[Senate Calendars for January 20, 2021 - 117th Congress, 1st Session]
[From the U.S. Government Publishing Office]

                             GENERAL ORDERS

                             UNDER RULE VIII


 Order  Measure Number           Title                 Reported or       
  No.     and Author                              Placed on the Calendar 

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    1      S. 11     A bill to provide for an  Jan. 6, 2021.--Read the 
        Mr. Schumer    exception to a            second time and placed 
                       limitation against        on the calendar.
                       appointment of persons 
                       as Secretary of Defense 
                       within seven years of 
                       relief from active duty 
                       as a regular 
                       commissioned officer of 
                       the Armed Forces.

    2      S. 13     A bill to establish an    Jan. 19, 2021.--Read the 
      Mr. Scott (SC)   advisory committee to     second time and placed 
        and others     make recommendations on   on the calendar.
                       improvements to the 
                       security, integrity, 
                       and administration of 
                       Federal elections.

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