Rebecca E.: BNA News
Wilhelm, Colin: Politico
Wilkerson, John Stirling: Inside Washington Publishers
Wille, Jacklyn: BNA News
Williams, John: Capitol Forum
Williams, Joseph P.: U.S. News & World Report
Williams, Joseph Paul: Inside Washington Publishers
Williams, Katherine B.: The Hill
Williams, Mark A.: BNA News
Williams, Walter J.: CEO Update
Williamson, Michael D.: BNA News
Wilson, Christopher E.: Time Magazine
Wilson, Daniel: Law360
Wilson, Megan R.: The Hill
Wilson, Todd Allen: Inside Washington Publishers
Wilson, Reid H.: Morning Consult
Windsor, Joseph K.: Government Contractor
Winn, Melissa: Employee Benefit Adviser
Wittenberg, Ariel: Environment & Energy Publishing
Wogan, J.B.: Governing
Wolfe, Kathryn A.: Politico
Wolverton, Bradley: Chronicle of Higher Education
Wong, Kristina: The Hill
Wong, Scott B.: The Hill
Wood, Graeme C.A.: Atlantic Monthly
Wooten, Casey: BNA News
Wortherly, Kenya: BNA News

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Wright, Austin B.: Politico
Wright, Joseph K.: BNA News
Wright, Jr., James Louis: Afro American Newspapers
Wu, Xiuli: Epoch Times
Yachnin, Jennifer: Environment & Energy Publishing
Yaksick, Jr., George L.: CCH Inc.
Yamazaki, Kazutami: Washington Watch
Yang, Bettina: Duowei Times
Yauch, Eric S.: Tax Notes
Yehle, Emily J.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Yingling, Jennifer: The Hill
Yochelson, Mindy: BNA News
Yohannan, Suzanne M.: Inside Washington Publishers
Yokley, Eli G.: Roll Call
You, Tiandai: Epoch Times
Young, Sam: Tax Notes
Yuill, Barbara: BNA News
Zaneski, Cyril ``Cy'' T.: Environment & Energy Publishing
Zapler, Michael: Politico
Zeefe, Malka: Capitol Forum
Zhang, Yuanan: Caixin Media
Zornick, George: Nation

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    CCH INC.--(202) 842-7355; 1015 15th Street, NW., 10th Floor, 
        Washington, DC 20005: John Filar Atwood, Jeffrey E. Carlson, 
        Jennifer Rodibaugh Cordaro, Brant Goldwyn, George G. Jones, 
        Nitasha Kadam, Jacquelyn D. Leatherman, AmandaMaine, Joyce 
        Mutcherson-Ridley, George L. Yaksick, Jr.
    CEO UPDATE--(202) 721-7656; 1990 M Street, NW., 8th Floor, 
        Washington, DC 20036: William Ehart, Anita Sama, Lori Sharn, 
        Walter J. Williams.
    CHRONICLE OF HIGHER EDUCATION--(202) 466-1000; 1255 23rd Street, 
        NW., Suite 700, Washington, DC 20037: Paul A. Basken, Goldie 
        Blumenstyk, Kelly Elizabeth Field, Karin Fischer, Sandhya 
        Kambhampati, Megan O'Neil, Beckie Supiano, Donald P. Troop, 
        Bradley Wolverton.
    CONGRESSIONAL DIGEST--(202) 258-2122; 3307 M Street, NW., Suite 301, 
        Washington, DC 20007: Page Robinson.
    COOK POLITICAL REPORT--(202) 739-8525; 600 New Hampshire Avenue, 
        NW., Suite 400, Washington, DC 20037: Charles E. Cook, Jr., 
        Jennifer Duffy, David N. Wasserman.
    CORPORATE CRIME REPORTER--(202) 737-1680; 1209 National Press 
        Building, Washington, DC 20045: Russell Mokhiber.
    COURT HOUSE NEWS--(443)x3-1463; 125 Chester Avenue, Annapolis, MD; 
        21403: Ryan M. Abbott, Britain Eakin, Jacob Daniel Linger, 
        Amanda L. Loviza-Vickery, Timothy Joseph Ryan.
    CQ RESEARCHER--(202) 729-1800; 2600 Virginia Avenue, NW., Suite 600, 
        Washington, DC 20037: Kenneth W. Jost.
    CRAIN COMMUNICATIONS--(202) 662-7200; 814 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Ryan Beene, Hazel Bradford, Paul Demko, 
        Virgil T. Dickson, Mary Beth Franklin, Jerry Geisel, Gloria 
        Gonzalez, Mark A. Hofmann, Miles David Moore, Shannon T. 
        Muchmore, Mark Schoeff, Jr., Liz Skinner.
    DC SPOTLIGHT NEWSPAPER--(301) 288-7997; P.O. Box 3121, Gaithersburg, 
        MD; 20885: Wenoka Wendy Thompson.
    DEFENSE ONE--(202) 739-8501; 600 New Hampshire Avenue, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20037: Kevin Baron, Molly M. O'Toole, Kedar S. 
        Pavgi, Patrick M. Tucker, Benjamin Watson, Marcus A. Weisgerber.
    DER SPIEGEL--(202) 347-5222; 1202 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Markus Feldenkirchen, Holger Stark.
    DIE ZEIT--(301) 312-8453; 4701 Willard Avenue, #1214, Chevy Chase, 
        MD; 20815: Martin E. Klingst.
    DIVERSE: ISSUES IN HIGHER EDUCATION--(703) 385-2981; 10520 Warwick 
        Avenue, Suite B-8; Fairfax, VA 22030: Catherine Morris, David 
    DUOWEI TIMES--(301) 658-6808; P.O. Box 3353; Gaithersburg, MD 20885: 
        Bettina Yang.
    ECONOMIST--(202) 429-0890; 1730 Rhode Island Avenue, NW., Suite 
        1210, Washington, DC 20036: Rachel Jane Jane Horwood, Daniel L. 
        Knowles, John Prideaux, David Rennie.
    EDUCATION WEEK--(301) 280-3100; 6935 Arlington Road, Suite 100, 
        Bethesda, MD; 20814: Caralee Johnson Adams, Evie Blad, Mark W. 
        Bomster, Ross Brenneman, Lauren S. Camera, Sean Cavanagh, 
        Gregory Chronister, Michelle R. Davis, Catherine Gewertz, Liana 
        Heitin, Alyson Klein, Kathleen K. Manzo, Corey Mitchell, Michele 
        Molnar, Arianna G. Prothero, Christina Samuels, Stephen A. 
        Sawchuk, Denisa Superville, Andrew Ujifusa, Debra Viadero, Mark 
    EMPLOYEE BENEFIT ADVISER--(571) 403-3840; 4401 Wilson Boulevard, 
        Suite 910; Arlington, VA 22203: Elizabeth Rome Galentine, Brian 
        Kalish, Mike Nesper Nicholas Anthony Otto, Melissa Winn.
    ENERGY INTELLIGENCE--(202) 662-0700; 1411 K Street, NW., Suite 602, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Emily Meredith.
    ENGINEERING NEWS-RECORD--(301) 649-3508; 10408 Huntley Avenue, 
        Silver Spring, DC 20902: Thomas F. Ichniowski, Pamela Hunter 
    ENVIRONMENT & ENERGY PUBLISHING--(202) 628-6500; 122 C Street, NW., 
        Suite 722, Washington, DC 20001: Peter B. Behr, Kevin J. 
        Bogardus, Kevin D. Braun, Robin L. Bravender, Dylan Brown, 
        Daniel Bush, Amy V. Carlile, Jean M. Chemnick, Scott M. Detrow, 
        David Ferris, John J. Fialka, Lisa F. Friedman, Ellen M. Gilmer, 
        Elizabeth Erin Harball, Niina H. Heikkinen, Corbin W. Hiar, 
        Margaret Kriz Hobson, Emily H. Holden, Katie J. Howell, Benjamin 
        Hulac, Umair Irfan, Jeremy P. Jacobs, Nicholas P. Juliano, 
        Pamela King, Joel G. Kirkland, Geof Koss, Rod Kuckro, Josh 
        Kurtz, Evan W. Lehmann, Katherine C. Ling, Julia A. Littleton, 
        Colleen M. Luccioli, Jennifer A. Mandel, Christa L.N. Marshall, 
        Hannah M. Northey, Sam R. Pearson, Amanda E. Peterka, Manuel 
        Quinones, Sean Reilly, Ann E. Snider, Blake H. Sobczak, Mike 
        Soraghan, Tiffany Anne Stecker, Noelle C.

[[Page 1078]]

        Straub, Philip A. Taylor, Gayathri Vaidyanathan, Ariel 
        Wittenberg, Jennifer Yachnin, Emily J. Yehle, Cyril ``Cy'' T. 
    EPOCH TIMES--(301) 515-5422; 7529 Standish Place, Suite 260, 
        Rockville, MD 20855: Zhaoxia Dong, Matthew Robertson, Xiuli Wu, 
        Tiandai You.
    EXCHANGE MONITOR PUBLICATIONS--(202) 296-2814; 4301 Connecticut 
        Avenue, NW., Suite 132, Washington, DC 20008: Brian G. Bradley, 
        Jeremy Dillon, Kenneth R. Fletcher, Abby Harvey, Todd K. 
        Jacobson, Michael Nartker, Martin A. Schneider, Alissa Tabirian.
    EXPRESS INDIA--(703) 599-6623; 1541 Wellingham Court, Vienna, VA 
        22182: Geeta Goindi.
    FALLS CHURCH NEWS PRESS--(703) 532-3267; 200 Little Falls Street, 
        Suite 508, Falls Church, VA 22046: Nicholas F. Benton, Nicholas 
        Joseph Gatz.
    FCW--(703) 876-5100; 8609 Westwood Center Drive, Suite 500M, Vienna, 
        VA 22182: Richard E. Cohen, Sean Lyngaas, Adam Mazmanian, Zach 
    FEDERAL EMPLOYEES NEWS DIGEST--(703) 891-8554; 8609 Westwood Center 
        Drive, Suite 500, Vienna, VA 22182: Nathan Abse, Philip M. 
    FOOD CHEMICAL NEWS--(703) 595-2255; 3 East Cliff Street, Alexandria, 
        VA 22301: Declan Conroy, Joan Murphy.
    FOREIGN POLICY--(202) 728-7300; 11 Dupont Circle, NW., Suite 600, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Daniel Richard De Luce, Justine Koo 
        Drennan, David Francis, Jr., Elias Groll, John Hudson, Lara 
        Jakes, Paul Joseph McLeary, Sean D. Naylor, Siobhan Leah 
    FORTUNE MAGAZINE--(202) 861-4000; 1130 Connecticut Avenue, NW., 
        Suite 900, Washington, DC 20036: Nina J. Easton, Tory Newmyer.
    FREITAG--(301) 699-3908; 4506 32nd Street, Mt. Rainier, MD; 20712: 
        Konrad Ege.
    FRONTLINE MEDICAL COMMUNICATIONS--(240) 221-4500; 5635 Fishers Lane, 
        Suite 6000, Rockville, MD; 20852: Whitney McKnight, Gregory 
    FTC WATCH--(703) 684-7171; 1776 I (Eye) Street, NW., Suite 260, 
        Washington, DC 20006: Neil Warner Averitt, Kirstin Edith Downey, 
        Claude Marx, Kirk Victor.
    GILSTON-KALIN COMMUNICATIONS--(301) 570-4544; 4816 Sweetbirch Drive, 
        Rockville, MD; 20853: Meredith L. Gilston, Samuel M. Gilston.
    GLAMOUR MAGAZINE--(212) 206-4254; 6100 Edgewood Terrace, Alexandria, 
        VA 22307: Giovanna Gray Lockhart.
    GLOBAL COMPETITION REVIEW--(202) 706-7031; 2401 Pennsylvania Avenue, 
        NW., Suite 300, Washington, DC 20037: Pallavi Guniganti, Ron 
    GOVERNING--(202) 862-8802; 1100 Connecticut Avenue, NW., #1300 
        Washington, DC 20036: Liz Farmer, Christopher Kardish, J.B. 
    GOVERNMENT CONTRACTOR--(202) 772-8295; 1100 13th Street, NW., Suite 
        200, Washington, DC 20005: Joseph K. Windsor.
    GOVERNMENT EXECUTIVE--(202) 739-8501; 600 New Hampshire Avenue, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20037: Charles S. Clark, Amelia M. Gruber, Eric 
        Katz, Frank Konkel, William Lucia, Kellie Lunney, Andrew 
        ``Jack'' Jackson Moore, Katherine M. Peters, Mohana 
        Ravindranath, Camille A. Tuutti.
    GQ MAGAZINE--(202) 615-5003; 1420 K Street, SE., Washington, DC 
        20003: Robert L. Draper.
    HEALTH MARKET SURVEY--(202) 277-1994; 3767 Oliver Street, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20015: William R. Boyles.
    HEAVY DUTY TRUCKING--(703) 683-9935; 320 Mansion Drive, Alexandria, 
        VA 22302: David Cullen.
    HISPANIC LINK NEWS SERVICE--(202) 234-0280; 1420 N Street, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20005: Natashka McDonald.
    HISPANIC OUTLOOK--(202) 236-5595; 2627 O Street, NW., Washington, DC 
        20007: Margaret S. Orchowski.
    IDG COMMUNICATIONS--(202) 361-2011; 2630 Adams Mill Road, NW., #304, 
        Washington, DC 20009: Patrick Thibodeau.
    IDG NEWS SERVICE--(202) 595-9882; 906 Phillip Powers Drive, Laurel, 
        MD; 20707: Grant J. Gross.
    INDIA ABROAD--(703) 899-1419; 2747 Centreville Road, Herndon, VA 
        20171: Aziz Haniffa.
    INFORMA--(240) 221-4500; 5635 Fishers Lane, Suite 6000, Rockville, 
        MD; 20851: Ferdous Al-Faruque, Susan W. Darcey, Jacqueline 
        Fitton, Eileen Francis, Derrick J. Gingery, Joseph A. Haas, 
        Laura A. Helbling, M. Nielsen Hobbs, Sarah Karlin, Catherine A. 
        Kelly, Lauren Nardella, Denise Peterson, Malcolm E. Spicer, 
        Scott A. Steinke, Susan M. Sutter.
    INSIDE GNSS--(703) 920-9041; 1014 17th Street South, Arlington, VA 
        22202: Dee Ann Divis.
    INSIDE MORTGAGE FINANCE--(301) 951-1240; 7910 Woodmont Avenue, Suite 
        1000, Bethesda, MD; 20814: John Bancroft, George A. Brooks, Guy 
        David Cecala, Carisa D. Chappell, Thomas Ressler.
    INSIDE WASHINGTON PUBLISHERS--(703) 416-8500; 1919 South Eads 
        Street, #201; Arlington, VA 22202: Lara W. Beaven, Rebecca H.M. 
        Beitsch, Jeremy Bernstein, Anthony F. Bertuca, Jack Ernest 
        Caporal, Christopher Castelli, Christopher M. Cole, Bridget M. 
        DiCosmo, Justin P. Doubleday, Russell James Drew, Erin Durkin, 
        Brett P. Fortnam, Leigh Giangreco, Benjamin Hancock, Donna L. 
        Haseley, Maria A. Hegstad, Jutta Hennig, Joshua L. Higgins, 
        David A. Hood, Elizabeth Lee Hudson, Rachel S. Karas, Anthony 
        Lacey, David LaRoss, John Liang, Lee Logan, William R. Lucia, 
        Scott Maucione,

[[Page 1079]]

        Courtney McBride, Jordana L. Mishory, Charles F. Mitchell, Ellen 
        Mitchell, Douglas Obey, Amanda S. Palleschi, Stuart H. Parker, 
        Erin Ashton Raftery, Ryan S. Rainey, Dawn Reeves, David E. 
        Reynolds, Matthew A. Schewel, Lara Seligman, Abigail K. Smith, 
        Sebastian Sprenger, Michelle M. Stein, David J. Thomas, Rick 
        Weber, John Stirling Wilkerson, Joseph Paul Williams, Todd Allen 
        Wilson, Suzanne M. Yohannan.
    INVESTMENT ADVISOR MAGAZINE--(202) 370-4810; 1301 Connecticut 
        Avenue, NW., Suite 300, Washington, DC 20036: Melanie Waddell.
    JOURNAL OF COMMERCE--(202) 499-2285; 700 12th Street, NW., Suite 
        700, Washington, DC 20005: William B. Cassidy.
    JOURNAL OF COMMERCE: 700 12th Street, NW., Suite 700, Washington, DC 
        20005: John A. Gallagher, James Reynolds Hutchins, Mark D. 
    KIPLINGER WASHINGTON EDITORS--(202) 887-6400; 1100 13th Street, NW., 
        Suite 750, Washington, DC 20005: Lisa E. Babb, Peter L. Blank, 
        Martha L. Craver, Douglas A. Harbrecht, Kevin McCormally, John 
        T. Miley, David J. Morris, James B. Patterson, Pamela M. Prah, 
        Richard Sammon, Jose Rodrigo Sermeno, Mark L. Sfiligoj, Glenn 
        Somerville, Joy M. Taylor.
    LAW360--(571) 305-2529; 1150 18th Street, NW., Suite 600, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Jacob A. Fischler, Margaret Elizabeth 
        Harding, James C. Hoover, Bryan David Koenig, Michael A. 
        Macagnone, Kery Murakami, Erica J. Teichert, Daniel Wilson.
    LE POINT--(202) 244-6656; 3234 McKinley Street, NW., Washington, DC 
        20015: Helene Vissiere.
    MACLEAN'S--(301) 774-6209; 6316 24th Street, N Arlington, VA 22207: 
        Allen J. Abel.
    MANUFACTURING & TECHNOLOGY NEWS--(703) 750-2664; P.O. Box 36; 
        Annandale, VA 22003: Richard McCormack.
    MCGRAW HILL FINANCIAL--(202) 383-2000; 1200 G Street, NW., Suite 
        1000, Washington, DC 20005: Steven D. Dolley, William Freebairn, 
        Gary Gentile, Keiron Greenhalgh, Elaine Hiruo, Jasmin Hudson, 
        Valarie N. Jackson, Nick Jonson, Karen McBeth Laping, Robert F. 
        McMahon, Christopher J. Newkumet, Jim Ostroff, Brian J. Scheid, 
        Stephanie Sharpe, Herman D. Wang, Maya Weber.
    METRO WEEKLY--(202) 638-6830; 1425 K Street, NW., Suite 350, 
        Washington, DC 20005: John A. Riley.
    MII PUBLICATIONS--(202) 495-1879; 1029 Vermont Avenue, NW., Suite 
        501, Washington, DC 20005: Ryan E. Hess, Cecilio Morales.
    MINE SAFETY AND HEALTH NEWS--(703) 217-8270; 5935 4th Street North, 
        Arlington, VA 22203: Brad A. Kukuk, Katharine Snyder.
    MONTGOMERY COUNTY SENTINEL--(301) 838-0788; 22 West Jefferson 
        Street; Suite 309, Rockville, MD 20850: Brian J. Karem, Julian 
        Mitsuo Sadur.
    MORE MAGAZINE--(202) 716-7443; 6525 Orland Street, Falls Church, VA 
        22043: Betsy Fischer Martin.
    MORNING CONSULT--(202) 436-4394; P.O. Box 15628, Washington, DC 
        20003: Eita Arom, Davis C. Burroughs IV, William C. Dobbs-
        Allsopp, Timothy Richard Homan, Fawn Johnson, Rob L. Kunzig, 
        Colleen C. Leahy, Meghan McCarthy, Amir Ali Nasr, Jonathan T. 
        Reid, Gabe Rubin, Reid H. Wilson.
    NATION--(202) 546-2239; 110 Maryland Avenue, NE., Suite 308, 
        Washington, DC 20002: James W. Carden, Zoe Carpenter, George 
    NATIONAL CATHOLIC REPORTER--(408) 406-5609; 400 North Capitol 
        Street, NW., Suite G-80, Washington, DC 20001: Vincent J. 
    NATIONAL JOURNAL--(202) 739-8400; 600 New Hampshire Avenue, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20037: Julie L. Abramson, Priscilla N. Alvarez, 
        Samuel U. Baker, James A. Barnes, Matt Berman, Dan Berman, 
        Ronald J. Brownstein, Nora R. Caplan-Bricker, Nancy M. Cook, M. 
        Michelle Cottle, Shirish V. Date, Emily E. DeRuy, Andrea 
        Michelle Drusch, Isobel Ellis, Clare M. Foran, Lauren Fox, Eric 
        M. Garcia, Ben Geman, Lucia E. Graves, Timothy Patrick Grieve, 
        Lisa Hagen, Jerry Hagstrom, John Barney Judis, Richard Just, 
        Nora E. Kelly, Marina Koren, Josh P. Kraushaar, Juleyka 
        Lantigua-Williams, Jason Mann, Rebecca R. Nelson, James 
        Oliphant, Caitlin N. Owens, Jason Plautz, Sophie A. Quinton, 
        Kimberly Grace Railey, Brian Resnick, Alex Rogers, Emma Roller, 
        Laura Ryan, Brendan S. Sasso, Dylan L. Scott, Walter Shapiro, 
        Burt Solomon, Stuart Taylor, Jr., Matt Vasilogambros, Dustin 
    NATIONAL LAW JOURNAL--(202) 457-0686; 1100 G Street, NW., Suite 900, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Marcia Coyle, Anthony E. Mauro, Katelyn J. 
        Polantz, Mike Sacks, Zoe Tillman.
    NATIONAL REVIEW--(202) 543-9226; 233 Pennsylvania Avenue, SE., 3rd 
        Floor, Washington, DC 20003: Brendan Joseph Bordelon, Joel S. 
        Gehrke, Jr., Andrew E. Johnson, Eliana Johnson, Alexis R. 
        Levinson, Ramesh Ponnuru, Christine Sisto.
    NATURE--(202) 737-2355; 968 National Press Building, Washington, DC 
        20045: Lauren Morello, Sara N. Reardon.
    NEW REPUBLIC--(202) 508-4482; 525 9th Street, NW., Suite 600, 
        Washington, DC 20004: Brian Alfred Beutler, Suzy Khimm, Rebecca 
        J. Leber, Adam N. Peck, Jamil Smith, Daniel R. Vinik.
    NEW YORKER--(202) 955-0960; 1730 Rhode Island Avenue, NW., Suite 
        603, Washington, DC 20036: Jeffrey Toobin.
    NEWBAY MEDIA--(703) 852-4600; 5285 Shawnee Road, Suite 100, 
        Alexandria, VA 22312: Leslie P. Stimson.

[[Page 1080]]

    NEWSMAX--(202) 465-8730; 1900 K Street, NW., Suite 1120, Washington, 
        DC 20006: John Gizzi.
    NEWSWEEK--(202) 626-2000; 1750 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Suite 1220, 
        Washington, DC 20006: Jonathan Broder, Emily Isabel Cadei, 
        Matthew Stanley Cooper, Virginia Stella Gibson, Andrew Jason 
        Perez, Jeffrey H. Stein.
    OBERLE COMMUNICATIONS--(301) 229-1027; 4907 Bayard Boulevard, 
        Bethesda, MD; 20816: Sean F. Oberle.
    OIL & GAS JOURNAL--(703) 533-1552; 7013 Jefferson Avenue, Falls 
        Church, VA 22042: Nicholas J. Snow.
    PEOPLE MAGAZINE--(202) 861-4000; 1130 Connecticut Avenue, NW., Suite 
        900, Washington, DC 20036: Sandra Sobieraj.
    PHARMACEUTICAL EXECUTIVE--(301) 656-4634; 7715 Rocton Avenue, Chevy 
        Chase, MD; 20815: Jill Wechsler.
    POLITICO--(703) 647-7999; 1100 Wilson Boulevard, 6th Floor, 
        Arlington, VA 22209: Arthur Allen, Rachel M. Bade, Jeffrey I. 
        Bartholet, Adam S. Behsudi, Kate G. Bennett, Brooks Boliek, 
        Helena Bottemiller Evich, Kendall P. Breitman, John Bresnahan, 
        Alex Byers, Heather Nicole Caygle, Kyle Cheney, David Clarke, 
        Eliza S. Collins, Michael Crowley, Gabriel A. Debenedetti, 
        Christine Anne Delargy, Paul Jeffrey Demko, Darius Ajani Dixon, 
        Kim Dixon, Edward-Isaac Dovere, Toby L. Eckert, Brianna Megan 
        Ehley, Caitlin Z. Emma, Eric Engleman, John B. Everett, Philip 
        T. Ewing, Brian D. Faler, Lauren French, Joshua A. Gerstein, 
        Andrew J. Glass, Katie Glueck, Ashley Gold, Hadas Gold, Darren 
        T. Goode, Garrett M. Graff, Alexandra Grasgreen, Michael 
        Grunwald, Victoria T. Guida, Alexander Guillen, Jennifer A. 
        Haberkorn, Kimberly A. Hefling, Jeremy Herb, G. Robert Hillman, 
        James P. Hohmann, Jenny A. Hopkinson, Jason A. Huffman, Alex 
        Isenstadt, Jennifer Judson, Sarah Karlin, Kara Ann Kearns, 
        Joanne L. Kenen, Seung Min Kim, Robert P. King, Tal Kopan, 
        Matthew Korade, Michael Kruse, Adam B. Lerner, Marianne A. 
        Levine, Susan K. Levine, Jennifer Rose Liberto, Daniel Lippman, 
        Brian J. Mahoney, Joseph H. Marks, Catherine A. Martel, Erica L. 
        Martinson, Nolan D. McCaskill, Fatjona Mejdini, Erin Mershon, 
        Theodoric Meyer, Leigh Munsil, David Nather, Timothy R. Noah, 
        Brett Norman, Anna A. Palmer, Doug Palmer, Tarini Parti, David 
        Perera, Beatrice Elizabeth Peterson, David Pittman, Rachana D. 
        Pradhan, Jon Prior, Chase Purdy, Manu K. Raju, Andrew M. 
        Restuccia, Maura Reynolds, Kevin P. Robillard, David E. Rogers, 
        Tony Romm, Darren Sean Samuelsohn, Elena C. Schneider, Jennifer 
        A. Scholtes, Elana Schor, Benjamin Vose Schreckinger, Nancy 
        Scola, Maggie Severns, Jack Shafer, Nirvi H. Shah, Steven 
        Shepard, Jacob S. Sherman, Roger M. Simon, Margaret Ann 
        Slattery, Adam T. Sneed, Kelsey Snell, Timothy A. Starks II, 
        Daniel L. Strauss, Darius A. Tahir, Patrick C. Temple-West, 
        Glenn H. Thrush, Bill Tomson, Nahal Toosi, Jonathan Topaz, Kate 
        A. Tummarello, Natalie Villacorta, Kenneth P. Vogel, Zachary 
        Warmbrodt, Shaun N. Waterman, Sarah Wheaton, Colin Wilhelm, 
        Kathryn A. Wolfe, Austin B. Wright, Michael Zapler.
    PROCESO--(202) 737-1538; 529 14th Street, NW., Suite 1117, 
        Washington, DC 20045: J. Jesus Esquivel.
    PUBLIC LANDS NEWS--(703) 553-0552; 133 South Buchanan Street, 
        Arlington, VA 22204: James B. Coffin.
    RED ALERT POLITICS--(202) 903-2000; 1150 17th Street, NW., Suite 
        504, Washington, DC 20036: Morgan Mary Chalfant, Ashley Danielle 
        Dobson, Maria T. Santos.
    RESEARCH INSTITUTE OF AMERICA GROUP--(202) 842-1240; 1275 K Street, 
        NW., Suite 875, Washington, DC 20005: Tesha L. Alston, William 
        Clay Flook, Velma Denise Goodwine, Soyoung Ho, William F. 
    ROLL CALL--(202) 650-6000; 77 K Street, NE., 8th Floor, Washington, 
        DC 20002: Christina Bellantoni, Bridget M. Bowman, Emily Cahn, 
        Shira R. Center, Steven T. Dennis, Jason J. Dick, Emma Dumain, 
        Cameron Easley, David Eldridge, David Ellis, Megan M. Evans, 
        Matthew G. Fleming, Matt E. Fuller, Rebecca E. Gale, Justice L. 
        Gilpin-Green, Christian Hale, David Mark Hawkings, Jr., Hannah 
        C. Hess, Kaitlin Kovach, Niels P. Lesniewski, Alexis Levinson, 
        Cyra Master, Simone F. Pathe, Warren Rojas, Kyle Trygstad, Eli 
        G. Yokley.
    ROTHENBERG & GONZALES POLITICAL REPORT--(202) 546-2822; 13305 
        Morning Field Way, Potomac, MD; 20854: Nathan Gonzales, Stuart 
    SATELLITE BUSINESS NEWS--(202) 785-0505; 5614 Connecticut Avenue, 
        NW., #300, Washington, DC 20015: Bob Scherman.
    SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN--(202) 626-2532; 968 National Press Building, 
        Washington, DC 20045: Josh E. Fischman, Dina F. Maron.
    SCUDDER PUBLISHING--(410) 923-0688; 1145 Generals Highway, 
        Crownsville, MD; 21032: John R. Sodergreen.
    SIGHTLINE MEDIA GROUP--(703) 750-7400; 6883 Commercial Drive, 
        Springfield, VA 22159: George Altman, John T. Bennett, Aaron T. 
        Boyd, Christopher Cavas, Andrew Clevenger, Amber Corrin, Brian 
        W. Everstine, Joseph M. Gould, Michael L. Hardy, Gina A. 
        Harkins, Hope Hodge Seck, Kyle R. Jahner, Karen Grigg Jowers, 
        Patricia N. Kime, Stephen Losey, Andrew S. Medici, Aaron Mehta, 
        Meghann Myers, Oriana Pawlyk, Derrick Thaddeus Perkins, Barry 
        Rosenberg, James K. Sanborn, Richard William Sandza, Jeffrey 
        Duff Schogol, Leo ShaneIII, Phillip F. Swarts, Michelle Tan, 
        James S. Tice, Andrew S. Tilghman, Steven M. Watkins.

[[Page 1081]]

    SLATE--(202) 261-2066; 1350 Connecticut Avenue, Suite 400, 
        Washington, DC 20036: John F. Dickerson, Will Dobson, Rachel E. 
        Gross, Joshua Levin, Dahlia Hannah Lithwick, William Saletan, 
        Jeremy Stahl, Mark Joseph Stern, Katy Waldman.
    SPACE NEWS--(571) 356-9532; 1414 Prince Street, Suite 300, 
        Alexandria, VA 22314: Michael Gruss, Daniel M. Leone.
    SYNOPSIS--(301) 728-4988; 20312 Aspenwood Lane, Montgomery Village, 
        MD; 20886: William T. Gray, Ellen Milhiser.
    TALKING POINTS MEMO--(202) 758-3048; 1615 L Street, NW., Suite 310, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Sahil Kapur, David Kurtz, Caitlin MacNeal, 
        Tierney M. Sneed, Daniel Strauss.
    TAX NOTES--(703) 533-4400; 400 South Maple Avenue, Suite 400, Falls 
        Church, VA 22046: David Scott Antonides, Brian D. Bardwell, 
        Kaustuv Basu, Maria Koklanaris Bonaquist, Margaret Burow, 
        Jennifer Carr, Stephen K. Cooper, William Robert Davis, Jennifer 
        DePaul, Joseph DiSciullo, Amy S. Elliott, Luca Gattoni-Celli, 
        Cara Griffith, Amy L. Hamilton, William S. Hoffman III, Cynthia 
        Denise Holeman, Thomas Jaworski, Thomas J. Kasprzak, Kat Lucero, 
        Matthew Madara, Bergrek Phillips, Henry Reske, Nathan Richman, 
        David C. Sawyer, Scott A. Sheets, Doug Sheppard, Meg Shreve, 
        Quintin Simmons, David D. Stewart, Frederick William Stokeld, 
        Jim Sweeney, David van den Berg, Andrew Mims Velarde, Eric S. 
        Yauch, Sam Young.
    TECHNOLOGY COMMERCIALIZATION--(703) 522-6648; P.O. Box 100595, 
        Arlington, VA 22210: Neil A. MacDonald.
    TELECOMMUNICATIONS REPORTS--(202) 842-8923; 1015 15th Street, NW., 
        10th Floor, Washington, DC 20005: John Curran, Carrie DeLeon, 
        Paul Kirby, Lynn E. Stanton.
    THE GEORGETOWNER--(202) 579-0200; 2801 M Street, NW., Washington, DC 
        20007: Mark Plotkin.
    THE HILL--(202) 628-8500; 1625 K Street, NW., Suite 900, Washington, 
        DC 20006: Judy K. Altscher, Bernard A. Becker, Cory L. Bennett, 
        Alexander Bruce Bolton, Jesse Byrnes, Timothy Cama, Jordain R. 
        Carney, Kevin N. Cirilli, Robert Cusack, Timothy Devaney, 
        Jonathan C. Easley, Albert Eisele, Jordan H. Fabian, Sarah N. 
        Ferris, Benjamin Goad, Julian Hattem, Devin Kendrick Henry, 
        Cameron E. Joseph, Benjamin Kamisar, Rebecca Hillary Kheel, 
        Keith Laing, Michael Lillis, Cristina Marcos, Martin Matishak, 
        David C. McCabe, Vicki Needham, Ashley J. Perks, Kyle J. Plantz, 
        Peter C. Schroeder, Rebecca Danielle Shabad, Niall G. Stanage, 
        Alexandra B. Stoddard, Peter Sullivan, Jonathan Swan, Frank M. 
        Trujillo, Elise J. Viebeck, Dustin A. Weaver, Lydia W. Wheeler, 
        Katherine B. Williams, Megan R. Wilson, Kristina Wong, Scott B. 
        Wong, Jennifer Yingling.
    THE HOTLINE--(202) 739-8400; 600 New Hampshire Avenue, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20037: Scott Bland, Alex Brown, Karyn L. 
        Bruggeman, Zachary C. Cohen, Jack Fitzpatrick.
    THE ROOT--(202) 261-2075; 95 Morton Street, 4th Floor, New York, NY 
        10014: Breanna C. Edwards.
    THOMPSON INFORMATION SERVICES--(202) 872-4000; 4340 East-West 
        Highway, Suite 300, Bethesda, MD 20814: Jerry Ashworth, Cameron 
        S. Ayers, Kyra Berkheiser, Elizabeth Casabona, Todd H. 
        Leeuwenburgh, Daniel J. Macy, Lillian F. McManus, Jane Meacham, 
        Karen Norris, Mark Reishus, Jeffrey Schomisch, David A. 
        Slaughter, Dennis A. Tosh.
    TIME MAGAZINE--(202) 861-4000; 1130 Connecticut Avenue, NW., Suite 
        900, Washington, DC 20036: Alex S. Altman, Melissa A. August, 
        Ryan Teague Beckwith, Tessa C. Berenson, Massimo T. Calabresi, 
        Elizabeth J. Dias, Michael W. Duffy, Haley Edwards, Philip 
        Robert Elliott III, Sam Frizell, David A. Johnson, Zeke J. 
        Miller, Jay Newton-Small, Maya N. Rhodan, Alex Rogers, Michael 
        B. Scherer, Mark J. Thompson, Christopher E. Wilson.
    TOWNHALL--(703) 294-6047; 1901 North Moore Street, Suite 701, 
        Arlington, VA 22209: Leah Barkoukis, Conn Carroll, Daniel P. 
        Doherty, Teresa M. Mull, Amanda A. Munoz, Cortney O'Brien, 
        Catherine Pavlich, Christine Rousselle, Matt Vespa.
    TRICE EDNEY NEWSWIRE--(202) 291-9310; 6817 Georgia Avenue, NW., 
        Suite 218, Washington, DC 20012: Hazel Trice Edney.
    U.S. MEDICINE--(202) 488-0611; 350 G Street, SW., # N215, 
        Washington, DC 20024: Sandra L. Basu.
    U.S. NEWS & WORLD REPORT--(202) 955-2000; 1050 Thomas Jefferson 
        Street, NW., Washington, DC 20007: Allie Bidwell, Patrick 
        Garofalo, Jill Debra Lawrence, Kimberly L. Leonard, Gabrielle F. 
        Levy, Susan E. Milligan, Michael Morella, Steven Nelson, Alan 
        Neuhauser, Thomas J. Risen, Robert Schlesinger, Nicole E. 
        Schwab, Paul D. Shinkman, Vincent Dean Simon, Tierney Sneed, 
        Steve Sternberg, Kenneth T. Walsh, Teresa Welsh, Joseph P. 
    UCG--(301) 287-2700; 9737 Washingtonian Boulevard; Suite 200, 
        Gaithersburg, MD 20878: Kevin Adler, Carl Ayers, Steven 
        Dashiell, Roy Edroso, Rachel Gantz, Karen S. Long Rayburn, A.J. 
        Plunkett, Joshua Poltilove, Nicholas Stern, Vincent E. Taylor, 
        Molly M. White.
    USA JOURNAL--(202) 714-7330; P.O. Box 714, Washington, DC 20044: 
        Janne Kum Cha C. Pak.
    VANITY FAIR--(202) 244-3424; 5146 Klingle Street, NW., Washington, 
        DC 20016: Maureen Orth.
    VOX MEDIA--(202) 591-1167; 1201 Connecticut Avenue, NW., Washington, 
        DC 20036: Jonathan J. Allen, Sarah L. Kliff.
    WASHINGTON BLADE--(202) 747-2077; 1712 14th Street, NW., Washington, 
        DC 20009: Louis M. Chibbaro, Jr., Chris C. Johnson.
    WASHINGTON BLADE: 1712 14th Street, NW., Washington, DC 20009: 
        Michael K. Lavers.

[[Page 1082]]

    WASHINGTON BUSINESS INFORMATION--(703) 538-7600; 300 North 
        Washington Street, Suite 200, Falls Church, VA 22046: Lena 
        Freund, Elizabeth Orr, Jonathon D. Shacat.
    WASHINGTON BUSINESS JOURNAL--(703) 258-0845; 1555 Wilson Boulevard, 
        Suite 400, Arlington, VA 22204: Kent Hoover.
    WASHINGTON CITY PAPER--(202) 332-2100; 1400 I Street, NW., #900, 
        Washington, DC 20005: Christina Cauterucci, Emily Q. Hazzard, 
        Sarah Anne E. Hughes, Caroline E. Jones, Mike R. Madden, William 
        F. Sommer V, Aaron M. Wiener.
    WASHINGTON COUNSELETTER--(202) 244-6709; 5712 26th Street, NW., 
        Washington, DC 20015: Deborah A. Kavruck.
    WASHINGTON JEWISH WEEK--(301) 230-2222; 11900 Parklawn Drive, Suite 
        300, Rockville, MD; 20852: Melissa Wendy Apter, Geoffrey William 
        Melada, Suzanne Pollak, Dmitriy Shapiro.
    WASHINGTON TRADE DAILY--(301) 946-0817; P.O. Box 1802, Wheaton, MD 
        20915: James R. Berger, Mary Berger.
    WASHINGTON WATCH--(301) 263-9023; 5923 Onondaga Road, Bethesda, MD; 
        20816: Kazutami Yamazaki.
    WASHINGTONIAN--(202) 296-3600; 1828 L Street, NW., Suite 200, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Sherri Leslie Dalphonse, Benjamin Freed, 
        Michael Gaynor, Will Grunewald, Harry S. Jaffe, Marisa M. 
        Kashino, Luke Mullins, Michael Schaffer.
    WATERWAYS JOURNAL--(703) 524-2490; 5220 North Carlin Springs Road, 
        Arlington, VA 22203: Carlo J. Salzano.
    WEEKLY STANDARD--(202) 293-4900; 1150 17th Street, NW., Suite 505, 
        Washington, DC 20036: Judith E. Ayers, Fred W. Barnes, 
        Christopher Caldwell, Julianne E. Dudley, Andrew Ferguson, 
        Daniel M. Halper, Jonathan V. Last, John M. McCormack, James A. 
        Swift, Philip Terzian, Michael R. Warren.
    WHITAKER NEWSLETTERS--(240) 583-0280; P.O. Box 224; Spencerville, 
        MD; 20868: Joel Whitaker.
    WORLD MAGAZINE--(202) 744-8987; 310 Laverne Avenue, Alexandria, VA 
        22305: Emily C. Belz, J.C. Derrick.